Saturday, 13 September 2008


I hate waiting, waiting to get home waiting to write up my exploits, and waiting when I’m shopping even waiting to cum when I’m having sex (sometimes). So when I finished my Friday morning appointment early I didn’t really want to think about what I was going to do for the 3hrs I had to wait for my last appointment of the day. Luckily I had about 30miles to cover so I headed on hopeful that something would come up.

After about 15miles I swung off the motorway and decided to do some exploring. I was busting for a pee after far to many cups of coffee at my first meeting so I swung into a lay by and pulled up in one of the empty spaces. It had just started raining so I dashed across the car park and into the loo. These loos are never the Ritz but this one was exceedingly bad. Anyhow needs must so I covered the seat in loo paper and got on with business. I didn’t realise how desperate I’d been but at least I could relax a little now I’d drained my bladder. Looking up I noticed two or three familiar looking holes in both sides of the cubicle wall.

You’ll have to read, “Did I really just do that” to know what I’m talking about. I guessed that in my haste I’d entered the gents but what should I do.. I could leave and spend hours kicking my heels or wait and see if anything pokes it’s way for the holes for me to play with?

With a shot of adrenaline I was instantly buzzing, but would anyone come in during the day. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind that I heard footsteps and the cubicle door next to me swing shut. A voice shouted the familiar “are you ready”. I said “yes” and a big cock slide it’s way through the hole in the partition wall.

It was a monster. I rapped my fingers round it and began to slowly wank it into life. It hardened up lovely and there were soon long dribbles of precum swinging from it’s eye. I spat on the beast and then took as deep down my throat as I could. It owner pulled back slightly moaning loudly obviously not expecting to feel my hot throat rapped around it so early but it was soon pushed hard against my tonsils as I set to work.

I had to make sure I didn’t get any on my skirt so I rolled it up round my waist and unbuttoned my blouse. I felt like a right slut sucking away on some strangers cock half naked in a stinking loo, god knows where but it sure beat waiting.

I didn’t have to wait to long before the first wads of spunk hit the back of my throat though. The big beast pumped wad after wad of warm white spunk into my mouth and I had to remember to not let any dribble down my chin onto my work clothes. As the cock softened I turn and spat a mouthful into the loo wiping my lips with one of the last sheets of loo paper from the dispenser. I heard a fly zip up the cubicle door open and footsteps as its owner left. I sat back on the loo and licking my lips and savouring the buzz of my clit.

Checking my watch that was just half an hour gone. Should I go now? Or would more guys be in the market for some fun? I had no time to think about it, more footsteps, the cubicle door closed and then a cock poked its way through the wall. Not as big as the first but it still had a good girth. I decided to forget the hand job and went straight for the blowjob. The owner pulled back again… come on guys! But then the cock was back and harder than ever. Taking it deep I felt a twinge and then it pumped away. A little disappointing but there was no shame when it came to quantity. Wad after wad of hot stuff thumped out onto my tongue filling my mouth. I was worrying that I was going to dribble when it finally stopped. Phew.

It softened up and disappeared back through the hole. Another 10mins gone. A little disappointing maybe it would be third time lucky. The square of loo paper I had left was nearly done but again I didn’t really have the option. Another cock appeared through the hole in the wall. I rapped my hand around it still trying to catch my breath and feeling a little dizzy from already having had two cocks fill my mouth. Then another cock poked through the wall next to me.

Two! I was going to have some fun! I wanked away on both of them making sure they were nice and hard with plenty of precum. I then took it in turns to suck and wank on the cocks alternately. From the noise the guys where loving it. Then I slide of my shoes and used my feet to wank both cocks together. Then and idea hit me.

Grabbing them in my hands I wanked away harder and harder making sure I was clear of the firing line. Faster and faster harder and harder then bang the first cock shot it’s load spraying the wall opposite and coating the cock poking through it. This set of the second cock that did the same. It was amazing to watch although I had to be careful as spunk was flying everywhere. Of course I couldn’t leave these poor guys covered in each other’s spunk so I held onto their cocks and licked them clean. Spitting plenty of hot spunk down the loo as I did. Eventually when I was happy (I’m a perfectionist when it comes to a clean cock) that they would be I let them pull their cocks back and leave.

Four cocks down and an hour and half later what a way to kill time.

Talk about playing with fire. I decided enough was enough and straightened up leaving the cubicle and heading round to the ladies to wash my face and straighten my make up. I was half way through the later when a guy walked into the ladies. “I think you’ve got the wrong side mate”. I said. “Not if I just met you in the gents I haven’t” he replied. “I have no idea what you’re talking about” knowing full well that it was obvious it had been me by the colour of my cheeks (and we’re not talking from four fat cocks here, we’re talking embarrassment).

“Don’t be embarrassed that was the blow job of my life” he assured me. Well there’s a compliment. “I wondered if I could return the favour” he said with a sly wink. Now you know me I never need asking twice especially when I’m in that mood. I pushed open the cubicle door and dragged him in. Lifting my skirt he took no time in pulling my soaking undies to one side and sliding a thick finger into my soaking hole. I was in no mood for fingers so I unbuckled his belt and slide down his jeans pulling his cock from his pants.

He pushed me back against the wall sliding his cock deep. I was screaming but who cared I was miles from home and it was obvious I was enjoying it! He pumped away at my pussy grabbing at my tits. I reached under and cupped his balls still wet and sticky from my bj. He turned me over so I was leaning over the toilet. Sliding his cock deep he pumped away harder and harder before we both locked and my orgasm started setting off his cock. He pulled out letting big blobs of jizz splatter on my skirt and land in my undies, but who cares I loved it! He pulled out and we kissed then he left me to straighten up. Luckily there was more loo paper in the ladies than the gents and I just about managed to mop up without leaving a stain. (Easier said than done hey girls?). Now I was ready to hit the road. Still early but I’d taken care of a couple of hours at least… Robin XXX

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