Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Years 2007 - 2008... Enjoy!

Here's a little treat.. Of course you click over to my old blog and read it but here's my rather shameful memories of New Years 07-08. I wrote it on the 5th so enjoy! Love Robin XXX

It’s Saturday night it’s 11pm and I home tucked up in bed with my laptop on my lap to bring you the low down on my New Year celebrations. As I said earlier I’ve been feeling pretty sick since new years I think it was the tipping point for my cold but hey what a tipping point.

To spare you the usual drawn out story here are the highlights of a night that saw 2008 in with a bang:

8pm – Picked up by Steve from my place. I’ve pushed the boat out tonight-black hold ups, black thong my fave black dress and a very naughty push up bra. Plenty of slap and my fave bright red lippy. Steve assures me that I look amazing and gets a great view as I climb into his car… Now I see why he owns one of the lowest sports cars I’ve ever climbed into – No wonder he wanted to hold the door.

9.30pm – Party is in full swing. The drink is flowing and I’ve already had far too much. The house the party is at is massive and there must be 100 – 150 party people all looking to see New Year in with a bang! WOOOO HOOOO! I’ve been dancing my feet off and there are some hot guys here.

11pm – Things are starting to get hazy. I’ve been drinking and dancing and drinking some more. The guys have worked out that I’m a party girl and the tunes are perfect… Plenty of Dirty Dancing and Michael Jackson to get the party going. I’ve been teasing a couple of guys and they seem well up for it… I’m having fun and beginning not to care about how I look on the dance floor – which is packed with people all thinking the same. I hope!

11.30pm – (I’ve forgotten events from here so I’ll have to go on accounts from friends) There’s nothing wrong with dancing on tables is there? Apparently I’m off the scale with the dancing and the guys love it. (They would be as I had the shortest skirt on). My mates are trying to calm me down but I just won’t shut up about it being new years and there’s fun to be had. I’m also starting to snog the face off of any guys that are interested. Apparently I’m already in double figures (like I would be counting)… Wish I could remember…

12am – Happy New Year…. It’s carnage on the dance floor. Apparently I’m leading a riot. I promised the guys that I would get my tits out at midnight so I’m dancing around topless…At least I’m still standing… Apparently I gone mad giving everyone in the place a kiss (more of a snog) and there are hands all over me…. My friends have never seen me going so crazy… I even managed to get kisses from couples… Although I feel like I’ve made a fool of myself my friends assure me that everyone was loving it and there were guys taking turns to come back and snog the topless tease. Get in!

1am – It’s all going off… I’ve been snogging since midnight (that’s got to be true) and there’s still a queue of guys waiting their turn. Apparently things are beginning to go a bit further and my sluttier side is coming out with hands everywhere I’m told that I was very hands on myself. Again I wish I could remember it’s not every night you get to feel up a lot of hot cocks… Oh why did I drink so much?

1.30am – Can you believe it… I’m showing everyone at the party my blog! Apparently the guys took great pleasure in reading out my posts… I don’t know how many people were listening, but if you were and I don’t know you and your now a regular welcome… If you were involved in what happened next feel free to get in touch… I was so drunk by now I have no idea how I was conscious let alone able to get it on.

Some time after 1.30am – It’s suggested that I should make New Years a night to remember and give everyone an excuse to get a mention on my blog. One problem I can’t remember who was there but hey… Here’s what I got up to apparently!

I’m sat on the computer trying to hide the blogs when I’m dared to get my tits out again. Of course by now I’m so drunk I’ll do as I’m told so I pull my top off and unclip my bra. Apparently I then demanded to see some cock. A couple of guys stood up and pulled down their trousers and pants to show off their manhood. Big boys by all accounts. If you’re a regular you’ll know me and cock I’m hands on… To mouth on and it wasn’t long before two were four and then I had a line of guys with hard ons lining up. Now I wish I could remember this first hand but it might explain the state my hair was in, in the morning and the taste that I had in my mouth when I woke up. By all accounts I didn’t disappoint and when I asked my friend how many cocks she thought I’d sucked she said she’d left the room at 10… OMG but another friend said it was just three as the rest of the guys were too wasted.

She also said that she’d never seen me be so slutty and that at least three of the guys had fucked me. Now this is where my memory comes back a little and I can remember having sex with at least a couple of guys. I walked like I’d been riding a horse for the first couple of days of this year so I must have had fun!

Around 4am – Steve wakes me up to give me a lift home. Memories back.. I was in a right state but too tired to worry… Slumped in the back of Steve’s car and then the next thing I remember is waking up naked at around 3pm on the 1st Jan. Four messages on my mobile from my friends checking I was ok and looking to tell me more about my antics… What a night and what a start to 2008. As I said I’ve been in bed since with a heavy cold but it’s back to work on Monday so a quiet weekend. Hope you enjoyed an insight into my New Years and if I get any more memories back I’ll let you know…

New Years....

In true Zane Low (Radio 1 DJ) style I'd like to welcome aboard my new blog followers... Welcome one and all. Hold on tight this is a real rollercoaster ride of a Blog (I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did getting my tits out on Nemisis at Alton Towers).

New year is coming and I haven't decided where I'll be going, with who and what I'll be wearing yet. I had thought that I might have made it home today but Caz and Steve offered to put me up over New Years and as I'm so close to Mum and Dad's I might just make it round for Dinner on the 1st Jan! It also means that if nothing else I can see New Years in down the local. Scene of many a messy new years eve in the past I know I'll be looked after if I end up down there!

So roll on 2009... If anyone has any ideas on where I should be or what I should be getting up to please let me know. Oh and if you'd like to dress me (or make some suggestions, pics help) that would help too! Robin XXX

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Just a little bit special....

So what happened between Craig and I... Well he's been mailing me with pics and suggesting what he'd like to get up to for a while (he's not the only one but he lived closest). I decided that I'd drop him and e-mail and make him an offer he couldn't refuse. We meet at 1pm in a local not five minutes walk from Caz and Steve's where I'd been staying over Christmas. I hadn't packed a lot of clothes as I hadn't planned on 'heading out for a shag' but from what Craig had been saying in his e-mails I could have worn a bin bag and he'd have sprayed it with spunk. In fact a bin bag probably would have had that effect anyway....

Well I wore the shortest skirt I'd packed and some new undies that I'd got for Christmas. Well I say undies they were more like a little strip of silk with a touch of elastic. Is there a lot of difference? I wore a matching bra and a white blouse that showed off my boosted cleavage a treat and a new pair of black boots that my mum and dad gave me. When I walked in the pub I could see Craig waiting at the bar for me. After a hug a kiss on the cheek and a cheeky squeeze of my bum I was perched on a bar stool sipping white wine. No doubt giving Craig and the other punters a great view of my new undies. Hey it's Christmas and they're new OK?

Craig and I both knew what we'd came for and it wasn't long before he was leading me down the long corridor to the ladies (lovingly know locally as the landing strip). No sooner had the door shut than he was on me. I've had many a fumble in these cubicles but Craig was in no mood to fuck about. His fingers pushing the material of my undies into my wetness as he pushed his tongue down my throat. I had already unbuckled his trousers and had my hand wrapped around his hard on. Wanking away I had no idea he was so close to cumming. He paused grunted and shot a big wad of spunk out onto my skirt. That was followed by more blobs that landed on my boots and the floor. To say I was surprised is an understatement. Spunk was flying everywhere!

I lent back against the cubicle wall as Craig kissed his way down my neck and pushed his face into my hot pussy. Pulling my undies to one side he seemed determined to make me cum quickly too. Licking my clit, stabbing my wet hole with his tongue and then jabbing his tongue at my tight little hole. I could tell he'd been reading my blog as his tongue was hitting the spot perfectly and I was purring like a cat. Pushing his thumb hard against my clit he spat into my wetness and worked it hard as his tongue stabbed at my ring. I could feel my orgasm welling up inside and then I just had to let go. Flooding his tongue with my juices he licked for his life as I struggled to hold myself up.

By now Craig's cock was back and hard and as he stood up to give me a taste of my own wetness from his lips and tongue I wrapped my hand around it and guided it in one up to the hilt in my pussy. God it felt good as I was still getting twinges from my first orgasm. Wrapping my legs around him I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as he thrust deep building up a great rhythm and making me bite on my lip in between little yelps. He pulled his hips back and his cock slurped out of my pussy. I could feel him pushing it against my tight rim. Those that read my blog will know I'm not a big anal fan but fuck it, it was Christmas. So I winced as he pushed it in.

He was soon back up to speed and my legs were going again. He pulled out of my tight bum and slapped it straight up my pussy just as my second orgasm took hold. He had to literally hold me against the wall as I wailed around on the end of his cock. Then his spunk started pumping again and that was it. I nearly screamed the place down.... WOW! It took ages for us to get our breath back and we were both dripping with sweat and a lot more. I knelt down and licked Craig's cock clean making sure I did a good job and swalloed the lot.

