Sunday, 30 October 2011

Good girls go bad

Last night I played one of the wildest games in my life. My friend Claire we've been friends for years and shared more than our fair share of adventures. Clare got married to Steve two years ago and since then we've had to tone things down a bit, well Clare has!

Anyhow last night I popped round to enjoy a glass of wine or two while Steve went out with his mates. Of course we chatted about everything from work to sex. Clare could resist teasing me about how big Steve's cock was! Of course by the time I'd finished bringing her up to speed with my latest conquests I think she was a little green with envy.

By the time Steve got home we were sloshed and Clare practically threw herself at her man. Steve had come home with a friend Paul. Paul was staying the night which with me staying too meant that he'd drawn the short straw and was on the couch. However with both of us feeling so horny I already had other ideas!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Uh oh.... Another hand job in the sauna :-)

Just got back from the gym. Knowing how much you guys love hearing all about my juicy exploits fresh after they happen I've just got back from the gym after giving a random stranger a hand job in the sauna. Ok I know you wondering how is it always me that gets into these situations well this evening I was feeling very horny so I decided to take s sauna after a very heavy workout. The guy came in and sat next to me it was obvious that he was turned on and in the heat of the moment I Leant forward and rubbed the ridge of his erection through his shorts. As you know I've never been backwards in coming forwards.

He responded just as I had hoped leaning back and pulling his shorts down to release a monster of a cock. I started rubbing it slowly at first but increasing my grip and pace as he growned and I could feel his orgasm approaching. The first jet of hot spunk caught me off guard spraying out onto my thy the second and third dribbled down over my fingers and onto his balls. I licked my fingers clean, swallowed and headed for the shower. Leaving him sat in the sauna in a state of shocked pleasure. Robin :-)

Sunday, 9 October 2011


OMG today I've had the hang over of all hang overs. I thoght yesterday was bad but today wow! It's been tough. I've spent most of today cleaning and I've just about got my place straight. That's the last time I invite my mates back! (How many times have you heard that before?) :-) I've found beer cans all over my garden and had to pick used jonny's up in the spare room. Good knows what was going down but I wish I could remember more of it. Quite how a pair of my undies ended up in the microwave is beyond me. On the plus side it didn't feel like they'd been cooked. They were still damp!

Right, just enought time for me to have w bath and fall into bed. Back to work tomorrow :-( Robin X

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Party hard!

I'm recovering from a very heavy night and from what I can remember and amazing party! My house is totalled and there are semi naked people all over the place. In my bed on my couch even in my kitchen! Nobody bloody cooked me breakfast though! Not that I would have held it down!

My memory of last night events is hazy to say the least. I can remember spending more than I should in the club and then inviting everyone back to mine when the club shut. What a mistake to make!

On the plus side I do remember sleeping with Gary and that he lived up to his reputation :-) I've got a bit of a sqidgy bum and my pussy feels like its been turned inside out (in a nice way) so I guess I lived up to mine too :-)

I just hope there's no video evidence of what went down. I can remember giving every one a flash of my boobs at the club. I'm sure more stories will come out when the rest of these wasters wake up. Where did i leave those paracetermol? More later Robin XxX

Friday, 7 October 2011

This months commission cheque just came through!

I always wondered why the guys on commission in our office swanned around like they were made of money. Now I know that they practically were! I've just received a commission cheque for more than I earnt in all of last year! What I'll by with the money I don't know but Iz'm open to suggestions. Gold plated dildo maybe? A night out with a JLS look alike. You know me anything goes! I look forward to hearing your ideaa!

Tonight I'm out on the town I've text the girls and they are all up for it so it's going to go off. I just hope they have the champaigne on ice. The next big question is what to wear and where to go? I just wonder if I can I get to the shops before they all close? I feel a very big shopping spree coming on! Robin XxX

Obviously too good at my job?

It's 3.30am and I've just got to bed after an evening of work! No I've not become a prosi although I've often though it would be a great line of work for someone with an appetite for sex like I have. I've been wining a dining one of our biggest clients at a posh hotel here in the West Midlands. My bos has finally realised that I'm more than just a pretty face (and a great fuck but that's another story) and has started to let me loose with some of our biggest clients. It's great for me although I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't using my years of experiance to close a few deals. Right time for a quick 'shower' then I must get some sleep. More soon I promise. Robin XxX

Monday, 3 October 2011

International woman of mystery

After doing such a good job in Spain I've just got back from a week in Italy. As you can imagine I've fallen in love with the place. I've got to be at the office for 8am I promise I'll bring you more later ;) XxX