Saturday, 31 January 2009

Catch up!

Why I am up so early on a Saturday you ask? Well if you don't at least I am. I've got a banging headache (yes to much wine) and I could really do with going back to bed (to sleep of course).

I'm heading off with Caz on an epic shopping trip today and she's picking me up at 9am so I'd better get sorted. Quite where we are going I'm not sure as she went on so long about having been broke all month and dying to spend some money all day yesterday in the office I'd tuned out. Sorry Caz.

I do have some updates to bring you so hopefully we won't be back to late and I'll have five to bring you all the juicy (and they are juicy :-) ) details. I'll also try and get back to you on some of those exciting questions you've been asking. Right time to go. Otherwise I'll be shopping with a wet patch! Which as nice as it might sound isn't a great way to start the day! Catch up later. A very tired Robin XXX

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

More of Ed's Questions

Ed's asked me some more questions. Don't worry you can to. Just post them up as comments and I'll do my best to be as quick as I can with my answers.

q1:fave yet to be achieved fantasy?

It's got to be appearing in a scene in a porno. I've been lucky enough to have been on set but I'd love to be on the other side of the camera. I wouldn't come (or should that be cum) cheep though!


Not a big fan of watersports. Tried it when I was younger and it really depends who I'm with as to whether that's part of our fun. I have a pretty open mind on it though. I prefer to be the giver than the receiver! Same for S&M never really got into it seriously. I dated a couple that loved it and were always tying me up but that was my only real experience of it to date. Again I'd try more but it would depend on with who and what they wanted to do.

q3:worst sexual experience?

Let me come back to you on that one... Nothing springs to mind straight away. I've been disappointed that some guys have cum a bit quick but I wouldn't really say I'd had a worst experience. I have heard some real horror stories though. I'll save those for another time.

q4: best?

God! To many to recall. Group sex is always good. Best may be yet to come!

q5:how often do you chk your email ;-)?

Not enough obviously ;-)

Monday, 26 January 2009

Dani is just dirty!

In the latest Q&A I was asked if I thought I was really addicted to sex. Well I think I am, in fact I know I am, but when it comes to real addiction you have to meet Dani! I met her through the Internet about 8yrs ago we got chatting in a chat room and she treated me to a very sexy masturbation session over her mic.

Our first face to face meeting was electric and we try and get together as often as we can. She moved overseas a few years ago but our cyber affair has continued but when she's over in the UK she always looks me up. Yes I let her round even though she has the most amazing all over tan and makes me look like a matchstick.

I got home on Saturday at about lunchtime (Friday night was a blast I'll write about it when I get a mo) . I just had enough time to clean up my place as Dani was due at around 2pm. I took a quick shower and slapped on a bit of makeup but didn't bother getting to dressed up, just my trackie bottoms and a t-shirt. The next thing I know my mobiles buzzing and I've fallen asleep on the bed. It's Dani she's at the door!

I ran downstairs and let her in. She greeted me with a big snog and a cheeky squeeze on my bum. She hadn't even brought her bags in and we were already at it! I followed her out to to car and helped her pick up her things. I took them upstairs and put them in the spare room for her.

Dani certainly wasn't travelling light. She kissed me again and asked if it was ok to take a quick shower as the one in the hotel had been crap! I said of course and asked if she'd like a drink. Heading down to the kitchen to pour her a glass of wine. I could hear her bashing about but I didn't think anything of it.

I headed back up stairs opened the door to the spare room and there she was on the bed. Naked with a selection of sex toys laid out across the end of the bed. As you know it's not often I'm lost for words but I was stuck for what to say. Dani smiled... "You didn't have anything planned for this afternoon did you Robin?" I didn't need asking twice I swallowed down as much wine as I could and then put the glass on the side. I picked up a small vibe and dipped it in the wine pressing it to Dani's pussy. She was very wet and her pussy opened up and the vibe slipped in easily. I reached up and rubbed her breasts her nipples hardening between my fingers as she smiled at me the cheeky little smile.

Dani was practically purring as I traced my tongue down over her stomach and through her thin line of pubes and to her pussy. She tasted as good as she looked and the wine set her juices off a treat. I lapped away and pressed my tongue hard against her clit. Dani was tugging away frantically at my t-shirt and joggers. Pulling the t-shirt up round my neck and my joggers down to my knees. With no undies on she had instant access to my pussy and I could feel it juicing up as her fingers traced across it.

I pulled of my joggers and t-shirt and spun round and pushed my pussy right into Dani's face. Handing her one of the bigger dildo's she'd put on the bed. She slurped on it's lengh and then slide it into me. Feeding every inch into my wet pussy. Now we were both moaning and I decided it was time to use something bigger on Dani.

Lying on the end of the bed was this monster. Personally I thought it was going to be too big but Dani seemed to like it and I had a great view as the dildo spread her wide and made her juices dribble down onto the bed. I scooped them up and rubbed them in making sure there was plenty to help this monster slide as deep as she could take it.

Dani was really hitting the spot for me and I had to stop work her and moan as my first orgasm of the afternoon ripped through me. My juices were dribbling out over Dani's face and chest as she pushed the vibe into me and worked my clit. I was determined that she was going to cum for me too. So I pushed the big vibe deeper and sucked her clit between my teeth. She screamed as her first orgasm pulsed through her body lifting her hips from the bed and pushing the monster clear of her pussy. Her first was quickly followed by a second as I held my finger down hard on her clit and filled her pulsing hole with yet another vibe.

Dani and both ended up in the shower but things didn't stop there. When I get a mo I'll tell you all about our evenings exploits. Robin XXX

Sunday, 25 January 2009

What a weekend!

I don't have time tonight to do Friday and Saturday justice. I'm exhausted and I've got to sort out somethings for tomorrow as I'm on the road and I've got an early start. The last thing I need really as I'd love to bring you the lowdown.

