Friday, 26 June 2009

Pantie theif....!

Yesterday evening I went to the gym for my regular Thursday workout. After the past couple of 'workouts' with Suzie and Dave I was wondering if it was going to be another workout or a 'workout'. Even though it was quiet in the gym Dave wasn't working and the two gym attendants seemed far more interested in checking out the girls in their late teens girls hanging out in the cafe than some bird in her 30's sweating away in the gym.

I called it a day in the gym and headed to the sauna. I stripped off and because it was quiet I decided not to lock my bag in a locker as I wasn't going to be in the sauna for long. I had the sauna to myself and despite thoughts of Suzie going down on me I managed to resist the urge and keep my fingers to myself. I headed back to the changing room showered and started getting dressed. I couldn't finding my knickers anywhere. No real problem as I'm more than used to going commando but it did get me wondering. Who'd taken my undies?

It's not like I could accuse anyone of being the pantie thief and I know that I've done my fair share of pantie theifery (let me know if you'd like to know more) in the past this was the first time I'd been a victim.

As I left the gym with my skirt blowing and the breeze on my pussy. I wondered if the gym staff would find me more attractive if they knew. I also wondered if the thief was watching knowing that they had something I didn't! By the time I got home I was horny and had to get my toys out and have some fun on my bed.

Today, I'm sat in my office wondering if the Pantie Thief had as much fun with my undies as I did thinking about them with them.... I can't wait till next weeks workout! Robin XXX

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hot, hot hot....

Yesterday I walked home from work to make the most of the warm weather. It's always further than I think and when I got in my feet were killing me (where's Suzie when I need her). All the way home I'd been try to decide whether to go to the gym or to head down the pub.

I decided to head to the gym. It's never that busy when it's warm and I've missed a couple of sessions. Some days I can go to the gym and it quiet other days I can go and I have to que to get on the workstations. Sometimes that's not so bad especially if the person working out in front of me is fit! Last night I nearly had the place to myself I got chatting with one of the gym staff and he offered to work through my program (LOL, as if I couldn't see through that one).

We worked from station to station going through what I've been doing and he was very hand's on showing me how I should straighten my back, use my arms more or control my breathing. I wasn't complaining and the sweat I was working up wasn't from the workout. We went onto one of the work stations that works your thys. Dave asked me to set it up and use it how I usually do. I didn't put a lot of weight on and worked through my first set. Dave put his hand on my thy. "Are you feeling the burn up here" he said sliding he hand up the inside of my leg.

I smiled, "there's some burning there yes" Dave blushed. Stuttered and tried to hide his embarrassment all in one sentence. "Oh right, we won't need anymore weight then". I finished my sets and moved on to the next station. Here I had to lie on a bench and lift my arms out from underneath me to the side. The bench squeezed my cleavage up to the top of my top and I had a crotch level view of Dave. He set the weight and I started my work out. "8,9,10 that's great Robin" Dave's encouragement had me nearly bursting out of my top and Dave was clearly enjoying the view. It was the big bulge in his shorts that gave it away.

After four sets I could have hung my coat on his cock. He must have known that I'd clocked his boner and tried to push it to one side. Of course that had the opposite effect making his cock stick out further than ever. I sat up on the workstation and said "right what's next" straightening my top and pulling it back up to cover my cleavage. Of course after that set I was really starting to sweat or was it something else making me wet between my legs? The flirting continued and I could tell I was really starting to turn Dave on.

We moved to the next workstation and the phone rang. Dave darted off to answer it and that was the last I saw of him that evening. I was feeling pretty tied and decided to go and take a shower. I took advantage of the place being so quiet and the wetness between my legs to bring myself off to a leg trembling orgasm in the shower.

I tried not to get too carried away but I couldn't help moaning as bit my lip and came hard against my fingers. You can imagine my surprise when the 9 o'clock body pump classed poured into the changing rooms just as I got my breath back. I've been caught before as you know but it would have been interesting to have been caught by that many people. Although, being caught by a group of people has become a fantasy of mine being that close at somewhere I want to go back to was a bit scary.