I stood up and pushed my soaking panties in Craig's hand. Kissed on the lips and wished him a Merry Christmas. Walking home from the pub I could feel the spunk dripping down between my thy's. I was still buzzing when I made the house. Caz was sat in the lounge with Steve snoring away. "We didn't see you go our Robin" she commented.... "No I reply... Just down the pub for a quick one" I laughed. "Oh OK... Are you here for tea" Caz had no idea. I headed up to my bedroom and sat on the bed. My phone buzzed it was Craig with a picture of him sat in his car with cock rapped in my undies dripping in spunk. Dirty Bastard.... Robin XXX

PS: I hope you like the pic of me enjoying another of my Chrissy presents this morning. Thanks to Claire for this rather exciting double ender.. Do you think she's trying to tell me something? Maybe I should treat her and her hubby Gary one night next week?

Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day....

Well I wasn't overwhelmed with a response to meet up today but I did get one very interesting offer. I've been getting e-mails from Craig for the last 6 months. He's never hidden the fact that he's totally (and I mean far more than healthy) fallen for me. Anyhow he e-mailed me to say he'd drive across Europe to meet me. To his surprise I called him back and we met for lunch... and more... Look out for the full story when I've had time to take in what Craig and I got up to today. Robin XXX

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Day...

I hope everyone had a great day...?

For me it's been very very easy. I didn't realise how much I'd been over doing it the last few weeks. I've loved party season but I'm glad it's over!

Today I had lunch with my folks... Fell asleep in front of the TV this afternoon and then at my mates Caz and Steve's tonight for a couple of glasses of wine.. I'm ready for bed now after a long warm bath... I've got a very easy boxing day planned so if you're bored or looking to escape... Drop me a quick e-mail I'm sure Caz and Steve won't mind me popping out... you never know Robin XXX

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas is cuming....

Not long now... Just a few days.. My last days in the office today so it's down to the pub for drinks at lunch... I'm looking forward to clocking off! Robin XXX

Monday, 22 December 2008


Sorry... My last post was a bit of a tease... I just wanted to leave you wanting more!

If you're a regular reader of my blog you won't need to be a rocket scientist to work out what happened next anyway... Kerry and I caught up on Saturday for a drink before heading out to yet another party... When I get a mo I'll work out how many I've been to in the last few weeks. Needless to say I'm pretty much partied out!

Anyhow Kerry and I struggled to keep our hands off each other at the party and ended up in the ladies with Kerry's skirt round her knees and my face buried in her pussy before all the guests had even arrived. I wondered if the people I kissed could tell I'd been down on Kerry's pussy moments before? By 11pm I was propping Kerry up and it was obvious that she was in no fit state to do much more than lie out on the couch. I went off to find some water and came back to find her snogging the face off a complete stranger... (good girl). Even though they were in a dark corner it was obvious her hand was down the front of his pants, and his hand was up her skirt (lucky bastard).

I left them to it and hit the dance floor. It wasn't long before I had plenty of attention and a tall well built guy with blond highlights caught my eye. I danced up to him and rubbed my hands across his chest. He wasted no time grabbing me round the waist and pulling me close. I danced with him sliding up and down his leg rapping my hands round his waist. His mates were all cheering so I gave them a smile and started riding his leg. I didn't realise how horny I was and was really getting carried away much to the delight of the guy and his mates.

I whispered in his ear that I wanted a drink and took his hand and pulled him to the bar. We didn't make it and ended up snogging each others face off on the couch opposite Kerry. I didn't clock it at first but she had a little crowd gathered. When I came up for air I stood up on the couch to see what was going on. Kerry was on her knees giving two of three guys a wank with another cock in her mouth. Luckily they were in a dark corner but I knew that they weren't going to get away with it so I pushed my way through and told Kerry it was time to go. Despite the protests from her and the guys I pulled her away to the ladies just as two of the cocks exploded their load over her face and our hands.

When we made it to the ladies she was fuming and in a right old mess. Who was I to stop her? I could see her point but and I tried to explain that I thought she was so pissed she didn't know what she was doing. She could understand but asked me to leave her alone and walked out. I was pretty upset so I left the club and headed home. I still haven't heard from Kerry but I think that could be the end of our friendship. Maybe I'll drop her a text and see... RobinXXX

Friday, 19 December 2008

Busy week...

This week has been crazy... For starters I've been here there and everywhere trying to get a few deals signed and sealed in the run up to Christmas. I don't want to mention the credit crunch (but you know I'm going too) we feel things might be a bit quieter come January. Although I could do with the break.

I ended up spending the rest of the day in the pub last week so I didn't get chance to get back to you with an update.. Now I have some even juicier news for you!

I went to yet another client Christmas party on Wednesday it was at a posh hotel in the midlands. With offices all over the UK a central location worked. I arrived at 3pm and checked into my room. This place was very nice (it was five star). They were paying for my stay so I wasn't going to complian. I changed and headed down to the Spa. A massage always works wonders and after 40min in Kate's hands I was feeling a mix of horny and sleepy (would that be hoepy :-)) anyhow I headed up to my room to change and couldn't resist taking a bath.

The bath in my room was more like a swimming pool than a bath and the jaqusy jets made sure that I couldn't keep my hands off my smooth pussy. I was amazed how turned on I was and it wasn't long before I was bitting my lip and an orgsam shook through me.

I headed down to the party I'd gone with my red dress. Black high heel shoes and a strapless hold up bra. It wasn't long before the party was in full swing. Obviously there were a lot of people who didn't know who I was and I hope it doesn't sound to arrogant to say I was turning a few heads and I had more than one or two compliments.

Kerry is my client liason.. told you this firm was posh. She's in her late 20's and gorgous! Blonde short hair, the biggest eyes, not the most amazing body but very trim and the huskyiest voice that I could listen to for hours. I ended up sat with Kerry on a table of 8. A couple of the guys I knew but I was introduced to Paul, Jesica and Simon. It wasn't long before he wine was flowing and I was on my fourth glass I'd made sure Kerry had kept up and we were chatting away.

I didn't know that she'd been single for six months and after a bit of probing I found out that she had a very messy break up after her bf ran off with his secretary. Of course I didn't stop there and questioned further. She hadn't had sex for 4 weeks. As you know I need sex every 4 minuates so I quized her on how she coped. Surprisingly she told me all about her toy collection and how her rabbit hit the spot. We chatted away oblivious of the other people on the table and as we chatted and drunk we got increasingly touchy.

Kerry had her hand on my thy and it was starting to drive me wild. I played with her hair and she stared at me for a just a little to long. Her hand sliding up my thy. I slid forward and now she could feel just how close she was to my pussy. Just at that moment Paul asked us for a photo. Kerry shuffled up next to me giving my thy a telling squeeze as I pulled her close and we pulled faces at Paul. Reguarls will know that I'm not one to mess around so I said to Kerry that I was going to the loo. Taking her hand I led her round the tables and into the ladies.

No sooner had the door shut than Kerry was on me..

Sunday, 14 December 2008


I've got a bit of a thick head this mornign something to do with to many glasses of red wine last night I think. As you know it's been party, party, party for the last week or so. Most of these have been in resturants so last night it was nice change to go to house party. J's parties are the stuff of legend and as she and her very successful firm are one of my biggest customers I was pleased to get an invite. Her house is massive compared to my place and it easily squeezed in around 80 guests and the party was in full swing when I got there. I had a great night and it's not just my head that's sore this morning!

I'm popping out to catch up with a couple of friends for a drink this afternoon. I'll bring you the full lowdown later if I'm not back to late :-) X Robin

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Just got home...

Well.... As I always say you guys love it when it's hot so to speak... Personally I'm freezing but I've just walked in and thought I'd share the last hour-ish... Your going to love it.

As you know it's Christmas party season so tonight I went out with a small firm I work with. I thought that there would be a few of their suppliers there but I was the only lucky enough to get an invite. The meal was fantastic although I'm wondering how I'm going to live on Turkey for another week? We finished at 11 and I was waiting outside with a guy called Dan.

We'd already worked out that we'd seen each other in the gym and that he was pretty fit in more ways than one. Anyhow he explained that his girlfriend was picking him up but he was sure I could grab a lift with them back to my place.

He'd called her and she was on her way. Now I hadn't dressed for a wait in the cold and the wind was freezing. My skirt was short and my blouse very thin.. I didn't have any undies on and a very skimpy bra so I was laterally freezing. Dan offered me his jacket(I thought he wanted to hang it on my nipples) so I jokingly said as I pulled it on "is there somewhere warm for my hands?" He smiled and said "well only down my pants". He was obviously joking having had a few and I don't think he knew who he was dealing with. I slide my hands up his shirt and then squeezed them down in his pants.... It was certainly warmer as my fingers brushed his pubes and the base of his cock.

I don't know if he was trying to resist but I pushed my hand deeper pulling him closer. My fingers pushed down either side of his cock. His hand brushed up the back of my leg up and under my skirt and onto my bum cheek. I didn't have much room but I could feel his cock harden between my fingers as I started to pull at his hot cock. His finger was hovering dangerously close to my pussy and then he pulled away nearly breaking my wrist as my hand was pulled from his pants. "My girlfriend will be here any minute" he protested.

