Friday, 23 July 2010


I don't really know where the days are going! I've been working hard and playing harder. In just over a week I should be on the beach though without a care in the world. I've book a holiday with a couple of friends. One of them has friends with a Villa in the South of Spain and we are going on a girlie week to get away from it all. Well at least that's how they sold it to me. All I know is that I checked out the local nightlife online and it's not far from some great clubs!

I think I need a bit of a do nothing break though. This week I ended up staying up north on Tuesday as it was a late notice thing I just checked into a Travel Lodge and ended up walking into town after dinner. I found a little bar which was pretty busy and ended up chatting to the barmaid Clare. As regulars will know I have an eye for these things and she and I got chatting about the guys in the bar and she shared her inside knowledge who to shag, marry, avoid.

Obviously there was a little inside knowledge coming into play! Clare was telling me about her latest boyfriend when she asked if I'd ever had a bi experience. "Have I ever!" I laughed. Of course Clare had too and after waiting for her to close up I ended up dragging her back to my hotel room. No sooner were we in the lift than we were practically ripping each other clothes off. It was late though and there was no one to catch us as the lift doors opened on my floor with Claire stood there with her skirt hitched up and her knickers round her knees.

I led her too my room opened the door and practically threw here on the bed. It's been a while since I have a girl all to myself and I haven't felt as hot and horny in a long time. Boy did Clare know it. I have her screaming the place down in no time coating my face in her hot pussy juices. I spun round and squatted down on her hot tongue. My own juices running down into her mouth as she pressed against the crotch of my undies. Pulling them to one side her tongue wasted no time in snaking between my folds and bringing me to the edge of an enormous orgasm!

We collapsed in a sweaty heap on my bed but the fun wasn't over and we spent a few more hours making sure that we were both well and truly satisfied. Clare took a shower with me and headed home. I wished she could have stayed all night but she did leave me her hot wet knickers under my pillow as a souvenir... Robin :-)

Monday, 12 July 2010

Finally my head's clearing!

Ohhh how I struggled at work today. I managed to put in a day but that was hard. So hard in fact that I decided to call in the gym and spend the evening sat in the Sauna and the Jacuzzi. Those of you that are blog regulars will know that I spend far to much of my time in the sauna at the gym but tonight it was even to hot for me so I decided to chill out in the jacuzzi.

No sex tonight but a lot of flesh on show and some wild fantasies to go to bed with in a minute! I don't think I'll be going straight to sleep. Hot sweaty people working out their frustrations do something to me! Or maybe it's just the frustration of not being able to do anything to them... Right time for some new batteries I've got some serious playing to do with my fav toy! X Robin


I've got such a sore head this morning. I went to World Cup party last night and as always things got messy! We started the party early and by 6 o'clock I was already a little worse for wear and then the drinking games started! Of course after a few rounds I was all over the place and it wasn't long before I was completely out of it.

I ended up in the loo with a guy called Sam, he was ramming his swollen sweaty cock down my throat and I was doing my best not to chuck up my guts. Of course it wasn't long before I was swallowing down a hot load of cum and wiping it from my lips and chin. Sam unloaded a mouthful and more. I wiped my face and rejoined the party of course my friends knew what I'd been up to. I guess it was the grin! (hopefully it wasn't the stain on my top).

Jezz had been paying me a lot of attention and plying me with drinks. He led me upstairs and sat me on the edge of the bed. Pushing my legs apart he pushed his hand against my crotch. Pushing the soaking material of my undies into my pussy before pulling them to one side and sliding a finger easily into my wetness. Meanwhile I was unbuttoning Jezz's jeans and pulling his hard cock from his pants. Rapping my hand round the base I fed the tip into my mouth and sucked hard.... two hard cocks in one day I was in heaven.

I wasn't looking for Jezz to cum in my mouth though I had a pussy that needed cock so I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him on top of me! His cock pressed against me and slid deep into my soaking pussy! Jezz built up a rhythm sliding his cock deep into my pussy his balls slapping against my ass as he pounded away. He grunted hard and unloaded deep in my pussy! I orgasmed hard at the same time.

Jezz headed back to the party and I fell asleep on the bed. I woke up at 9 the following morning with a pussy full of spunk and a big wet patch on the bed between my legs! I couldn't resist having a quick play... but my hangover had over ideas! Plus I had to get home and get to work! So here I am... Feeling horny with the mother of all hangovers. Who did win the World Cup? Robin :-)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Catching up....

I took some time out this afternoon for a little retail therapy. It's been ages since I treated myself to a new outfit (well at least two weeks)! I've brought a couple of outfits for a party this weekend and caught up with Kath for a coffee and a chat.

Kath was moaning about her single status how she's gone without sex for 3 months I don't know. She did give a guy a bj last weekend but there's no way that I could exist on that little sex! I suggested that she came out with me this weekend and that I'd get her laid! She's well up for some action and the guy I have in mind will more than satisfy her! He's one of my fuck buddies but he's always up for some action and I know that if I can get Kath's kinky side out Gaz will have a great time and so will Kath! I better get my spare room sorted!

I'm just off to jump in the bath. A sweaty session down the gym has left me horny! I cycle down and back so no shower after my workout tonight! I did think about it but I'm already feeling a little paranoid that the guys and girls that run the place have me down as a freak! X Robin

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bum burn update!

Luckily after a cold bath and generous helping of after sun I was able to make it out on the town last night. I had to wince a little when I got patted on the bum.... It was one of those nights where things never really got going. I stayed over at my sisters and we spent the day watching the tennis. Go Rafa! He reminds me of far to many holiday lovers on our family trips to Spain (if only)! But that's another story!

Right now I'm just watching the Wimbledon highlights and then I'll be off to bed to dream of me giving Rafa a quick back hand before he goes for another grand slam! X Robin

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Jenny tries anal!

As regulars will know I love getting your e-mail ( or dm's. Jenny and I have been mailing each other for a month or so. She's been brave (or stupid) and asking for my advice on anal sex with her new boyfriend. I've been getting her ready for her 'big' night and I've just read a seriously sexy e-mail with all the juicy details!

From her mail it sounds like it was everything she and her bf had wanted it to be and she's suggested I take an new career in sex therapy. To be honest her e-mails had me so horny that I'd never get any work done. I'd be too buys playing with myself to get through the pile of e-mails I'd like to think I'd get... lol. However if you'd like some advice feel free to leave a message or to drop me an e-mail. Robin :-)

My bottoms been burnt!

Ha I've been sunbathing in the garden after a certain friend who will remain nameless (for now at least) commented on my white bottom. Taking the criticism to heart as I so often do I decided I'd better get an all over tan. I'm sure that a tanning salon is the place to go but feeling like a bit of a cheep skate and with the heat trap that is my back year in full sunshine mode I decided to do a little naked bathing in my back yard.

It's not massively overlooked and hey I was going for a tanned bum! It wasn't until a while ago that I realised I might have overdone things. My bum's been burnt so I'm sat in my lounge on a damp towel trying to cool it down! I'm just hoping it's not too serious! There's a big night on the cards and the last thing I need is a burnt bottom! Anyone up for rubbing in some after sun! Robin :-)