When I got home I tried to get to sleep but I was far too horny and had to use my fav toy to work off the tension of my work out with Dave and nearly being caught with sticky fingers. I might have had more luck down the pub but I can't wait for my next session at the gym. Robin :-)

Monday, 22 June 2009

Twice in one day....

LOL - that got you going hey! I meant blogging from work :-)

My first meeting this afternoon and seemed to go pretty well, nothing signed and sealed but there's potentail. It's finished early so I thought I'd log back on.

One of the things I like about my job is that I get to meet lots of clients. Today's was a with a lady in her late 40's early 50's and she got me thinking. What will I be like in 10 or 15yrs? Will I even make it? (there are days I do wonder with my lifestyle). Deb looked very good for her age and was dressed in a sharp business suit and despite my best efforts wasn't interested in talking about anything other than business. Don't get me wrong it's good to be professional but I had that feeling that maybe she had some where to be?

It might just have been another appointment. I've been know to go for one too many (appointments - cheeky) in a day but that got me thinking too. Does she have a toy boy waiting at home? I'd be hurrying if I did... lol imagine having someone waiting at home to service your every whim and desire who's a lot younger than you with a whole lot more energy than a guy your own age (even sounds familar at 34).

Enough fantasising for me. 3:30 is a approaching and the last thing I want to be going into my second appointment this afternoon is horny! Deep breathe - Focus Robin Focus! :-)


Last nights BBQ was a bit of a let down. As I thought having it on a Sunday evening meant that there weren't so many people up for letting it all hang out with work on Monday morning. As much as I didn't want to stop me I wasn't really in the mood for drinking and stayed on the lemonade all evening. I heard rumours of someone walking in on a bj in the downstairs loo.

I did walk in on a friend of mine Claire and Josie in the kitchen looking guilty. I used to work with Claire and I know that she has a bi side (I found out through a drunken fumble at a Christmas party) and Josie had come on her own. Was that pussy I could smell? Who knows if they had sticky fingers but I have a good nose and I know what a well fingered pussy smells like. They were both wearing very short skirts and when I walked in Claire did say "thank god it's only you Robin" and I did say "don't let me stop you" but I think I'd killed the moment as they headed out into the garden with their burgers.

Maybe next time. I've got a busy afternoon full of meetings at work so I'll catch up with you later all being well. Sorry there was no juicy gossip and just a tease today. Imagine how I felt! More Later Robin :-X

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Crazy weekend....

Things are mad this weekend. Suzie has just left my place and which leaves me five mins to get my make up and glad rags on for a an evening BBQ. Last night Suzie and I hit the town hard. I dragged her back to my place and she passed out on my couch so no sex till morning. I did get a few pics of her in a drunken state which I might share with you.

Poor Suzie had to make the walk of shame this afternoon. I did offer to drop her off but she insisted that she was ok walking. I guess after spending an hour in the shower with me this morning at least she was clean. As you can imagine it wasn't a sponge cleaning her gorgeous pussy.... What a way to get over a hang over for both of us. Needless to say that Suzie with a hang over was more than happy for me to take the lead for a change.

Last year the BBQ at Paul and Sara's went off, but it was on a Saturday. Have they moved it to Sunday to keep a lid on things? I guess I'll find out. Don't worry I'll report back ASAP. All I've got to do now is to decide what to wear! Robin XXX

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Beep Beep..... Beep Beep.... Surprise

Well I'm not one to disappoint as you know (I hope)... Suzie has just left... My pussy's throbbing and I can still taste her juices on my lips but that's not why I'm blogging at midnight! (I'll bring you a catch up over the weekend, promise)

This pic popped through to my phone on the text tonight... It's from the guys. "Thought you like this one as a souvenir. See you soon Rich and James. X" Well I thought I'd share it with you as you'd asked so nicely. The thing that really turned me on was the thought of the two of them showing off down their local showing all their mates my cummy bum and pussy. Enjoy blog fans... I'm sure you appreciate why it's slightly out of focus! Robin XXX

Friday, 19 June 2009

Poll Resutls....