"We'd better be quick then I argued" Pulling him back towards me. He pulled me close and grabbed both my bum cheeks pulling me tight against him. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Sliding my hand in his pants and rapping it round his hard cock. Wanking away at it's hard fat base.

Faster and faster Dan was moaning in my ear his fingers now more than exploring the folds of my dampening pussy. He braced himself and grunted filling his pants with hot spunk, jet after jet pulsing out I didn't think he was ever going to stop cuming. He was now fingering my pussy harder and I was moaning back in his ear my legs weakening. He pulled away again as headlights swung into the car park. He turned away obviously struggling to do up his trousers. The car pulled up and he saw it was his girlfriend and jumped in "all right babe. can we give Robin a lift home?"

His girlfriend had no idea what had just happened. "Of course" she said with a smile.

I could see Dan squirming all the way home obviously his spunky pants were giving him grief. My house was about 20mins drive when we pulled up I thanked Dan and his Girlfriend for the lift. Took off Dan's coat and climbed out of the car. Trying not to let my juices dribble on the seat. I've literally just come in sat down and typed this. I can still smell his cock and spunk on my hand and my pussy is soaking so I'm off to get ready for bed to carry on playing... you don't think I've just been sat here typing do you? mmm RobinXXX

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Busy Busy....

It's a quite one tonight so I'm bringing over more of my adventures... I hope you're enjoying catching up on my exploits as much as I am.

Party season is in full swing. Got a big one tomorrow night. One of our biggest suppliers and a personal fav of mine for the past three years. The boss opens his house and it's transformed into a playboy mansion... well more like Lapland but in my mind Playboy always comes first. I think it must be the naughty elves that serve all the drinks and snacks. Last year it all got a bit out of hand and I woke up naked on the couch, of all places to wake up naked! Luckily not all of the 500 guests stayed over but there were enough to make it a little embarrassing.. Luckily someone had covered my blushes with a little blanket. I mean little....

I'll try and pace myself this year I promise I'd at least like to remember who I have sex with this time... Well at least the first three people... Sorry I tease! Although with all that free drink on offer what chance do I have! I've had my eye on a guy call James in accounts.. Apparently he's just come through a messy break up so hopefully he'll want to get messy with me... I'll keep you posted... In the meantime back to the cut and paste... Oh joy! Robin XXX

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My new home....

My friends from Heaven Blogs have convinced me to make the switch to Blogger... So here's my new blog... I'm just bringing over some of my tales to give those new to my blog chance to catch up!

Hopefully I'll have a little more time to keep you up to speed and the good news! Yes blogger isn't blocked by works server so I'll have plenty of time to keep you up to speed with my dirty little goings on!

On that note I'll love you and leave you... But I have lots to tell you and it's been a very very busy couple of weeks.... Robin XXX

Monday, 1 December 2008

Party Season is Cuming!!

Wow... I know I say it a lot on my blog but I can't believe how busy I have been. Again it's something I always say but I have so much to tell you and so little time to get all of my juicy going ons down in my blog!

It's good to see other's posting again I was beginning to wonder whether I should jump ship too.. But hey I can't complain when I haven't written up my adventures for a while.

It's party season and one of the good things about being on the road is that for the next week or so I nearly have a party every night. I read somewhere that the credit crunch meant that companies were cancelling parties... Scrooge... Luckily in my sector it's business as usual and I would say that I've noticed a few of my clients spending a bit more over the last month or so... Is that a sign of the times or that the party season is coming and they want to make sure they end up on the pages of my blog?

I'd love to tell you more about Saturday's fat cock wanking or last Thursdays little fumble with a 21yr old waitress called Sammy but I have to go! I have a 5am start! Yes there are two 5 o'clock's in one day and for a change I will see them in the right order... Now where did I leave that hot water bottle??? RobinXXX

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Your gonna love this....

You all know I love to bring you the latest as it happens... Well I haven't got long but I thought you'd like to know that Vicky has just left my flat! Wow... What a night. She text me yesterday and asked if I'd meet her without Steve, she was having issues after our threesome.

I didn't realise that the issues where that she wanted more of me! I thought that she was in that head fuck zone that your first threesome can often put you. Oh how happy I was when I opened the door and she had a bottle of wine a smile and not a lot more!

I wish I had more time to tell you more but I literally have to hop in the shower and then it's off to work! I can still taste her on my lips and my clits throbbing! More later Robin XXX

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Blown away....

Isn't life strange? I know how you guys love to hear about things just as they happen well almost just as they happen I haven't tried having sex and typing yet... (would you like that?)

Last night was just amazing. Steve kept on bugging me with text saying that he had to meet me. He must have sent at least 20 by lunch time. It was one of those rare days when I was working from our head office which is 10mins walk from my place and in the middle of town so I said I'd meet him for a coffee in Starbucks at 1.30pm. I pencilled in an afternoon appointment slapped on some lippy and headed down the road.

Steve was already there dressed smart in his work suit looking very buff. The conversation very quickly turned to sex and Steve said that he'd love to see more of me. I guess that my foot rubbing up the inside of his leg wasn't doing any harm in setting the mood. Steve's flat it turned out, is even closer than mine and minutes later we were back at his place ripping each others clothes off. Steve pushed me through his flat and into his room. Pushing me back on his bed and pulling my thong to one side he wasted no time in giving my pussy a good licking. I rapped my legs around his head and laid back on his bed. It wasn't long before my first orgasm ripped through me and nearly screamed the place down. Steve looked shocked (as shocked as you can look with your face coated in fresh pussy cream) he stood up and pulled down his trousers his cock springing to attention.

Again he waisted no time filling me to the hilt. I was so wet it slid in easy and I rapped my legs round his back as he pushed my bra down and stuffed a hard nipple into his mouth. I was in ecstasy I'm not one mess about and Steve was really pressing my buttons. I could feel his buttocks tighten as he built up a rhythm pulling me to the edge of the bed. As he pulled back I slid back too his cock flying out of my pussy splashing my belly with our juices. I quickly spun onto all fours so he could fuck me dogy style his cock pushed hard into my pussy as his balls slapped against me. He pulled out again running the head of his cock round my ring before pushing it into my ass. It was tight as first but I was in no mood to stop and it soon eased up. I was burying my head in the pillows as Steve grunted filling my ass with load after load of cum.

My knees gave way and I collapsed face first into the pillows my pussy and ass throbbing as Steve's warm cum dribbled out of my tight bum. What happend next still has me in semi shock. I rolled over expecting to see Steve laying next to me. Instead it was Steve's girl friend! I wasn't sure what to do. Should I run, stay and be ready to fight?

She obviously had other ideas.... "haven't you been a dirty girl?" she asked. I just smiled I'm not sure that if I'd tried to speak I could. "My Steve's cum in that tight little bum of yours" OMG! how long has she been there? Her finger traced it's way down over my belly and to my pussy rubbing my clit. She pressed it hard against my pussy so it was covered in my juices and Steve's cum and then pressed it to her lips. "MMMM nice" she said. At least I knew I wasn't going to have to fight. She moved forward and kissed me on the lips. "would you like to taste my pussy?" well, I don't need asking twice!

She straddled my face and lowered her crotch onto my mouth. I could taste how wet she was through the material of her soft cotton undies. My tongue stabbed at her pussy through them making them nice and wet before pulling them to one side. Looking up I could see that she was loving the attention. Steve had come back and was standing next to her. "Having fun down there Robin?" asked Steve. Meet Vicky. I think you sort of met at the party? Yes I thought, when I was covered in your cum. Vicky was moaning softly and had started to wank Steve's cock back into life. She lent forward nearly suffocating me to take his cock in her mouth.

I had a fantastic view and was away in my own world with Vicky's juices dripping down my tongue. She was so wet and as I pressed my tongue hard against her clit she arched her back and orgasmed all over my face. As she did she let out little screams of pleasure and Steve unloaded in her face splashing more hot come down over my face and in my hair. What a pair of sluts!

Vicky swung her leg back and kissed me dripping a hot blob of spunk into my mouth. I opened wide so Steve could see me swallow it down as Vicky licked her way down my stomach to my pussy. Her tongue stabbed away at my pussy and then licked down over my spunk filled bum. It was a close call on who was moaning louder Vicky hovering up her bf's hot spunk from my bum or me nearing another orgasm? It ripped through me as I thrashed around on the bed. Steve was down at the business end watching Vicky lick up every last drop of his spunk and give me the orgasm of the day. Robin XXX

Monday, 10 November 2008

Off with a bang!

Where on earth does time go? Seems like just days ago I was off my face on pumpkin punch and then things went with a bang for fireworks night.

I got invited to a couple of cracking firework parties and Saturdays was crazy... I went wildly under dressed but my plan worked and there were plenty of guys offering to keep me warm and help me wave a sparkler! I could tell that wasn't all Steve wanted me to wave as his cock was wedged hard against my back.

