Saturday, 30 January 2010

Last night...

If you follow me on Twitter (and you should then you'll know that last night I lost out on a bet. Now I was sure I was onto a good thing but watching the highlights of the CBB I can see now that Alex was bound to win. For a start I've liked him from day one and his body well? I've been lucky enough to spend some time with some well built, buff guys but Alex had a little extra, hey girls?

Anyhow, back to the bet. I bet Paul a quickie that Vinnie would win CBB being the peoples favorite and all that. If Vinnie won Paul would take me for a meal with all the trimmings!

Well you'll know that I lost and being true to my word and much to Paul's delight I made good on my bet. Back at my place I wasted no time in getting him up to my room and stripping off. His cock was practically breaking out of his jeans and by the time it hit my lips and my tongue licked the length of it, it was coated in pre-cum! As he'd won I even let him choose the position! He bent me over my dressing table with my knickers round my ankles. Paul slipped his hard cock straight up me and wasted no time in banging me hard sending my makeup flying to the floor as he grunted away behind me.

With no pillow to muffle my pleasure I thought I was going to scream the house down (sorry neighbours) Paul thrust harder and hard reaching round to finger my clit as he pumped his spunk deep into my pussy. I dropped to my knees and licked him clean swallowing the juices that coated his cock.

No sooner had I swallowed down the sticky residue than Paul had pulled up his jeans and was heading downstairs. I straightened myself up before showing him the door! Job done you might say. Not quite, I ran a bath and couldn't resit bringing myself off again on the thought of how dirty I'd just been. I love no strings sex and bet sex well does it get any better? Robin :-)

Poll Results.....

What should I wear to the gym?

T-shirt and shorts
10 (13%)
T-shirt and hot pants
11 (14%)
Crop top and Joggers
9 (12%)
Crop top and hot pants
44 (59%)

Votes so far: 74
Poll closed

This one's been around for a while. Shame it didn't motivate me to go to the gym more. Normally January is a good month as there's loads of new people down at the gym. This year I just haven't been motivated. Note to self - get to the gym more. That little belly isn't as sexy as the flat stomach you had last summer! Robin ;-)x

Monday, 25 January 2010


365! Days in the year and followers of my blog. Welcome one and all!

It's been crazy for the last few days they've all past in a bit of a blur. I went to Nicky's for the weekend. She's been bugging me for ages about going to stay so I called her up on Friday and drove up on Friday night. We had a good night on Friday just a bottle of wine between the two of us at hers. We dressed sexy and went to a crazy house party on Saturday night. 10hrs of drink music and partying hard. I've danced my feet sore! I woke up on Sunday tucked up in a double bed between Nicky and a buff guy called James. Yet again I have no idea what we got up too! All I know is that I could taste cock and my pussy had been well and truly seen too! I don't know what Nicky was doing there but her bf was nowhere to be seen!!! I hate it when I can't bring you all the sexy details. I'll have to make up for that later this week!

I'm still considering whether to tell more on my exploits with Rachel. I'm hoping not that it's not an anti climax! I'm sure it won't be. I'll try and find five tomorrow! Robin X

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Questions - Part 2

Bollox work can wait. Here's questions - Part 2.

Q: Do you dig public sex? If so, what's your most daring act? Kisses, - Amy

Yes I have a bit of a thing for public sex (and I'm not just talking alley behind pubs/clubs). I spent many an evening shagging in the park in my early 20's. Such a turn on! I tried to convince Jo that we should have a sesh in the snow. She wasn't having any of it. lol. I had sex in the woods last summer. Lots of ramblers all moaning that I was moaning to loud! lol

Q: If we ("the readership") wanted to meet Robin, how do we do this?

Watch this space. I'm thinking about setting up a meet Robin session. I've been told by my friends not too. But there's a niggling part of me that's really up for it!