What would you like to catch me doing?

Naked sun bathing
11 (16%)
In the bath
6 (9%)
Playing with myself
34 (52%)
Playing with somebody else
14 (21%)

I'll have to be carefull at work if everyone votes the same as you.. I think I'll be off for a lunch time play... Just imaging catching me at it in the loo's at work!

Thanks for voting.... With a hot weekend on the cards I might be keeping the sunbathers happy too. Robin :-x

Last night....

After getting myself all excited at work (and spending far to long in the ladies loo) I decided to join the crew for a drink at the local after work yesterday. The sun was trying to come out and we sat in the garden chatting about work and catching up. I hadn't realised how long it had been since I'd had a good natter with the guys from the office. It's always good to catch up on office gossip, of course I like to keep up to speed on who's shagging who as it's good to know who's putting themselves about. Well at least I think it is and some of the story's are pretty graphic.

Anyhow as the evening went everyone made their excuses and headed home leaving me on my own. Now I'm not boasting (OK I am) but I'm never at a bar on my own for long. Two very smartly dressed business types (James and Rich) got chatting and offered to by me a drink. Of course one drink became three drinks and after starting at 6pm and it now being 9pm I was getting a little tipsy to say the least.

The guys had swung the conversation around to sex pretty early on in the evening with a few innuendos but I think I caught them both of guard when I asked where they were staying. Next thing I know the three of us are in a cab on the way to their hotel. I'd clocked one of the guys had a wedding ring but that had disappeared when he'd gone to the loo so I knew that I could be in for a treat. In the taxi there hands were all over me. Sliding up my skirt and you can imagine their delight when they found out I wasn't wearing any undies.

James or was it Rich let his finger explore my folds while Rich or was it James started kissing my neck and groping my boobs through my top. We rushed through the hotel and up to the guys room. While one poured the drinks the other unbuttoned my blouse sliding it off my shoulders. He quickly unclasped my bra and through it on floor. He stood up and took off his shirt and tie and undid his trousers. As he pulled them down his cock sprung to attention under his boxxers.

I downed the Martini that I'd been poured and while Rich undressed I started to wank Jame's cock through his boxed before pulling them down. It was a fair size and coated in precum. As I pressed it to my lips I could feel Rich's hands working my shoulders and coming down to my nipples. His cock pressing against the back of my head. I started deep throating James much to his delight and Richard's encouragement.

As he fucked my throat I could feel his cock swelling. He pulled out of my mouth and I just had enough time to open it as the first hot jet of spunk fired from his throbbing cock. It hit me right at the back of my throat. I gaged a little and closed my mouth meaning that the following jets coated my face making me look like a right porn star.

Rich and James swapped places and Richard's cock was rock hard. Not as big as Jame's but a lot fatter. I had to open wide to fit it in my spunk filled mouth and the width meant I couldn't take it as deep but Rich didn't seem to care as James called me all the names under the sun, which for some reason I always find a turn on. I didn't expect Rich to hold out as long as he did, but he was soon spunking all over my face there was so much it ran down onto my boobs and down onto my dress.

While Rich took a breather Jame's was nice and hard again and had been wanking himself into a frenzie. I stood up and walked over to the big double bed kicking off my shoes and stepping out of my skirt. James pushed me back onto the bed and licked his way up my leg. Of course I was dripping and Jame's tongue lapped up all of my juices sending pulses through my sweaty body.

He turned me over onto all fours and lifted my hips pulling me onto his cock. I buried my head in the pillow as he started to build a rhythm. I was so horny that I wasn't going to hold out for long and a screamed into the pillow as I orgasmed hard on Jame's cock. That sent him off pumping what felt like gallons of spunk inside me.