Fortunately none of the fireworks went of in Stella and Dave our fantastic hosts faces but Steve's cock went off in mine. Coating my face hair and dress in wads of spunk luckily the garden shed was far enough away from the watching crowd for them not to hear us moaning. I don't think Steve's GF would have been to happy :-) I made a point of standing next to her when I went back to grab a hot dog. Although she didn't notice the suspect stains as it was too dark (is that a good or a bad thing). Steve text me today saying he'd like to meet I'll have a think on that one... any suggestions guys?

As always there's lots more news to tell and I'm worried that I'm loosing control of my nymphet side but hey it won't be the first or last time and I'm having fun... Benny you can credit crunch my ass anytime! Robin XXX

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the lack of updates as always I've been busy with work. Credit crunch my arse!

Anyhow talking of my ass I'm limping a little today having spent Halloween with a guy called Si who had a Monster of a cock (knew you'd like that) anyhow after shagging me senseless he was keen to take my ass. I was in no mood to argue after took much pumpkin punch (I don't think it had real pumpkin in it, just lots of Vodka) although now I'm wishing I had put up some resistance. He's a big boy and as much as I loved it I'm regretting it a little now.

I've got a manic week coming up but I'll try and find five mins to bring you more.. It's been mental and I have so much to tell you! I think your going to love it! Robin XXX

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Week at the knees.... (there's a pun in there)

Sorry it’s been a while… Thankfully the cold/flu has gone but work as always has been taking up a lot of time. I’ve just walked in from nearly 5 days straight on the road and I’m exhausted. Ready to drop.
Fortunately that’s it for this week so I’ll be taking a bath in a mo heading out to do a bit of shopping and then looking forward to a busy weekend. I haven’t worked out exactly what I’ll be up too but I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.
So what have I been up too? Well you know me there’s as always too much to tell. I'll have to update to you on the thank you meal next time... I'll do it soon I promise!
But I have a highlight from last week I’d like to share with you…. On Monday I was working near Liverpool and since I started booking my own accommodation I’d treated myself to a rather posh hotel. When I checked in at six the place was disserted but when I came down to dinner at 7.30pm it was buzzing. Of course all the guests looked minted so I did my best to do the same, having worn my poshest dress and spent ages getting my hair just right. Hell I’d even shaved my pussy for the occasion J
Anyhow, I was shown to my seat for dinner and asked if I was eating alone. Of course I said I was but was happy if anyone wanted to join me. Putting my first bottle of wine on the expenses I never expected that anyone would take me up on my offer.
Then waiter came over with a very cute looking blonde in tow. “Is it ok for Debra to join you?” he asked. Of course I wasn’t going to say no. She was away on business too and more than happy for the company. We chatted ate, drunk, well mainly we drunk… I didn’t even look at the bill when it came as Debra and I were sooo wasted.
We headed on to the bar but then Debra asked if I mined if she slipped into something more comfortable. I didn’t of course and was kinda thinking the same. We headed up to her room first and the atmosphere in the lift was electric. I think we both knew what we wanted and what was about to happen as we giggled our way to the tenth floor. Deb swiped her door card and we stumbled into her room. She just slumped on the bed complaining of having had too much to drink. With the room spinning I slumped next to her… She turned her head to me and not being one to spare my blushes I went for it.
Debra put up no opposition in fact she reached around and pulled me closer her hand sliding down my body and cheekly grabbing my bum. I straddled her and we kissed as I peeled off her dress. Her underwear was exquisite and obviously very expensive but it was in the way so it had to go! Peeling her g-string down over her thys I could tell that she’d wanted me for a while she was soaking and smelt amazing! She also had two great little tattoos on the tops of her legs/hips…. I complimented her on them and she said that I should see the one on her back. She rolled over onto all fours and I had a great view. Of course I could see her tattoo but I could also see her wet pussy and tight ass so I kissed my way from her tattoo down to her damp pubes teasing her tight little bum hole on the way past.
God I was so horny and Debra tasted great. I stabbed my tounge against her pussy and bum hole licking away as her juices dribbled down over my chin. Then her first orgasm erupted filling my mouth with her juices…. Her legs giving way. She rolled over onto her back so I kissed my way up across her body. Paying special attention to her tats, her nipples and her neck before kissing her lips so she could taste her own wetness. Then I sat up and teased my pussy inches from her face. Of course is was so shinny and wet that it left nothing to the imagination I spread my folds and lowered my sloppy pussy slowly down onto Deb’s face.
Her tongue eased inside me and she lapped away and her fingers rubbed my clit until I had a huge orgasm on her face coating her and the pillow with my juices. She looked like such a slut lying there on the bed.
Of course we both wanted more and we continued licking, fingering and rubbing until we were both exhausted. I think Deb was the first to go to sleep but I don’t think I was far behind. The morning phone call from reception woke us both in the morning and we wasted no time in heading for the shower. Soaping down Debs body had me week at the knees and I could resist licking her pussy till her legs buckled. By nine we were checking out Deb heading north and me south. I have her number though and we plan on meeting again…Robin XXX …. Here’s a little pic I took on my phone – enjoy!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Feeling under the weather....

Life’s so ironic… I put up a post about waiting and then make you wait for the latest instalment. To tell you the truth I’ve not been well. I had to have a week of work and I’m just getting back up to full strength. Luckily my friend Sara has been doing more than enough to make sure I’m on the road to recovery. I’ve decided not to tell her that I picked up the bug sucking cock in some dirty public loo. Lol
Sara has a few trick up her sleeve though. She stayed over for a few days last week to save on the travelling so from Monday through to Tuesday I had my own live in maid. She didn’t seem to mind and we spent most of the day with me curled up in bed and her sat on it next to me chatting away. I would have found it hard not to resist if I’d been feeling my usual self.
Although that didn’t stop me having a little fun. Sara asked if I minded her doing some of her washing before she left. I said of course I didn’t and could she do mine.
Of course that was no problem. While she got on with her sorting her stuff I whipped on a pair of my fav undies and started playing. It wasn’t long before I was in a right mess so I slipped off the wet undies and threw them on a pile of other washing. Minutes later Sara walked in and scooped up the pile. I could see my juices shimmering inches from her nose as she clutched at the pile of clothes.
She asked me if there was anything else and disappeared off to put the washing on. I spent the rest of the day dreaming of her getting my clothes downstairs and realising what I’d done for her. Taking them to her nose and sniffing my wetness. Naughty I know but I’d like to think I’d do the same. I never did find out if she did as when I woke up a few hours later there was a clean pile of washing at the end of my bed with said undies on top. Was that a sign?
Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better now and I’ve offered to take Sara out for a meal tomorrow to say thanks for looking after me. I’ll keep you posted. RobinXXX

Saturday, 13 September 2008


I hate waiting, waiting to get home waiting to write up my exploits, and waiting when I’m shopping even waiting to cum when I’m having sex (sometimes). So when I finished my Friday morning appointment early I didn’t really want to think about what I was going to do for the 3hrs I had to wait for my last appointment of the day. Luckily I had about 30miles to cover so I headed on hopeful that something would come up.

After about 15miles I swung off the motorway and decided to do some exploring. I was busting for a pee after far to many cups of coffee at my first meeting so I swung into a lay by and pulled up in one of the empty spaces. It had just started raining so I dashed across the car park and into the loo. These loos are never the Ritz but this one was exceedingly bad. Anyhow needs must so I covered the seat in loo paper and got on with business. I didn’t realise how desperate I’d been but at least I could relax a little now I’d drained my bladder. Looking up I noticed two or three familiar looking holes in both sides of the cubicle wall.

You’ll have to read, “Did I really just do that” to know what I’m talking about. http://www.heavenblogs.co.uk/RobinsBlog/2007/08/30/ I guessed that in my haste I’d entered the gents but what should I do.. I could leave and spend hours kicking my heels or wait and see if anything pokes it’s way for the holes for me to play with?

With a shot of adrenaline I was instantly buzzing, but would anyone come in during the day. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind that I heard footsteps and the cubicle door next to me swing shut. A voice shouted the familiar “are you ready”. I said “yes” and a big cock slide it’s way through the hole in the partition wall.

It was a monster. I rapped my fingers round it and began to slowly wank it into life. It hardened up lovely and there were soon long dribbles of precum swinging from it’s eye. I spat on the beast and then took as deep down my throat as I could. It owner pulled back slightly moaning loudly obviously not expecting to feel my hot throat rapped around it so early but it was soon pushed hard against my tonsils as I set to work.

I had to make sure I didn’t get any on my skirt so I rolled it up round my waist and unbuttoned my blouse. I felt like a right slut sucking away on some strangers cock half naked in a stinking loo, god knows where but it sure beat waiting.

I didn’t have to wait to long before the first wads of spunk hit the back of my throat though. The big beast pumped wad after wad of warm white spunk into my mouth and I had to remember to not let any dribble down my chin onto my work clothes. As the cock softened I turn and spat a mouthful into the loo wiping my lips with one of the last sheets of loo paper from the dispenser. I heard a fly zip up the cubicle door open and footsteps as its owner left. I sat back on the loo and licking my lips and savouring the buzz of my clit.

