Wednesday, 31 March 2010

This week....

Wow it's been a busy week! I'd started writing an update on my weekend and just haven't got round to finishing it. Got a busy day today too! Maybe tomorrow or over the weekend. Robin :-)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

What goes bump in the night.....

It's funny how just when I think my life's getting a bit boring something always happens to add a little spark. Maybe it's just the way I try to never miss an opportunity but I can promise you what happened to me in the early hours of this morning, well make up your own minds!

I heard a rumble and a bang at 3am this morning in my kitchen. At first I thought someone had broken in but as I lay under the covers and listened and could here a sound similar to that of a hose pipe spraying water. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to find water pouring out from under the dish washer. I pulled it out and one of the hoses had split. In a panic I called Simon who lives next door but one. His phone rang and rang but eventually he answered. I explained what was happening and he could probably tell from the panic in my voice that I was in trouble!

Not five minutes later he was at my front door. I showed him the problem and he set about finding the main tap to turn off the water (I don't know why I didn't think of that). Eventually after emptying half the cupboards he found it and despite turning off the tap the water kept flowing!!! I quickly Googled up an emergency plumber and after nearly fainting at the price I was assured he would be there in 10mins as he lived just down the road.

Simon and I tried to manage the flood and I was filling bucket after bucket of water and it was still spraying all over kitchen and all up the wall and all over me. I was soaked. The door bell rang. Thank god the plumber had arrived. He soon had the leak under control. I won't embarrass Simon by telling you he was turning it the wrong way!! I had no idea just how wet I'd got the material of my nightie was matted against against my thy's and tits and had gone completely see through. Joe the plumber had a near perfect view from down on his knees and I had no idea that he was eyeing up my pussy so hungrily!

I made us all a cup of coffee as Joe stayed on his hands and knees mopping up the mess (getting an eyeful). Simon headed home to go back to bed and I waited for Joe to work up my bill. Now I'm always after a bargain but with an emergency call of charge of £90 and an hours labour at £100 for 20mins work well I could have cried. Joe said to call it an even £100 but still!

I decided to turn on my charm and started negotiating. Joe realised what I was up to and didn't seem to mind me running my hand up his thy to his crotch. I felt his cock harden under his overalls. I pulled at the poppers and unzipped his jeans. His hardening cock flopped from his pants coated in precum. I began to suck and lick the tip of his cock before sucking it deep into my mouth. Joe grunted and leaned back against the table. Slurping away on his cock he grasped the back of my head pulling me tight against his hot cock.

I slurped away and felt his balls tighten... I wanted more than just a bj at this stage so I slide my nightie up around my waist and rubbed my pussy against his hard on before letting it slide into my tight wetness. It didn't take Joe long to work up a rhythm and he grunted as he unloaded deep inside me. Moments later my orgasm took hold and I squeezed the last drops of spunk from Joe's cock. I slid off and licked his cock clean tasting that juicy concoction that drives me so wild.

Joe picked up the bill and screwed it up... "We'll consider it quits shall we. That repair should hold but if it doesn't you know who to call"! I woke up this morning feeling as horny as ever and made sure that I started the day with a play before finishing cleaning my kitchen and heading to work. I'm feeling horny, sleepy and have some big meetings... Good or bad combination? We'll see. Oh and I have no undies on today! Robin :-)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Catch up - Keep up

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been away with work. It's another of those jobs that just takes over. I'm back in the office now but to be honest I'd rather be at home in bed.

I've got some real juicy updates to bring you and I'm hoping to finish her early and get typing! Robin X

Friday, 12 March 2010

B's first time!

I've just got off the phone to my friend B. I won't give you her real name as I sure she doesn't really want the world to know who she is after what she's been up too. But I thought I share my call with you as I'm having such a slow day!

The other day B called me up and asked me if she could ask me some advice her new bf had asked if he could try anal and although she'd said no and was happy, she felt that she might be missing out on something. I often get calls from my friends asking for advice they know that I've been there and tried most things sexual and I'm happy to advise where I can. I like it as it give me an insight into their sex lives and I'm always up for talking sex!

