Saturday, 30 May 2009

What's in the box.....

OMG... I'm soooo naughty teasing you about my surprise package and then leaving it far to long to let you all know what it was. I've been far to busy playing with it to get on my blog. I've still yet to find out who sent it to me, but whoever it was they know me well!

I've just sneaked onto a friends laptop while they all watch the football... I promise more on what it is what it does and what it does to me later.... Robin :-X

Poll Results....

So you're in the mood for....

A hand job/finger?
1 (2%)
Blow Job/Clit licking?
32 (82%)
Foot Job?
2 (5%)
Being fucked with my fav toy?
4 (10%)

Another week and another poll closes... A very clear winner this week..... MMMM how I'd love to treat you all to say thanks for voting.... Oh and those two foot jobbers... Mail me!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

What's in the parcel?

It's one of those funny weeks. Bank Holiuday's always throw me out and I've been thinking it's Tuesday all day. Guess what that means I've missed going to the gym again... Air head!

I'm dying to get home. I got a box from the postman this morning and I'm like a big kid I love packages. I'll leave you to guess what was in this one! But I'll try and remember to take a few pics (or a least add a link tonight). That's if I get time of course! Robin :-x

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Horny, Horny, Horny..... At work!

After the surprise of my foot session with Jane I woke up yesterday morning very wet and gagging for a good seeing too. My toys had to do, as they have so many mornings and after a very satisfying orgasm a long cold shower I was ready for work.

My mind always wanders on the way to work and I wondered how many of the people I pass on my way to work have a secret fetish like Jane. I wouldn't mind finding out....

By the time I got to the office I was so horny again. Not the best mood to be in with some serious business to be done. My boss called at my desk and she asked me to make a key presentation to one of her clients (why she has to lean over my desk in that 'look at my cleavage' way I'll never know). Of course I'd prepared hard as I always do but I hadn't counted on being so dam horny (and I said on my last post that I'm not always thinking about sex).

It was rapidly approaching 10am (when the client was due) so I decided that I just had to scratch the itch and hope it would go away. I headed off to the ladies and headed for my fav corner cubicle. Hitching my skirt up and pulling the damp crotch of my purple undies to one side I was moaning away in no time as my fingers worked away at my wet folds and rubbed at the nub of my clit. I just had to bite my lip as big leg trembler started to spread through my body. I yelped as I lifted my bum up from the loo seat my juices running out over my fingers. OMG that was intense!

I quickly got my breath back and wiped up my juices that were running down between my legs. My pussy was still super sensitive and very tender and just touching it with the tissue nearly set me off again. There wasn't time for a second so I straightened up and left the cubicle.

I just had enough time to touch up my makeup and straighten up my blouse in the mirror. I headed back to my office and no sooner had I sat at my desk than the phone rang and the client had arrived.

I made a pitch perfect presentation and job done.... We headed off to lunch and my boss commented on how good a job I'd done and that I was practically glowing in my presentation. Lol... Little did she know! I'll make sure I go for a good session in the loo before my next review with the boss (maybe I should take her with me as she's a bit of a prude too). Robin :-X

Poll Results.....

I'm coming out on a date with you... Do you prefer me to wear

Nice sexy undies
23 (46%)
No thrills and not to much material
2 (4%)
Hey I'm happy if you come commando (with none)
24 (48%)

Votes so far: 49
Poll closed

Look how close that one was....! Wow.. Thanks for voting. I'm glad that commando came out winner as I don't own that many pairs of sexy undies and I love the feeling of going out without any on. It's oh so much easier to be naughty too and you never know who you might be giving a flash!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Jane and her cute toes....

It's funny. Most of the time my life isn't about sex and I'm just busy getting on with getting by day to day. Of course I think about sex but just in passing. Ok I masturbate a lot but is that really a bad thing? I just put it down to my sex overdrive!

I've not met that many people that think about sex like I do and I thought my friend Jane is the complete opposite. She's been married to her husband Karl for 10yrs and has never really talked to me about sex in all the years I've known her. In fact I'd put her in my 'friends that I don't talk about sex with' category a long time ago.