Q: With what I've read on your blog (not all) I was wondering why you chose to follow mine?
ptathuk (Chastity Fantasies of an Obsessive Compulsive) P.S. Since curiosity is rumoured to be dangerous only to felines, I'm hoping I'll be safe in asking. :-))

I was checking out followers and found your site. Just thought I'd follow to see what the fantasies of an Chastity Obsessive Compulsive are about. It appealed to my kinky side too :-).

What happened with Rachel? Was she too perverse even for you?

Yes. Rachel was something else. As I said it makes me shiver! If you really really want to know and post enough Yes posts I guess I will tell you!

As I said keep the questions coming.. don't forget those yes posts! Robin X :-)

Over to you - Part 1 Advizor

Thanks for the questions... Here's part 1. I'll get to the others later when I have a mo!

1 - Have you ever been disciplined at work for sexual activity?

At my old job I was given a warning for leaving a juicy bum print and undies on the MD's desk! A little embarrassing considering it was her son who'd been shagging me when I left it there. I still don't know who told her it was me but I bet it wasn't her son!

2 - Have you ever had a sexual harassment complaint filed against you for your "enthusiasm" at work?

No. I always make sure I'm in the HR departments good books. "Robin's flirting is harmless" is what they usually say.

3 - What sexual experience do you regret the most?

I was fronted up by an ex of one of my one night stands. She ranted at me in tears about how I'd ruined her and her kids lives and I should keep my slutty claws to myself. Her Ex was a shit shag so I've always regretted that one.

I shiver when I think how far Rachel made me go. I don't like talking about it and I'm not sure I'd do that again.

4 - What is your technique for anal sex? What is your favorite position for anal play?

I love anal sex. Plenty of lube or get me in the right mood and my juices will do the rest. I'm up for a little experimentation when it comes to positions. I haven't found one I don't like.

5 - Have you ever considered posting videos of yourself masturbating for your fans?

Yes, Maybe one drunk evening you'll get what your after.

6 - Describe the perfect fuck? Have you experienced it yet?

I've had many perfect fuck's. Just as I think Ive had the best someone comes along and takes it to a whole new level. Right now I'm really into group sex I found that I've got such an appetite for sex multiple lovers really hit the spot!

7 - Which actress/model/singer/celebrity would you most want to have oral/vaginal/anal sex with (male and female)?

Would mind a night of passion with George Cluney something about him says fun! In his latest film he's always on the road and that reminds me of the guys I'd meet on my work travles. At the moment I've found myself strangely attracted to Lady Sovereign from Celebrity Big Brother. I think it's the CHAV factor! Is that odd?

8 - Have you ever had intimate photographs of you stolen or sent out without permission?

Yes, An ex put some pics of me naked on his bed across my whole school. At first it was the worst thing that had happened to me. Then I got a lot of guys asking me out on a dates. I ended up going from geek to gangstar and hanging out with the cool crew. I've been carefull when it comes to pics eversince.

9 - What is your favorite technique/position for masturbating?

You read my blog - you know I love my toys. It has to be on my back although in the shower is pretty good too.

and 10 - What is your fetish?

Ah I have a few. Feet, watching and juices are the main ones. Rachel took me out of my comfort zone so I've been keeping it simple the last few months.

It's not too late to ask your questions. Just send me a reply and I'll get back to you. Robin XX

Monday, 18 January 2010

Over to you?

It's been a while since I invited some questions from you my happy followers. Any thing goes just reply to this post with your questions and I'll get back to you with the answers. Anything goes!!!

Over to you? Robin X

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Quick weekend update.

It's been a busy weekend.

It all started Friday lunchtime when I hooked up with S one of my 'fuckbuddies' for a drink. He was in town on business and sandwiches were the last thing on his menu! He picked me up from outside the office and we drove to the outskirts of town. My fingers were covered in precum by the time we pulled up in the lay by and I couldn't waste to get S's cock in my mouth. I rapped my hot lips round his knob and sucked hard. His hand slid down the back of my skirt and a finger touched on my tight little bum hole.

