Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I didn't realise I hadn't checked in for so long. I was always told that as I got older the days would go quicker and despite my best efforts in not trying to look 40 there are times when my age catches up with me. Whilst pondering that though I wondered when you become a Cougar? My friends tell me I don't loom a day over 30 but one of my Ex's once said to me "what counts more is the miles on the clock" you can see why he's an Ex.

Anyway I've been working hard on being good and watching what I eat. Another side effect of getting older in the hope that I can keep up with the young lads that are always up for a bit of fun regardless of the mikes on the clock!

Any thoughts on the Cougar front very much appreciated! Love Robin XxxX

Ps I'll try not to leave it so long next time! X

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cum Dine With Me - Update

If had a few e-mails asking about the status of Cum Dine With Me. Well we are nearly there by all amounts. Thanks to those of you that have made some suggestions on what I should put on the menu.

Hopefully I'll have a date soon... I can't wait to tell you all about it when it happens.

Two's company - Seven's a crowd

So I was chatting at work the other day with a friend of mine and we came on to the subject of Ex's now obviously I could fill a phone book with mine (such a slut) but it did remind me of the wilder days of my youth. When I was in my twenties it wasn't unusual for me to be seeing more than one guy and at one time. At one time I was dating seven! Yes I know when I look bak now I can see how bad it was but at the time it was more about managing a very busy diary and remembering names!

The most memorable day was a Friday I'd stayed at one of the guys houses on Thursday night. He was a really big boy and he loved anal so I was sore as you like. Then I drove home early for a training session with another. He was really into oral sex which helped. I just hope he had no idea what he was licking. Then it was out for a drive and some lay-by sex with another guy. Quick and dirty the way I love it. Three cocks by lunchtimes nod full of spunk!

Then home for a snooze before out on the town with another a quickie the loo and then back to my place to meet another guy who stayed the night. Luckily he really knew how to get me off so I didn't have the chance to fall asleep. You can see why I had trouble keeping up. To think that I carried on like that for month is crazy you can see why I was diagnosed with sex addition! Robin XxX

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cum Dine With Me

My friend Jules is organising her own version of Come Dine With Me called Cum Dine with Me and has invited me to take part. Four people two guys and two girls have to organise a party at their place but food isn't on the menu here. Sounds like an amazing week and I for one can't wait to see who the other three people are going to be. Jules is a mad as a box of frogs and the stories of her sexploits always have me dripping with excitement so I've RSVP'd with a big fat YES!

Of course you'll be the first to hear about what happens here. It's in the diary for early Feb... Time to get online and get some more toys and treats!

Jamie's undies

I've been asked if I would give away a pair of my undies. A friend of mine Fran wants to give a pair to a friend of hers Jamie. At first I thought what a strange request but then Fran told me all about the long time crush that Jamie has had on me. We've hung out a couple of times I had no idea that he had a crush on me though. Very sweet! He's a nice guy but do you think he deserves to get a pair of my panties and if Jamie wants a pair who else might!?!

If you think he should then I'll make him a nice juicy surprise! You never know you might even get a picture of then before I give them to Fran.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I get asked about my sexploits all the time.

I get asked about my sexploits all the time. Obviously you can read about them in my blog but my days of going clubbing and getting fucked all night are getting numbered. (I can hear the collective ahhhh from here) These days I have a select bunch of friends that either know what I'm like and are 'just friends' or share my love of sex.

The two groups rarely mix but at the same time they never judge each other either. For me as a (supposedly) recovering sex addict it's good to be able to take a break my fuck buddy group. The group is always changing as people come and go. New guys new girls, new partners, new contacts it's good fun and keeps things refreshingly fresh.

If I'm out with the guys and girls from my sex group I know we are going to have a great night. Whether it's a get together at a friend's place or a night out on the town, with the added bonus of a night of the town of maybe finding someone new to join in on the fun if they are game.

No strings sex is easy for me. Obviously I'm super careful as I have been from day one but it's the thrill of the chase and the fun of the fumble that keeps me coming back for more. It might just be a quick finger/handjob, oral, or an all out fuckfest I'll take what I can get.

Before I check out I wanted to tell you about Wednesday's gym session it's a classic for me. You can read about some of my other adventures in the gym here in my blog.