Friday ended up getting messy and Dani didn't dissapoint. Put it this way I didn't get home until 3pm today and I've just got up now! Right better get on. Look out for a jucy update soon. Robin XXX

Just added a pic that Dani text me... Enjoy! I'm off to bed and will update you all 2morro. RXXX

Friday, 23 January 2009


My original plan was to stay in tonight and to save myself for a big night out with my friend Dani tomorrow night. Dani moved to Newcastle three years ago and I haven't been out with her in ages she's a blast and really knows how to party and as much as a party animal as I am I struggle to keep up when Dani's leading the way.

Anyhow about 20mins ago I got a text "You partying tonight?" well of course I text back to see who it was. Pete and the guys from one of the companies I do a lot of work with. There Christmas party was a right laugh. I texted Pete back asking where he was and he called me back within seconds.

Despite my protesting he's promised it will be worth it so now I'm sat here sort of glamed up waiting for a cab to drop me off in town. I hate being so easy :-) It should be a good evening or am I gluten for punishment (mmm I fancy a bit of that)! Only time will tell! Have a good one. Robin XXX

Ed's question time.... You asked so I answer!

Hey Ron! I Love the thought of you cuming just thinking about going down on me. I had a bf that did that on more than one occasion. He used to get really embarrassed but I used to love it as it meant he just kept going till I'd lost count of the orgasms he'd given me. By then he was hard again and ready to fill me and push me to more.

q1:spit, swallow or share

Good question. I spat until I was 23. I'd swallow if it's just me and you Ed. Share if there's someone that wants too. I love surprise snowballs. Nothing better than a shared mouth full of hot spunk!

q2:spitroast or dp

I'll take both. That will get a few of you going! (I hope) Imagine me with all three holes full!

q3:bullet or rabbit

I'm a rabbit girl.

q4:cut or uncut

No preference as long as it's hard and clean!

q5:creampie or facial

AWWW. I don't have a preference love both but lets go facial!

q6: describe 1st ff experience

I was 13 going on 16 and had a friend called Stacy round my house. We were up in my bedroom and I was telling Stacey about a guy in school that I really fancied. She told me that she fancied him too. We got carried away fantasising about what we'd like to do to him nothing to extreme but enough to get me going! I'd never really been turned on before, I mentioned to Stacy that I was getting turned on and my panties were wet.

She told me that she was getting turned on too. Just as things were getting going her Mum called round and took her home. I went back to my room and fingered myself to my first real orgasm. The I rang Stacey and talked her through hers before having another. Nothing too exciting but every journey starts with small steps! Robin XXX

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Keep em coming.... Questions of course!

A few more questions...

Does anyone in real life (friends, family, etc..) know about this blog? RIV

Yes of course. My friends love reading up although none of them follow! Come on guys! My boss used to read my blog before I moved to blogger. Infact I got a warning from work about posting my work exploits because my boss was following my blogs. Just a shame she's not 10yrs younger. I could have done something with her so she could read my take on things!

Favorite position/ sex act? M and A

Good quesiton! I always orgasm when I'm on top but for pure sexyness it has to be doggy. Pussy or ass (if they're very lucky). If there's a mirror and I can watch I love that too. Sex act has to be the bj. I've been told that I've got it down and I'd like to think that I go the extra mile when it comes to deep throat (if that doesn't make me sound like to much of a slut). Plus it makes for a great banana party trick! The number of guys that have come up to me at a party after that and practically begged me... Well!

What do you think of porn? Any favorite websites, movies, or actors? M and A

Love porn. Favorite website is I'll watch anything nothing beats the real thing but I'd be lying if I said that Porn didn't turn me on! I love watching porn with guys although most of them seem to think it would gross me out. I Love POV and anything that involves bodily fluids. Cytherea can do things with her body that I'd love to learn.

Can i get a job that sits right between your legs and bury my face there? The Dude

Yes send your CV and I'll let you know when you start. How long can you hold your breath for? :-)

More soon. Robin XXX

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Quick tease...

I promised an update and it's getting late so I'm going to make this quick(ish)

Yesterday I called into the office before heading down to the gym. I bumped into Sam. She was looking very sexy and I could have just ripped her clothes off there and then and gone to town on her on my desk. Anyhow we had to keep it work, but I could tell she was mentally undressing me as fast as I was her. We rapped up the work stuff and I asked her when she was coming over. She said she wasn't sure and what was I up too that evening. I told her that I was off to the gym that evening and guess what she was too. Great!

I convinced her to join me in my bodypump class (I've always chuckled at the name). A new instructor this week but she was fit and wore a naughty Lycra number that she kept on having to pull out of her bum... mmm I would have done that with my tongue in a flash!

Nest we hit the Sauna. Wow... Hotter than hot! Sam and I squeezed in between the guys and girls that had really pumped up the heat. The heat had me dripping. I really struggled to keep my hands to myself and my mind was wandering into Sam's bikini bottoms.

I had my hand on her thy and I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. I fixed a long stair and we knew it was time to go. I practically pushed her into the shower and soaped up her back making sure I got a couple of naughty brushes against her bum and boobs, much to the delight of the guys in the changing room (remember their mixed now) then we bundled each other into a changing cubicle. Luckily the disabled one was big enough for the two of us.

I wasted no time in pulling Sam's bikini to one side and practically jamming a couple of fingers in her soaking pussy. We kissed and she moaned as I fingered her clit. Her legs were shaking and I had to go down on her. She perched on the bench and I licked my way down to her pussy. It tasted as sweet as ever and was a lot wetter than the first time I'd tasted her. She wobbled and moaned as I hit the spot time and time again then her legs went as her orgasm took hold. She pulled my face tight against her as her juices trickled down my tongue. Soooooo HORNY.

Sam and I dressed quickly and practically ran back to my car. I hadn't even made it home before Sam's hand had made it's way into my joggers. I jumped out of the car and we ran inside. We ended up on the couch with Sam tearing my clothes off. Sam was out of control and I couldn't hold back either as I orgasmed on her tongue time and time again. She has really got the hang of getting me off and if I didn't know better I'd have put money on the fact she'd been practicing!