When I was leaving the office yesterday I bumped into Jane and we had a quick catch up. The usual how's everything and everyone, of course I said we should catch up for a drink and she practically jumped at the chance and asked what I was doing later. I didn't have anything concrete planned so I gave her my new address and told her that any time after 8pm would be good.

I rushed home cleaned and hovered and straightened my house up a bit. Popped down to the shop to pick up a bottle of wine and headed back to mine to wait for her. No sooner had Eastenders finished than the doorbell rang. It was Jane and she'd brought a bottle of wine too so I headed into the kitchen and poured up both a glass.

After about an hour of catching up on everything I went to the kitchen to open our second bottle of wine. Jane was already quiet tipsy and when I came back in I slumped into the couch and complained that my feet were killing me. Jane laughed and offered me a massage, lifting my feet up onto her lap. I giggled but there were genuinely killing me so I wasn't going to argue as she started needing the ball of my foot.

I slid along the couch and swung both feet onto her lap. Jane really worked the balls of my feet and my toes and I was in heaven. She kicked off her sandals twisted round and pushed her feet onto my lap. Of course I wasn't going to leave her to do all the work and I started to massage the balls of her feet which gave her the giggles. Anyone touching my feet drives me wild and to be able to touch Jane's well I was in heaven. I don't think Jane had an any idea how turned on I was.

Jane groaned loudly and pushed one of my feet against her crotch and lifted the other to her lips. I nearly fell of the couch. As I said Jane had never spoken to me about sex. So for her to be so forward, well I melted back into the couch sliding forward pulling my skirt up around my waist. I pushed one of Jane's feet against the crotch of my undies. OMG, I was going to burst. I sucked her big toe between my lips and she let out a yelp as my toes pushed against her pussy.

I lifted my hips and pulled of my thong to give her access to my pussy throwing it over her face. She laughed as her toes pushed hard into my wetness. I was doing the same but through the material of her undies. Jane was moaning louder and licking from my heel to my toes. I shuddered and pulled her foot hard into my pussy as I was so close to exploding. It was obvious that Jane was too and as I pushed forward against her foot she did the same and we lied there in ecstasy as our orgasms took hold.

I liftedJane's foot from my wetness to my mouth and licked and sucked it clean. Of course she did the same and then we kissed. MMM I didn't think Jane had it in her to be so sexy! Robin :-)


Yes... I've 99 followers and I just need 1! Like the lyric? No well it's Friday and I'm in a great mood. I had a strange evening yesterday and if I can get five I'll type it up. For now I thought I'd comment on the fact that there's just 1 to go to the 100. Or 999 to go to 1000 if you look at it in another way.... Enjoy. Robin :-X

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Just encase your thinking where are those updates you promised... They are here...

Enjoy. Robin XXX

Monday, 18 May 2009

More to come...

Wow... it's been a busy start to the week after a very very manic and busy weekend. I've been trying to find five to bring you guys and update. Needless to say I had a wild night on Saturday and I can't wait to bring you all the sticky details. As they say stay tuned, tissues at the ready. Robin :-)x

Sunday, 17 May 2009

My knight in shining armour... Well a sharp suit is a modern day armour...

I hit the town hard last night and amazingly I wasn't really feeling it. Well not feeling it for the first part of the evening anyhow. The first couple of clubs I hit were so quiet that I had to buy my own drinks (and that's saying something). Anyhow the vodka Redbulls I was downing meant that I was in no mood to go home and the night was still young. I caught a cab across town to a club that's always busy. Although it was busier than the last two it was still pretty quiet. However I only had to stand at the bar for a few minutes before a guy offered me a drink.

We got chatting but he made far to many references to his girlfriend for me to think he would be interested (I know when has that really stopped me? But when I say he was referring to his girlfriend he mentioned her every other word, despite getting an eye full of my clevage). Oh well at least I was getting tipsy. I headed out onto the dance floor for a while. Danced with a couple guys and ended up in the middle of a hen night throwing in a few of my robot moves much to their amusement. Less on the robot and more on the hens later....

