Thursday, 16 October 2008

Week at the knees.... (there's a pun in there)

Sorry it’s been a while… Thankfully the cold/flu has gone but work as always has been taking up a lot of time. I’ve just walked in from nearly 5 days straight on the road and I’m exhausted. Ready to drop.
Fortunately that’s it for this week so I’ll be taking a bath in a mo heading out to do a bit of shopping and then looking forward to a busy weekend. I haven’t worked out exactly what I’ll be up too but I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.
So what have I been up too? Well you know me there’s as always too much to tell. I'll have to update to you on the thank you meal next time... I'll do it soon I promise!
But I have a highlight from last week I’d like to share with you…. On Monday I was working near Liverpool and since I started booking my own accommodation I’d treated myself to a rather posh hotel. When I checked in at six the place was disserted but when I came down to dinner at 7.30pm it was buzzing. Of course all the guests looked minted so I did my best to do the same, having worn my poshest dress and spent ages getting my hair just right. Hell I’d even shaved my pussy for the occasion J
Anyhow, I was shown to my seat for dinner and asked if I was eating alone. Of course I said I was but was happy if anyone wanted to join me. Putting my first bottle of wine on the expenses I never expected that anyone would take me up on my offer.
Then waiter came over with a very cute looking blonde in tow. “Is it ok for Debra to join you?” he asked. Of course I wasn’t going to say no. She was away on business too and more than happy for the company. We chatted ate, drunk, well mainly we drunk… I didn’t even look at the bill when it came as Debra and I were sooo wasted.
We headed on to the bar but then Debra asked if I mined if she slipped into something more comfortable. I didn’t of course and was kinda thinking the same. We headed up to her room first and the atmosphere in the lift was electric. I think we both knew what we wanted and what was about to happen as we giggled our way to the tenth floor. Deb swiped her door card and we stumbled into her room. She just slumped on the bed complaining of having had too much to drink. With the room spinning I slumped next to her… She turned her head to me and not being one to spare my blushes I went for it.
Debra put up no opposition in fact she reached around and pulled me closer her hand sliding down my body and cheekly grabbing my bum. I straddled her and we kissed as I peeled off her dress. Her underwear was exquisite and obviously very expensive but it was in the way so it had to go! Peeling her g-string down over her thys I could tell that she’d wanted me for a while she was soaking and smelt amazing! She also had two great little tattoos on the tops of her legs/hips…. I complimented her on them and she said that I should see the one on her back. She rolled over onto all fours and I had a great view. Of course I could see her tattoo but I could also see her wet pussy and tight ass so I kissed my way from her tattoo down to her damp pubes teasing her tight little bum hole on the way past.
God I was so horny and Debra tasted great. I stabbed my tounge against her pussy and bum hole licking away as her juices dribbled down over my chin. Then her first orgasm erupted filling my mouth with her juices…. Her legs giving way. She rolled over onto her back so I kissed my way up across her body. Paying special attention to her tats, her nipples and her neck before kissing her lips so she could taste her own wetness. Then I sat up and teased my pussy inches from her face. Of course is was so shinny and wet that it left nothing to the imagination I spread my folds and lowered my sloppy pussy slowly down onto Deb’s face.
Her tongue eased inside me and she lapped away and her fingers rubbed my clit until I had a huge orgasm on her face coating her and the pillow with my juices. She looked like such a slut lying there on the bed.
Of course we both wanted more and we continued licking, fingering and rubbing until we were both exhausted. I think Deb was the first to go to sleep but I don’t think I was far behind. The morning phone call from reception woke us both in the morning and we wasted no time in heading for the shower. Soaping down Debs body had me week at the knees and I could resist licking her pussy till her legs buckled. By nine we were checking out Deb heading north and me south. I have her number though and we plan on meeting again…Robin XXX …. Here’s a little pic I took on my phone – enjoy!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Feeling under the weather....

Life’s so ironic… I put up a post about waiting and then make you wait for the latest instalment. To tell you the truth I’ve not been well. I had to have a week of work and I’m just getting back up to full strength. Luckily my friend Sara has been doing more than enough to make sure I’m on the road to recovery. I’ve decided not to tell her that I picked up the bug sucking cock in some dirty public loo. Lol
Sara has a few trick up her sleeve though. She stayed over for a few days last week to save on the travelling so from Monday through to Tuesday I had my own live in maid. She didn’t seem to mind and we spent most of the day with me curled up in bed and her sat on it next to me chatting away. I would have found it hard not to resist if I’d been feeling my usual self.
Although that didn’t stop me having a little fun. Sara asked if I minded her doing some of her washing before she left. I said of course I didn’t and could she do mine.
Of course that was no problem. While she got on with her sorting her stuff I whipped on a pair of my fav undies and started playing. It wasn’t long before I was in a right mess so I slipped off the wet undies and threw them on a pile of other washing. Minutes later Sara walked in and scooped up the pile. I could see my juices shimmering inches from her nose as she clutched at the pile of clothes.
She asked me if there was anything else and disappeared off to put the washing on. I spent the rest of the day dreaming of her getting my clothes downstairs and realising what I’d done for her. Taking them to her nose and sniffing my wetness. Naughty I know but I’d like to think I’d do the same. I never did find out if she did as when I woke up a few hours later there was a clean pile of washing at the end of my bed with said undies on top. Was that a sign?
Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better now and I’ve offered to take Sara out for a meal tomorrow to say thanks for looking after me. I’ll keep you posted. RobinXXX