The plan was to give Sam a lift home but we ended up falling into bed and the action didn't stop there. I woke up at 7am with Sam still sleeping next to me. I woke her up with my tongue making sure that she was more than in the mood to start the day in the best way. We ended up soaked and sexed up in the shower. I gave Sam a lift to the office and I headed off to my first meeting of the day. Robin XXX

Here's another cheeky office pic for those of you that asked what was under my skirt.

More Questions.....

WOW.. That's more like it. The question thing seems to have hit a cord with you guys. I'm enjoying it so I'll go with it... I do have an update to write so hopefully I'll have time for that too!

What is your fetish? If you could pick just one of course... Mr...

Good Question! It's the pick one bit that has me stuffed. I'm going to be naughty and pick two.

The first and I don't get to go with this one as often as I like, is feet and toes. I know shocker! But I do have a thing for feet. Mainly other women's but I love guys paying attention to mine (I hope your all taking note) I've been told that I'm a great toe sucker and I have a thing for foot jewelry and arches... You have to be a foot person to understand! I worked in a shoe shop for years so I like to think I'm a bit of an expert!

The second is either going to weird you out or turn you on immensely! I have a thing for collecting undies. Nothing odd in that you might think as your right in that most of them are my own brought new. But I do have a box of 'trophies' from various conquests and I have been known to borrow a pair or two from the gym or other places that they are left lying around. In fact I might do that soon, when I do it always makes a great story. Not many people have seen the box but those that do love it and always want to add to the collection :-0 I'll leave you to decide if that's turn on or turn off - freak or unique!

On a serious note, do you actually think you have a sex addiction? Just curious, I wonder it about myself sometimes. Mr...

You've read my blog. I'm trapped I just can't get enough! Addiction just about covers it I think!

I'd be interested in meeting too... how does one do that? Mr..

Another good question.. If you look hard you'll find my e-mail. Drop me a line and we'll go from there.

Man, can i hire you or something?? :P The Dude

LOL. There's and idea or would that make me a prostitute? Who cares! Although I don't come cheap and I've been told I'm very high maintenance! Or is it just that I have a never ending sexual appetite?

Would you describe your first sexual experience? No necessarily the first time you had sex, but the first time you explored yourself and/or someone else. Mommasboy

I'll do that for you... Stay tuned as they say. It's busy at work right now but if I get five I'll treat you to the story of my earliest encounters.

PS - I hope you like the pic it combines both my fetishes :-) Robin XXX

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Question time....

I'm a little disappointed :-( I hoped to have a few more questions to answer but hey at least a few of you posted so here's a reply to one's so far. Feel free to ask away at anytime. As I've said before I like getting your feedback and questions as much as I enjoy posting my experiences.

Robin - here's a question for you. How do I get in touch with you to offer to take you for dinner? I've been reading you for a while and would love to find out more about you. Craig

Lol. I always like a good offer for dinner. Keep up the compliments and I might let you have my e-mail. Where would you take me?

I notice you post a lot about being with women. Do you prefer women or men? And why? Mr...

I didn't think there was a trend! I'm very bi and take it as it comes. I guess lately there have been more 'encounters' with female friends and sometimes it goes that way. I've not really been trying as you know from reading my blog I'm pretty easy and will take it as it cums. Cock or pussy if it smells of sex I'm into it and onto it... Sorry that makes me sound really slutty!

mmf or mff? Describe the best of each. Ed

As above I'll take it as it comes.. I'd love to try more mmfmff they are fun. For me if you have two guys your the centre of attention and that can be incredible if a bit messy at times. If the guys are up for it there's lots you can do with two cocks and I love the feeling of a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, guaranteed to get me off every time.

With another woman then I'm spoilt for choice. Again there's nothing better than a cock in my pussy and a pussy in my face. Doggystyle or cowgirl I'm not complaining. Depending on who I'm with sometimes the guys can feel a little left out but I always try to remember if I get carried away that they are there too... Sorry guys. Depends if a threesome is the only way I'm going to get to have sex with someone.

The same can said for guys. Sometimes if they're married then a threesome is that only way to get with them then I can focus far to much attention on them. I've been lucky and I haven't really pissed off any wife's totally but I have had a couple go to sleep. lol The the action really hots up with hubby. Sorry I'm rambling! Robin XXX

PS: As for meeting up? Check your e-mail big boy! I hope you like the pic of me working hard in the office.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Keep em coming...

Just logged in quick! I had to skip lunch today work is soooo busy! Keep those questions coming when I get a few more I'll post up some answers... I forgot to say if I get five I'll bring you an update from Saturday night. Just to keep you interested I tried something new for the first time! It was crazy but fun.... Lots of fun :-) Robin XXX

Sunday, 18 January 2009

It's your turn!!!

Ha... That got your attention... I've been thinking that your the people that make my blog and it would be nice to give something back.. So feel free to ask me some questions. If I get enough to make it worth while I'll put together a post with all the answers next week. How's that?

Anything goes so get posting on the comments now!

Just to prove that my life isn't all sex I went out with an old school friend Jess today we did lunch at the pub and took her puppy for a walk this afternoon! Far to normal I'm sure you'll all agree! Robin XXX

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Last night...

Well to say I went out in a horny mood last night was a bit of an understatement. I was gagging for it! I hit the club downed a bottle and a half of red wine with my girlfriends and wasted no time in getting on the dance floor.

The guys were loving it and I found myself in the middle of a group of about 10. I was dancing my way round with each of them having a grope and a bit of a dance with me. Then one went to kiss me. He wasn't the best looking of the group but those who dare win and he dared so he won. We kissed and I ground hard against his leg I could feel my pussy stretching so he must have too. What a tease!

Then I danced with his mate and he wanted a snog too... That was two. Then three, four and five. The guys were obviously loving it and I was being a right slut and loving that too. I think I was on snog number 8 when Rachel came and pulled me off the dance floor.

