Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I didn't realise I hadn't checked in for so long. I was always told that as I got older the days would go quicker and despite my best efforts in not trying to look 40 there are times when my age catches up with me. Whilst pondering that though I wondered when you become a Cougar? My friends tell me I don't loom a day over 30 but one of my Ex's once said to me "what counts more is the miles on the clock" you can see why he's an Ex.

Anyway I've been working hard on being good and watching what I eat. Another side effect of getting older in the hope that I can keep up with the young lads that are always up for a bit of fun regardless of the mikes on the clock!

Any thoughts on the Cougar front very much appreciated! Love Robin XxxX

Ps I'll try not to leave it so long next time! X


Ed said...

good to have you back!

Andy said...

Welcome back!

Nothing wrong with being a Cougar!