Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another wet Bank Holiday!!!

I know there are a few of you waiting for an update. If it rains as much tomorrow as it has today then check in tomorrow evening and you’ll be in for a treat.

I’m gutted I had a BBQ planned for today and tomorrow I was off to the beach. I always seem to have fun when I head to the cost and we’ve been planning this trip a while. Right now it depends on the weather when I wake up tomorrow morning. If the sun’s shinning then I’ll pick up the girls and we’re on our way. Watch out boys!!!

Talking of boys that should watch out I went out last night with a friend from work called Kath. She’s in her early forties but you wouldn’t have guessed last night. She looked amazing and I got an inkling she was on a mission from the moment I opened my front door. A bottle of wine later and we bundled in the taxi and hit the town. Although Kath’s been married for years she didn’t seem to be holding back last night. I had heard rumours that everything was far from perfect at home but I think she was out to forget her troubles and get herself some cock.

Once the dancing started there was no stopping her. She was hanging off young guys and getting real flirty and very dirty, much to my amusement. I lost her for an hour and when she came back she had a big smile on her face. I hustled her off to the ladies to get the full low down. Apparently she’d just spent 30mins in the gents with a group of young studs (that’s her description). Three young guys that had really put a smile on her face in the gents, way to go Kath! I was desperate to give her a kiss and taste the spunk on her lips but it wasn’t the right moment. Back out in the club she was away, home time and I nearly had to carry out of the club to the cab. Luckily a couple of young lads saw me struggling down the stairs and offered to help. The next thing Kath’s snogging one of their faces off.

“If you can’t beat em join em” so both of the guys ended up with Kath and I back at my place. Well one good turn deserves another and I made sure that the boys were comfortable on the couch while I nipped upstairs to slip into something sexy. It had the desired effect and while Kath snored away in the corner the guys went to work on my body. I was naked in seconds with there hands all over me. Soon I had two hard cocks waving inches from my face. I took it in turns to slurp away on each of them. Then one of the guys (James I think) went behind while I sucked on his friends (Andy I think) hard cock. I wasn’t long before James was pressing his hard on into my wet pussy and Andy was grunting hard as he filled my mouth with spunk. That set James off and he slapped my bum hard as he climaxed.

They changed ends and I was in ecstasy. It wasn’t long before I was hit with my second load of warm sticky spunk in both holes. All the noise had woken Kath up she was obviously loving the show and was sat with her skirt up round her waist and her fingers working away at her pussy. While the boys recovered I crawled over on all fours and replaced her fingers with mine. Licking my way up her thy Kath pushed her hips forward and sunk into the chair. I lost my mind between her legs and she loved it. It was only when a cock bounced of my cheek that I came out of my pussy slurping trance. I sat up and backed off and watch as James and Andy took it in turns to fuck Kath silly.

She was loving it. It was obvious the guys were too and just as they were getting close to cumming Kath slide of the chair and shuffled up next to me on the floor. Finally the right time to taste some spunk on her lips The guys stood in front of us wanking and then coated Kath and I in their hot spunk. Kath and I kissed and shared the load. She was already late and needed to get home to hubby. The guys offered to make sure she got home in one piece and they left. I headed to bed.. What a night! RobinXXX

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

After work drinks....

I’ve been counting the hours at work today and couldn’t wait to get home and tell you all about my holiday adventures (some real classics… get ready to disbelieve you doubters).

Come 5.30pm I was the first out of the office when I bumped into Paul. He’s the new guy in telesales and he more than measured up to his reputation. According to office gossip he’s been an FMH and Men’s Health model. “Fit as a butchers dog” I think the saying goes. Anyhow I had been listening to the office gossips at lunch and I have to admit that I had thought at the time that I wouldn’t mind bumping into him. Anyway he’d made a bit of beeline for me and went for the classic line “you must be Robin” (I guess the girls aren’t the only gossips in the office). He didn’t beat around the bush and asked if I fancied a quick drink as he was meeting up with the rest of the telesales team down the road for a swift one.

Now maybe I’m just the gullible type but minutes later we were at the pub ordering drinks at… yes you’ve guessed it an empty bar. I didn’t mind as he was buying of course. After my third I was a little tipsy and getting a lot friendlier with Paul. Feeling his chest and stomach through his t-shirt. Basically hanging of him. Anyway he didn’t seem to mind and suggested that we might want to find somewhere a little more private. I took his hand and lead him through the pub to the ladies (I don’t know if this is what he had in mind but I needed cock). Pushing the door of cubicle shut I had his hard cock in my hand in seconds. He struggled a little with my blouse and bra but soon I was topless with Paul licking and sucking my nipples.

I slid down his body pulling his trousers and boxers down to his knees. Licking the length of his shaft before for spitting on it and taking it deep. Sliding my lips up and down his hard length. I could already taste the pre cum so I pressed my lips to his helmet and wanked his shaft blowing over the length of his cock. It was driving him wild so I went deep slurping away like a pro. Paul loved it, pulling my head tight to his perfect six-pack as I choked a little on his cock. Slurping back I built up a real rhythm.

Paul was leaning hard against the cubicle wall and groaning his appreciation. I upped the pace and then he unloaded in my mouth. Pump load after load of hot spunk that I let dribble down from my lips and over my chin with blobs landing on my breasts. I scooped them up and sucked my fingers clean. Paul watched on as his hard on soften and his balls stopped throbbing. I straightened myself up and led Paul back into the pub. I jotted my number down on a beer mat and left to catch my train. I’ve literally just walked in the door and typed this up. I can still taste Paul’s spunk on my lips and there are some tale, tale still wet spunky blobs on my blouse.. I know you love it when it’s nearly live!… More on my hols soon I promise. I’m off for a nice “warm” bath. Robin XXX

The Latest!

Sorry about the lack of updates a combination of computer troubles and holidays has kept me busy for the last few weeks. I did try and post an update while I was away but the Internet cafĂ© was either full of sweaty teens on my face (lol… I wish, my space and facebook of course) or closed because it was the early hours.

Anyway, I have tons to update you on and I’ll try and find a spare mo over the next few days to bring you all the juicy gossip and the latest on my adventures. Needless to say I have an all over tan and a very warm glow from my holiday. More soon! Robin XXX