Dragging me kicking and screaming into the ladies. "Robin what's come over you?" she asked. I didn't have time to mess around and put my arms round her shoulders. "Robin" I started kissing Rachel. We've got off with each other once in the past and I expected a bit more resistance but she pushed me into a cubicle and looked the door. Her hands were all over me and she tugged the bow on my back and let my top fall open kissing her way down to my rapidly handling nipples.

The she unbuttoned my trousers and peeled them down. With no undies (or pubes) to get in the way she licked her way down from my belly to my wet pussy. Her tongue pressing hard on my clit. I shuddered and let out a loud moan. The chatter in the ladies stopped but luckily Rachel didn't I was soon shuddering again and again as a big orgasm shook through me. I held Rachel's head tight against me and ground my hips so she could taste every drip. Rachel looked up and me panting with my juices all over her chin. We swapped places and I went down on her. Lifting her skirt I slide her panties to one side and slide a finger into her pussy.

Rachel was as horny as I was so I sucked her clit between my teeth and made her whale with pleasure. The loo's went quiet again as Rachel screamed. Her orgasm building I lapped away hitting the spot time and time again and then she let rip cuming hard in my mouth her juices running down over my chin... mmmm so hot. Rachel and I tried to sneak out of the ladies but it was obvious what we'd been up too... Who cared I bet every single one was wishing it was them... I hadn't really straighten myself up too well when we got back into the club and my friend Karly straighten up my top and said "Jesus Robin, it looks like you've been fucking!" Little did she know, hey.

Rachel and I hit the dance floor again this time it was almost a competition. Although I lost count at around 15 and was past caring. I wondered how many of the guys could taste Rachel and how many could taste me on her? Before we knew it, it was slow dance time I danced with two guys and clocked Rachel taking a guy off to the gents. Bitch! She wasn't going to outdo me so I dragged the guy I was dancing with after them. I pulled him into a cubicle. I could hear Rachel but had no idea which one she was in.

I didn't even know the guy I was with name but he had a fantastic cock. A nice size and girth and I wasted no time in sucking it between my well snogged lips. I gave him a bj to remember taking his long cock as deep as I could (without gagging). It wasn't long before he was filling my hot mouth with hot spunk.... MMMM I swallowed down my hot mouthful and led him back to the dance floor. The club was emptying and the lights were on... No sign of Rachel then she came wandering out of the ladies like the cat that had got the cream... Well in this case she had. She almost ran over to me and planted a big kiss on my lips.

Her tongue forced my mouth open and she dribbled a stream of warm spunk into my mouth. How fucking horny was that. We snogged much to the delight of the people still left in the club I'm sure but little did they know about Rachel's little gift for me! Robin XXX

Friday, 16 January 2009

Tonight tonight!

If just nipped home from the pub to change. I was shutting my lap top down and couldn't resist posting. I've been working hard the last couple of days so no update but it's been worth it. I've hit January's targets already so I'm off to celebrate!!!

Here's a pic for you too. This wasn't taken tonight but the last time I wore this outfit. It almost looks like a studio shot but it's taken in my friend Kate's bedroom on her bed of all places. She's studying photography at Uni and I'd like to think I helped her on her way to a top grade... I'm sure you'll agree that she's pretty good hey! I enjoyed being a model for a day too.

Although I don't think she'll use this one! I wanted to go further but she didn't take the hint.. Oh well maybe next time!... Any that's my lift at the door so I better run.. Look out for an update tomorrow afternoon. I'm feeling naughty tonight! Robin XXX

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ahhh home....

It's nice just to kick back at home... I'm chilling in my PJ's waiting for Big Brother's latest installment... What will that little Verne be up to or Nauty Michele, How much does she fancy Ben? Who can blame her hey but her reaction to Coolio's taunting really gives away far too much. Afterall he does sleep at the end of her bed and it's been a long time since I guy slept at the end of my bed and stayed there all night! Robin XXX

It's just silly....

I thought that I had it good in the run up to Christmas but it's gone crazy of late I can't remember ever having the run of encounters that I've had. Of course it's all good for me but it means that I don't have time to update my blog! Which is bad news for you!

Welcome along to the new blog followers it's great to have you and I hope you enjoy the snippets of my crazy life. Feel free to join in and post a comment. I love to hear if my adventures are turning you on as much as I love to tell you about them!

I'll try and do a more detailed update for my adventures this week when I get time but here's a catch up... If your interested (and I hope you are!).

So your back up to speed here I am at lunch time in my lounge horny as fuck!.. Sorry it was all a bit rushed and a bit long... Hopefully I'll get chance to bring you more of an update soon...!

Don't forget to read Saturday, Sunday and Monday/Tuesday :-) Robin XXX

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Back at work I wasn't in the office so I didn't see Sam. We exchanged text's though and she's coming round to mine soon! I can't wait.

I didn't plan on it (of course) but yesterday I ended up bumping into Gary. He wanted to have a quicky in the back of his works van but we ended up in a pub toilet. I gave him the quickest of Bj's and he had a quick finger but nothing special. Someone came in and he's not as brave as me! I wonder if he'll tell Sara about our little encounter? I had a funny afternoon with two meetings and all I could think about was the taste of Gary's fat cock.

I've started back at the gym (new year and all that) so I decided that I'd go on Tuesday's and Thursday's I don't know how long it will last but I've joined a couple of classes and Tina the instructor is a bit fit! So hopefully I'll keep it up. The changing rooms are communal too which has changed since I last went... Imagine what could have happened if I hadn't been told...

Sunday, 11 January 2009


I woke up to a text from Sam. "Hope your ok Robin can't stop thinking about you. Naughty Sam" I texted back "Come on over you've got some making up to do!" She text back for my address and half hour later there was a knock at the door. I was just having an easy day in joggers and a t'shirt but Sam had made a real effort. I short black dress lots of lippy and a pair of black heels. "You look fantastic, head through to the lounge it's on the right" I followed Sam in and Sat next to her on the couch. Before I could say anything she blurted out "I'm sorry about yesterday Robin... It's just that was my first time with another woman and I was a little embarrassed... I didn't mean..." I didn't let her get any further as I planted a kiss on her lips.

