Friday, 28 August 2009

Poll Results.....

Do you think an all over tan is sexy?

18 (47%)
5 (13%)
Not bothered
6 (15%)
I have a thing for tan lines
9 (23%)

Votes so far: 38
Poll closed

Good... I'm glad you do.. I'm sporting a cracker right now. Even though I hardly saw the sun, I made sure I made the most of it when I did!


Wow... I know I said it in my last update but what a week! My head's still spinning and I only know it's Friday because we only had a week booked but that was CRAZY!

The party didn't stop until the cab got to mine and now I just need to SLEEP. I might even need another week off work to recover! The last night was off the scale I think the party started on Thursday and as I said it didn't stop until I crawled out of the cab.

I feel like I'm gonna sleep for a week but I will bring you the low down as soon as I can. I know one things for sure your gonna love it! Robin :-)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

WOW what a week....

I can't believe we've nearly been out here a week.... I'd love to bring you a full update but I don't think I'll have time, I'd be home before I got finished (you thought the first day was long enough)!

Things are going well I'm having a great time... I literally have five minutes before I'm off out again... I've been trying to keep a running tally but there have been a couple of evening's where it's been very hard to keep count (hopefully that doesn't make me sound like to much of a slut!). I burnt my bits today so I'll have to be careful tonight. Plenty of after sun and no underwear should mean I'll be fine.

I'll try and get on the computer tomorrow (to bring you a bit of an update)... It's always busy and I'm either coming or going! Loads of great stories to come. This has to be one of the wildest holidays yet! I'm loving it! Robin :-)x

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Poll Results......

It nearly my holiday how many guys/girls do you think I'll make out with on my week away?

0 - 5
10 (10%)
5 - 10
33 (34%)
10 - 15
19 (19%)
15 +
34 (35%)

Votes so far: 96
Poll closed

In a last minuate vote surge 34 (35%) of have gone for 15+ with 6 on the first night the holiday is off to a great start.

Day three time for an update?

WOW! This is one of my best holiday's yet. The Villa has been buzzing and although I didn't make it home on Friday night the Villa has been been rocking. I'll have to be careful not to drop a few of the girls in it as I know that there guys will be reading! (Don't panic guys! they've not been that naughty yet!).

I'll focus on what I've been up too... I'll post the Poll Results in a sec but I've dived out of the baking sun to sneak on the computer and post and update (well I started this afternoon). You should see the que to get on the Mac we have here, with the girls spending more time on line than me (is that possible?)!

Friday night had to be a big one! I'd been waiting for a big blow out for a while and it didn't disappoint! The first club was SO hot sweating my tits off on the dance floor. Plenty of hot, muscly, topless guys and I was enjoying all the attention.

Dancing in front of one of the guys he ran his hands up my thighs lifting my skirt. The whole dance floor got a great view of my pussy. Pulling me up onto a podium we danced away with a crowd of horny guys watching from below. His hands were all over me and I don't think I've ever had so many guys and girls looking at my wet pussy at the same time, so naughty.

After putting on a bit of a show for the masses. I asked the guy if he wanted to go and get a drink. Dragging him off in the opposite direction to the bar we left the club and I treated him to a very sloppy bj in the alley. He held off unloading in my mouth and bent me over hitch up my skirt and guided his hot cock between my legs. Straight in as I was dripping! The guy was soon pumping away. He reached round and pulled my tits out of my top needing my nipples to hardness.

He pulled his cock from my pussy and pushed it back again much deeper. Pulling it out again I felt blob after blob of spunk unload over my bum cheeks. Then he slid a finger into my dripping pussy and finished the job making sure I had a proper orgasm before I headed off to the ladies to clean up.

I ended up pulling a leggy blond who happened to push on my cubicle door (I'll bring you the full low down when I have more time). Needless to she cleaned me up and I returned the favour. You gotta take it when you can!

We headed back into the club and I soon ended up on my own on the dance floor. Well for about 2mins. There was soon a crowd of guys dancing round me, I chose a tall muscular guy with a good tan to get up close and personal. His hands were soon all over me. As always it didn't take long for a finger to run the length of my dripping pussy. He wasted no time sliding his finger between my folds. Pulling me close and trying to make it look like we were dancing. Well he had to I had my hand down his jeans and he had a monster trying to escape!