I collapsed in a heap on the bed. Then I felt a finger teasing my pussy, squeezing my lips and making Jame's hot spunk dribble out down my thys and onto the duvet. Scooping up a finger full of goo Rich rubbed it around my tight ring loosening it up so he could press in his finger. I whimpered and pushed my bum in the air. I could feel his fat cock teasing my bum hole and I braced myself as he started pushing. I could feel myself stretching and I thought it was going to hurt but he soon had his cock inside me and it felt so horny as he began to thrust away.

James crawled under me and started teasing my pussy with his tongue watching his mates cock stretch and slide in and out of my ass as his spunk dripped out of my pussy. Rich had built up a good rhythm when another orgasm leg go. He rode it out and upped the pace further. I was moaning and James was shouting at Rich "to do her harder!"

Then Rich stopped and I felt him explode in my bottom. Pulse after pulse as he came again and again deep inside me. He pulled out and gave my bottom a little slap. His spunk came gushing out and mingled with Jame's. Making me feel like a right dirty slut!

James pulled out his phone from his trouser pocket and took a pic (the cheeky beggar). They left me lying on the bed naked full of spunk and exhausted. It took me a while to get my breath back and it was getting late.

I took a shower and was quite surprised the guys didn't join me (I think I'd exhasted them) when I was dressed they offered to pay for my cab. The hotel wasn't that far from my house but I didn't fancy walking. Before I left I gave them each a cheeky kiss pressing my mobile number into their hands (along with if you're in town again call me). After a few days without cock it was great to make up for it with two.

The good news is that Suzie has said she might come round tonight I just hope she doesn't want to go near my bum as it's so sore today! Robin :-)

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Just because I love you guys I thought I'd let you know that having just sat here at work tying up last nights encounter with Suzie I'm dripping wet. I've used up a pocket packet of tissues (shame I didn't bring my pocket vibe) and I hope no one comes in for a while as it really smells of my pussy in the office. I think I might have to make a trip to the ladies as you all know it won't be the first time I've had to do that at work... Robin :-X


There's only one way to describe how Suzie left me last night. She walked down my drive in tracky bottoms and a hoody. Dress to impress, Ha! I was wearing black heels (sorry I couldn't find my red ones) a tiny pair of red hot pants which gave me a perfect beetle bonnet and a white boob tube. Talk about showing off my curves. I'd gone for sultry and slutty with the makeup. I'd made myself horny so I was sure it would do the same to Suzie. So why hadn't she dressed to impress, or had she?

I opened the door and before I could say anything she pushed a finger to my lips - SSSHHHH. Taking my hand she led me upstairs. She kissed me and pushed me back on my bed. She opened the side pocket of her bag and pulled out one of the leather straps she'd used to tie me to the chair. She tied my left arm to the bed stead. She pulled out another strapped and tied up my right arm. My heart was going to burst out of my chest and I could feel my pussy pounding too as she pressed the palm of her hand against my mound.

Suzie disappeared out of the room.... I was shaking with excitement and when Suzie burst back into the room wearing a pair of black hold ups and a crotchless catsuit, well, I was putty in her hands.

She stood on my bed towering over me rubbing her hands down over her boobs tweaking her already hard nipples and down to her hips. She squatted, fingering her pussy inches from my face. It was full of her juices and it was obvous that she'd been playing with herself, she held her pussy open just far enough away for my tongue not to be able to reach it. Talk about a tease.

As she stood up she rubed her pussy pressing a wet finger against my lips before unbuttoning my hot, hot pants. "Is that a little damp patch I can see there?" she smiled. I just nodded as she peeled them down peeling off my shoes and taking a sniff, isn't she amazing..... Her hand pushed it's way back up my thy stopping just before it got to my pussy. I gasped and thrust my hips forward as Suzie extended a finger just teasing my swollen clit. Amazing. There was no stopping it, an orgasm ripped through me as I lifted my hips from the bed. Suzie pushed her fingers inside me and held on as I thrust my hips all over the place orgasming hard.

