Monday, 30 November 2009


I know, I know... I've been getting so much grief for the lack of updates it's crazy! I'd love to have a good excuse.. and maybe this update will explain, things have just been flat out!

First up I have an update on my mysterious texting pee fetish friend. I woke up to a message at 7am on Friday. "What are you doing tonight Robin???"

I recognised the number and text'd back. "Not sure what have you got in mind? Something warm and wet I take it?"

Within seconds another text came through "mmmm your reading my mind, I'll pick you up after work I'll meet you outside the office and I'll be in a ......"

Now I'm sure for most of you alarm bells would be ringing. My twisted mind meant that I couldn't resit starting the day with a quick play at the thought of meeting some random stranger that evening. Needless to say I was late for work (again!) and back in the loo at lunch time as I just couldn't get the thought of what I might get up to later out of my mind!

Leaving the office I could see a car parked up across the road. I wandered over and saw a cute looking girl in her early 20's behind the wheel. She waved, opened the window and told me to jump in. "Hi I'm Rachel, I'm glad you were up for meeting" she said with a smile.

I'm not often lost for words but Rachel's confidence had me stumped. She obviously knew who I was she knew what I looked like and she knew where I worked... Too good to be true I guess we were about to find out.

"Where are we off to then Rachel?" I enquired.

"I've booked a room at the Travel Lodge I thought we go straight there" Rachel replied. Grabbing my hand and placing it on her thy. Her flesh was warm and clammy and I couldn't resist sliding my hand a little further up her thy. The tip of my finger tickled her pubes and I realised that she wasn't wearing any undies. The tingle between my legs turned up a notch as she pressed my hand hard against her pussy. My finger sliding through her wetness as she growned!

I rubbed her clit as we pulled up in the hotel car park. Rachel stopped the car and learnt forward to give me kiss... "Enough of that you naughty girl - lets get a room!". She said breathlessly.

Flying through reception we bundled into the lift. Rachel pinned me in the corner and kissed me again her hands grabbing at my bum and crotch the lift door opened and we stumbled out and down the corridor and into her room.

I don't think the door had clicked shut before Rachel was tugging off my clothes and I was doing the same to her. We fell on the bed and I kissed my way up her thy. Rachel rolled onto her back and lifter her legs up and over my shoulders. She was so wet that I just lapped away at her juicies and it wasn't long before she was screaming the place down. Of course I was in the flow and in no mood to stop. Banging my pussy against her's as she orgasmed her pussy thrusting up off the bed to meet mine.

Rachel was breathless she took me by the hand and led me through to the bathroom. She climbed in the bath and lied back. "Well Robin will you do me the honour?" she asked.

Of course I didn't need asking twice and jumped into the bath. I rubbed my pussy and pressed my juicy finger to Rachel's lips. Then I could feel my pee building. I squated just inches from her face and as she licked her lips I started peeing. Rachel loved it as my piss showed down over her and she opened her mouth to taste my warm pee as it sprayed out over her face and started to pool in the bottom of the bath. I tried not to pee all afternoon so there was plenty in me and Rachel lapped it all up.

As I squeezed the last squirt out over her tounge she pressed it against my dripping pussy and I slipped back into the bath.... Sliding down into my pee. Rachel didn't care and with her tounge wedged deep in my pussy she licked me harder and harder and harder until I orgasmed hard on her tounge splashing around in my pee..... I lay on my back breathless with Rachel slowly fingering my juices across my clit. "Robin, could I?" I'd never really been turned on by pee play and I'd certainly never seen myself as someone that would be. But with Rachel standing legs spread I knew I couldn't really say no.

She straddled me and rubbed at her pussy smilling down at me. The the first warm jet of pee sprayed out splashing off my cheeck. I kept my mouth shut as the warm torrent of pee rained down over me. Rachel was rubbing her clit as she pee'd which strenghend the power of the jet and sent it over my head spraying hard against the wall. As much as I was hoping it wouldn't do anything for me I was feeling horny again and reached out to press a finger against Rachel's pussy as the wee stopped.

I pulled her in close and lapped away at her pussy and savoured the taste of her juices and warm pee.... A combination that I realised I was more familiar with than I might have first thought! Rachel was soon orgasming hard on my tongue her warm juices flooding my mouth as her pussy tightened round my probing tongue......

We shared a warm shower before spending the rest of the evening back on the bed. I think we felt asleep at about 2am and I woke up at 8am with Rachel lapping between my legs is there a better way to wake up. Well aside from taking another pee on Rach before some more hot shower sex. We had to check out by 10am and she dropped me home. I've pencilled her in for next Friday... I can't wait!!! Robin :-)

Ps - I hope you like the pic... I did promise Rachel I wouldn't post it but what the hell... This is a little souvenir I got on my I-phone... Enjoy!