Checking my watch that was just half an hour gone. Should I go now? Or would more guys be in the market for some fun? I had no time to think about it, more footsteps, the cubicle door closed and then a cock poked its way through the wall. Not as big as the first but it still had a good girth. I decided to forget the hand job and went straight for the blowjob. The owner pulled back again… come on guys! But then the cock was back and harder than ever. Taking it deep I felt a twinge and then it pumped away. A little disappointing but there was no shame when it came to quantity. Wad after wad of hot stuff thumped out onto my tongue filling my mouth. I was worrying that I was going to dribble when it finally stopped. Phew.

It softened up and disappeared back through the hole. Another 10mins gone. A little disappointing maybe it would be third time lucky. The square of loo paper I had left was nearly done but again I didn’t really have the option. Another cock appeared through the hole in the wall. I rapped my hand around it still trying to catch my breath and feeling a little dizzy from already having had two cocks fill my mouth. Then another cock poked through the wall next to me.

Two! I was going to have some fun! I wanked away on both of them making sure they were nice and hard with plenty of precum. I then took it in turns to suck and wank on the cocks alternately. From the noise the guys where loving it. Then I slide of my shoes and used my feet to wank both cocks together. Then and idea hit me.

Grabbing them in my hands I wanked away harder and harder making sure I was clear of the firing line. Faster and faster harder and harder then bang the first cock shot it’s load spraying the wall opposite and coating the cock poking through it. This set of the second cock that did the same. It was amazing to watch although I had to be careful as spunk was flying everywhere. Of course I couldn’t leave these poor guys covered in each other’s spunk so I held onto their cocks and licked them clean. Spitting plenty of hot spunk down the loo as I did. Eventually when I was happy (I’m a perfectionist when it comes to a clean cock) that they would be I let them pull their cocks back and leave.

Four cocks down and an hour and half later what a way to kill time.

Talk about playing with fire. I decided enough was enough and straightened up leaving the cubicle and heading round to the ladies to wash my face and straighten my make up. I was half way through the later when a guy walked into the ladies. “I think you’ve got the wrong side mate”. I said. “Not if I just met you in the gents I haven’t” he replied. “I have no idea what you’re talking about” knowing full well that it was obvious it had been me by the colour of my cheeks (and we’re not talking from four fat cocks here, we’re talking embarrassment).

“Don’t be embarrassed that was the blow job of my life” he assured me. Well there’s a compliment. “I wondered if I could return the favour” he said with a sly wink. Now you know me I never need asking twice especially when I’m in that mood. I pushed open the cubicle door and dragged him in. Lifting my skirt he took no time in pulling my soaking undies to one side and sliding a thick finger into my soaking hole. I was in no mood for fingers so I unbuckled his belt and slide down his jeans pulling his cock from his pants.

He pushed me back against the wall sliding his cock deep. I was screaming but who cared I was miles from home and it was obvious I was enjoying it! He pumped away at my pussy grabbing at my tits. I reached under and cupped his balls still wet and sticky from my bj. He turned me over so I was leaning over the toilet. Sliding his cock deep he pumped away harder and harder before we both locked and my orgasm started setting off his cock. He pulled out letting big blobs of jizz splatter on my skirt and land in my undies, but who cares I loved it! He pulled out and we kissed then he left me to straighten up. Luckily there was more loo paper in the ladies than the gents and I just about managed to mop up without leaving a stain. (Easier said than done hey girls?). Now I was ready to hit the road. Still early but I’d taken care of a couple of hours at least… Robin XXX

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend - Pt 1

Sorry it’s been a while… This is the busiest time of year for me and I spend so much time out on the road it’s tough to get an update posted. Anyhow I’m home for a couple of days so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up too over the last couple of weeks...
The Bank Holiday weekend was the highlight so I’ll start there. Life on the road with work is manic and can sometimes be a little lonely. Ok I’m luckier than some in that I usually don’t end up spending endless evenings on my own sat in hotel restaurants.
The opportunity to stay with a friend is always too good to miss so when the chance comes I take it with both hands. I don’t know if it’s the home comforts and cooking or the chance to catch up with old friends but I’d take a night at a friends over a week in a hotel anytime.
I haven’t seen Kate since Uni she went off round the world and then ended up moving with work so many times I lost track. A random e-mail a few months back said that anytime I was in town I was welcome to stay. I’d called a few times with no luck so I thought I’d give it one more shot. With a late appointment of Friday I’d agreed that I’d head over to her place and that we’d head out on the time and party like the old days.
My appointment overran by an hour but it was well worth it and as I headed north I was well in the mood for a PARTY! Kate’s place was easy to find when she opened the front door I nearly fell over. She’s always been a looker but she was stunning and a few years had certainly done her no harm. She was so slim; she’d grown her hair and was looking very fit. She gave me a big hug a kiss and invited me in.
Quick cup of tea catch up and a quick tour of her place and then she showed me to my room. I changed quickly and came down to dinner. Kate’s bf Steve was back from the gym and you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out the attraction. He obviously spent far to long at the gym and looked super fit. He and Kate had been together for 3yrs and they'd met at a gym he worked at. Being a gym fan myself I chatted with them both about the merits of a good work out and a sauna. What I would have given to share one with the two of them.
After dinner Kate and I headed into town leaving Steve for a night in with the lads. A short cab ride dropped us at the door of the first pub. It was buzzing we met up with a few of Kate’s friends from work a couple of bottles of wine later and it was off to stop two. One of the biggest clubs in town and the place was heaving. The bank holiday weekend certainly had everyone in the mood for a party. Kate her friends Dawn and Claire and I hit the dance floor it wasn’t long before a group of guys started paying us plenty of attention.
I was feeling cheeky so I started a bit of dirty dancing with Kate… The guys were wooping and Kate and I loved it. I think I was loving it a little to much. As I danced away I felt a pair of hands rap around my waist. I ground back against their owner and felt his crotch spring into life. I broke free and returned to Kate grinding against her leg before turning and dancing back to the hands and their owner. A guy in his early 20’s and obviously oblivious to what he was getting himself into.
I danced towards him and ground my way up his leg my skirt riding up so he could see my thong grinding hard against his thy I through my arms round his neck and kissed him. He cheekily slip his tounge between my lips as his hands rapped around my hips and down round my ass. He obviously knew what he was doing, or at least he thought he did….
His hands sneaked up under my skirt and cupped my butt as I continued to snog his face off. Then a thumb teased it’s way up between my legs pressing the material of my thong against my pussy. Luckily the dance floor was packed so I pushed my hand down the front of his jeans and rapped my fingers round his cock. We snogged and danced but I guess it was obvious what we were doing as Kate whispered ROBIN STOP IT! In my ear… It was too late his cock was already pumping wads of spunk between my fingers and inside his boxers…
I pulled my spunky hand from his jeans and pulled away smiling… I kissed him on the lips once more and headed off with Kate into the ladies…. I was giggling away and Kate asked what had tickled me… I showed her the ribbons of spunk between my fingers and she laughed too just calling me a “Dirty Bitch”. I danced with a couple more guys but they kept their hands pretty much to themselves so I did too.
I’ve got to pop out for a while so I’ll post more later… RobinXXX

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Hen Nights Rock

For the past few weeks I’ve not had time to stop. Frustratingly there’s been far too much working and not enough sex. When I say enough I don’t mean I’ve not been getting any it’s just that I haven’t been getting as much as I’d like.
Last weekend was great though… I went out with my friend Jess on her hen night and we had a blast. All the girls were up for a good time and it wasn’t long before we had plenty of guys paying us plenty of attention. We were drunk by lunchtime and by the time we hit the club in the evening nearly everyone was up for a good time.
It was a long day though and by eleven half the girls had gone home so it was just Jess, Rachel, Sam, Sara and I left standing. We headed from bar to bar eventually hooking up with a group of guys out on a stag do. After a few drinks they asked if we wanted to join them on a trip to the strip club. Why not! I was well up for it and eventually talked Jess and the others into coming along. What a night. The guys had a VIP room booked and I was in heaven.

I ended up spending far to much money (who doesn’t) but it was a blast. The highlight of the evening being Jess’s face when she came back after we treated her to a dance with two of the hottest girls in the club. Her first time apparently but I don’t believe that!

After spending the whole night being teased I decided that I’d take one of the boys home (well back to my hotel). More on that next time.. Robin XXX

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Holiday Update Pt 2

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been and I’m desperate to bring you all the juicy stories from my hols… It’s been so long that remembering all the details is becoming harder by the day. You’ll see why when you read on..

I had a load typed up but as usual my shitty work computer decided to loose the lot… So I’ve decided to give you a very quick blow-by-blow account of my week. Here’s some more of my adventures to keep you going.

Sue and I went out on the pull after our afternoon session. I gave a guy called Steve a messy bj down an alley out the back of the bar we were in while his mates thought we were off getting drinks. I ended up back at Steve’s hotel and Sue and I ended up in a very messy five in a bed orgy. Sue ass got far more attention than it should of done after I pointed out to the boys how perfect it was. Sue and I made our excuses and caught a cab home at 5am she spent the night with me although we slept through till one the following afternoon and both woke up very sore.