She wasted no time in slipping in her tongue as we snogged each others faces off. Her hand dived strait inside my joggers too. Her fingers searching out my wetness and for a novice she was doing a great job. I pulled her skirt up and was pleased to see that she wasn't wearing any undies. As my finger's probed her warm wet pussy. She pushed me back on the couch and slid down between my legs pulling my jogging bottoms down. She watched her fingers work my pussy before slowly pressing her hot tongue to my wet lips.

I was in ecstasy. Sam was really making up for running out on me and I was loving the attention. Her lack of experience was more than made up for with her enthusiasm and she sucked my clit till I nearly screamed my place down.

I'll be back in a second I said running upstairs to my room. Of course I'd forgotten that Sam had ran out on me the day before but I had a treat in store. I pulled out my toy box and picked up my double ender... I ran back downstairs an into the lounge. Sam was sat on my couch with her fingers buried in her pussy. I pushed her back and went down on her making sure she was nice and wet then I pushed the dildo into her. It's not small so I was careful to make sure she could take it.

Then I span her round and sat on the couch facing her. Pushing the other end into my dripping pussy. Then I worked it between us. Sam kept on lifting her hips letting the dildo slip out and I fed it back in gently every time. I was so turned on and we were now so close I hardly had to move the dildo. I rubbed Sam's clit as she screamed and orgsamed sending a stream of juices running onto the couch. I scooped them up pressing them to my lips as I could feel another orgasm ripping through me.

Sam made sure that I had the biggest orgasm of the afternoon by practically sitting on top of me pushing the dildo deep inside as my orgasm throbbed through me... amazing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring each other's body's and I taught Sam a few tricks!

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I couldn't resist the temptation to go into the office and help Sam. On the way there I was dreaming of all sorts as I have done for since she started. She's 21 and has a great body and a really sweet personality, she's always going out of her way to help round the office and I've often wondered if there could ever be a chance... surely not?

When I got there we had the office to ourselves and she really did have a work situation that needed sorting. Once I'd got my brain back into to work mode I had it sorted in no time but I couldn't stop my mind wandering off and tearing off her tights, lifting up her denim skirt and licking her pussy till she begged me to stop.

We finished up and I was just doing a few things at my desk when she came over to say she was leaving. She perched on the end of my desk and crossed her legs, her skirt riding up her thy at eye level. "Robin are you eyeing me up?" she asked. I'd been caught... "Maybe" I replied trying to play it cool as she stood up leaning against my desk. "I've heard all about you Robin" she said with a smile.

Of course I never need asking twice and I pushed my chair over to the end of my desk put my arms either side of her and stared up "have you now" I teased. "So it won't surprise you when I do this" I tugged her blouse out of her skirt and kissed her near perfect stomach. She let out a little sigh and lent back on the desk lifting her hands to my head pulling my face tight to her belly.

My tongue teased a line down to the waist band of her skirt as I unbuttoned it slowly. I peeled down her skirt and tugged at her tights all the time my tongue teasing it's way down. She lifted her hips from the desk and her tights and undies slid to her knees. My tongue snaked down through Sam's pubes and began to explore her pussy. She was moaning loudly as I began to really explore her wet folds. Her hands were still holding my head tight against her and it was all I could do to breathe in the soft smell of her pussy as she lifted her feet up onto my chair and spread her legs.

Her hands gripped the edge of the desk as I slid a finger up inside her wet hole. I then slid another and another and began to work away at her clit with my tongue. Occasionally she'd vice my head between her thys but I was so carried away licking her perfect pussy. Then she started to thrash a little more so I up ed the pace of my fingers sucking her clit into my mouth. Her first orgasm ripped through her and I caught the juices dribbling from her pussy with my tongue. Sam sat up looking flushed... I smiled up at her my face coated with her juices. "Well erm um I was going home". With that she pulled up her tights buttoned up her skirt and straightened her dress. Gave me a quick kiss and practically ran out of the office.

I sat there in shock for a moment wondered what I'd just done. Then I realised how turned on I was and that replaced any initial thoughts of chasing Sam. I pressed a finger against my clit and nearly came so I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down laying back in my chair I fingered myself to a huge orgasm of my own imagining what Sam should have done to me the naught girl.

Just as I was catching my breath my phone beeped scaring the life out of me. "Sorry Robin - you're amazing I won't run out next time - promise! Sam"

That night I went round to my friend Jen's we good evening too much wine and ended up in bed with her again. She's always up for it and loves her toys... We gave a couple of new ones a very thorough work out.. This one really hits the spot. Jen and I have been fuck buddies for years so I'm not sure I should really count her in, but it was a great night.

Forget Friday night!

I know I promised you an update on Saturday but as always my day didn't pan out quite how I planned. I woke up with a text on my phone "can you make it into the office today? Sam" Sam is our dept secretary she's 21 and a real hottie. I've tried to keep thing business with Sam but to wake up to her text after my Friday night exploits well there was no way I wasn't going to chance my luck and not go to the office.

I'll give you a quick lowdown on Friday... It started after work with a couple of drinks and then I bumped into a few of my friends. We ended up heading to a club and that's where things got messy three bottles of wine later and I was sat in some guys lounge (Matt) with two his friends (Simon and Dave) and another girl call Jo. I hoped it was going to get messy and I wasn't disappointed. What did surprise me though was how forward Jo was. Now I'm not one to hang around but she was either so horny that she couldn't wait or just know how to get what she wants, certainly no time waster.

