Friday, 29 April 2011

The fun continues.... Here cums the bride!

I know it's been a while. I've been working and playing as hard as usual and of course I've been loving all this hot weather. Nearly as much as my young neighbour :)

Needless to say I now have a pretty flawless natural tan and for those of you that are into your tan lines I'm sorry but you'll have to look hard to find any!

Excitement is in the air with the Royal Wedding tomorrow. I can take or a leave the wedding but the reception is where I come into my own, Apparently there's a street party tomorrow, this could be a chance to speak to my neighbours son and his girlfriend. Apparently everyone in the street is going! So regardless it will be a blast.

I can't image how nervous Kate and Wills must be. Millions of people will be watching tomorrow and that's some pressure. Personally I think Will is a lucky guy. Kate is a real catch for him! A real fox! Wouldn't mind being there to spice up their wedding night! Ha Robin :)x

Monday, 18 April 2011

From being watched to watcher

Those that follow my blog will know that e other day I treated my neighbour to a little show while he watched me sunbathing in my garden. Well yesterday I turned the tables. I was cleaning the roof windows in my house when I realised I could see right into his bedroom. I knew no-one was home as I'd seen them all leave earlier that day.

About an hour later I was washing the windows out the front when he came back with a girl in tow. I finished cleaning the windows and ran up to my loft. Looking out the window I could see my neighbour on the bed with his girlfriend snogging. I watched on.... Soon they were both naked and he was fucking her in the missionary position on his bed. I couldn't resist rubbing my pussy as he pounded away on her. As I expected he didn't last long but his girlfriend didn't seem to mind.

As they lay naked on the bed recovering I realised how wet I'd got and slumped down on a old chair, fingering my pussy to a juicy orgasm, coating my fingers in my sticky love juices. I looked back out of the the window and they were gone. I just caught a glimps of them rounding the corner as his parents pulled up. Little did they know they'd already been caught in the act! Robin X

Saturday, 16 April 2011

A funny old week

It's been a funny old week and the say a week is a long time in politics well for a sex addict a week can seem like a month. Fortunately this week I've been spoilt for choice! I blame the hot sunny weather and the fact that I like the rest of the UK have had far to much flesh in show!

One of my highlights of the week had to be catching my neighbours teenage son watching me sunbathing and blatantly playing with himself. Of course the fact that I decided to show him a little more than he bargained for probably didn't help but I can't wait to bump into him and his parents in the street. Home study and revision has probably never been so much fun.

I had hoped to catch up with Kelly this week to relive our fumble in the bushes (hopefully more) but she had to go away with work. She's promised we'll catch up this week and if her texts are anything to go by I can't wait for then.

Of course you'll read about it here when it happens. Don't forget to vote in my outdoor themed poll. See ya Robin x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sex on a stick.... Well in the woods

Anyone that's followed my blog for a year or more will know the effect that warm sunny weather has on me. We'll if you don't know it gets me HORNY! So it will come as no surprise that this weekend things got a little out of hand.

Today we headed up the park for a BBQ sitting in the sunshine scoffing our burgers we played a few games. I ended up in the woods looking for the ball when Kerry joined me we started searching through the bushes. "Last time I was in a bush like this is was my x’s" I joked.

"He had a bit of a 70's throw back did he" Kelly joked.

I laughed "it was a she actually"

Kelly smiled found the ball and returned to the match.... As the afternoon was drawing to close Kelly asked me if I could help her find something in the woods?

Of course I had no idea what she was looking for a was a fumble and lick... Well no idea until she grabbed me in the woods and told me that she'd hadn't been able to get the thought of me rummaging through her bush out of her head all afternoon. Of course I had no idea that Kelly was bi but then here I was in the woods with her offering it to me on a plate.

In seconds I was pulling at her jeans and sliding my hands into her undies. She was doing the same and seemed to really appreciate that I wasn't wearing any undies as her fingers wedged there way into my pussy. My fingers explored her wetness and oh she was wet and snogging my face off. We didn't have long but Kelly's fingers had my knees shaking in no time as a orgasm ripped through me. Of course I wanted to give her one too and just as she started screaming in my ear she soaked my fingers. Mmmmm

I've got her number and we've arranged to meet again in the week. I can't wait! Robin. Xxx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

When doing business is a pleasure :)

Today was one of those days at work that have been few and far between of late. I called in to see one of my oldest clients only to find that the business had been sold on. Now normally that would mean an hour or so bringing the new owner up to speed. However, the new owner was in his late 20's dreamy eyes, muscular and tanned. I blustered my way though an introduction before Pete showed me through to his office.

"I'm glad you finally got round to coming to see me. I've heard a lot about you and I'm pleased to say so far it's all true!" he said with a smile.

"So far" I smiled back...

"Well I've heard that..."

"What" I interrupted! I opened my legs slightly and gave him a peak of my stoking tops.

Pete moved to the front of his desk and stood right in front of me. I leaned forward and rubbed his crotch through his trousers. I could feel his cock harden, I unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. Rapping my fingers round his thick shaft I started wanking. Pulling my chair closer I fed his cock into my mouth. Licking the length of his shaft and sucking his cock to the back of my throat.

If groans are anything to go by he was loving it! It wasn't long before be grunted and coated my tonsils in his hot spunk. Mmmmm. I swallowed it all down and managed not to dribble. Pete placed a big (sales) order gave me his number and I headed on my way to my next appointment. I think I'll put Pete on my regular call list! Robin xxx