Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Oh I'm sorry this is the longest that I haven't posted for. No excuses I've been working hard and playing harder. Chasing business across the UK takes it's toll and when you work hard and party harder things soon get out of hand.

As always when I don't blog for ages I don't know where to start. I could tell you about a guy I met that literally spent an hour with his tounge in my pussy. Or the blonde that dribbled her boyfriends spunk into my mouth when I snogged her at a BBQ. Or the guy that begged me to show him my tits before I gave him a load blowing hand job behind the pub we met in. Oh and the girl behind the bar came out with a crate full of empties just as he emptied his balls in my hand. Nothing wrong with that you might think well they turned out to be boyfriend and girlfriend, as you can imagine I was not popular and he was ib a heap of trouble.

I could go on but hopefully that's enough for now! Guys I hope your nice and hard! Girl's I hope I've got you thinking... I should be about for a couple of days and would love to do a Q&A for you... After all it you that make my blog and I feel that I owe you one! Ask away? Robin X