Poll Results.....

Group sex what's the perfect number?

19 (27%)
13 (19%)
15 (22%)
4 (5%)
17 (25%)

Votes so far: 68
Poll closed

Sometimes I find these funny little polls really telling. It seems that for most three is the optimum number with 7 coming and interesting close second! I'm more of a 7 girl myself and I've been thinking about setting up a blog group session. What do you think guys! A classy hotel a kingsize bed and bunch of blog fans.. Sounds like heaven to me! Robin :-)

Thursday, 26 November 2009


This week is flying by... I do have an update coming it just been one of those weeks.

Here's a little bit of gossip for you. I've been exchanging text's with a mysterious kinky female for the last week or so. She said that she got my number from an ex of mine and would love to meet up for some kinky fun. Where she's got the idea that I have such a kinky side from I have no idea but she's suggesting all sorts. She particularly likes the idea of me peeing on her. In fact the last three text have focused in on where and how she'd like me to pee on her.....

"Robin, just woke up wetter than ever. Your pee was so warm as it splashed down over my face making my lippy run all over the place as it dribbles from my mouth. My tongue pressing against your tight wet pussy. mmmm Cx"

MMMM I wish.. I've been texting about meeting... I will as always keep you posted Robin X

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Quick update - more to cum!

Ok I know.. you are all waiting for an update.

I've just dropped James back at the station and it's down to him, Sarah and Beth that there haven't been any updates this week!

Guys I think you might want to miss reading the next update unless your ready to get very, very jealous of James. I've got to go shopping this afternoon but if I get time when I get back look out for a big update! Robin :-)x

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What... how did we get to Tuesday

Luckily having a blog is not like having a dog. I've I'd forgotten to feed a dog as long as I haven't got round to my updating my blog then it would be dead. Enough of the dead dogs back to blogs (I knew you'd like it).

I've got lots to update you on and maybe even some pics of Sarah, Beth and I. I've just got to pop out and pick up my friend James from the station. He's down from Scotland and staying at mine (lucky boy hey). If we aren't back to late and I have time I'll get the update my blog tonight. If not look out for a biggy tomorrow! Robin :-)x

Friday, 13 November 2009

Sarah's Night....

WOW! Where shall I start with last night. I've still got to get my head around what we got up to and I'm not sure my desk is the best place to relive it but here goes!

Sarah sent me a couple more kinky text's in the afternoon so by the time I got home I was horny as ever. I jumped in the shower and it wasn't long before what I hoped would be the first of many leg tremblers was ripping through me as the water ran down over me. I managed to get my composure back and shave my pits and go all the way with my pussy so by the time I got out of the shower my pussy was dripping again!

I pulled on my joggers and a hoody. Not the sexiest of outfits but I hoped that I wouldn't be wearing it for too long and I had nothing underneath it. I cooked up a bowl of pasta and counted down the minutes. Right on 7pm the doorbell rang and I jumped up to open to the door. There was Sarah..... and her friend Beth! "Come in" I stammered showing the two of them through to the lounge.

"Drink anyone" I was hiding my frustration well.

"Please" they both replied and I headed into the kitchen to open my second bottle of wine. I was leaning over into the fridge when Sarah grabbed my by the hips.

"So babe" she said with a smile "What do you think of your treat?"

I looked round the kitchen but could only see the three glasses I'd got out of the cupboard for the wine.

"No silly" laughed Sarah - "BETH, I've brought her for us to play with"

Well my legs nearly gave way there and then. She was a real cutie and I'd thought for a split second how good it would be to be in a Beth and Sarah sandwich. "Get away" I protested.

Looking through into the lounge I could see Beth sat on my couch. "She's really up for it?" Sarah pressed a finger to my lips. "What do you think" I sucked the finger and could taste that familiar twang. MMMMM.

"I've been fingering her tight little pussy on the way here Robin, she's more than up for it now". I gave Sarah a big kiss. Pulling my joggers off I walked into the lounge. I stood in front of Beth naked from the waste down. "Here's your wine babe". Beth looked up with a smile. "Thanks" she said staring at my freshly shaved pussy. "You can touch it if you like" I smiled.

Beth's finger snaked it's way up my thy "you know I've never touched a pussy before Robin" she said with a smile. I felt her finger snake it's way into my folds. "Sarah has told me your a great teacher though" she continued as her finger entered my wetness and touched against my hard throbbing clit. Sarah came up behind me and put her hands on my hips and kissed my neck.

"Delightful isn't it Beth" said Sarah as she pulled my legs apart a little more.

