Monday, 27 April 2009

Poll Results....

I've decided that I'll dress up for you.... Would you like to see me as a...

17 (36%)
Cop/Prison Warden
4 (8%)
French Maid
13 (27%)
Cat Woman (Catsuit)
13 (27%)

So Nurse it is... I think I'd look pretty sexy in this one

Let me know what you think? Robin :-x

Mail mania.... Thanks

I'm glad you all enjoyed reading about my (s)exploits on Saturday as much as I did, obviously at the time and writing them up of course. I've asked myself this question before does my blog push me on to doing more and more adventurous things or does it just make them even more exciting?

I love getting comments from you guys... Knowing that you're waiting to hear the latest and then hearing what you think... Thanks, I'll do you a deal I'll keep on doing what I am, if you keep on doing what you are. Robin :-x

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Last night was CRAZY!

I've just walked in and I can't wait to slip into my nice warm bath... Last night got messy, very messy! It was one of THE craziest nights of my life. I know that many of my exploits are unbelievable but last night was truly unbelievable. I'm struggling to get my head round it and believe what happened! Hopefully you're up to speed with the texts and the teasing over a five cock face full.

Dave an ex of mine had set something up and despite my gut saying no, my very adventurous sexual side had everything ready to go come 7pm last night.

I called Dave and he gave me his address. Gail and I hadn't been able to keep our hands to ourselves all afternoon but we'd agreed that we might need to pace ourselves a little on the sex and wine front! We called up a cab and 20mins later we were in Dave's lounge. Initially I though that it was just Dave on a wind up as he was on his own.

He flicked on his TV and pressed play on the DVD player. There I was in glourous colour legs spread fingering my much younger and hungrier pussy. Gail commented on how much younger I looked and Dave asked if I remembered making this for him. Blushing, I clocked how much Gail was into it. She was sat next to Dave on the couch and it wasn't long before she'd put Dave's hand up her skirt giving him a good feel just how turned on she was. That left me feeling a little left out... Then in walked a guy in his early 20's.

It was obvious he was pleased to see me his cock looked massive in his jeans. Gail was now going down on Dave and I could hear her sucking and slurping away on his cock. She gives the noisiest Bj's.

"Come here..." I pulled the stranger over to me. Standing him just in front of me, unbuckling his belt, undoing his jeans and pulling them down. I pressed my hand against his fat cock and it hardened further. Pulling it from his pants I gave it a tug before rapping my lips around it. He moaned loudly and pulled my head against his crotch. Meanwhile Gail was getting her first hot mouthful of spunk from Dave. This seemed to excite my young stud and as I groped his balls he unloaded on my tongue and down the back of my throat. MMMM

Gail crawled over to me and we snogged sharing the hot seed from our guys... HOT! I can't really remember what I was thinking apart from how dirty the two of us where. That's when I clocked more of Dave's mates filling into the room. I didn't have time to count them... But there was a long line of hard cocks.... What to do? Do we try and get out of this, after all there was no hiding why we where there. Or shall we carry on and get into it, and get sucking?

While my blond brain I tried to measure up the options, meanwhile Gail was off sucking!!!. With a cock in her mouth and her hands rapped round the two on either side I stopped thinking about what I was doing. It was time to get into this cock fest.

Now blog regulars will know that I'm no stranger to group sex and this wasn't the first time I'd been in this situation. Although the last time this happened to me I'd managed to escape sort off... This time there was no hiding.

Of course most of you will have seen this kinda thing in porno's I actually think that the porn stars make it look easy! Although blog regulars will know that I have developed a rather awesome bj technique that means I can either get guys to cum quickly or go for ages. The first couple I went for speed... Not that I was racing Gail but she was on her third.

The next guys cock was a much bigger and I wanted to enjoy treating it's owner to a bj to remember. I lost concentration when I caught a glimpse of Gail's face being covered in hot spunk and before I knew it my guy had unloaded yet another load in my mouth. There was far to much spunk though and it squeezed out from my lips down his cock and onto my tit's and blouse.