She watch me get my breath back for a moment before she left the room again. She returned with a big double ended dildo.... She sucked on one end and smacked me round the face with the other until I could catch it in my mouth. She worked it like a cock between my lips pushing it in and out making me gag slightly as she filled my mouth. Then she stood over the bed again and pushed one end inside her wet pussy. Looking up the toy I could see her pussy spreading around it and coating it in her juices, it's just a shame there wasn't enough juice for some to run down into my mouth.

Suzie grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs my shoes falling to the floor. Pulling the toy from my mouth she stood up and kissed each of my toes, licking between them and sucking them between her lips. How did she know that would be such a turn on? I was in heaven and as Suzie slid the dildo into me I orgasmed again. This and the toy in her pussy caught her off guard and she started cumming too. Squatting on the edge of the bed and screaming as her pussy spasmed round the toy over and over as she gasped for breath. Luckily Suzie soon got her breath back and squeezed more toy into us and started working it back and fourth. It wasn't long before we were both orgasming again and it was all I could do to scream. I just hope my neighbours were out last night.

Of course that wasn't the end of our session but you can see why I called it breathless. Sorry there are no pics but I had my hands tied.... Maybe next time... Robin XXX

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

5 minutes and counting

I've been buzzing all day... Not literally (well maybe this morning... a girls gota do what a girls gota do) but I've got Suzie coming round again tonight. She'll be here at 8 and I've told her to bring some more of her toys... I've been tied up before but there was something about what Suzie did to me on Saturday. She's a girl after my own heart, always horny and up for anything. I think that she up for more than me but right now I'm ready for anything.... This is the text she sent me today...

"Robin I'll be there at 8... Be ready, I'll have my bag of tricks and tonight I'll be pulling out a big one! Don't forget to dress to impress. Suzie X"

So hopefully you'll get that little buzz of excitement that I did. I will of course let you know how it goes and you never know she might let me get another pic! Robin :-)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sooo Suzie

Now I'm not boasting here but I think that I've had enough sex to have seen and done most things in my 34 years. If I've not tried it then I've either seen, heard or watch it. Well that was what I thought until Suzie came round on Saturday night!

By the time she knocked on the door I thought I was going to collapse. After trying on a dozen different outfits I'd gone for the works... White hold ups, no undies... well I did start with a matching pair but they were dripping as soon as I pulled them on so I took them off again. I had a short black skirt (easy access) and a white blouse and bra. I'd straighten my hair and put on a bit of makeup, not too much just enough. Even though I do say so myself I felt that I had the look down and the thought of Suzie between my legs had me buzzing! I'd been sat on the couch playing with myself before I started pacing up and down waiting for Suzie.

I could see as she strolled up the drive Suzie had gone to town too a beautiful white dress which showed her body off perfectly:-). I opened the door with a big hi and she came in. She was carrying a holdall which I put on the stairs. Showing her through to the lounge I offered her a drink. Pouring a large glass of red wine I sat down next to her on the couch. She took a sip on her wine and pinned me to couch. Straddling me we kissed sending an electric shock through my body. Her hands were all over me and she seemed to like the fact that I could part my legs a little and let her fingers explore my wet pussy. She practically purred in my ear... mmmm

Of course I wanted to taste her pussy. She'd already had her turn and I owed her one. I kissed my way down over her neck pulling the strap of her dress to one side and sliding her boob out of her bar. Her nipples were stiff and hardened further as I teased them with my tongue. Pulling her dress down I now had both of her nipples to tease. Suzie was moaning loudly and didn't mind swinging off me and slumping back on the couch as I lifted her dress. She stood up and slid it off, standing naked in my lounge.

I pushed her back onto the couch and licked down my belly to her pussy.... mmmm Suzie was dripping. I lapped away at her juices and she pushed her hips forward against my lips. I was determined to give Suzie an orgasm to remember and tonged, licked and sucked on her pussy making her grown. The started moaning that she was cumming, then screaming that she was cumming and then as her hips bucked and I held on for my life. Suzie's juices coated my face and tongue and she was panting away as I kissed my way up her tensing body stopping to suck on her nips before kissing her hard so she could taste her own juices....