Beth slid to the edge of my couch and licked her way up my thy. Her tongue hit my pussy and the electiricty shot through my body. Sarah held me tight and pulled Beth's face tight against my pussy. She might have been inexperienced but I was loving it and it felt like she knew what she was doing as my pussy pulsed and electricity shot round my body. With Sarah cheering her on Beth upped her pace smiling up at the two of us with my juices smearing her lipstick. As you can imagine it wasn't long before another big O was ripping through me. I collapsed back onto the couch and screamed the place down.

Beth kissed Sarah and Sarah licked her way up my thy to my dripping pussy. As soon as her tongue touched me I was off again thrusting my hips up off the couch. Beth had pulled down Sarah's legging and was licking away at her tight pussy from behind. I could see that Beth had become a pussy monster already and Beth was loving it. Burying her face in my pussy while Beth buried her tongue in her. "She's super horny Robin" shouted Beth with a pussy wet smile on her face.

Beth set Sarah off and she shrieked as her tongue pressed her clit hard and she thrust back against it. It was all to much for me and it set me off again with another big O! I'd had enough of Beth getting all the action so I pulled off my hoody and crawled across the floor naked.

Pushing her onto her back I slid her leggings down over her thigh's. Her nickers were dripping and her pussy was perfectly framed by a neatly trimmed line of blond pubes. "MMMM Sarah, Shall we" I taunted, running a finger down Beth's pubes and pressing it against her juicy pussy. She was SO wet that my finger sunk straight between her lips and into her warm wet pussy. She moaned and bit on her lip. Beth pulled her boots off and her leggings throwing them to one side while I unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra.

There was Beth lying naked her chest heaving heart pounding her nipples standing to attention. Sarah sucked Beth's big toe between her lips and I sucked on one of her nipples. She moaned louder as my hand spread her thys and my fingers pressed into her wet pussy again. I'm sure it was wetter and warmer than before as my thumb pressed against her clit and kissed my way down her stomach to her pubes.

I flicked my tongue against her clit letting Sarah see everything I was doing. Beth's hips rose up of the floor and Sarah licked her way up Beth's leg to join me. I kissed her and then watched on as she licked away at Beth's dripping pussy. Her moaning quickened and as we took it in turns to lick and suck Beth's clit until her orgasm burst through her and she screamed.

She was still horny as hell so I took her and Sarah's hand and led them upstairs. In my room I'd laid out all of my toys as a surprise for Sarah I never thought that Beth would be there too. We spent the rest of the evening fucking each over silly with my toys.

Sarah is great but Beth is a girl after my own heart and taking as many toys as she could in her pussy and bum for me and Sarah really had us all going. Needless to say I had a full dishwasher this morning (cleaning my toys) and Sarah and Beth are coming round for seconds tonight! Be ready I've got some really kinky stuff in mind. Beth caught me a little off guard last night so I didn't get change to try it. Robin :-)

PS I'm sat here dripping now and I have a meeting at 2pm... Should be fun Rx

Poll Results....

Sarah's coming round tonight... This will be her second time with a woman should I?

Just lick her pussy till she cums?
4 (6%)
Use more of my toys on her?
5 (8%)
Lick her tight little bum again?
7 (11%)
Get into foot play?
2 (3%)
Try some S&M?
2 (3%)
Push her to the limit and tell you all about it?
39 (66%)

Vote on this poll Votes so far: 59
Hours left to vote: 2

You got it... Post coming up!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Poll Results....

If you could put your tongue somewhere where would it be?

My Mouth
10 (9%)
My Pussy
55 (50%)
My Bottom
6 (5%)
My Toes
3 (2%)
All of the above
35 (32%)

Votes so far: 109
Poll closed

Thanks for voting... My pussy is throbbing at the thought of all those tongues... That would be something mmmmm! Robin :-)


I'm glad you like the pic... 300 followers wow... Who'd have thought it!

I can't concentrate today... Sarah is coming over tonight! She's text to say she'll be there at 7pm and I can wait. I'm driving myself wild with the fantasies in my mind. There's so many things I want to do to her. As she's only just exploring I don't want to put her off but I just want to explore her limits.

Any suggestions guys? I'm of course up for anything and promise to report back on how I get on!

Roll on 7pm I'm dripping just thinking about it and I've got a 3pm meeting! If I'm quick I might just be able to relieve the tension in the ladies before my client gets here. Robin :-)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I'm so close to 300 followers. It only seems a while ago I was pleased to get 100 people following my blog!

I'll have to do another QandA session soon for all my new followers to find out more about me!

I thought as a thank you I'd share this pic I took last night playing around with my I-phone and myself... This is taken fresh out of the shower! Enjoy R :-)

Monday, 9 November 2009

XXX Factor

Sarah came round to mine on Saturday... After watching X Factor and some small talk things really hotted up. We'd drunk nearly two bottles of wine and an evening relaxing in my joggers always makes for easy access. When Sarah slid her fingers under my waist band and could feel that I had no undies on I knew it wouldn't be long before her fingers were in my wet pussy!