Of course I wasn't going to keep this monster caged for long and dragged the guy off the dance floor. This time I headed for a dark corner and pushed the guy back onto the couch. Quickly unbuckling his jeans and pulling out his cock before slipping onto his lap. His cock running the length of my pussy, his fat helmet hooked against my clit. I sat up and slipped his cock up me. He reached round and grabbed my cheeks and I bounced up and down on his cock.

It was obvious what we were doing but that's the great thing about being on holiday. He soon tensed up and I felt him unload deep inside me groaning hard as he shot his cum. That set me off and the spasms of my pussy sent his cock crazy. I slid off and pulled him back onto the dance floor I could feel his spunk slipping down my thy so I headed off to the ladies and that was the last I saw of him.

This is where the evening gets very hazy! I came out of the loo (yes I can clean myself up sometimes) and got caught up with a group of guys and girls leaving the club. They did tell me their names and assured me they new a much better club down the strip! Off we went typical Brit's doing out bit for international relations. Shouting, pucking and pissing our way down the street. Top stuff!

I couldn't tell you if the next club was better. It was a lot louder and a lot hotter. They dragged me onto the dance floor and I was soon on the podium again. I'd drunk so much that I didn't really give a shit who could see me dancing with a random strangers fingers up my pussy! In fact I can remember not being the only girl on the podium with her pussy on show!

The crowd were going crazy and when I eventually needed to rest my tired legs I went and sat at the bar a couple of guys offered to get my drinks. 2 more Vodka Red Bulls. Ready to go! We got chatting and I ended up with Simon (funny how I can remember names when I've had more to drink) in the gents. Although the toilet stank and were a real mess, piss and loo roll everywhere, not to mention a load of pissed up guys chanting "who's gona get fucked in the gents!" So I took Simon out of the club and treated him to a blow job on the beach.

There were lots of couples at it on the beech and because Simon insisted on taking me doggy style I got to watch on as another girl treated a guy to a really messy bj. Of course I couldn't see everything but I could be sure that's what they were up too.

Well at least until Simon upped the pace and my orgasm started building. It was a biggy and it set Simon off grunting and filling me with another hot load. I could tell it was my first night as I made the mistake of sitting on the sand. Of course my sloppy bum and pussy got covered in sand! Luckily the tide was in so I slipped of my shoes and waded into to wash off my bum and pussy! Sorted!

Not my sandy bum. (Sorry no cam!).. But a pic I found on the net... Just to get you thinking!

We went back to the club and I danced off from Simon. It was coming up to 4am but the club was still buzzing! I danced for another hour getting felt up by far to many randoms. Sat at the bar I got chatting to a couple over 'just for the weekend'. They had an apartment five minutes from the club and offered me a 'drink back at theirs'.

Of course I took them up on their offer and as the sun was coming up we walked back along the sand to there little apartment. I had a feeling that drinking was the last thing on this couples mind when they approached me.

I sat on the couch and Lisa sat down next to me. Joe brought through a bottle of wine and told me to make myself comfortable. With my skirt riding up my thys the guys were left in no doubt about my intentions so when Lisa slid her hand up my thy to my pussy and leaned forward to kiss me I was more than happy for her tongue to slide between my lips!

I unbuttoned her denim hot pants and she shimmied them down her thighs as my fingers wedged between her legs. My pussy was open and on show. Joe was watching on, with his hardening cock in his hand. Lisa slid down kissing across my belly and then down between my legs. I could only imagine what my dirty pussy must have tasted like.

I just hoped it wasn't too salty after it's rinse in the sea... Lol! Lisa was no novice though and I beckoned Joe onto the couch and pulled his cock to my lips. Letting my tongue lap up the dribble of pre-cum! Sucking his cock between my lips I treated him to a special.

Slurping off his cock I told him to fuck Lisa from behind while she licked me. He jumped up and slid his cock between her cheeks. I pushed my legs up over he shoulders so he could see her licking at my clit. Joe had her cuming hard in no time and that set me off. I'd lost count of my first night holiday orgasms but I won't forget this one in a hurry. I licked Joe's cock clean and then slurped his spunk out of Lisa's hot pussy.