"Come on boys, lets see some cock.. Can't you see Robin and I are as horny as fuck?" with that she sat on my lap and planted a wet toungy kiss. I was taken back but only for a second and wasted no time in giving the boys a show. While we snogged I pulled down Jo's top and her bra giving the boys a great view of her tits. Her nipples hardened between my fingers and the boys watched on in disbelief.

Jo had on a short skirt so I hitched it up and rubbed her pussy through the material of her thong. Soon I could feel a wet patch growing. I opened my eyes and looked at the guys. Simon and Dave had already got their cocks at while Matt was tugging at his through his jeans. Jo's hands were all over me and she was unbuttoning my blouse. Soon my blouse was open and I was in Jo's hands. I pushed her legs open wide and pulled her wet thong to one side. Her pussy smelt intense. "Who's first?" Jo slumped into the couch and Matt stepped up cock in hand. I took over guiding him into Jo's tight pussy... Of course she was wet enough to take it.

While Matt took care of Jo I crawled over to Simon and Dave. Simon didn't have the biggest of cocks but Dave's was a monster... I crawled up between them taking a cock in each hand and giving them a good hard wank. Warming up with Simon's I sucked it between my lips hooking my lips around his fat helmet. MMM plenty of salty precum. Dave was playing with my tits and I knew I'd have to get my mouth open to swallow his monster. I switched from Simon to Dave and squeezed his fat monster into my mouth. It's girth made it a very slurpy blowjob.

Meanwhile Jo was moaning away... then she started to scream as her first orgasm took hold. That was enough for Simon and he pumped a big wad of spunk over the side of my face and in my hair. That must have done something for Dave as his monster spewed wad after wad into my hot mouth. I opened wide so Dave could see just how full my mouth was before swallowing the load down for the two of them.

While they recovered I crawled on all fours over to Jo... Licking the hot spunk from her pussy... I kissed my way up to her mouth dribbling he hot spunk from my mouth to hers the guys were loving it.... Jo and I snogged. I felt my skirt pulled up over my back and then my undies were round my knees.. Dave's tongue was exploring my tight hole and then round to my pussy. Of course I was dripping and Dave seemed to love it. It wasn't long before his cock replaced his tongue. OMG I was in ecstasy. It wasn't long before Dave swapped with Simon and then Matt... God three hot cocks and my fingers were deep in Jo's hot wet pussy.

I sat down on the couch next to her and the guys took it in turns to fuck us both. Every time I would get near an orgasm the guys would swap and a fatter, thicker, softer, longer cock would fill me. It was odd how each on hit a very different spot. It was Simon that pushed me over the edge. His cock was so hard it penetrated deeper than Dave's and had me screaming the place down much to Jo's amusement! I've got her number and we'll meet on Wednesday night (she trains in the same gym as me).

What I night.. I got a cab home updated my blog (of course) and headed to bed!

I'll bring you the rest of my weekend soon!

Friday, 9 January 2009

More later....

Just walked in... I'm a little to drunk to bring you the low down on my entire evening but lets just say I've had a pussy full of cum that's now running down my leg and I can still taste cock and pussy... Does a Friday get any better???

More tomorrow... Sweet dream or should that be wet dreams.. Robin XXX

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Work, Home and BB!

It's funny, I havn't been able to write up my tales at work for while and I'd forgotten just how horny I could get writting up my adventures. I finished typing yesterday and I was buzzing (and dripping). I couldn't resist waddling to the ladies and having a play. I was soaking and sooo horny. Sadly no one came in as I couldn't stop my self from groaning as I rubbed myself off. MMMM that would have put a spin on it!

I had to make two presentations yesterday afternoon and it was a real thrill to present knowing that my undies were so wet and my clit was still swollen. I don't think anyone could tell but I've broken my own first week sales record and it's only Wednesday today!

By the time I got home I thought I was going to burst so I ran up to my room and stripped off. It wasn't long before I was thrashing around on the bed enjoying yet another orgasm as my fav toy wasted no time in hitting the spot.

I stayed in and watch Big Brother last night, isn't it great? They crack me up I don't think Michele can cope with Ben's affections. Lets face it if he was coming on to me like that, boyfriend or no boyfriend I'd be breaking some rules in that luxary bedroom! In fact I don't think they could put me in the Big Brother house full stop... Don't even get me started on Lucy! MMMM Robin XXX

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ready? Here goes!

I've been fit to burst all morning... It's been a frantic start to 2009 but I've finally made it to my lunch break and got a few mins to update you as to what happened at the weekend.... Saturday was certainly a day to remember.... and Sunday wasn't bad either!

I was pacing up and down the lounge beside myself with excitement and sex when the doorbell went. I practically ran to front door and I swung it open expecting to see one of my conquests stood there as horny as I was. In stead there was a very angry woman. Before I could even say hello she started yelling at me "who the fuck do you think you are fucking my husband on New Years?" she shouted. Pushing me in the chest. I was in shock here was I ready for sex and I had this bitch practically pushing me back into my house. I didn't quite know what to say and so when she started phisically pushing me back inside I was pretty much off guard and in no real state to argue with her.

She pushed me back into the lounge still shouting "you bitch how dare you think you can shag my husband. Who the fuck do you think you are. Doing that without me!" I was about to shout back when I realised what she'd just said. "What did you say?" I asked. "I asked why you shagged my husband without me?" I realised that she was pranking me... She pushed me back onto my couch and straddled me. Putting a hand on each shoulder. I was sure if she was going to snog me or strangle me. In fact at the time I was sure it was going to be the latter. Then she kissed me. It didn't take long for our tongues to tangle and I could taste cock in her mouth. Obviously she had travelled down with Gary but where was he?

I didn't have time to worry about that. As my attacker pulled my top down and went to work on my nipples softly biting them and making sure they were nice and stiff. I reached up under her coat and had a finger pressed against her soft wet clit. I rubbed it as her attention turned to between my legs. My own undies had gone at lunch and she wasted no time in burying her head between my legs. I was in ecstasy and it wasn't long before my first orgasm ripped through me.