Suzie didn't take long to get her breath back. I stripped off in front of her teasing my own nipples that were incredibly hard, turning round I bent over and touched my toes. My pussy squeezing between my legs. I could feel my own juices running down my thys. Suzie sat up and licked her way up my thy stopping at my pussy. Her long tongue teased it's way into my wetness, now I say she had a long tongue and this was just the start of her talents. When Suzie went down on my in the sauna I thought there was something special about her. I'd put it down to technique but now I realised it was down to her extraordinary tongue.

I was panting in no time... She pulled on my cheeks spreading my bum. Her tongue traced up across my tight ring and up to the base of my spine. I gasped as she licked her way back down. Stopping to dribble spit against my tight ass hole. She licked my pussy again and my legs started shaking and I was nearly screaming the place down. The she tonged my ass again.. God her spit had loosed my hole and her long tongue was probing away...

I was hanging on trying to fight my orgasm as I didn't want Suzie to stop. As I mentioned I thought I'd seen and done it all but Suzie had me at her mercy with her tongue in my bum. She reached round and replaced my finger on my clit with hers teasing it hard as she jabbed away. It was all too much a real screamer ripped through me and fell face first onto the couch. Luckily Suzie held on and as I screamed away she jabbed her tongue from my pussy to my bum. I just whimpered away and continued to do so as she licked up all of my juices.

We took time out for a glass of wine cuddling up on the couch I started playing with her toes. Suzie liked that and asked if I could pass her her bag. She unzipped it and tipped the contents of the bag out on my couch. A gag, some leather straps, a mask and selection of sex toys. I melted back into the couch.... "are these for me?" I said with a smile. Suzie said nothing and headed off to my kitchen. She walked back in with one of my kitchen chairs and picked up what looked like a horse whip.... "Sit here" she ordered... I wasn't going to argue as Suzie strapped me to the chair so that my legs were spread. The gag was a little uncomfortable but I wasn't going to say no. I was shaking with anticipation.

Suzie sat in front of me and licked up my thys... Picking up one of the bigger dildo's she rubbed it across my face.... Then pushed against her lips leaking a line of spit down over the tip. Then she pressed it against my pussy. I was so wet that the tip slid in easily the toy was so big that I could feel my pussy stretching. It would have been painful if I hadn't been so turned on and Suzie knew it. She stood up her pussy inches from my face and pushed the vibe into her pussy. I eased in and I could see her pussy spreading wide dripping juices down her thys and the toy. She pushed and pulled it and then pulled it out spraying me with juices before slapping it against my cheek and going back down on my pussy.

This time there was no stopping and the fact that I was at her mercy made it all the more exciting. I bit hard against the gag and started orgasming over and over and over as she worked the vibe deeper and deeper then I my pussy just bust all over the toy the chair and Suzie's face... it was sooo intense. While I got my breath back Suzie sat back on the couch just watching me tied to a kitchen chair lost in the moment.

Of course that wasn't the end of our evening but I've just realised how long this post is.... Robin :-x PS: I hope you like the pic... I took it on my phone on Sunday morning... What a wake up call!

Oooozie Suzie

Well Saturday night was everything I expected it to be an more... I'm going to be a tease and make you wait for all the juicy details till a bit later. I should have time to get them up today but I've got lots to do get done as I didn't make it into the office yesterday for reasons that I will explain later! Robin :-x

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tonight tonight....

SO.... I've just cancelled the BBQ and party that I'd been invited too and Suzie will be coming round to mine a seven. I already buzzing... It's been hot here again today so I've spent the afternoon in the garden sun bathing... Not nude today as there are lot more people around at the weekend. It was nice in the sun though and I've been dreaming of what I'm going to do to Suzie tonight! So it will come as no surprise that I'm dripping wet already!