I told B that anal wasn't every one's cup of tea and she went on to tell me that he was a big lad and B is very petite (I've often wondered how she handled her new bf's big cock) that she was worried that it might hurt to much. Of course we discussed the pro's and cons of lube and whether to wear a condom (a must in my book I might add). By the time I'd finished on the phone I was so horny I ran upstairs for a play!

Last night B bit the bullet so to speak and went for it! Her first anal session! She rang me today and ran through how good it was and how much her fella had enjoyed it and how she'd enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would! An interesting conversation for a Friday morning in the office but she couldn't wait to tell someone and knew that I'd love to hear all the juicy details! So there's my good deed for the week! Robin :-)

Slow day...

Can't really get motivated today in the office. I've decided I'm going home after lunch but the hours aren't exactly wizzing by! I've got an exciting weekend ahead of me. Tonight I'm meeting up with Simon. He's been texting me for weeks and I'm looking forward to what the evening has in store.

He was introduced through a friend and I have no idea if he knows what he's letting himself in for. It's been a few days since I had a hard cock and I'm desperate! I'm horny just thinking about what I'm going to do to Simon when I get him home. In fact he's picking me up from mine and we might no even make it out!

Tomorrow I'm off shopping with the girls. I have been saving but it's time for some retail therapy! I've got my eye on yet another pair of boots! It's all getting a bit Paris Hilton when it comes to shoes in my place but there's plenty of room in the spare room which has become my walk in wardrobe! Not sure what I'm up to tomorrow night but I'm sure I'll end up clubbing somewhere before I lazy day on Sunday! I will of course keep you posted as and when I can! Robin XXX

Thursday, 11 March 2010

On the road...

I'm away with work yet again. Four nights four towns and as always four very different hotels. Since I took over booking my own accommodation I haven't had the nightmare of staying in any real shit holes for a while and last night I stayed five star!

My room was bigger than my house and the bed well it was massive! Just a shame that I had it to myself. That wasn't for a lack of trying though... I've never met so many faithful married men. Well the two I chatted to last night were. Didn't stop them eyeing up my cleavage and legs though... but they soon lost their bottle when I suggested they might want to come up for a coffee in my room!

So I ended up in my big bed on my own with just my fingers to make sure it was a night to remember. With a bed that big I knew I wasn't going to have to sleep in the wet patch so I really made the most of my finger fun and had a massive bed soaking climax! Robin XXX

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday night....

This is how ready I am to go out! MMMM I love the feel of my freshly shaved pussy... Do you think it makes me horny? Robin :-)

Long time no speak....

Sorry blog fans I hate it when I don't get time to keep you up to speed and it's been way way to long. Things have been good. Work has been mental and I've been on the road far to much. Hotels are great fun and I'm loving living it up on my company expense account but I miss those home comforts. It wouldn't be so bad if the places I was staying in had some night life most of the time I'm propping up the hotel bar on my own or with a few old locals.

That hasn't stopped me from getting plenty of action though and one of the things I love about a job with lots of travel is lots of no strings sex. I know it makes me sound like a right slut but last week I had sex with two guys and we didn't even get on first name terms. I'm sure I'm taking bigger risks but I seem to go through these phases!

I can also let my kinky side take over. I treated Simon to a night of hot anal sex. He'd never been in the back door before and I taut him all the tricks. By the end of the evening his balls were aching and my bum was well and truly banged. It was an int resting 9,30 meeting the following morning I can tell you. I'm just glad I was making the presentation and didn't have to sit down!

Anyhow enough of my adventures for now. I'll try and make it shorter between posts so I can bring you the hot latest. I'm off out tonight with an old friend Clare who's staying the night. I know it's going to get messy! Well it already is, she's dancing round my bedroom in her knicks... God she looks hot. I don't know if we'll make it out of my bedroom?? Robin XXX