This got Joe nice and hard and I let him fuck me inches from Lisa's face. Her tongue drove me mental darting up and touching my clit as her hubby cock slid back and forth. As yet another cock unloaded in my pussy I clasped on top of Lisa. What a way to start my Holiday!

I've just realised that I've only typed up the first night and it's a massive update! I'll have to update you on day 2, 3 and today later. I've been on the beach today topping up the tan, NAKED! Well everyone else was in the Villa and I had the beach to myself. More clubbing tonight. I won't let you know the total just yet... 6 on the first night was a good start! OMG what a slut.. I don't think I want to know the total as it stands! Robin ;-)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 1 - We are here!

OMG! Our Villa is stunning. It looks out to Sea with an infinity pool, spa and a steam room and cinema! We are metres from our own beach, does it get much better?

Here's a very quick update... I met up with the girls bright and early at the airport. Everyone was super excited and in the party spirit much to the annoyance of the some of the other people in the airport and particularly on our flight. The air hostess had a quick word with us and apart from Gobby giggling away at the back we calmed down till we landed.

Everyone was in a cheeky mood and couldn't wait to see the Villa. Rach had booked it so I knew it would be good but when the gates opened and our cab drove in it took my breath away.

I've been busy with my camera but like an idiot I haven't packed the cable. I will try and get to an Internet cafe to download some pics for you.

We've been to the beach today. It was hot down there and everyone couldn't wait to show of there new bikinis. Although topless was the order of the day. I was glad that I'd topped up my tan. I had to stop staring, Rach's tits are amazing! There were a few guys down on the beach I'm pacing myself but 10 girls rolling into town certainly raised a few eyebrows. It's day one and I have big plans for this evening. I know my underwear will be staying in my suitcase! Right, where did I put that bottle of wine! It's party time... I'll keep you posted. Robin x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Countdown continues....

Well that's the last workout for a week or too. The gym was very quiet tonight so I whizzed round the stations and ended up in a sweaty breathless mess! With the changing room to myself I spent far too long in the shower. I couldn't resist soaping myself up and having a play with my pussy. With thoughts of my holiday whizzing through my head I had to bite my lip as a real leg trembler took hold. Luckily being in the corner I could lean against the wall. I came out to find nothing missing (for a change) wouldn't that have been embarasing (or a turn on)!

I'm sat on my bed now on the lap top but I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep. I'm so excited I can't wait to get out on my hols! Not long to go now... Loads of text flying around from the girls. Maybe I'll give one of them a call and check I'm not forgetting anything. The taxi will be here at 6am plenty of time to get into trouble then!

I've had a few e-mails asking about Jess... Well our holidays have overlapped. She left on Sunday. It's been nice having the house back to myself and as much as I love coming home to sex on tap it's been a good chance to let my pussy and bum recover. Well till tomorrow! All being well I'll be able to get online and keep you guys up to date. We are supposed to have the Internet at our villa. If we do I'll be sorted. If not... I'll catch up with you in a couple of weeks. Robin :-)


I wake up everyday it's a daydream
Everything in my life isn't what it seems
I wake up just to go back to sleep
I act real shallow but I'm in to deep
And all I care about is sex and violence
And a heavy bass line is my kind of silence
Everybody says I got to get a grip
But I let sanity give me the slip

Some people think I'm bonkers
But I just think I'm free
Man I'm just living my life
There nothing crazy about me
Some people pay for thrills but I get mine for free
Man I'm just living my life
There nothing crazy about me


Dizzy, pretty much sums it up for me right now! (well aside from the violence :-)). The holiday I'm more than ready for is going to be bonkers. I'm not going to tell you exactly where I'm going but it's pretty close to the clubbers paradise of Ibiza! Any thoughts I had of being to old for that rapidly vanished when we meet up a few days ago to make sure we were set. Here's who I'm off with....

Gina - (Raffe) she's tall and giraffe fits with Gina hence Raffe! The baby of the group at just 21 I've known her for a while and she's always up for a good time. She's leaving her sexy football mad professional player boyfriend at home for the first time. Will she be playing away?