I'd been eyeing up a guy that works out every Wednesday a young guy in his 20's (Phil) with a hot body, I'd been flirting with him for weeks. This culminated on Wednesday with me working out on the abs machine. The one where you site with you back to a board on a small seat. I'd been on the treadmill and sweat was running down my back. When I got up there was a big wet patch on patch on the seat.

My timing couldn't have been better/worse as Phil came over to do his workout "have you finished" he asked politely...

"Sorry that was me just getting started" I said wiping the sweat from the seat with my towel and holding it to my nose, inhaling my sweaty sent.

I obviously caught his eye too as He fumbled about with the settings and sat down on the seat. I could clearly see that his cock was straining to escape from his shorts. I patted my self down with the towel seductivly in front of him. He finished his set and then I asked if I could hop on. He patted his lap and said "of course".

Now it was my turn to start blushing... He got up and I sat down and spreading my legs so he could see how tight my leggings were against my pussy. I stood up and wiped the pool of sweat from the seat again.... Moaning slightly as I inhaled the scent again.

This carried on for a few sets each.... "Right that's me done" he said. "Time to hit the sauna, what about you?"

"I thought we were just getting started" I said "but I'll join you in the sauna". I headed off to the changing rooms stripped off put on a gown and headed into the Sauna. Phil was already in there and he'd really stoked up the heat. "Mmm I like it hot" I said.

Phil smiled and I could his hard cock lifting his gown. We had the sauna to ourselves and by now I wasn't in the mood for messing around. I undid his gown, hooked my fingers into the waist band of his short and slid then down. His hard cock sprung free and I started to suck on it. It wasn't long before Phil was moaning loudly and emptying his hot spunk from his tight balls down my throat. His cock pumping load after load of hot seamen down my neck. I sat back on the seat and spread my legs as Phil felt his way up my hot thighs. My pussy was dripping and his gasped again as his fingers slid easily between my lips into my hot little pussy.

His fingers pumped in and out of my pussy and before he kissed his way up between my legs teasing my clit with his tongue. I clamped my thighs tight around his head holding him there. "I don't cum as quickly as those young girls you fuck" I said as he lapped away at my pussy.

His finger pressed against my tight bum hole... This boy has skills, I thought. By now I was moaning loudly but still a long way from cuming or at least I thought I was. "We'll I get harder again a lot quicker than those old guys you fuck" Phil said.... Standing up and pulling my legs around his waist. I felt his cock pressing its way into my tight, hot, wet pussy. He thrust deep and then pulled almost all the way out to show me just how hard he was. Thrusting deep again he began to pound me harder and harder.

He pulled back and slipped out of my pussy. I turned over and leaned against the seat. He slid up me an thrust away at my hot, wet, pussy. My juices dripping down my thighs as he thirst deep and then pulled back nearly all the way out before doing that again and again. He reached round and fingered my throbbing clit. Pushing hard, faster and deeper... I started to feel my orgasm build and then I just exploded on his cock. He kept on thrusting as I bit my lip hard so as not to scream the place down then Phil exploded deep inside me unloading another hot load of spunk in my pussy.

I was drilling with sweat and so was Phil, there's nothing better than a fuck in the sauna to loose a few extra pounds. We left the sauna before we were caught and I headed into the changing rooms to take a shower. Setting it to cold to cool me off! I'm already looking forward to next Wednesday and my next Gym session! R XxX

I'm back - Isn't CBB great this year!

I can't believe that the last post I made was back in October! It only feels like yesterday. Since them we've had Christmas and New Years. Thankfully for me they weren't quite as eventful/embarrassing as previous years but that's properly as I decided not to drink and we only had a few friends over as apposed to going out for the evening.

That didn't mean I didn't see the New Year in with a bang though! Let's just say that I wasn't going out for a run on New Years Day after seeing the new year in in doggy style (amongst over positions sorry couldn't resist). 

Has anyone else been engrossed with this year Celebrity Big Brother? I think Ryland summed it up on CBBOTS when he said he's been watching the show with a semi on. I've just found the whole thing a huge turn on. Louisa's a diagnosed sex addict like me, and although she says she in remission, I'm not so sure? I think she'd have it with Lionel if he was game. For any sex addict going as long as she has is a real struggle (I should know) especially when you have to watch and hear other people in the house having a fumble, or Lee and Jas having sex with the tap running! Like they are the first people to do that!  

I'm looking forward to another week of sucking and fucking turning me on anyhow! I'd love to know what you think and I promise I won't leave it so long next time! R XxX