She reached in her pocket and pulled out a little bullet vibe and worked it hard against my clit. My juices were running out of me like she'd turned on a tap and she scoped them up and fed them to me. I couldn't wait any longer I had to taste her pussy so we swapped places on the couch and I spread her legs wide. She was shaved bald and he lips were so puffy and wet. My tongue lapped against her hard clit sending her into orbit. She was moaning loudly and when I pushed the bullet vibe inside her, she began to scream as a massive orgasm ripped through her, lifting her hip off the couch and bucking away.

I licked my lips and kissed her again. She whispered in my ear. "Can we go up to your bedroom?" I didn't need asking twice and took her by the hand and led her up the stairs. I through her onto the bed and licked my way up from her toes to her pussy. She was thrashing around on my bed as I pulled off her skirt and her coat before pulling her jumper over her head. This blond stranger looked so sexy on my bed. I stripped of the rest of my clothes and lowered my dripping pussy onto her face and went to work on a sloppy 69. She wasted no time in burying her nose in my tight little ass as she licked my pussy. Juices running down her tongue she poked her tongue against my tight little hole.

Yet another orgasm ripped through me and I decided to return the favour, but before I could she stood up and pulled something from the pocked of her coat. "Lie back" she whispered first she tied my hand to the end of the bed then the other and then she put a blindfold around my face. MMMMM I was in heaven. She lapped away between my legs and then I heard a mobile beep it wasn't mine. She slid of the bed and then I heard the bedroom door latch. Footsteps and voices on the stairs. My body tightened as I heard the door open. I was aware that there was someone with her but who and how many I had no idea.

I felt her hot lips return to my pussy and push my legs up and back. I could hear the familiar sound of a cock wanking or was that two or three? Then just as the next orgasm was building she moved away and I felt a warm cock nudging at my wet hole. Of course it slid straight in and felt incredible. Two rough hands grabbed my bum and the cock started thrusting. Just as I thought I'd died and gone to heaven I felt another hard cock being pushed against my lips. I just let my tongue lick around the heavily precumed helmet as it bounced of my face.

I tried to take it in my mouth but it's owner kept on teasing me and of course I couldn't see where it was going but judging by the slurping she was having a go too. By now I was too far gone as the big cock in my pussy was starting to build up a real rhythm and tightened as wad after wad of hot spunk exploded inside me. I was screaming as I felt jet after jet hit my face and chin too. Splashing into my mouth and down over my neck onto my tits. Then I could feel her licking me me clean. Literally sucking the spunk out of my sexed up pussy I was just a shaking mess.

But was surprised me was that her lips were soon replaced with another hard cock. I knew Gary recovered quickly but surely there wasn't three dicks in my bedroom with her? Well I didn't really care as it thrust away and a limp cock bounced of my chin. I sucked it into my mouth and could taste a mixture of juices. I could hear her having sex too. I was in ecstasy. I rapped my legs around the owner of the cock and pulled him tight as he started cumming. I nearly screamed the place down which started her off too it was a cum fest!

I don't know how long this carried on for and I wasn't going to argue. I was loving all the attention and it was great to just be able lay back and have all those cock's and tongues play with me. I lost count of how many times I was fucked but they just kept on cumming.

I could smell her wetness hovering above my face way before she lowered it onto my tongue. As she did I could feel a big shoe lace of cum dribble into my mouth. I've never licked such a wet pussy there was so much cum in there I could only imagine the state of mine as my tongue explored her wet folds. I sucked her clit between my teeth and bit softly the pulsing dribbled more hot spunk into my mouth. I could feel her tongue licking my belly and down to my pubes. My legs were shaking as her tongue licked the juices from around my well fucked hole. It wasn't long before she was hanging on for dear life as the biggest orgasm of all ripped through me. This set her off and I just swallowed down mouth full after mouth full of juices. I felt like a right slut.

She rolled off the bed. Everything went quiet, then I heard her come back into the room and untie my wrists. Then she pulled down the blindfold. It was just her. My bedroom stank of sex and my duvet was dripping wet but there was just her and I in the room.

She took my hand and led me through to the bathroom where the shower was running we climbed in and soaped each other off. "So where are they" I asked. "Oh don't worry about them Robin they'll be back" We showered off and slipped on a couple of bath robes before heading down stairs. I was so well fucked it was hard to walk straight. No sooner had I made it to the lounge than the doorbell went. I opened it and it was Gary with a big Indian take out. I was starving after all that sex. Gary walked into the lounge "I see you meet Sara then Robin?"

"Yeah, I guess" I smiled. After dinner I asked if Sara and Gary wanted to head back up to my room. We were back on my bed in a flash just the three of us and no bondage this time. Sara and I spent the night taking it in turns to fuck and suck Gary's fat cock and driving each other crazy with my collection of sex toys. They didn't leave until 3pm on Sunday and it was the craziest 24hrs of sex I've had in a while. As for who the other guys were Sara and Gary were tight lipped on that one. I guess I'll have to see who they bring when they come down again in a couple of weeks... I can't wait! Robin XXX

Back to work....

Sorry if you've logged in for the latest... I was back at work today and out at meetings.... So you'll have to wait till tomorrow for the latest! Saturday rolled into yesterday and we had an amazing time! My pussy has never felt so sexed up! All the juicy details are worth the wait I promise! Sweet wet dreams! Robin XXX

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Random Text

This morning I got a random text... It just said "I'll be at the end of the landing strip at noon. Be there". Now I wasn't quite sure what to make of that or what to do so I text back "who is this" nothing. Then about 20mins later I just got a picture. At first it was hard to make out who or what it was but then I realised it was a shot down the the front of a pair of knicks (I managed to get the pic of my phone... Looking at it now it's obvious what it's a pic off but I'm not a morning person and this was the last thing I expected to get on my mobile). What made it difficult to work put at first that was that it was shaved bare and there was a dribble of juices leaking onto the black material. It looked like more of a leaky wound than a wet pussy... and the black material was obviously the owners knickers. NICE PIC!