Carol - this is the second time I've been on holiday with Carol. She's a real sun worshipper and while we sleep she sunbathes. With a cleavage to die for even I get up while the suns up if she's by the pool topless. As far as I know she's always been a good girl on her holidays but that's not for a lack of opportunities. That cleavage could get her in some real trouble if she's not careful. Thankfully because she isn't a real party fiend she has no idea how wild I can get. Maybe I'll change that this year?

Emily - (EM) she's Carol's best friend. Another sun worshipper. I've not been on holiday with Em before but she tells me that Carol's told her good things about me. She hinted that she might be up for giving me a run on the party animal stakes. Bring it on!

Amy - works with Emily and Carol. She's got amazing legs. When we met she wasn't wearing any nickers either! Because of that I didn't notice a lot else when we met up. Oh she likes her red wine she downed a bottle with me! It's just a shame I was at home when it really kicked in!

Lucy - used to work with me. She's well up for a good time. Way back when I spent a great evening with her and her fella at the time. He went off the sleep and left the two of us to it. She's never really mentioned that night. Maybe it was a one off.... We'll see!

Gab's - (Gobby) if you want a moments piece don't go on your holiday with Gab's she's known as Gobby for two reason's. She never shuts up! Rumour is that she gives great head! I've been with a guy or two that's been on the receiving end of a Gobby special. I've never asked how I compare but when I mention that I know her you can see it in their eyes. Gobby is a godsend when it comes to pulling guys though she'll talk to anyone and when she's got their attention. A simple "do you think she ever shuts up?" has the ice broken. I just don't let on what they are missing out on!

Whit - I can't remember her real name (sorry Whit) she's been known as Whit for as long as I've known her. She has perfect feet, I just love to massage them. With shared the odd drunken kiss but I've never cracked Whit (yet!). Long blond hair she's popular with the guys although a long term relationship means that she isn't experienced enough to make the most of all their attention. There I times I don't even think she realises that her hair and looks have guys eating out of her hand. For me it's all about those toes, yum!

Rachel - (Rach pronounced Rich) Rach and I don't get out as often as we'd like. Together we're a formidable force. Clear the dance floor, empty the bar here we come! She's called Rich because she's married into money, lots of money. Our very own posh spice Rich has more plastic in her body than her handbag. Everything that could be enhanced has been. Everything is near perfect and her last op was to 'enhance' her pussy. I've been begging to see it and she's promised to show me where the £5,000 went while we're away. Can't wait.... I wonder if I will be able to keep my fingers and my tongue to myself?

Maddie - (Mads) is Rachel's sister in law. She is crazy and nearly always showing off some flesh she shouldn't be. She has near perfect tits and wears the lowest cut dresses to show them off. It usually a nipple that poking out but Mads will strip off and run down the beach at the drop of a hat she's so comfortable with her body. I've woken up with her naked next to me to many time to remember if anything happend! Mads and Rach keep each other in line. There's a few stories to tell but I'll keep you guys wondering on that front.

And me.... That's the crazy gang. It's going to be Bonker's. The ten of us, one villa, Lot's of parties the recipe for a week of hazy memories. Roll on tomorrow! Ibiza here I cum! Robin :-)x

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

200 followers....Wow thanks

I do have some news from today... It's been busy as I've been throwing everything together for my holiday. It was getting close for the last few days, I made 200 followers today. A milestone! Thanks guys. It's great to know my blog is appreciated by so many of you! If you have any special requests let me know.

So back to today. Work was mad. But I snuck out at lunch time to pick up some last minute essentials. I also wanted to get my nails done and fit in a quick sun bed. Quite why I'm not sure but I was passing the tanning place that my friend runs I popped into say hi and ended up in her latest booth. Tan topped up I went to get my nails done and pick up some more sun cream.

By the time I'd got back to the office it was mid afternoon. Paul's been back a week and hasn't even acknowledged me. I bumped into him at the copier this afternoon. He had no choice but to say hi. I asked him what was up. After a lot of uming and arring he told me that he'd picked up an STD on his hols (yes he had me worried too). Well I'm not so bothered that's he's keeping his cock in his pants now!

I didn't get in from work till 7pm. No time for dinner, I've been packing since. I'm nearly ready to go now. Just tomorrow to go and then I'm off. I've spoken to the girls I'm travelling out with they are as up for it as me. More on them later! It's going to be wild... I can't wait Robin X

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Juicy day at the office....