She text me "Robin, I can't wait to get you between my legs.... Your super sexy and I'm super horny... See you at 7pm luv Suz" OMG that just drives me wild!

I've just got time to take a shower shave my legs, pits and pussy so I'm nice and smooth. I can't decide what to wear. My first thought is that I should just drag her straight upstairs and for that I'd just need my robe or should I temp her with a boob tube and hot pants. I guess it really depends on how long I'm in the bath!

Right I've got tons to do.... Catch up soon Robin X

Friday, 12 June 2009

So much for staying off sex.....

I know you guys love it when I blog straight after sex so here I am.... I know that I said that I'd have to take some time to let my bruising go down but it's not every week that I get touched up and licked out in the Sauna down the gym and everyone knows my attitude is take it when it comes.

For some reason it was really quiet in the gym tonight and when I when into the sauna there were only two of us in there it made a nice change. I got chatting and found out that Suzie was a regular and normally trained on a Wednesday. As we chatted away she moved down and sat next to me which I thought was a bit odd. We were chatting generally when she asked me if I had a boyfriend... When I said no she asked if I had a girlfriend... I laughed and asked her the same question.

She smiled and said she liked to keep her options open.... putting her hand on my thy. Now I've often wondered if it's possible and thought that I give out some kind of fuck me vibe but this was too good to be true. I instantly felt that tingle between my legs and leant forward to kiss her. Her tongue darted into my mouth... mmmm... game on. She wasn't hanging around either and her finger was tracing the folds of my pussy through my bikini bottoms. They were drenched with a combination of my juices and sweat. Suzie knew it and it was hot in there.

As she pushed a finger under the tight material and it teased my lips I let out a little moan. I didn't waste any time in pulling the crotch of her swimming costume to one side. She was dripping and my finger slid easily into her wet pussy and one finger quickly became two. She'd wedged three fingers up me and her thumb was driving my clit wild. She slide off the bench and went down between my legs. Lifting my leg and licking the sole of my foot up my calf and along my sweaty thys before burying her face in my pussy. God my body was shaking when her tongue started darting hard against my bruised wetness. Pressing a thumb against my tight bum hole I leaned back as far as I could raising my hips to her face.

Then my orgasm took hold... Scream well I was lucky no one came running thinking I was on fire in there (well I was kind of). One very very intense orgasm... maybe it was the bruising! Or maybe it was the fact that there was a very hot stranger going down on me!

No sooner had I got my breath back and straightened up than the sauna door opened and a couple walked in. So I didn't get chance to return the favor. The couple seemed none the wiser although I bet it smelt of my dripping pussy. Suzie left and I didn't want to make it too obvious so I waited for five and followed. I couldn't find her in the showers but she was waiting for me when I came out of the changing rooms. She had to get back this evening but she's given me her number and she's free tomorrow night! I've got something on... But I think I might just have to cancel that, I owe Suzie one after all. Robin :-) x

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Why does life and more so work have to get in the way of blogging.... I thought I'd posted the latest below but it turns out it was waiting to be posted... Sorry... You get two posts in one day as a bonus.

It's been a busy week yesterday was a highlight. I had an appointment with an important client to pull together a large contract. I was wearing a grey trouser suit, black heels, a white blouse and white bra and thong. Business like but hopefully dressed to impress. Simon picked me up from the office and we were supposed to be working but he had other ideas and took me to dinner at a very posh and expensive restaurant.

Of course I drunk far to much and we ended up back at his hotel room. So today I'm walking with a bit of a limp. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy rough sex but Simon really really fucked me hard. He didn't have the biggest of cocks but was pretty buff, obviously works out a lot and loves rough sex! The fact that he didn't seem to want to stop having sex didn't help and I lost count of the number of orgasm I had yesterday afternoon and evening.

So I might have to stay off sex for a couple of days (not that I need much now!). I usually have a quick play in the morning before work but this morning it was far to sensitive. The good news is that the contract has come through on e-mail this morning signed and sealed. The bad news is that Simon text'd me asking me if we can meet next week when he'll be down this way! I'll have to think about that one! Robin :-)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Were they or weren't they?