The guys were getting more excited as Gail and I made our way round the room. I was slurping away on one guys cock when another guy unloaded over my head. Big blobs of spunk splashed into my hair setting off another guy who sprayed even more spunk into the side of my face my eye and my ear. That set the guys who's cock was in my mouth off and I swallowed down yet another hot load. Another cock unloaded in my face before I could even get my lips round it.... things were getting messy.

Between us we sucked our way around twelve of Dave's mates. If I looked half as slutty as Gail we'd have given a couple of porn stars a run for their money. I was so horny that I could feel my own juices running down my thy's so I lied back on Dave's couch and spread my legs wide. Some of the guys obviously shouldn't have had been there as they'd already gone home to their wives and girlfriends. There were still a few of Dave's mates in the kitchen. Gail lied next to me on the couch and with our legs in the air we both shouted "who's first?" giggling!

The guys that could took it in turns to fuck Gail and I... It was intense the first guy that fucked me got a real treat as a massive orgasm ripped through me. That set Gail off and she treated her fella to a leg shaker too.... When the guys had run out of go and spunk it was around 3am. Dave sent the rest of his friends packing and took the two of us up to his bedroom. We treated him to a very sloppy double blow job before rolling over to get some sleep. I was exhausted!

So Dave gave us a lift home this morning and I've just typed this up. My hair is a mess my clothes are too and I'm as horny as I was last night after typing this up. I'm off for a long warm bath. Gail's going to come round tonight..... She's just text me one word... HORNY! Robin :-x

Friday, 24 April 2009


OK.... I just want to say thanks for the feedback on Text. It's great to know you guys are looking out for me.. Some sound advice there my friends! Thanks.

Today I've had two more texts... Here they are

"Robin, Hi... You know me well and you gave me your number. I've just changed mine.... So how about you make you're blog readers happy and come and make this happen. D!"

I text back....

"Ok Dave... At least I know you're up to your old tricks! Now I'm really interested tell me more. Robin :-)"

Then I got this....

"So the penny drops. Tomorrow night call me at 7pm. I'll get everything set up. Dress sexy and if Gail wants to come she can! Be ready it's going to get messy. D!"

So.... I've text Gail and we are all set for a wild one. I dated Dave on and off for a year a couple of years ago. We split when he went travelling. If I get a mo I'll bring you some of our exploits! I'm already excited and I've just got off the phone and Gail is too... Of course I'll keep you posted. Robin :-x

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Part 3 is on the way... Hope your enjoying reading the catch up as much as I'm enjoying writing it! Problem is as always there's more going on and not enough time to keep you up to speed. Things move fast in my life.. Trust me even I have trouble keeping up some times!

Anyhow I had a text today... Let me know what you'd do... and what you think I should do. While I think about my response! (and work out how they got my mobile!) Or I guess it could all just be a wind up...

"Robin... We can't wait to see you! There are five big cocks waiting to unload over you! We can't wait to get something set up... You make us so horny! Just name a time and a place and we'll be there hard and ready to blow! D, S, P, T, K"

Let me know what you think guys... Should I? shouldn't I? Is this a wind up? Robin :-x

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Easter Holiday Weekend.... Part 2

Back in the club Gail and I shared an excited hug and a big snog... Dancing off to the next club the night was still young.... Gail had her eye on a guy and his mate was pretty tasty too... She'd be trying to get their attention for a while when they came over and offered to buy us a drink. Nice... Of course one drink becomes three and the night starts to become a bit of a blur... I can remember dancing lots and I think that I showed more than a few people that I wasn't wearing any undies!

I can just about remember bundling back to our hotel in a taxi at about 3am there it gets very blurry but I clearly remember waking up in the morning with Gail and two random guys in our hotel room. Ummm that awkward - what happened? feeling was soon forgotten when I clocked Gail giving one of the guys a handjob. He had a massive cock and it wasn't long before Gail had her lips rapped round it. I reached under the covers and it didn't take long for the other guys cock to harden in my hand. It wasn't as big as his mates but I wasn't complaining. The disappointing thing was that it didn't take long for his cock to pump a hot thick load over my lips as I made my way down to treat him to one of my bj's. Luckily he enjoyed me cleaning him up with my tongue so much that he was soon hardening up again.