I knew today was going to be fun when I logged on a read your posts. I for work this morning with a growing wet patch. I was straight into meetings and it was a super busy morning.

After sealing the deal (YES!) I went to the pub at lunch time, Rachel has left as she probably shagged everyone there and went onto a new pub/restaurant. Sorry that sounds so bitchy, it's not meant too. I heard a couple of guys chatting one day. It was obvious they were talking about Rachel and what they'd been up to with her! Fair play I say as who I am I to talk!

The good news is that a equally sexy replacement has taken her place. So new she doesn't have a name badge. Brunette and in her early 20's she was wearing a very low cut top and some leave nothing to the imagination hot pants today. I flirted a lot but she is either very naive or playing hard to get. I had to make do with a quickie by myself back at the office.

With that out of the way I spent the afternoon working on tomorrows presentation. With the holiday looming I've got to get through as much as I can before I go. I couldn't wait to get home this evening a find out what you thought of this morning's pic. Well all I can say it you know how I love comments and you guys have been oh so kind! I feel like a million dollars this evening.

I'll have to treat you to some more pics. For now it's two days to go till I'm off on my hols and I'm glad that the vote has gone back to me being sensible and not slutty!

Right now I'm off to bed... Those comments have got me horny. I can feel a tingle between my legs. So I don't think I'll be sleeping for a while.... Robin :-)

This mornings pic....!

Wow! Thanks for the response on last night pics... You know how to make me feel good about myself. So good that I took this cheeky snap getting ready for work this morning!

I did try to get Jess in the shot but she wouldn't come out from under the covers. I could hardly beg her... come on hun I just want to post you on my blog. Anyhow I'll try and sneak some of her soon!

I hope you like these panties. There one of the new pairs I brought the other week when I went shopping to replace the pair the pantie thief took! Robin :-)x

Monday, 17 August 2009

More camera fun....

Thanks for all the comments on my last post! I'm hoping tonight's pics will change your minds when it comes to lending me your cameras!

I was playing around in bed last night and took a few pics. Here are a couple of my fav's for you to enjoy! Robin :-)

Sunday, 16 August 2009


I have a few days before I go on my hols and with my phone still "on it's way" to the store I asked a friend (who shall remain nameless for now) if I could borrow her camera. I know you guys want me to get you some pics! She dropped off her camera this evening. Of course the memory card had been cleared but there are a few pics stored on the phone memory! Here's one of them!

Now the friend in question isn't exactly a prude but quite who this is and why she'd have a pic of her mid pee, I'm not quite sure. There are a few other pics on the camera which I might share with you. It's certainly changed my opinion of the friend that lent me the camera! Robin :-) x

Saturday, 15 August 2009

New Poll

Check out my new poll... Have a vote and I'll do my best to keep count. Robin :-)

Poll Results...

You're looking after my house while I'm on holiday.. you know I have a toy box... will you try and find it?

74 (90%)
8 (9%)

Votes so far: 82
Poll closed

Well, well, well. I don't think you'd have to look to hard... It's always under my bed!

Friday, 14 August 2009


Agggrrrr! Things are going crazy right now! I can't keep up.

Jess has been driving me crazy! As much as I love having a kinky live in love slave it has it's down sides. She's always waiting for me to come home from work. Now that might sound like heaven but I'm so used to coming home and doing my own thing that it's really thrown out my routine.

I walked in from work yesterday to find Jess in the kitchen naked but for a red stripy apron. I slumped down on the couch in my front room. As much as a naked Jess should have had me horny it wasn't the first time I'd come home to find her waiting for me. In the lounge, in the bath, on my bed, in the garden. You name it I've come home to find Jess there naked waiting for me. Now I think about it I don't know why I'm complaining. Sounds fantastic but the problem is as I said I just want to come home and slob out! Robin :-o

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I'm back....

Sorry... It's been manic. I had hoped to post before I went away and then I hoped to update my blog while I was away and I've been hoping to post up my experiences. It's just been busy, busy, busy! One of the reasons I've been so short on time is that my proper summer holiday is coming up. I'm off for a week of Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex. I can't wait.