Yeah I know, it's been a week since I updated my blog! I've been busy topping up my tan having sex and of course work always gets in the way too. I've been dying to update my blog. Thanks for the comments on the pic! I still have no idea who send me that but I love it when you guys get involved in my blog.

This weeks been a funny one. I popped home at lunch a couple of days to grab some lunch and do some sunbathing, dangerous I know!

My back garden is a great suntrap and doesn't get ''that' overlooked and I decided that I strip off and try and beat some of the tan lines. I was very conscious that I was lying naked in my back garden (being naked doesn't seem to affect me anywhere else). I know one of my neighbours has at least one teenage son! But I soon got into it and on day two I was counting the hours to lunch.

Just a shame I didn't have anyone with a camera otherwise I'd treat you guys to a pic! I still have the tan lines but they aren't as bad as they were. The only advice I would give is use a good factor sun cream, I was feeling the burn. Rubbing in the after sun was nice though!

Yesterday, I headed round to a friends house for a BBQ she's in charge of our accounts department and of course owns a massive place. Her back garden would be perfect for a bit of naked bathing althought there were far to many people there to stip off. The good news is that she has an amazing hot tub. I'd give a few people from work a lift so I wasn't drinking but I in a fun mood (fun read horny). I'd taken my bikini and couldn't wait to dive in (well take seat) the hot tub. I sure that it wasn't designed for 12 people but it was fun. There were body parts everywhere and Lot's of flesh on show. It was easy to grope without being caught and who knows who's what's I was grabbing at times!

I was sat next to a girl called Karly she was stunning in a black sheen bikini and she introduced me to her friends Julie, Claire, Steve and Gary. Sitting there bubbling away Karly kept on rubbing her feet on Julie and Claire. Then while she was chatting away her foot disappeared under the bubbles and Clare went very quiet. It wasn't long before I could see a Claire's foot resting on Karly's chest her toes needing away at her breast. Then her leg locked and her face tensed! Had Karly hit the spot? Was that Claire orgasming in a hot tube full of people?

I think I was too busy watching Claire getting off to clock Steve sat next to her. Again I can't be sure but I think that Claire's hand might have been busy under the bubbles adding some man juice to them. I just wish that I'd been sure and able to join in the fun... MMMMM it's kept me busy for the past few days I can tell you. Robin :-x

Monday, 1 June 2009

So here's what was in the box....

I woke up yesterday morning with a banging hang over thinking I was in my own bed at home. When I opened my eyes and saw that I was in bed with a couple I'd never met before it was a bit of a shock! Luckily it's not the first time it's happened so I knew just how to react.

What I'd forgotten was that I'd gone out the night before celebrating with a bunch of my mates who where Chelsea fans. I have some fuzzy recollections of the evening but according to Sara she and her hubby Dave felt that I needed to be rescued from the guys and I ended up back at their place.... Where she assures me they put me to bed in my own room. I was very keen to thank the two of them. So much so that at about 5am I climbed into bed treating Dave to a very messy BJ and Sara to the tonguing of her life! Judging by feeling between my legs they weren't the only two that had, had a good seeing too off the back of Chelsea's win!

As always I couldn't remember a thing. Luckily Dave and Sara saw the sexy/funny side and were more than keen to put on a repeat performance on Sunday morning. Dave watched on as Sara gently kissed and licked my tender pussy bringing me off to a leg trembling orgasm before Dave made sure it was a night/morning of shagging to remember.

They were even kind enough to give me a lift home and by the time I hit the shower I was a right state. My memory still very vague from the night before but I did find some spunk in my hair so I'm guessing that I had fun before they saved me?

I'm now sat in the office and I'm still not really with it, luckily I've got a morning in the office 'catching up' and I've got a treat for you. Yes a pic of what's been keeping me busy, actually keeping me busy.... Enjoy! Robin :-X