Back at the bar and a couple of young guys brought me another drink or two. These two were classic. In fact I'm pretty sure that I could have headed off to the ladies (or gents) with the two of them and they'd have both fucked me silly there and then. What a blast and I was tempted. But after downing a few to many I needed to use the loo and told them I'd be back in five.

The ladies lav was packed and I soon found out why. The Maid of Honour was putting on a floor show with a leggy blond. Now maybe I'm more of a prude than I thought I was but at least get a cubicle! Of course, I'm not really complaining as it's not everyday you walk in the ladies and see two ladies in the throws of a messy session. Of course there were those that turned their noses up and thought and muttered that it was filthy and wrong. Although the Hen and her friends were cheering on and I of course was mesmerised and joined the crowd to watch on.

Watch on.... I don't think I've ever been a voyeur! Everyone knows I'm hands on.

So here's the scene. The Maid of Honour's sat on the sink top and she's rapped her legs around the shoulders of the leggy blond who's tonging her clit wildly. She's obviously hitting the spot as there's plenty of noise. I position myself behind the blond and lifted her skirt. Running a finger down between her legs she stopped for a second and looked at me before raising her bum. Now I had easy access and pulled the crotch of her undies to one side. Sliding a finger into her folds she was dripping and soon had three fingers exploring the blond stranger.

My free hand was up her blouse and tweaking her nipples. All my attention had her more determined to get the maid off and it wasn't long before the maid stopped moaning and started screaming. Thrusting her bum up off the sink top as her orgasm ripped through her... Much to the delight of those watching on. I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers as her own orgasm ripped through her. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and held them up for those watching on to see how juicy they were. One of the crowd grabbed my hand and sucked the fingers clean. Sexy!

I stood up and straightened myself up. The leggy blond came over and kissed me. I don't know if it was deliberate but I could taste the juices on her lips which I always find a turn on. She thanked me and asked if I wanted to join the party for the evening. Of course that was an offer that was too good to turn down!

I don't know what happened but my plans were to catch a cab with them and head back to carry on the party at the brides place. I must have lost myself for a while and couldn't find the group when the club closed.

Left on my own and wandering down the high street I broke one of my heels. Great! That's when Grant came along my knight in a sharp suit. He'd seen me brake my heel and wanted to see if he could help as I hobbled along the pavement. Of course a lift would be great and luckily Grant had a car and more importantly hadn't been drinking. In fact he had a very nice car and had no problem in giving me a lift home even though it was about 30min drive.

Back at mine I invited him in for a coffee. Of course Grant said yes. While the kettle was boiling I ran upstairs and got changed into my pj's. I don't wear them often but they're pretty sexy and they had the desired effect on Grant. I took him in his coffee and sat down next to him on the couch. He wasn't the best looking guy I've been with but he was pretty buff and I soon steered the conversation round to relationships and sex. Grant did have a girlfriend but they were going through a tough time. I didn't need to know anymore. I'm no relationship expert but I know when someone is saying hey if you're game I am.

I worked my magic and was soon sat on Grant's lap snogging his face off. Then I treated him to a slurpy bj on the edge of my couch. Joking that that was to say thanks for the lift. Then he put me on all fours and treated me to a pretty amazing tonging bringing me to the brink of a real leg trembler. By then he was hard again and he fucked me hard doggy style till I was screaming the place down and collapsed face first into my couch as he filled me full of his hot spunk.

Then he seemed to have a big attack of conscious and despite my offer of a bed for a night he was gone. Back on his horse (well into his car) and into the night.... Thanks Grant! Robin :-X

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Keep the feedback coming....?

Where are you all? You know that I love your feedback and comments but you've gone quiet!

It's great to hear what your up to and to know what you think of my adventures. I guess the more I blog the more you learn about me so the less questions there is to ask? Either that or your getting bored. I think things are spicy or do you need me to spice it up more? There must be something that you want to know or a request you'd like to make. Don't be shy... ask away! I'll do my best to keep you happy! Robin :-)x

The latest.....