While Gail was still slurping away I squatted down on my guys semi hard cock it was thickening as I began to bounce up and down building a rythm. Meanwhile Gail's fella started to moan and he pushed Gail back off his cock. Gail crawled over and kissed me. I could taste his cock on her lips and I guess she could taste my guys cock too, mmmm.

Her guy had positioned himself behind her and she carried on kissing me as he reached under to finger her pussy before sliding his cock into her from behind. My guys cock was now back to full stiffness and filling me. As much as I was enjoying snogging Gail's face off I wanted to fuck the cock in my pussy. Gail reached down and frigged my clit that just set me off more and I was hit by a monster orgasm.

This was all to much for Gail's fella he pulled out and sprayed his hot load up over Gail's back letting it run down over her pussy. MMMMM as soon as I'd got my breath back I positioned Gail at the end of the bed with the guys watching on as licked and sucked up every blob of spunk... Tracing my tongue down over her tight bum hole and pushing it into her well fucked and juicy pussy. This sent Gail over the edge and the guys faces were a right picture! I'll leave it there for now... Saturday night is coming up! Robin XXX

The Easter Holiday Weekend.... Part 1

Ok ok I know this is late but my manic life keeps on getting in the way of Blogging and as much as I love keeping you guys in the loop I have to maintain the loop! Kinda chicken and egg, well me and my sex life I guess! Anyway guys you'd be proud although I wish I had more time to bring you the low down. From the number of e-mails I've had I guess I better bring you up to speed with the Easter weekend.

So... where to start. Well Gail and I drove down to Bournemouth we were staying in a nice place about 5mins walk from the town centre and close to the sea. I wasn't too worried about the room although Gail insisted that we tested the shower before hitting the town. Of course that meant that after a messy session in the shower. I was super horny and we both ended up out on the town for night one with no undies on.... How was I going to keep my fingers to myself???

We hit a bar and then moved on to the first club of the evening. I watched with envy as Gail dragged a guy off to the ladies. Of course that envy was short lived, I headed in about five minutes later and could hear Gail and her guy grunting away. I stood on the loo in the next cubicle and peered over to see Gail bent over the loo, skirt up her back bracing herself as her guy fucked her from behind. I watched on as he grunted and pumped Gail's gorgeous pussy full of his hot spunk and she screamed her way through a leg trembling orgasm.

I quickly headed back into the club and waited for Gail to come and find me at the bar. I'd made sure there were a couple of drinks lined up and Gail came over with a smile on her face. She kissed me slipping a mouth full of his hot spunk between my lips... Dirty bitch!!! I slipped it back in to her mouth and she showed me as she swallowed it all down! Naughty!

I pushed her hand on my thy and her fingers brushed my pussy of course it was dripping.... "Right time to find you a man...." Gail was off on the dance floor. It wasn't long before I was leading my fella off to the ladies. I treated him to a messy bj and of course he blew his load down my throat. Luckily he was hard again pretty quick and I was desperate for a good hard cock in my pussy. It slipped straight in and wrapped my legs round his back as he pounded me.

I looked up and could see Gail watching on. Time to put on a show.... I treated him to the shag of his life... and screamed as pumped my pussy full of hot cum... Looking up at Gail she gave me a wink.... MMMMMM

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Poll Results....

You notice that I've left my bedroom curtains open you can see me.....

Playing with my pussy and getting messy? 17
Having sex with my latest male conquest? 5
Having sex with my latest female conquest? 12
Having sex with multiple partners? 26

I'd better invite everyone over and leave the curtains open then for anyone I've forgotten.... I bet you'd like to be one of my neighbours!!! Robin :-X

WOW.... What a weekend!

My hangover is just about clearing and the old memory is coming round.... The pics on my camera are cringe worthy but they are helping me remember the weekend. Yes Gail and I took Bournemouth by storm. I had a taste of fame or should that be infamy? When a blog regular bumped into me on Saturday night in a club... It all went off. When I've got five I'll bring you as much as I can remember.