Sue hadn’t lost her appetite for sex though and after a quick sesh in the shower we’re back on the beach. Our topless antics got plenty of attention from the guys and I ended up giving a guy called Gary with a massive cock a wank under his towel. After covering my hand and my leg, basically everything in wads of spunk he headed off for a swim, while I headed off to the hotel bar to make my escape, as he wasn’t much of a looker leaving Sue to make my excuses.

Meet up with Sue at dinner only to find out that she’d spent the afternoon making the most of Gary’s monster (no wonder she had a smile on her face). She said that she owed me one. We decided to spend the night at our hotel, as there was a big group of guys that had just arrived. We were both more than in the mood when they finally made it down to the bar. They didn’t know what had hit them after a couple of drinks. Sue ended up with two back at her room while I’ll had Pete, Dave and Sam back at mine.

I treated the guys to a bit of a floor show before getting out my big toy! I had hoped that I find someone else to give me a show but this was a perfect opportunity to be a proper slut and get the guys going! The guys loved it and where cheering away so loud that reception called up to make sure everything was ok! Anyhow the big toy was soon replaced by a big cock and they guys made it more than a night to remember. The highlight as I remember was having all three holes filled on more than one occasion before I think it was Pete unloaded in my ass setting off Sam or Dave in my pussy with the other covered my face and hair in warm sticky spunk. I was an oozing sticky mess but I loved it! An amazing night and another highlight of my holiday.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Holiday Cont...

Sorry I knew it would take me a while to bring you up to speed on my hols.

Here’s part two of my holiday update.

I left Paul and his mates at the airport and headed to my hotel in a taxi still flushed after my toilet encounter. I checked in and even managed to twist the receptionist arm and get an upgrade. With a welcome briefing in the main dinning room in twenty mins I had just enough time to shower (the bathroom in this place was twice the size of my lounge at home) and change before heading down stairs to see who else would I’d be spending a week with a my rather luxurious hotel.

There were around 30 guests waiting for the rep to come and tell us what was in store. I’ve heard the chat before but holiday experience tells me that if you’re gona meet someone for a bit of fun this is the place to start.

Darren our rather lively rep ran through the does and don’t and then the options for the week. I’d sat between a couple in their early twenties (who were obviously on their honeymoon) and a rather petite blond in her late twenties early thirties with amazing legs if she’d been taller they have been “the” most amazing.

Darren was running through his well-rehearsed guest welcome routine and it was time for the icebreakers. A quick name, where your from, who your with and if you’ve been before. I was sat next to Susan with the legs, who was holidaying on her own! Ben and Faye were sat on my other side and I’d guessed right they were on their honeymoon.

Anyway the rest of the guests seemed pretty cool a few stand out but more on those later! Sue and I got chatting and I agreed to meet her for a drink at the pool bar in ten. I wasn’t sure I could make it back to my room in ten let alone get to my room change and get back to the bar.

Anyway, after a lot of rushing around I’d made it back and Sue had a couple of glasses of wine sat on the bar (mind reader, I knew we were going to get on). She’d also changed in her bikini (a bright white one) and it left nothing to the imagination. I could even make out the neatest of trimmed pubes. I hoped that mine was having the same effect (not the pubes as they’d gone but the bikini).

We nabbed a couple of sun loungers and after helping each over cover our white bits in suntan lotion we laid back to soak up the rays. after my earlier encounter with Paul I was still feeling horny. Sue was just chatting away and thankfully she didn’t clock onto the fact that I was getting even more turned on. In fact I was so turned on that I thought I’d better dive (more of a belly flop but you get the idea) in the pool and cool off.

It had the desired effect. I sat on the side of the pool chatting to Sue for hours as the sun, the drink and some rather suggestive comments worked their magic. Just as I thought Sue wasn’t going to take the bait she invited me back to her room. I can’t remember why we were heading to her room but I do remember that we were there pretty fast and no sooner was the door shut behind us than Sue pushed me back on her bed and dived on top of me. My bikini put up little resistance and hers didn’t either so we were rolling around on her best completely naked, hands everywhere and I loved it.

Sue was licking me all over and she seemed to be as horny if not hornier than me and as she came up for air she explained that she had had sex for three months (god only knows why) and that I’d been driving her mad all afternoon. So not wanting to disappoint I swung round into a 69 position and went to work with my tongue on her dripping folds.

The next three hours are just a blur. Sue put her amazing body through its paces and I did my best to keep up and keep her happy. She was paying special attention to my bum (more so my tight little bum hole as she so caringly put it) and almost demanded that I sat on her face so she could taste my pussy and ass together. I held out for as long as I could but it I couldn’t just sit there and had to repay the compliment as she drove me to orgasm after orgasm with her tongue.

Now without photo’s your just have to take my word for it. If Sue’s legs were amazing her little bum hole has to been seen to be believed. If you’re not into that then sorry for going into detail but for me it was a real gem, perfect in fact and a highlight of my trip (if that sounds odd sorry.. but I’m sure for some of you it will be a turn on). The fact that teasing it, fingering it and licking it all made Sue scream so loud and orgasm so hard was just a bonus.

In the end we were both just a throbbing orgasming mess and after a shower to cool off (well we had to some time) and clean up we headed down to dinner. This holiday was going well. Robin XXX

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Well I’m back from my hols and to say I survived is an understatement! Bringing you all the juicy details is going to be a bit of a mission as the whole things just one big blur. Of course I can remember some of the juicy details I’ll just have to hope that I have time to get them all to you!

I’ll start where my trip started in the airport. I’ve never been late for a plane and after spending what felt like an eternity sat on the motorway I thought I might be swimming. I arrived at check in with just two minutes to go and the line was out the door. At least I wasn’t the only one to be late.

As my bags made their way through check in I made my way to duty free. Fully loaded with smellies and booze I headed to the bar on the second floor for a drink. I sat looking out of the window and didn’t really clock the group of guys checking me out at first. Then I clocked on to their comments. I was still a bit stressed from my nightmare of a trip to the airport but as the holiday spirit was returning rapidly I spun round to climb off my stool giving the guys a great view up my skirt.

I was quickly joined at the bar and Paul introduced himself and offered to buy me a drink. It turned out that Paul and his friends were heading out on the same plane as me but sadly they weren’t staying at the same hotel. I joined his mates at their table and the topic of conversation rapidly turned to why I was going away on my own and what they were all going to get up to on their hols. As you’ll know I love this game and began to get a little to excited telling the boys what I was going to get up too.

Our gate number flashed up on the board and that was game over. Just as I was getting going. The guys offered to carry my bags as I made my way to the gate with them still chatting about what we hoped to get from our holiday. We had to wait a while before we boarded the plane but I was squeezed in between Paul and Jamie to big lads who had obviously taken a fancy to me. Of course I’m never one to disappoint to I teased the guys all flight, letting my skirt ride up or my top pull down either way it seemed to having the desired effect on the guys.

They were plying me with drinks and I was getting more than a little tipsy and it was a relief when we landed although I knew that I’d had a little too much to drink. I wobbled my way off the plan and on to the coach. Standing room only and I was using Paul for support and judging by the lump I could feel in my back he had no complaints. It was a short walk to the conveyor and I sat on Paul’s lap as we waited for our bags to come round. He had his hand on my thy and a cheeky finger kept on teasing its way up my skirt and just rubbing my thong against my pussy which was already damp.

I whispered in Paul’s ear that I needed to the loo and that he’d better come too. I went first but he was quick to follow and no sooner was the cubicle door locked than his hands were up my skirt. I didn’t waste any time and had Paul’s trousers and boxxers round his ankles with his cock in my mouth.

He was as horny as me with plenty of precum coating his bulging cock. Sucking away I pulled back just in time for Paul to spray my face with load after load of spunk. I sat back on the toilet and pulled my legs up to my shoulders so Paul could pull my thong to one side and return the favour. His technique was a little hurried but he hit the spot and I nearly screamed the place down, much to Paul’s delight.

We wandered back to the bag hall and I didn’t really care that it was obvious what we’d been up to. My holiday had started and that was cock number 1. Robin XXX

Friday, 11 July 2008

Holiday Time!!!

Well it’s just over 14 hours until I head off on my hols… I thought I’d just log in and catch up but things are quiet on the site. I’ll be back in just over a week with a banging all over tan and enough stories to keep you reading for months. (If I get the time to type them all up).

I love packing for my hols and I always do my best to travel light – not! I’ve got a big case full and I’ve made sure that I’ve packed a few surprises for any guys all girls I meet out there. I popped into Anne Summers this morning and picked up this beast hopefully there’ll be someone willing enough to give it a go!