My first thoughts were why didn't she send me this when I was still in bed and my second thought was FUCK it's two hours drive back to the pub!!!! I texted back... "I'm at home why don't you come and see me?" This time a message beeped back in seconds... Where? So I text my address. "I'll be there for two today. Be ready SEXY!" So now I'm sat here with 15mins to go. I've had to take my undies off I'm so wet and excited. I just keep on looking at the pic and thinking MMMMM.. I can't wait.. My mouth is watering right NOW! I'll check back in later when I find out who it is and what they want to do to me! Stay tuned... Robin XXX

Quick update... I've just a text to say that 'they' are held up in traffic... OMG I am going to burst!

Friday, 2 January 2009

The full low down.... 09!

I decided to get up early and make it back to my place. Fortunatly the roads were pretty quiet so I've made good time. Litterally unpacked and sat down to bring you the low down on New Years.

Hopefully reading New Years 07-08 didn't leave you thinking I'm too much of a slut. But reading it really got me in the mood for seeing in 2009 with a bang! I had some great suggestions for what I should wear. I'm really beggining to wish that I hadn't mentioned wearing a bin bag as that seems to have set far to many imaginations running. Not that I'm not enjoying hearing what you'd like to do to me dressed in the bin bag. Although I can guarantee that some of you won't be seeing that fantasy forfilled. Anyhow back to New Years.

I made it to the shops on Wednesday and spent all of my Christmas money on my New Years outfit. A pair of knee lengh white boots, a white mini skirt and a white boob tube. I've just read it on paper and it sounds like a horrible outfit. It looked a lot better on and the boots and the skirt really showed off my legs and my boob tube showed off my clevage and at least guys would be checking out my flat stomach which I've been working on all year! (I'll see if Caz got some pics at the party....)

So where did I end up? Yes you've guessed it down the local pub! Despite several e-mail offers the Pub is within easy walking distance and a lot of my old friends were going. I wandered down just after 8.30pm with Caz and Steve. Caz had made an effort but Steve was just wearing a pair of jeans and a white T'shirt. We nearly froze to death walking but the cold was soon forgoten when a glass of coplimentary champers was pushed into my hand. One of my old friends from school Stef ran over and gave me a big hug. We haven't seen each over for years she was out with a group of old friends and it was great to catch up.

More drinks and the disco kicks up a gear. Of course I'm first out on the dance floor and it's not long before Caz, Steff and her friends Karly and Shaz are up there with me. bunch of tarts! It's all going off. But where are all the guys? Stood at the fucking bar! I danced over and grab a couple by the hand as does Caz pulling steve onto the dance floor with a couple of his mates. Now we have a party!

More dancing and then one the guys I pulled onto the dance floor offers me a drink. We're at the bar chatting and Gary is asking me all sorts and a couple of drinks later we are back on the dance floor. It's obvious that he fancies me, and he's not bad looking.

OMG it's 11.45 already.... Nearly the count down to midnight. SO carried away partying!! It's 2009.... Time to start snogging! With so many guys and girls everywhere it's a right old snog fest. Gary got an extra long one... with tounges (hang on I think I kissed everyone with tounges) It was great to actually be able to remember midnight for a change! With the pub closing at 1pm we didn't have long to get more drink down us and we played a couple of drinking games with everyone, what a laugh. Gary ended up back at Caz and Steve's with me.

Caz took Steve off up to bet and they were soon banging around to see the New Year in. I couldn't belive it had taken me all night to get a cock in my hand, so I wasted no time in unzipping Gary's fly and feeding his hard fat cock into my mouth. He lied back on the couch and seemed to be loving the attention. I was licking and spitting and sucking Gary's hard cock and sucking his balls into my mouth I was getting well carried away.

I stood up and lifted my skirt... Pulling my undies to one side and flicking my clit I dipped my finger in my wetness and pressed it to Gary's lips. That was it. His hands were round my waste and he pulled my wet pussy into his face. He hit the spot in one and I was bitting my lip hard and trying not to colapse. Gary was jabbing at my swollen clit with his tounge and I was in extacy. My legs were going but he was gripping my butt cheeks tight to stop me from colapsing which just made my first orgasm all the more intense. When I'd finished my first I lowered my pussy down onto Gary's hard cock as he held the base to keep it straight. It slipped straight in and I moaned loudly as I ground my pussy against him. His fat cock really stretching me.

It wasn't long before I felt Gary's cock tighten and his body tensed as his cock erupted setting off another orgasm. When my heart returned to my body I slipped off Gary's hot cock and licked it clean. Tasting his cum and my pussy juices that had mingled on it. I must have been doing a good job as Gary was fully erect as I sluppered off his fat helmet. Well not wanting to waste the chance I turned round and lowered my pussy onto his cock. Riding him reverse cowgirl. Reaching down I flicked my clit and and gropped Gary's balls. My juices running down over the two of us.

We fucked for ages in this position as I could really grind down on Gary's cock and rub my clit at the same time. I had a couple of orgasm's before I grabbed hold of the base of Gary's cock and he pumped away again. Filling me with more hot spunk. By now it was nearly 4am and Gary said that he'd love to stay but he'd better get going. I wasn't until Caz asked me how long Gary had stayed at Breakfast that I found out that he was married! Oh well I wasn't going to complain as I was just looking for a good night out and I'd got that. Although I don't think Mrs Gary will be getting any for a couple of days.....

So that was New Years 2008 - 09 plenty of no strings attached sex just as I like it. No thick head a well fucked pussy and a great way to start 2009... Hold on tight this year I think it's going to be fun! Robin XXX

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year 2009....

Happy New Year eveyone... Last night was another New Year to remember! Thankfully the details of last night are far more first hand than last years... I'm at my Mum and Dad's tonight so I won't be able to write a full update. I'm planning on driving home tomorrow so I should be back in time to give you a full update then. Have fun and all the best for 09! Robin XXX