I've just got in from the gym and as usual I'm knackered... A bath and bed for me! Robin :-) X

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Lunchtime fun....

Just back from the gym and I'm very sweaty tonight. I skipped my usual shower as I'm feeling horny and want to have a good session in the bath. Back at the gym my usual class was full so I joined the next one up. WOW that guy puts the 'pump' in Body Pump. I've never lost so much sweat in a class before. I swear it had nothing to do with the couple in front of me grunting and groaning their way through the session with their hands far from where they have should be. It's a shame my helper didn't follow their lead. lol anyway I mustn't ramble on.

I wanted to tell you about my lunch time today... I was out on the road and passed a lay by that I know is a regular dogging spot. Of course the old sex drive kicked in and I decided to let myself pull in and take a peak. Yeah I know as if that was all I was going to do.

At first it looked like the rain had kept everyone away but then I spotted a car in the corner. The drivers door was open and I could see a couple on the back seat. Luckily there was space next to them so I pulled in. I could see straight away that the couple were in the back she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I had a great view and watched on as she treated him to a cracking blow job.

I could feel my pussy tingling and I couldn't resist rubbing the material of my undies against my pussy. When the guy climaxed in her mouth she dribbled strings of spunk over his balls and over the seat. Then she sucked them up and that's when she clocked me. With a wink she opened her mouth to show me the mouthful of spunk before swallowing it down, cheeky bitch. She sat back on the seat and spread her legs. Giving me a quick glimpse before the guy then went down on her. She grabbed his head and fixed a stare at me... She must have guessed what I was doing and obviously love the fact that she had all my attention.

She started to moan and lost herself in the moment. This set me off.... A orgasm ripped through me coating my fingers in my juices. The guy moved up and they started fucking. He was grunting away and she was moaning loudly. He still had his shirt on but his white bum was thrusting away. I was rubbing my pussy and had slipped back in my seat having pulled my undies to one side. I could feel another orgasm building and wanted to share their moment. As she screamed and he grunted his bum thrust deep and then stopped as he pumped his hot spunk deep inside her. I came again too my juices now dribbling onto the seat.

The couple dressed. She got out giving me a wink climbed in her car and sped off. He then got back in the driving seat and left too. Leaving me to mop up, wondering if I should have done more. It made for an interesting afternoon and I was glad that it was just catching up on paper work at the office. I'm in that area at the end of next week. I'll make sure I call in again I don't think I'll be able to just watch next time though. Robin :-X

Don't forget the questions on my early post.... I love em and can't wait to hear from you.

It's the weekend!

With the Easter Hols the weekend come early... Gail is coming over tonight and the plan is to hit the cost this weekend. I think we're heading to Bournemouth so watch out boys! I've had some wild weekends and I have a feeling this will be one of the best.

I've just text Rach to see if she wants to come too if the three of us go it's going to be a riot! Even it Rach just comes round tonight it's guaranteed to go off with a bang! Robin :-x

I've got a bit of a story for you.. I'll try and log in and write it up later...

A question for you and questions for me....

Someone had the check to e-mail me and say my blog was great but that I talked to much (a bit like real life) I can't help it, I love being the centre of attention as you can probably tell. I thought I'd throw that one over to you guys and see what you all think? Let me know?

I was looking back at my blog and remembered how much fun it was when you guys all questioned me! So I thought I'd try and do that again, especially as I have some new followers (welcome on board and thanks for following). So anything goes, YES you really can ask me anything! Just post them up as comments and I'll get back to you all ASAP. Thanks. Robin :-X

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I'm gonna burst!

I had one of those days today. This afternoon I had to meet a new client, Jane was their purchaser and she me with Paul the company MD. I can't tell you what we talked about but I could tell you everything about Jane I couldn't keep my eyes of her. She had long blond hair that framed her face, blue eyes and perfect pouty lips. Her complexion was perfect and her personality sparkled through. OMG... I'm sat her now and my pussy is throbbing.

