Saturday, 4 December 2010

Party Time

The first two Christmas parties of the year are done and dusted. They were both pretty mellow affairs but as usual yours truly did her best to spice up the night!

I thought you guys might like it if I kept a smutty league table?

A score on the Chrimbo party doors. So here goes!

Snogged a guy - 3
Snogged a girl - 0
Orals sex - 1
Handjob - 0
Sex - 0
Anal - 0

If there's anything else you can think of that should be in my smutty league table let me know!

As you can see I've made a good start. Robin XXX

1 comment:

glosterdave said...

No I think that covers most of what your readers are interested in! Glad to hear you & Sasha are getting on so well. Dave x