Last year I hadn’t even left the airport before my first taste of cock so if you’re off on your hols and heading to Gatwick tonight and see me struggling with my cases then you never know what you might get in return. If I’m as horny as I am now you never know. Catch up with you soon Robin XXX

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Hot Gossip

You might be wondering why I’ve just randomly posted part 1 of my night at Sal’s a few weeks ago. It’s been sitting in my drafts for ages waiting for me to get five minutes to finish it and I thought rather than keep it to myself I’d post it up for you all to enjoy. When I’ll get round to part 2 I don’t know…

I’ve had a strange of couple of weeks. Obviously I didn’t take Claire to Sal’s but I think she knew I’d been up to something the following day when I was too sore to make the most of her attention. I tried telling her that I’d just got carried away the night before but she wasn’t having any of it. I did redeem myself though by sending half the night with my tongue in her pussy. I lost count of the orgasms that girl had. I haven’t seen much of her this week as she’s been working to hard. She was supposed to be coming out with me tonight but I’m here on my own hence the time out on the computer to catch up with you lot.

I don’t think I’ll be out late tonight though. I’ve sneaked off to the study while Sam. Claire, Phil and Pete (talk about being a gooseberry) talk “holidays”. Talking of which it’s just over a week till I’m off. I can’t wait. Last year was a blast plenty of Sun, Sea and Sex and I’m expecting more of the same.

I did see one thing that I thought you guys would like this week. Becky at work has been telling me for ages about one of the water cooler guys she’s had her eye on. He came in on Wednesday and apparently he spent a while helping her find some “filters” in the back of his van. She came up to my office with a massive smile on her face pulled a cup from the cooler and spat a mouthful of hot spunk into the bottom of it. Talk about a filthy bitch… dirty cow left it on my desk too. Funnily enough it was gone by the next morning though!

Anyway I’d better get back to the happy couples… Robin XXX

Saturday, 21 June 2008

A night to remember!

After a day’s shopping I’ve popped home to change and get ready for what promises to be one of the wildest nights out I’ve been on in ages. I’m leaving here at 8.30pm and we’re all heading to Sal’s place. I’ve been to a couple of parties at her place in the past and you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you it all goes off!

At the last party I got fucked silly by more guys than I care to remember ended up in a right old orgy and watched as R took a face full of spunk from what had to be 20 guys. Ok so maybe the drink’s exaggerated that memory, it was a lot of spunk a lot of cheering and one hell of party I can remember that much.

So when I got a text today saying was I coming there was no hesitation. Hence the shopping, I’ve brought the sexiest shortest black lace dress I could find and I’ve gone for a black blouse that leaves nothing to the imagination… A black bra to set things off and I’m so wet that I’m going commando… Just hope I don’t give to much away when I climb out of the cab! So wish me luck! Robin XXX

Monday, 16 June 2008


As soon as I read Posh Tarts post about the one man gang bang http://www.heavenblogs.co.uk/The-Lady-is-a-Tramp/2008/06/09/1939.html I knew that I had to try that on Claire. Since we met she’s been asking me if we can introduce some of my friends to our sex sessions. I’ve had my concerns, but no idea how to approach them with her. I’m not saying that I’m the only one that should have multiple partners in our relationship but I’ve learnt the hard way that some people just aren’t cut out to have sex with more than one partner at a time or in a relationship. Claire is special and I didn’t want to risk our relationship in that way. So when I read what Z did to Posh Tart I realised I’d found my solution! Thanks guys!

I read the post late Friday and the great thing about a fake orgy is that there isn’t too much to organise. We’d scrapped our plans to go to the beach after hearing that the fuel strike was causing a few nightmares down in the SW. So a quiet night in was on the cards, or so Claire thought! She arrived at my place at six loaded with shopping (she loves spending money that girl) a takeaway and a bottle of wine.

When the meal was finished I asked her straight out if she was up for a little treat. I could see her eyes glazing over as I outlined what I had in store. She kissed me and said if I was fine with it then she was. The plan was set. I’d read Posh Tarts post so many times I knew just what to do. After a few fake calls I lead Claire up to my bedroom. She tore off her clothes and jumped onto the bed on all fours. I tied her hands together and to the headboard and her ankles to the end of the bed. She looked stunning there on all fours and was well up for it. Then I tied the blindfold. Kissing Claire deeply I left the room to welcome the first guest.

My legs were already shaking and I was so wet. I ran down the stairs and switched on the stereo to help set the mood. Then I opened the front door quietly, pressed the doorbell and then faked my first welcome.

Stomping up the stairs I opened the door and headed for the bed. I’d laid out a selection of dildo’s and vibrators. Picking a small green vibe I went to work. Claire’s pussy and pubes were dripping with anticipation and she gasped as she felt my finger press against her wet slit and the tip of the vibe press against her clit. Remembering that I had to be different I pressed my thumb up against her tight ring as I worked her pussy with the vibe. Normally this freaks her out a little but she didn’t seem to mind this total stranger doing it as I dribbled some spit down over her ass and pussy she let out a load moan her legs shaking as my thumb went to work in her tight ass.

I worked the vibe till she orgasmed burying her head in the pillow. Using a finger I collected the juices from her thighs and smeared them over the wet toy push it to her lips. She sucked it clean licking her lips. Then without a word I left the room. On the stairs I began to wonder if I could keep this going. I was soaking myself and I was so near to just giving up. Chatting away to myself I opened and closed the front door. Banging my way back up the stairs I opened the door. Claire was still moaning away and it was obviously driving her wild.

Walking over to the bed I gave her bum a big slap. She shuddered so I did it again. Her cheeks reddening I slapped her again and again. This was definitely different and it seemed to be working a treat. I was loving being rough so I picked up the strap on pushed it straight in and deep then I began to work up a rhythm. I leaned forward grabbing a handful of Claire’s hair as I slammed the toy deep into her pussy. Stopping to give her a hard slap, her cheeks glowing. She was screaming in ecstasy and I wanted more. My hips were a blur as I thrust faster and faster deeper and deeper. Then Claire’s body tensed as another massive orgasm ripped through her this time I couldn’t resist licking the toy clean I just had to taste her and I gave her one last hard slap for luck as I left the room.

I was getting it… I could see why Z had loved this so much. I could hear Claire moaning away as I pretended to welcome our next guest. I entered the room and the smell of sex was intoxicating. I decided that Claire needed a bit of a break so I started off with a foot massage. Teasing her toes into my mouth and giving them a good suck for good measure. This turns her on at the best of times and it was obviously driving her wild. Licking my way up her thighs I hit on her soaking pussy. I’ve never seen her so wet. My tongue lapping up her juices as it stabbed away at her open pussy. Every so often I could feel it tighten as the orgasms pulsed through her.

Lapping away I picked up one of the smaller vibes and pressed it against her clit. Instant orgasm. Burring her face in her pillow again her bum and pussy high in the air throbbing she looked such a slut. I licked away until she couldn’t take anymore-lying face down on the bed with her bum just shaking. I left the room and headed down the stairs. I opened and closed the front door again and decided that Claire had had enough guests and that I wanted in on the action.

I headed up to the bedroom and opened the door again. Claire looked amazing and so sexy covered in her own juices lying tied up and naked on my bed with a little red bum. I kissed her and could taste her juices on her lips, pulling down her blindfold to re-engage her senses. “I won’t ask any questions if you don’t want me too” I whispered. Claire smiled and asked me to untie her. When she was free she practically threw me on the bed and jumped on top of me. Tearing off my top and my soaking shorts. She wasted no time in going down on my pussy, commenting on how turned on I was. I was moaning loudly as she licked away before filling me with the strap on. Thrusting away Claire hit the spot and I just melted into a massive orgasm.

We spent the rest of the night cuddled up in bed together. Come Sunday morning Claire still didn’t say anything about her adventures the night before. I wondered if I should have come clean like Z did… But then I thought about it and realised that would spoil all of my fun. If I can have Claire all to myself and do anything to her while she believes it’s a stranger why would I want to let the cat out of the bag…. Thanks guys for the inspiration! Roll on next time!

Friday, 13 June 2008

The Latest....

I’ve had a few e-mails from friends and regulars wondering what I’ve been up too?

I hate it when I don’t get time to bring my blog up to speed. You guys miss out on so much.

I’ve spent the last few weeks with Claire we met through a chat site and decided that we had to meet. From the moment I entered the café I could see that Claire and I were going to get on. Dressed in a short summer dress and knee length boots she looked every bit as sexy if not as naked as she had in her pics. Needless to say it wasn’t long before we were back at my place making the most of each other and we have been ever since.

It’s been a while since I had a regular girlfriend but the sex has been electric to date. Claire loves sex toys nearly as much as I do. She’s brought over a few favourites for us to share. Her current fave is my monster, it was a wind up gift from an ex, I really struggle to take it unless I’m really wet or very lubed up but she loves it. It really makes her scream and she orgasms so quickly, which is a real turn on for me.

We’ve got a beach trip planned for this weekend so watch out Newquay! We’ve decided we’ll camp which in my experience will either be a laugh or a nightmare; it never seems to just go well! Claire was in the Guides for years so I have my fingers crossed this weekend. I just have to decide what to pack. Don’t worry I’ve got the toys… It’s more a case of what the weather will do bikini or packa mack! Although I’ll have no complaints if we have to spend the weekend in the tent!

I’ll keep you posted on our camping adventures… Robin XXX

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Its the weekend!!!