I wasn't wrong as I sat back on my couch and spread my legs. Sarah's fingers explored my pussy it was obvious that she wasn't that experienced but she soon had two knuckle deep and had me moaning away.... She kissed her way down my neck and across my stomach. She seemed to take an age to press her tongue against my pussy but when she did her technique was perfect. She lapped away at my clit and her fingers in my pussy were driving me crazy.

Pulling me forward on the sofa she licked round to my tight little bum hole and jabbed it with her tongue. "You like that don't you Robin I read about it on your blog" she said with a smile. She wasn't wrong and had me thrashing about in ecstasy as my first orgasm ripped through me.

Sarah sat back on the couch nearly as breathless as I was.

I kissed my way up her leg and then pushed her legs apart. The crotch of her blue g-string was dripping wet and it was obvious how turned on she was. I sucked at her juices through the material before pushing my tongue hard against the top of her thy and lifting her panties to one side with my teeth. She moaned loudly and begged me not to stop. I lapped away at her pussy and sucked her clit between her teeth which sent her into a spin.

Now it was Sarah's turn to thrash about on my couch and as I alternated between her swollen pussy and her tight bum hole until she screamed she was cumming and pushed a mega orgasm out against my waiting mouth! Her clit pulsed hard against my tongue and her bum clenched tight around my finger. Although I wasn't letting her off with just the one and as the first slowed I wedged two fingers deep inside her wettness and licked hard against her tight bum hole and off she went again. Screaming my place down (my poor neighbours).

Sarah ended up staying the night and we made the most of my toy box when we finally made it to my bedroom. She had to leave early the next morning as she was meeting her friends in the park for a run. She texted me at 11 o'clock to say she'd finished and her run in the park had never felt so good or been so hard as she was really feeling the night before between her legs.

The good news is that I've arranged for her to come over again on Thursday, I can't wait!!! Robin :-)X

Friday, 6 November 2009

Hard times.... Good times....

I've had a few e-mails from people that think I'm sick.... I don't know why I needed to sniff those shorts but I just had too. It's not the first time as you know maybe it's an addiction?

I was sitting at work today thinking about it when I had a text from Sarah. I was introduced to her through a friend of mine last week and she's seriously up for exploring her bi side. We didn't get chance first time we met but there was no doubt that she's was up for it. No small talk and straight to the point. She was cute too. A blond bob and the most amazing eye's and the eyeliner she was wearing really showed them off.

Anyhow... Talking to Sarah I realised that she could be the answer to my prayers. I've arranged to meet her tomorrow night. In fact I've invited her round to my place! X-factor and then some XXX-factor is on the cards... I'll let you know how it all goes! Robin :-)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

MMMM smelly....

Thanks for the get well wishes... I'm back to full health now. Today was an odd day. Things have been very quiet of late and although there's no doubt I've needed the rest it's been odd and this is the longest I've been without sex for ages.

I decided to get down the gym tonight in the hope that working out would take my mind of the itch. I had a good work out and was showered and just leaving the changing rooms. Just by the door was a kit bag, It's owner had gone into the shower as I'd come out. Sitting on top was a very sweaty pair of cute blue hot pants. I did try but I couldn't resist... I lifted them up and pressed the sweaty stained crotch to my nose. The smell filled my nostrils and sent my pussy into a spin! I placed them carefully back on top of the bag and left the changing rooms. MMMM

My pussy was dripping when I got home so I ran upstairs and stripped off. I've just spent a very relaxing half hour on my bed. I can still smell the musk in those hot pants..... Robin XXX

PS - Back to it tomorrow. I'm meeting Ben from the Halloween Party. Oh I forgot to tell you I was dunking more than apples last Saturday for Halloween. Robin XXX

Monday, 2 November 2009

Under the weather....

I've just started feeling better. I went out on Friday but was home by 9pm and in bed by 9.30pm. Nothing unusual in that you might think aside from the fact that I was on my own (no not in that way either). I woke up on Saturday morning with a stinker of a cold. I spent the rest of the day curled up in my front room catching up on Eastenders.

Sunday was more of the same although I did catch up with my friend Kate on MSN for a few hours in the afternoon. She sent me over some pics of her new man. All I can say is Kate is one lucky girl! She taken a leaf out of Jordan's book and is dating a cage fighter. This guy is PUMPED and well.... I won't go there. All I will say is that his opponents must think he's carrying a base ball bat in his pants!

I struggled through work today. It's been business as usual and it's very busy. Not great when your not feeling well. All in all a bit of a boring update really. I'm glad you like the pic... If you want to see more let me know!!! Robin :-)