Driving home all I could think of was what I'd like to do to Jane.... Crazy, Gail is great fun there was just something about Jane that did it for me. I guess it was probably the fact that I knew it was just a fantasy. Right time for Eastenders then a lovely long bath to ease that throbbing... Robin :-x

Monday, 6 April 2009

Gail's surprise!

After such a serious session on Friday I couldn't wait for Saturday night. After a steady stream of texts we finally settled on Gail coming round to mine for 7pm. The boys were out on the town and the plan was to get ready at mine and then head into town to catch up with the boys. We decided at 4pm so I just had enough time to put my plan into action....

I called Rachel (read more about her here) luckily she was at a loose end and could make it to mine for 6.30pm. I jumped in the shower, shaving my pits, legs and pussy, smoooooth! I slipped on my new silk dressing gown and tried to resit having a play. Of course I couldn't and it wasn't long before I was lying back on my bed with my legs in the air with my rabbit working it's magic!

I was just recovering from a real leg trembler when Rachel arrived. I invited her in and the first thing she said was "god, it smells like someones been fingering their pussy in here" of course I just replied with "guilty as charged". Rachel is always horny and although I'd caught her off guard with my comment it didn't take her long to work out why I'd asked her round. We kissed and I whispered in her ear that we should head up to my bedroom. "I'll be right there" I assured her.

Grabbing the post-it pad from my work bag I scribbled - "come in we're upstairs R X". I chased Rachel up the stairs. She was sat on the end of my bed in just a T-shirt. I pushed her legs apart and went straight for her pussy with my tongue. GOD she tasted amazing and she was so wet!! I pushed her back on the bed I wanted Rachel to see how turned on I was so I squatted over her I felt a finger press against my lips and looked to see Rach press it too her lips. She moaned and then her tongue jabbed at my pussy.

I was in heaven and I was so focused on what was going on that I forgot that Gail was coming too. "So you guys couldn't wait for me?" Gail was at the door. OMG... Rachel didn't even stop which was a good sign in my book. Gail was down to her undies and bra in no time and she crawled onto the bed and joined me munching on Gail's pussy. Our tongues mingled as we kissed giving Gail her first taste of Rachel's wetness.

It was all to much for Gail and she shuddered as a huge orgasm ripped through her. Gail was sucking Rachel's clit between her teeth. I reached down and could instantly feel just how wet Gail was the material of her undies was sticking to her pussy. I pulled her panties to one side and slid in a finger. MMMM She was dripping so god knows how long she'd been watching us. Gail sat on the bed next to Rachel and I licked my way up her thy. As always she tasted amazing! Rachel crawled to the end of the bed and watched as I licked away at Gail's pussy.

I slid a finger into her pussy and pressed it against Rach's lips she was still breathless. She smiled so I kissed her. She could now taste a cocktail of her own and Gail's pussy juices. She practically pushed me off the bed and went down on Gail. I sat back and watched spreadding my legs and fingering my dripping pussy. Rachel swapped from Gail to me, god it felt amazing then she swapped back.

I lent over my bed and pulled out my toy box grabbing my double ended dildo. I tapped Rach on the head with it. She giggled took it and pushed it into Gail's pussy. Gail swiveled so that I could get close, so close that Gail pubes were tickling my bum. I didn't have time to think about that though as Rach pushed the other end of the dildo into my and started to fuck us both silly.

Gail and I were screaming and Rach was loving it. Taking turns to suck our clits I was the first to go. Screaming my way through a huge orgasm and thrashing around on the bed. That set Gail off to a second and much stronger orgasm with a lot of omg'ing.

too my place and I pushed the dildo into her. Gail was still moaning but she begged me not to stop as her pussy spasmed so hard it squeezed the didlo out onto the bed. I pushed Gails end into my mouth and worked up a rhythm on Rach. It wasn't long before she was off again and out screaming us both!

That was how things continued... I lost count of how many times we all climaxed it all became a blur especially when we decided that our night out would become a night in and started hitting the wine. I think we eventually gave in and fell asleep in the early hours of Sunday morning!

I woke up between Gail and Rach and we spent the morning making sure that all my toys got a good workout :-) Rach left at lunchtime and Gail didn't leave until 7pm yesterday.

