Monday, 8 August 2011

The posh end or the slutty end of town

Anyone that knows Bournemouth will know that there are two ends of town. One has a number of nice 'posh' bars and clubs and the other is just a meat market full or horny guys and kinky sluts. Of course we tasted a little of both over the weekend for those of you that have been asking. Of course I prefer the slutty end and that's where we ended up one I'd plied Kate with enough drink to stop her being fussy!

Again for those that have commented on my rather conservative last post I did end up in the ladies loo with a couple of cock's in my mouth. Kate said she'd check my blog so to prevent here finding more about me than even a best friend should know I sent her that entry :-)

Of course with her wedding coming up it wouldn't be right for me to mention the rath vigourous hand job she was giving a guy in his early 20's on the dance floor at the end of the night. If that's the warm up I can't wait for the main event! Bring it on! Robin :-X

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shattermeagain said...

love this blog, pretty lady