The weekend is here… Who knows what’s happening but it’s hot, I’m horny and I’m home from work. A quick business meeting this morning in Birmingham and with the deal completed I’ve made it home for an early finish. I think I’ll pour myself a glass of wine slip into something comfortable and relax in the garden and make the most of the sunshine.

Any suggestions for the weekend let me know… Robin XXX

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another wet Bank Holiday!!!

I know there are a few of you waiting for an update. If it rains as much tomorrow as it has today then check in tomorrow evening and you’ll be in for a treat.

I’m gutted I had a BBQ planned for today and tomorrow I was off to the beach. I always seem to have fun when I head to the cost and we’ve been planning this trip a while. Right now it depends on the weather when I wake up tomorrow morning. If the sun’s shinning then I’ll pick up the girls and we’re on our way. Watch out boys!!!

Talking of boys that should watch out I went out last night with a friend from work called Kath. She’s in her early forties but you wouldn’t have guessed last night. She looked amazing and I got an inkling she was on a mission from the moment I opened my front door. A bottle of wine later and we bundled in the taxi and hit the town. Although Kath’s been married for years she didn’t seem to be holding back last night. I had heard rumours that everything was far from perfect at home but I think she was out to forget her troubles and get herself some cock.

Once the dancing started there was no stopping her. She was hanging off young guys and getting real flirty and very dirty, much to my amusement. I lost her for an hour and when she came back she had a big smile on her face. I hustled her off to the ladies to get the full low down. Apparently she’d just spent 30mins in the gents with a group of young studs (that’s her description). Three young guys that had really put a smile on her face in the gents, way to go Kath! I was desperate to give her a kiss and taste the spunk on her lips but it wasn’t the right moment. Back out in the club she was away, home time and I nearly had to carry out of the club to the cab. Luckily a couple of young lads saw me struggling down the stairs and offered to help. The next thing Kath’s snogging one of their faces off.

“If you can’t beat em join em” so both of the guys ended up with Kath and I back at my place. Well one good turn deserves another and I made sure that the boys were comfortable on the couch while I nipped upstairs to slip into something sexy. It had the desired effect and while Kath snored away in the corner the guys went to work on my body. I was naked in seconds with there hands all over me. Soon I had two hard cocks waving inches from my face. I took it in turns to slurp away on each of them. Then one of the guys (James I think) went behind while I sucked on his friends (Andy I think) hard cock. I wasn’t long before James was pressing his hard on into my wet pussy and Andy was grunting hard as he filled my mouth with spunk. That set James off and he slapped my bum hard as he climaxed.

They changed ends and I was in ecstasy. It wasn’t long before I was hit with my second load of warm sticky spunk in both holes. All the noise had woken Kath up she was obviously loving the show and was sat with her skirt up round her waist and her fingers working away at her pussy. While the boys recovered I crawled over on all fours and replaced her fingers with mine. Licking my way up her thy Kath pushed her hips forward and sunk into the chair. I lost my mind between her legs and she loved it. It was only when a cock bounced of my cheek that I came out of my pussy slurping trance. I sat up and backed off and watch as James and Andy took it in turns to fuck Kath silly.

She was loving it. It was obvious the guys were too and just as they were getting close to cumming Kath slide of the chair and shuffled up next to me on the floor. Finally the right time to taste some spunk on her lips The guys stood in front of us wanking and then coated Kath and I in their hot spunk. Kath and I kissed and shared the load. She was already late and needed to get home to hubby. The guys offered to make sure she got home in one piece and they left. I headed to bed.. What a night! RobinXXX

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

After work drinks....

I’ve been counting the hours at work today and couldn’t wait to get home and tell you all about my holiday adventures (some real classics… get ready to disbelieve you doubters).

Come 5.30pm I was the first out of the office when I bumped into Paul. He’s the new guy in telesales and he more than measured up to his reputation. According to office gossip he’s been an FMH and Men’s Health model. “Fit as a butchers dog” I think the saying goes. Anyhow I had been listening to the office gossips at lunch and I have to admit that I had thought at the time that I wouldn’t mind bumping into him. Anyway he’d made a bit of beeline for me and went for the classic line “you must be Robin” (I guess the girls aren’t the only gossips in the office). He didn’t beat around the bush and asked if I fancied a quick drink as he was meeting up with the rest of the telesales team down the road for a swift one.

Now maybe I’m just the gullible type but minutes later we were at the pub ordering drinks at… yes you’ve guessed it an empty bar. I didn’t mind as he was buying of course. After my third I was a little tipsy and getting a lot friendlier with Paul. Feeling his chest and stomach through his t-shirt. Basically hanging of him. Anyway he didn’t seem to mind and suggested that we might want to find somewhere a little more private. I took his hand and lead him through the pub to the ladies (I don’t know if this is what he had in mind but I needed cock). Pushing the door of cubicle shut I had his hard cock in my hand in seconds. He struggled a little with my blouse and bra but soon I was topless with Paul licking and sucking my nipples.

I slid down his body pulling his trousers and boxers down to his knees. Licking the length of his shaft before for spitting on it and taking it deep. Sliding my lips up and down his hard length. I could already taste the pre cum so I pressed my lips to his helmet and wanked his shaft blowing over the length of his cock. It was driving him wild so I went deep slurping away like a pro. Paul loved it, pulling my head tight to his perfect six-pack as I choked a little on his cock. Slurping back I built up a real rhythm.

Paul was leaning hard against the cubicle wall and groaning his appreciation. I upped the pace and then he unloaded in my mouth. Pump load after load of hot spunk that I let dribble down from my lips and over my chin with blobs landing on my breasts. I scooped them up and sucked my fingers clean. Paul watched on as his hard on soften and his balls stopped throbbing. I straightened myself up and led Paul back into the pub. I jotted my number down on a beer mat and left to catch my train. I’ve literally just walked in the door and typed this up. I can still taste Paul’s spunk on my lips and there are some tale, tale still wet spunky blobs on my blouse.. I know you love it when it’s nearly live!… More on my hols soon I promise. I’m off for a nice “warm” bath. Robin XXX

The Latest!

Sorry about the lack of updates a combination of computer troubles and holidays has kept me busy for the last few weeks. I did try and post an update while I was away but the Internet café was either full of sweaty teens on my face (lol… I wish, my space and facebook of course) or closed because it was the early hours.

Anyway, I have tons to update you on and I’ll try and find a spare mo over the next few days to bring you all the juicy gossip and the latest on my adventures. Needless to say I have an all over tan and a very warm glow from my holiday. More soon! Robin XXX

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Saturday Night.. ta da da de did de did de did da!

Just enough time to bring you a very quick update and pic that my friend Sara took on her phone and text me…. I went to a party on Saturday night and apparently she snapped me on Sunday morning calling down for a glass of orange juice and a slice of toast!

As always we had a wild time. Again my memory of the night gets a bit shakey after far too much red wine. Needless to say there were people sleeping everywhere come Sunday morning and I woke up between two very good looking lads Gary and Paul.

I wasn’t going to ask what we’d got up to the night before but the way my pussy was feeling and with 'that' taste in my mouth I had a good idea. I woke them up by slowly wanking their cocks under the covers and then let the boys do what boys do best. Gary liked to take charge but Paul didn’t mind as he seemed to be able to control things a lot better holding off cuming inside me and spraying my face and hair with spunk (you know I love that). They both seemed to enjoy watching me suck Paul’s sticky load off my fingers and thought I was one of the dirtiest girls they’d ever meet (I guess that’s a compliment). Paul even likened me to a pornstar, which is never a bad thing in my book.

Anyway enjoy the pic! Don’t forget as always comments and e-mails are more that welcome! RobinXXX

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Workin 9 to 5

I've had a few e-mails asking what happened with F and P and more than a few e-mails with offers on nights out which have been lovely. Just to cover your questions things just came to a natural conclusion with F and P and I suggested that I left them to work out their marriage as I'd realised there was no real long term future for the three of us.

I've been making the most of my single status and I've had a very busy time ;-). I won't go into all the details but friends and regular readers won't be disappointed. After having sex on tap and doing things beyond my wildest imagination for the past few weeks it's nice just to get back to some full on foreplay and straight one on one shagging. Don't get me wrong having a threesome every night is amazing but after a while there's only so many things you can do with two pussy's and one cock!

(If you'd like to prove otherwise get in touch! I've been there and done more than you could imagine.. Now there's a challenge)!

I'm getting carried away again. Sorry… I'll leave you with a little tease. I've just presented to 20 people commando. I often find it easy to speak in public knowing that I'm nearly naked rather that imagining my audience is! Love Robin XXX

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

It's all over with F and P..!

If you've been wondering what I've been up too then here's the news that many of my mates have been waiting for! I won't lie it's been great but things have finally come to an end with F and P. I'll post a full update when I get a bit more time but for those of you that told me it wouldn't last... I already have I told you so rining in my ears.

I'm loving being free and single again though and it's nice to sleep in my own bed, on my own, for a least a few nights!

I'm sure it won't be too long before I have more tales to bring you. In fact I have a hot date lined up already for tomorrow night. I'll let you know how that goes... Robin XXX