Clare text me this morning to say that she had "way to much fun" at mine last night and how much of a turn on it was to read about what we got up to on my blog! Ha I know all too well how much typing up my exploits turns me on so I can imagine that reading what I'd got up to would be a real turn on too!

However, I've been worried that the blogs been sounding so exaggerated that you guys might not be believing it. I promise you although I might add a touch of exaggeration this is the real deal! As unbelievable as they are these things actually happen. My mates still can't believe what I get up to and my best friend Rachel has been around my adventures for years, as you know she's been part of more than a few too.

So, I'm planning a night on the town tonight I haven't been out for just a night out in an age. I've called up a few friends and they're up for it. So who knows where I'll end up.

Friday, 15 May 2009

I'm home.... That was erm how do I put it....?

So that was a very interesting evening. Clare called me just as I was leaving work. Could she meet me earlier as she needed to get home early this evening? Well an early night was the last thing I had in mind but I agreed that I'd meet her on my way home from work in a bar not to far from my office. Of course there's no way that I was going to say NO was there after going to all the trouble of setting up our meet.

Clare was sat at the bar looking gorgeous every bit a petite as she'd told me she was in a white blouse and a dark brown skirt with black knee length boots. She stood up and gave me kiss and then offered to get me a drink. While she headed to the bar I took a seat and tried to calm down. My heart was pounding hard and my clit was competing to see who could throb the hardest I was sure (the fact they they are inherently linked was lost on me at this stage).

It was still quite as the Friday night club had yet to make it from the office so Clare was back in not time from the bar. I made sure my skirt rode my thy, flashing a little and that my own blouse was buttoned dangerously low. I wanted Clare to be in no doubt that I was there for one thing and one thing only!

I don't think Clare was there for anything else either to be honest with you. Her perfume filled my nostrils and all I could think about was what I wanted to do to her with my tongue! I steered the topic round to sex and we started sharing a few tales. Embarrassingly she opened the sex conversation with the revelation that she was a real fan of my blog. But I guessed that knowing exactly what I liked and what I get up to wasn't going to do me any harm (she later mentioned that it was reading my blog and finding out that I was a friend of a friend that made her want to meet).

Well within 10mins we were on our way back to my place. No sooner had the front door shut than I was ripping at Clare's clothes. I wasted no time in stripping her off and going down on her. She had an amazing body and her neatly trimmed blonde pubes framed her gorgeous damp folds.

My tongue explored her wetness and I had her moaning loudly in no time on the edge of my bed. I reached under the bed and pulled out my toy box. Taking one of the smaller vibes I ran it across her pussy. She moaned rolling back and lifting her legs up into the air. I just went crazy tonging her pussy and pushing the vibe against her clit. She climaxed quickly begging me not to stop (of course I had no intention of stopping).

Switching toys I picked up one of my bigger dildo's Clare was so wet it slid straight into her stretching her pussy and making her moan. I undressed quickly and began rubbing my pussy against hers. Pulling the double ender from my toy box I sucked on one end and fed it deep into me. The using the other end like a cock I began to fuck Clare. Of course this was all to much for her and she orgasmed again and again. Becoming a orgasmic sexy lump on my bed. I've seen some climaxes in my time but Clare's was one to remember.

When she'd got her breath back she pulled me down next to her on the bed and kissed her way down from my lips, down my neck, stopping at my tits before snaking down my stomack to my dripping pussy. My end of the double ender was still wedged inside me. Clare pulled it out and sucked on it before pushing it back into me. Licking round it and sucking on my clit hard. I rapped my legs round her so she couldn't escape. She had to eat her way out... lol.

Well at least that was the plan. She was good... Very good in fact so good that she had me on the verge of screaming my house down. Then it rushed through me... OMG! I haven't orgasmed that hard in a while. I think Clare thought she was going to drown!

