Sunday, 1 February 2009

Who Me? Never?

Sorry about leaving you wondering what else I got up to yesterday earlier. I got a call from Pete a guy that I meet at the Gym last Thursday. He'd promised he'd give me a call over the weekend and he called just as I was finishing typing up yesterday mornings adventures. Unfortunately for you things were just about to get exciting but instead they got exciting for me.

Now I'm desperate to tell you more about the rest of Caz and I on our shopping trip but I know you'll love hearing what I've just got up too with Pete.

Let me tell you a little bit more about him first, oh and how I met him. He's 47 and one of the fittest guys I've ever met, tall dark and very good looking, a big six pack and from his shorts and even bigger cock! What's the snag I hear you asking?

Well he's married and I bumped into him when he was working out with his wife Gemma. You'd never have imagined that they are a couple. Lets just say she's a little on the chubby side and could do with a trip to a stylist, she also looked a lot older than Pete. I thought that maybe Pete was a late bloomer, but anyhow, I got chatting with him over a glass of water.

He was eyeing me up as I bent over to pour mine and he didn't stop the whole time I was chatting with him. I didn't care as my mind was wandering on to what he was hiding in his shorts. When Gemma came over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Who's your friend Pete" she asked. Pete said "Gemma this is....". "Robin" I smiled. "And you are" I asked. "Pete" he replied. Gemma kissed him again glared at me and returned to her work out.

Pete apologised and we got chatting. It was obvious that Gemma knew his eye's were wandering as she kept on glaring at us. Pete made his apologies and headed back to help Gemma. I bumped into him again outside the changing rooms and slipped my mobile number into his hand. I'd written on the piece of paper "Call me lets fuck!" along with my mobile number.

No sooner had a I put my key in the door than I had a text from Pete. I'll call you at the weekend when Gemma goes to her Mum's!

That was the last I'd thought of it until this afternoon when Pete's text came through. "Gemma's gone we have a least an hour. I've got something long and hard waiting for you!" oh and his address. Ten minutes later I was stood at Pete's front door. He opened the door and no sooner was it shut behind me than Pete and I were snogging each others faces off. He just had a towel rapped round him which feel to the floor and let his hard fat cock press against me.

His cock was already leaking precum which smeared on my joggers as I grabbed hold of the base of his throbbing cock. I sunk to my knees and hungrily stuffed it in my mouth. It was like I hadn't tasted a cock in months rather than hours. Pete was groaning as I deep throated his hot meat, spitting on his cock and wanking it, rubbing it over my face. I stood up and pulled down my joggers and thong in one. Pulling Pete into me. I was so wet that his fat cock slid in easily filling me totally, god it felt good so good it was making me groan in his ear. He thrust into me hard before pulling out and turning me round. He pushed into me again as I bent over his kitchen table.

He started thrusting harder and harder and his balls were slapping against me. Then I heard him draw his breath as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and showered my bum and back in hot spunk jet after hot jet letting it splash up onto my t-shirt. He reached under and fingered my clit nibbling on my ear as he fingered and rubbed me to a leg weakening orgasm. I turned round and licked his cock clean as his warm spunk dribbled down over my bum and thys.

He was hard again in no time so I sat up on the table and spread my pussy as he wanked his cock over me. Growning as he came again spraying three heavy jets of cum over my pussy and pubes. I fingered it up and sucked my fingers clean. Pete kissed me and whispered in my ear "that's our hour up... babe. I'll call you again!"

I pulled up my joggers said my goodbyes and drove home. I'm sat here now with the taste of hard cock on my lips and a dripping, spunky pussy. Oh and a couple of juicy spunk stains on my t-shirt and joggers. I can't wait until Pete calls me again! I just hope that Gemma doesn't have a good sense of smell her kitchen stank of SEX when I left! Robin XXX


alohaguy said...

Sounds like you had an hour of fun! wish i was in pete's shoes! Lucky guy..

i have never had a girl hand me her number with a message saying she wants to fuck..

relevent married guy said...

Qoq, that sounds like a fun time!!! Wish it was me! ;)

bdenied said...

that was a hot you sexy naughty girls....he was definitely excited to see you and I bet knowing he was married made it hotter for you too

Geyser said...

If you ever diet seriously you will need a nutritional breakdown of cum, as it seems to make up a fair amount of your daily food intake! :D U go girl!