So where do I start with this update. Well, Paul and our holidays crossed so I haven't seen him for a while. That hasn't stopped him texting me! Although I'm sure he's going to regret texting me a couple of his Holiday shots! Maybe I'll share those with you if you ask me nicely.

My long weekend was fun. It was a combination of a hen night and girls weekend away and I don't need to tell you it got messy, very messy!

We set the hen up with three hunky strippers, now I sure that they should have charged extra but they ended up spraying the bride with spunk! It all got a little silly and you don't need to ask who started the silliness! One of the guys was waving his cock in her face when I jumped up and grabbed it. Of course it sprung to hardness much to mine and the rest of the girls delight. After a few strokes it was really hard and then after a few more it unloaded. Blobs of spunk sprayed over Claire's face and blouse.

Of course the other two wanted in on the act and despite my keenness to unload the black dancers fat cock over Claire's face I was barged aside and it wasn't long before more streams of spunk were spraying over her face. By now the party was really going off! When the third stripper unloaded over Clarie's face it was pandemonium! I was loving it! From there things get a bit hazy but I woke up naked between Deb and Cloe. They were naked too. God knows what I got up to. But I'm sure when I went to bed Cloe was straight... Lol

The rest of the weekend was just as hazy and apparently just as messy. I'd rather forget walking though town on Saturday night flashing my tits, bum and pussy along with snogging the face off a few random strangers (along with a good grope!)

Apparently my behaviour was off the scale and it took a while for a few of the girls I was away with to start talking to me on Sunday. By Sunday evening and after a few drinks the fun flowed again. The pub we were in was pretty busy and I ended up disappearing into the dark depths of the beer garden with a couple of guys. They took a while to get into their surprise threesome but were soon more than happy with the idea.

I was bent over the table with a cock in my mouth and my pussy when Cloe came down to check I was OK. I guess she knew what I was up too.... She didn't waste any time in getting involved much the guys delight. Of course I couldn't resist pushing Cloe back onto the bench and licking her spunky snatch clean! I told you I was in a dirty mood. I blame the WKD bringing out my WKD side! Robin :-)

Thursday, 6 August 2009


While I'm in a horny mood I'll tell you about Jess. I'm in two minds whether to write this one up but I'm sure some of you will love it and other's, well every ones entitled to an opinion

As I mentioned in Quicky 2. Jess has become besotted with my bottom.

Every time she gets me naked she can't stop herself. From her tongue to my toys Jess will make sure my bum hole is open and played with until I orgasm. She seems fascinated by my anal orgsams. I've never really been a big fan of anal but there's something about Jess's fascination that really turns me on.

Last night I was on my back with my knees by my shoulders I could see Jess as she dipped her tongue in my bum. Then she filled me with my double ended dildo until I screamed the place down with a massive orgasm. Jess left the dildo in my pussy but sat back spitting and tonging my tightening ass hole as it pulsed away. I was in heaven!

I'm not sure when Jess plans on going home but I'm hoping she wants to stay a while longer! Between her and Paul my every sexual desire is taken care of. Robin X

Quicky 2!

Paul spent all morning working hard on a project for me. So hard that I decided I'd treat him to lunch again. Well that was the plan anyhow. Yes you've guessed it I did even make it to the pub!

He'd been like a dog on heat around me all morning. I'm not complaining as it's nice to have a bit of young male attention. Just before we were going to lunch Paul sent me an e-maul. "Meet me by the gents in five. I'm ready for lunch :-)". He pulled me inside shoved me in a cubicle and dropped to his knee's hitching my skirt up around my waist he pulled my thong to one side and lapped away at my freshly shaved pussy. Of course it wasn't long before my juices were running down my thigh's, his tongue and over his chin. I pulled his head hard against my pussy as he lapped away.

Pressing a finger against my tight bum hole it slid in easily as Jess has been spending far to much time playing with my bum over the past few days (if I didn't know better I'd say she's besotted with it. That's another story). With his tongue filling my pussy and his finger in my bottom it wasn't long before I was bracing myself against the cubicle wall. I moaned my way through a throbbing orgasm my pussy pouring juice over Paul's tongue and down his face.