That wasn't the end of it we were so horny that we emptied my toy box on the bed and spent the rest of the evening bringing each other off. Clare of course couldn't make it a late one so she left mine at about 10.30pm. Of course I've been sat on my bed playing with myself since... All being well I'll see Clare again on Sunday and Gail's coming too.

In fact I was so horny I texted Gail and she's promised she'll call in tonight on her way home from the club... I can't wait. It's going to be a juicy weekend! Robin :-) x

Poll Results.....

I've been asked how many people actually get turned on by my blog? Lets find out!

I like reading your adventures but they don't really turn me on
- 5 (9%)
Your adventures turn me on but that's as far as I get - 12 (22%)
I love reading your adventures and they get me so turned on I have to play with myself - 19 (35%)
Reading your exploits gets me so turned on that I always play with myself till I cum - 17 (32%)

OMG... that's close knowing that my posts are getting you that turned on really does something for me. I'm working on a treat! So stay tuned. Thanks for voting. Check out the new poll!

Another wild week! :-)

Blogs are strange... You get into the habit of blogging nearly everything from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed and then suddenly you have a look and realise that it's been a week since you last posted! For me the down time always seems to come when it's my time of the month. That normally means a slight drop in sex drive I wonder if that's why I don't have as much to blog about :-)?

Well the good news is that I'm back in the loop and out on the pull tonight. Well when I say I'm out on the pull I actually have a date! I was sent a text by a friend of a friend so I gave her a call and we got talking and agreed to meet tonight for a 'drink'.

She's sent me a couple of naughty messages today so I'm pretty sure she'll be there and up for it! I've been seeing Gail for so long that I'm pretty excited about seeing someone new! If she doesn't show then no worries I've got a couple of options and with the mood I'm in I know I won't be going home alone tonight!

I'll keep you posted. Have a great weekend... Robin XXX :-)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Being that horny is always dangerous!

I'm glad you guys liked that pic from Friday. I've never been so horny at work and I love reading your comments on the pics from last week. Look out for a full update soon. I'm at a friends BBQ today and I've just sneaked onto the internet to catch up. Robin :-x

Friday, 8 May 2009


I hope the pic says a 1000 words... I've just come back to the office after a very messy lunch break! I was invited to dinner by this mornings clients. Rachel and Steve, they are looking at setting up a new business and wanted us to handle their account. All I could think about was handling Rachel. She was gorgeous, Blondie, athletic and dress in a short black skirt knee length boots and a blue blouse. Now I think that showing some thy can help seal a deal but she left nothing to my imagination. All I could see was thy and crotch... mmmm.

So when they asked me to lunch I wasn't going to say no. What made it better was that Steve took a call as we were leaving. It was his other half so he made his excuses and suggested that his bowing out should stop the two of us going to lunch.

Despite my best efforts (believe me I tried and tried) I couldn't get her in the ladies with me... But I did get her number and we've agreed to go for a drink over the weekend. I can't wait but as you can imagine that much anticipation got me pretty wet... So here's a pic that took on my phone in the ladies here at the office.. Enjoy! Robin :-x

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sticky Fingers....

Here's a little treat for you! Guys

No prizes for guessing what I've been doing since I got back from the gym! I thought you'd like this one.

Don't forget to vote :-) Robin :-x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Every vote counts... Don't forget to vote!

I've got a new poll running... Hopefully I'm hitting the spot but cast your vote and tell me what my blog does for you. I know how turned on I get reading other peoples blogs so I hope mine does the same for you! Don't forget your comment's count... Any questions or suggestions feel free to get em down on my blog.

It's taken me a couple of days to get my head around it being Wednesday already... Bank Holiday's are great but they really make for a strange week. I came home showered and changed ready for the Gym it was only looking at the TV guide that I realised it wasn't Tuesday! Blond moment! Which meant that I missed my class last night.... Oh well I'll have to make sure I go tomorrow.

Right time to catch up on the going's on in blog land... Gail's been out of town as is back tomorrow she's been sending me teasing text's of what she's been up too... She's such a dirty cow! I'm just glad we have a very open relationship right now as anything else and I'd really be stressing! I'll catch up with her tomorrow and bring you all the low down! Have fun. Robin :-)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Poll Results.....

