Thursday, 22 January 2009

Keep em coming.... Questions of course!

A few more questions...

Does anyone in real life (friends, family, etc..) know about this blog? RIV

Yes of course. My friends love reading up although none of them follow! Come on guys! My boss used to read my blog before I moved to blogger. Infact I got a warning from work about posting my work exploits because my boss was following my blogs. Just a shame she's not 10yrs younger. I could have done something with her so she could read my take on things!

Favorite position/ sex act? M and A

Good quesiton! I always orgasm when I'm on top but for pure sexyness it has to be doggy. Pussy or ass (if they're very lucky). If there's a mirror and I can watch I love that too. Sex act has to be the bj. I've been told that I've got it down and I'd like to think that I go the extra mile when it comes to deep throat (if that doesn't make me sound like to much of a slut). Plus it makes for a great banana party trick! The number of guys that have come up to me at a party after that and practically begged me... Well!

What do you think of porn? Any favorite websites, movies, or actors? M and A

Love porn. Favorite website is I'll watch anything nothing beats the real thing but I'd be lying if I said that Porn didn't turn me on! I love watching porn with guys although most of them seem to think it would gross me out. I Love POV and anything that involves bodily fluids. Cytherea can do things with her body that I'd love to learn.

Can i get a job that sits right between your legs and bury my face there? The Dude

Yes send your CV and I'll let you know when you start. How long can you hold your breath for? :-)

More soon. Robin XXX


Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much I love cunnilingus and could cum from just the thought of having my face buried in your cunt for hours.

Ed said...

q1:spit or share
q2:spitroast or dp
q3:bullet or rabbit
q4:cut or uncut
q5:creampie or facial
q6: describe 1st ff experience

Ed said...

q1: should have been swallow, spit or share