He turned me round and smeared my juices around my pouting bum hole. Then he pressed the tip of his cock into me. Jess has a lot to answer for. It slide straight in, I gasped and Paul began to build a rhythm. Reaching under to finger my clit and my pussy, I cupped Paul's tight balls. He was grunting away and I could feel his whole body tightening. He gasped and swore as his cock unloaded in my bum hole. It felt like he was never going to stop cumming as his cock twitched away.

He pulled out and his spunk shot out of my pulsing hole down my thighs and splattered on the loo seat. Paul kissed me zipped up and left me to mop up. Cheeky git. I headed back to my office to get my breath back and decided to give the pub a miss. I looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge (or fucked in the ass :-)) Now I'm sat here in a bit of a mess. My ass feels well and truly fucked and my pussy is still throbbing. I think I might have to make a trip to the ladies this afternoon. I wonder if Paul will be around? Robin XXX

PS: Sorry for the lack of pics.... I was taking some of Jess in the bath and dropped my I-phone in! Yikes! It's still in my airing cupboard drying out. Fingers crossed. If I get the pics off I'll post them up here.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I know you guys love the latest as it happens. Well guess who's got a salty taste in her mouth? Yes I've just got back from giving Paul one of our new office juniors a messy lunch munch! Paul's been flirting with me since he started but I don't think he bargained on what's just happened. I bet he dreamt about it though he hasn't stopped eyeing me up since we were first introduced and he'll run to the moon for me which is nice.

So he was running around all morning for me so I popped out to get some lunch with him. He kept on dropping hints and when we got back to the office I pulled him into the ladies. Of course I didn't want to waste any time so I went straight to it. Paul did a valiant job to hold on as long as he could but I worked my magic and soon had a mouth full of warm spunk to swallow down.

I swallowed down every drop (well I thought I had I've just found some on my blouse) gave Paul a cheeky kiss and came back to my desk to tell you all about it.... God I love this job sometimes! Robin XXX


I was out on the road yesterday. A busy day with three meetings (yes three, who says I don't work hard). The first went well but for some reason there was a bit of a mix up with times on the second. I found myself with an hour on my hands so I decided to drive onto my next meeting. On the way I pulled into a lay by to eat my lunch. I was a quiet road and there was another car an a lorry parked up. It reminded me a little of my lay by toilet exploits.

No sooner had my mind drifted back to sex with strangers in loo's than a car pulled up in front of me. Another car swung in front of that one. I thought for a moment that it was a road rage incident they were driving so fast. Then a petite blond jumped out of the second car and ran to the passenger door of the first car. She jumped in.

I could see the couple kissing, then they started ripping at each others clothes. The blond disappeared down behind the seats and I could see the guy bracing himself against the dash. I wound down my window and could hear him swearing. Obviously enjoying the blond giving him head, then I saw her sat up wiping her mouth. The doors opened and they both jumped out in a state of undress and jumped straight in the back.

I didn't have a perfect view but I could see the guy on top of her pounding away. I could hear her moaning louder and louder as it was obvious she was about to orgasm. As the moaning died down I watched them both dress. They kissed and they both climbed out and she got in her car and drove off with him following. Leaving me all hot and sticky on my own. I managed to make it through the next meeting but I couldn't wait to get home.

Jess is still at mine and I found her asleep on my bed naked. A squeeze of strawberry's and cream lube and I went down on her till she woke up with an intense orgasm. Of course we didn't stop there. Jess spent the rest of the evening making sure I was fully satisfied. I told her all about my lunch break tease... Of course she couldn't resist teasing me that she had a freshly fucked pussy and wasn't driving anywhere.... God I wish! Robin :-)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Just Jenn and I....

First up.... sorry to disappoint but Friday nights foursome didn't come off. Although I was a little disappointed when I first got Rach's text I quickly remembered that Jess was staying at mine and that we would still have a great time!

I rushed home from work with two bottles of wine. Jess had cooked me dinner and had a bath waiting after we'd eaten. Jess even treated me to a divine foot massage by the time I crawled onto my bed I was more than ready for Jess to spend the rest of the evening driving me wild on the tip of her tongue. Of course Jess didn't disappoint and we ended up in the juiciest 69 I've ever had. Robin XXX