Now all I need to do is get Gail and her boys together with Rach. Or maybe Gail will do that for me! Here's hoping... Robin :-X

Poll Results - Spunky!

I quite like the poll function and I thought I'd find out about what you'd like to do to me.

Cum deep inside my warm wet pussy? 36
Spray your spunk up my back? 2
Unload over my tits? 5
Cum over my face and in my mouth? 28

Interesting reading... I guess the next question is would you like to see some cream pie!

Really juicy updates to come... and I'll set up a new Poll soon! Robin :-x

Friday, 3 April 2009

Less of a Gail more of a Wirlwind!

Ok I'm sure everyone exaggerates a little on their blog from time to time. But what I'm about to tell you really did happen yesterday... I'm still in shock, a nice shock of course!

So what happened.. Well I was just finishing up at work when Gail sent me a text. "My address is ....... come round for 7. Gail" Wow that's my evening sorted. I felt my heart leap a little I'd had problems getting Gail out of my head all day so I couldn't wait to get round and see her.

I found her place easy she lives in a flat about 20mins drive from mine and by the time I got there I was dripping... really dripping. When I got to the door there was a post-it on the glass. Come in Robin... We are upstairs! WE? if my heart wasn't pounding before it was now. I could feel it trying to climb out of my chest. I shut the door behind me and made my way up stairs. I hadn't even made it to the top of the stairs when I could hear Gail moaning. I didn't have to guess which room she was in as the door was wide open.

There was Gail on her back with two black guys. Very well hung black guys. One was between her legs while the over was enjoying a hand job. I stood at the top of the stairs looking on. Gail looked in her element and I had to pinch myself. I'd only met her at the weekend and she seemed so Innocent. Now there she was on her back on her bed with two guys treating her like a dirty slut, and I thought I loved sex! Have I met my match with Gail?

Gail was now sucking on the bigger of the two guys cocks slurping away the second guy pressed his cock against her pussy and I watched as he push it in much to Gail's delight. I was gagging to get in there but at the same time there was something sexy about watching Gail at the mercy of these guys. I didn't have to worry Gail clocked me.... "Robin! come and meet the boys".

Did I walk did I run. I can't remember and don't care. All I know is that Mike and Paul were cool. Gail and Mike had a bit of thing going on and Paul had joined them from time to time. When Gail had told them about me they couldn't wait to get some 4 some action going on! Well I wasn't going to argue and while Mike stripped me off and fed his fat cock into my mouth, Paul carried on fucking Gail and boy had my view improved. I've never been so horny and Mike was loving it. I think I've mentioned my Bj technique before and despite Mikes best efforts and after Gail and I's super sucking he started unloading his spunk in my mouth.

I let a little dribble down my cheek but I held most of it in my mouth and went over to the bed. Straddling Gail I dribbled my gob full of warm spunk into her mouth. The whole time Paul didn't stop fucking her. So sexy!

Then he pulled out and thrust his cock straight into my pussy. On thrust right up to the hilt I moaned loudly and squashed up against Gail. Paul pulled out and pushed into her again. The me then her... Then he stopped and I felt blob after blob of cum shower down on my bum running down between my legs and over Gails pussy.

While Paul and Mike caught their breath I lick Gail's pussy, sucking up all of Paul's hot spunk and licking her clit which drove her wild. By now the boys were hard again so we took turns to suck their cocks back to full hardness. Sharing a snog in between it was getting messy. Gail pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs. The guys came round to the end of the bed and Gail guided Mikes cock into my pussy. Mike began to fuck me while Paul came to the head of the bed and slapped his cock against my lips. I could taste Gail's pussy as I slurped away. I wanted to taste his cum but he had other ideas.

Gail was liking my pussy, clit and the base of Mike's cock he was building up a rhythm and Paul stood opposite Gail and started wanking. Gail pulled his cock in and slurped hard on it. Then Mike and Paul swapped places and Gail climbed on top of me. The guys took it in turns to fuck us and I thrashed away under Gail as an orgasm tore through me. The guys held on so I rolled Gail over and squatted on her face letting my juices dribble into her mouth. Of course I was lapping away at her hot pussy and the cocks that were fucking it and it wasn't long before the guys were unloading in her hot snatch. Of course I was there ready to scope it all up with my tongue and dribbled it in to Gail's mouth.