I stay the night at your house and leave a pair of dirty undies.... do you

Pop them back in the post to me?
3 (5%)
Sniff them and put them in the post to me?
5 (9%)
Sniff them and keep them?
16 (29%)
Use them in a masturbation session?
31 (56%)

No real surprise there I guess you dirty lot! I love it. I hope you'd send them back to me after that dirty session!

It's nice to know that there are some of you out there that would just send them back and the sniffers.. Well need I say more! Your all great... Thanks for voting! Robin :-x

Monday, 4 May 2009

Just walked in.... and....

WOW... that was a Bank Holiday weekend to remember. Just got back and I can't wait to slide in the bath! Last night we had a blast. We ended up who's knows where down (Bournemouth I think) on the south coast. Gail's friend Kath was doing the driving and I was sloshed by the time we hit the M25.

It was quieter out that we'd hoped but we ended up meeting up with a few guys. Having a few drinks and then we headed back to our B&B at about 3.30am this morning. I sneaked in Jill and Tess so that along with Kath, Gail and I we could all party on in my tiny room.

Of course it wasn't long before the topic turned to sex and we started sharing our naughty tales. Our new friends turned out to be very bi and of course I wanted to push things... and push things I did. Gail and I started snogging which got Jill and Tess started. I tugged off Gail's top and Kath joined me pushing her back on the bed and licking her stomach and tits.

Then I felt a hand slide up my thy and under my skirt... mmmm it was Tess. She pushed my skirt up over my back and her tongue traced up to my pussy. I was buzzing and had a finger inside Gail's soaking pussy. Tess's tongue had hit my honey and she was groaning away. Jill joined her and I was away, moaning loudly as two tongues pushed and probed my juicy pussy. Kath's tongue was now licking Gail's pussy and my fingers as I rubbed her clit and Gail and I were preparing for a scream off!

I orgasmed first falling face first onto the bed as Tess and Gail pushed and probed me to a knee trembler squeezing my juices out over their tongues and down my thy's, Intense. Watching me set Gail off and she was shuddering so hard as her orgasm pumped through her. I had to push a pillow over her face as she was screaming a bit too loud and I didn't want to wake up the whole B&B.

Kath lied on her back and spread her legs. Her pussy was already dripping and I dived right in. Her pussy throbbed on my tongue and I took it in turns with Tess and Jill to tongue Kath ever closer to another orgasm. It was Jill that hit the spot and while she worked her magic on Kath I pulled down her undies and started licking her pussy. Jabbing my tongue on Jills clit was driving her wild but as she was all fours I couldn't resit tonging her tight bum too. That really drove her wild and as Gail was now on top of Tess there was a pile of us going for it.

Jill begged me not to stop and as I tonged her tight little ring and fingered her clit she orgasmed at the same time as Kath. This time they were both so loud that I was sure the whole street had been woken up. There was a very loud bang on the wall which set us all off giggling away. Who cares it was coming up to 5.30am they'd be up soon anyway! We carried on regardless... I think we all collapsed in a pile at about 7am woke up at 12pm. Checked out... only and hour after we should have!!! and spent the rest of the day in a pub on the seafront.

I did think that I should leave my update there and slid into my bath but it wouldn't have been an afternoon in the pub without sneaking off to the lav's for some fun, hey! Tess and Gail fella's came to meet us for a drink with a couple of their mates. A friend of theirs called Phil caught my eye, tall, fit and well built. I'd been flirting with him all afternoon when Kath came to tell me we were of in five. I told Phil that he had five minutes and despite a short protest about how his misses wouldn't be happy..... I told him that I was off and who would know. Afterall who would tell anyone!!!

Phil slammed the door of the ladies and his hands were all over me. Reaching up under my skirt the lack of underwear meant that his fingers were exploring my folds and he could feel just how wet I was. Meanwhile, I had his belt and jeans undone and was tugging them down round his thys. His cock was bulging in his pants and I sprung hard as I pulled it out. I gave it a gentle wank and then started pulling harder. Phil had other ideas lifting me up and pushing me against the cubicle wall. His cock slid straight into my wetness and he started fucking me hard.

WOW. Phil hit the spot and while my orgasm took hold Phil just kept on pounding, pounding and pounding. Yes Phil was a fucking machine! I was on orgasm number three when Phil finally grunted and pumped my pussy full of spunk. I had to treat him to a nice bj clean and he still wasn't soft when I finished. I was a right state and despite my best efforts infront of the mirror I looked like I'd been fucked in the ladies! Much to every one's amusement. Of course Phil had headed home leaving everyone to guess who I'd been with....

Soooo... Now it's time for a bath to wash my well fucked pussy... I've been dripping spunk all the way home.... mmm thanks Phil. Robin :-)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The weekend so far....

It's been a busy weekend so far. Gail forgave me for posting that pic (she's loving the comments by the way) and we partied hard last night. Of course when we are both out for a laugh it always gets messy. Last night our adventures in club land left the score 3-2 to Gail. She's a fierce competitor and a messy back alley bj took the win! Dirty bitch, I was stood in the que waiting for a cab while she claimed that she wanted to go to the loo. Anyhow, I'd hardly moved when she came back with a mouth full of mangoo to prove she'd done the deed. I didn't ask how she'd managed to pull when taking a pee behind the bins but I'm sure you can imagine.

Anyhow we ended the night back at my place with a very sweaty session in my bedroom. All of my favourite toys got a good workout and of course as looser in our pulling challenge I had to do everything Gail said... She loves taking charge and really made the most of being able to boss me about... for the first time I drew the line at letting her take a pee on me in the shower. What do you guys think? I've never been one for water sports. There have been a few occasions where I wondered an of course I've watched but I've never taken part. Anyone out there with any experiences to share? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tonight we are heading south... Bournemouth, Southampton or Portsmouth... With the Bank Holiday tomorrow we are hoping to party hard again tonight and I've got a score to settle! Robin :-x

Friday, 1 May 2009

Little Pic....

I know you guys love pics.. and I thought you'd like this one... I know that you can't see much of me and that Gail won't like it that the first pic I post of her is her sexy bum and gorgeous pussy but I was sent this one on my phone!

Looking through some of my pics and thought I would share this with you. Enjoy Robin :-x

Bank Holiday Weekend II

YES! It's another Bank Holiday Weekend! I've been hoping the weather's going to be better for this one. I've been invited on a Hen Weekend! These things can and will get messy (well at least I hope they will). Of course I'll keep you posted.

Things have been moving at their usual 500mph. Yesterday was a crazy day I got talked into going do to the pub for a lunch time drink (ok it didn't take a lot). Anyhow there were a couple of guys in the bar. Both were smartly dressed and looked hot and I caught one of them checking me out more than once. When he headed off to the loo I took my chance and followed.

The pub near work is a pretty posh one and although I'd never made it to the Gents I was surprised at how clean they were (I've ended up in some right messy loo's I tell you, reading that makes me think that I do this kinda thing far to often).

I don't know whether he'd seen me follow him but the guy was just stood at the door so I pushed open the door and lead him in. As always I didn't waste anytime and there I was in seconds with his fat cock in my mouth. I treated him to a very sloppy bj and of course he treated me to hot load in the back of my throat. I tried my hardest to hold all of his spunk in my mouth but there was so much it was impossible and a big blog ran out of the corner of my mouth and splashed on my blouse.

That was as far as it got with my latest quickly as I had a feeling that we weren't going to be on our own for long. I wiped my mouth cornered the blob on my blouse an sucked it off my finger before giving him a quick kiss and walking out leaving him with a great look on his face.

When I got back to my colleagues they were heading back to the office so I didn't even see the guy come back to the bar. I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling so dirty and horny with a little hard patch on my blouse to remind me how dirty I'd been, of course is wasn't long before I was in the loo at work fingering my dripping pussy to orgasm! Robin :-x