Of course at the time I was loving it but now I'm typing I feel like a right slut. Of course I've arrange to see Gail this evening will she bring the boys??? Robin X

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dirty Gail

WOW.... Gail has just left. I've never met a girl like her! She must have just been nervous the first time we got together. I got home just after 5pm and ran straight up stairs. Gail was on my bed with my fav toy wedged inside her. Gorgeous why can't I come home to that every day?

She was lying in a big wet patch and was horny as hell. I wasted no time in stripping off. Picking my double ended dildo up off of the floor. I sucked hard on one end leaving a trail of spit from tip to tongue. Pushing it slowly into Gail dripping pussy watching her juices running down her thys. God I was in ecstasy. I crawled up to kiss her and slid the other end into me... Sliding the dildo between us and building up rhythm. All Gail could do was grown loudly and shudder to yet another orgasm. She'd lost count. Then it was my turn. I shuddered to a leg trembling orgasm and collapsed on top of Gail's sweaty body.

Gail slid out from underneath me and crawled round and started lapping away between my legs. She was unstoppable even when I came again she just didn't stop. Licking my pussy and playing with my clit making my juices run and join hers on the bed. God I was in heaven.

Gail headed for the shower and off for her evening shift and I've been here playing with myself ever since... Enjoy the pic! Robin X :-x X

Gail comes back for seconds

I got back from the Gym last night to find Gail sat on my doorstep. Of course I invited her in and offered her a drink. She followed me into the kitchen and before I really knew what was happening she's pounced on me and was snogging my face off and tugging at my joggers dying to get her hands on my sweaty snatch.

I wasn't going to stop her, I was too busy trying to unbutton her jeans. Soon we were stood in my kitchen snogging with our fingers wedged inside each others wetness. Gail was dripping, I was too after a very steamy session at the gym and the thought of a long warm bath when I got home. Now all I could think of was what I could do to Gail and what she was going to do to me!

I lifted her up onto my worktop and kissed my way up her thy. My tongue just touching her pussy was enough. She grabbed the back of my head and held me tight against her wetness. It was so intense my tongue just lapped away at her clit and her wet pussy sucking away at her juices. Gail was screaming she was going to cum so I pressed her clit with my thumb and pushed her over the edge with my tongue. She nearly slid of the side board she was thrashing around so much! When her pussy stopped throbbing I kissed my way up across her stomach pulling her top off and unclasping her bra, stopping to tease her nipples between my teeth before treating her to a taste of her sexy pussy.

MMM my god it was my turn. Gail pushed me back up onto the worktop and licked down to my hot pussy. I was on fire down there and so wet I just wanted to feel her tongue. I closed my eyes and could feel something hard pressing against my pussy. It felt like a toy so I went with it. I was stretching me but it wasn't uncomfortable and Gail soon took my mind of it by sucking my clit between her teeth. I was thrusting my bum off the worktop to fuck her toy and her tongue. Shouting for her to make me cum. Gail pulled out the toy in my pussy and stabbed at my clit with her tongue that was it. I screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through me.... ooowwweeee!

Gail then pushed the toy back inside me and made me cum again before pressing it to my lips. I knew then that she'd be fucking me with my cucumber. Dirty little bitch. I'd left it on the side after I made my sandwiches that morning and she'd thought it looked to good to miss. Thank god for Morrisons fat cucumbers.

I was so sweaty after all that sex and the gym that I wanted a shower so I dragged Gail upstairs and we stripped and I pushed her in the shower. Of course we couldn't keep our hands off each other and Gail humped the top of my thy and my pussy to yet another leg trembling orgasm. We finally made it my bed at about midnight and it was far to late for Gail to go home so she stayed over.

In fact
she's just sent me a text to say she's still there now and when am I getting home! I think it will be a 4.30pm finish today... I'm dripping already... More later Robin :-)