I pulled down his trousers and straddled his crotch trying not to break my back on the steering wheel. S slid the seat back and sunk down on his hard shaft. I was dripping wet and screaming with pleasure. Bouncing on S's cock he braced himself against the steering wheel and started pumping my hot pussy full of spunk! MMMMM I climbed back into the passenger seat and straightened myself up. S ran me back to the office and I tried not to look like I'd just been fucked bandy in the front of a BMW in my lunch break.

I rushed home from work had a bath and changed. Short skirt, tight t-shirt and my best bra and undies. Party time! The evening started slow. Jo and I gave up on a couple of places before finding somewhere with more than 10 people! A couple of guys got chatting with us, 20min later we were back at Jo's. No more than 10 mins later than I'm on my knees with Gary's cock in my mouth as Jo and Paul do the same across her living room. No prizes for guessing what went down from there. Needless to say Gary and Paul mates will be a little gutted they didn't make it out on Friday night!

I stayed over at Jo's and we spent most of Saturday shopping. I spent far to much money and ate to much. We headed out for an evening meal and another night on the pull. Jo didn't waste any time hooking up with a bunch of guys on a stag do. She disappeared and came back licking her lips (and they say I'm the sex addict). Of course I wasn't about to be outdone so I dragged the stag off to the dance floor and treated him to little dirty dancing. I think I went a bit to far when I flipped my skirt up my back and ground hard against his leg and crotch (he had such a hardon it pushed my panties up my bum). He held on so tight I'm sure he was cumming hard in his pants! Not the first time that evening I'm sure.

The guys headed off to the strip club and Jo and I headed to the bar. Pete and Sean spent the rest of the evening making sure Jo and I were well and truly sozzled before inviting us back to their hotel! Of course the promise of more drink from the mini bar sealed it. The guys talked us into a little girl on girl action and I made Jo cum sucking on her toes. I don't think the boys had seen a real orgasm before as they didn't say anything as she pulsed away on the bed. lol. By the end of our little show the guys had their cocks out and were wanking away. I needed cock and Jo watched on as I double timed the boys.

Sean pushed Jo back on the bed and fed her his short fat cock and Pete pushed me onto all fours perfect for watching Jo and Sean on the bed and took me from behind. My bj must have been good as neither guy lasted long. Pete was the first to unload his heavy nuts deep inside Jo then Sean grunted and I felt his cock push a hot load inside me.

More partner swapping and plenty of hot sex (including anal for those that are interested) before we collapsed on the bed. I woke up at 9am to find Jo next to me and no sign of the guys. A scribbled note read. "Thanks girls drop us a text see you next time we are in town (with their mobile numbers and e-mails)! Pete and Sean".

We headed back to my place to clean up and shared a shower. More shopping out for a drink and home. I've just had a warm bath (a very relaxing orgasm) and I'm ready for bed! What a weekend! Robin X

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tweet Tweet.....

Ok I probably said at some time (if I didn't say it on my blog then I know I have said it to friends) that I couldn't see the point of Twitter. Well guess what, I've spent the afternoon with Jo bringing me up to speed on all things that Tweet. Now I have my own Twitter account and I've Tweeted I just need some followers! That's where you all come in (I hope). It's LOAL_sexaddict come and check it out. Robin :-)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow fun....

I decided to make the effort and get into the office today. It's a long walk but I haven't started my gym session for 2010 and so I layered up and left the house with plenty of time to make it. Well at least I thought I had plenty of time. By the time I'd pushed cars off curbs and ice, helped people get into frozen locks, my usual 40mins walk had become 1.30mins. I needn't of worried though as only Gemma in accounts had been able to get in. The two of us were hardly going to run the whole company so I decided to have a coffee to warm up and then walk home.

Gemma said that her flat was literally five minutes walk from the office so we headed back for a cuppa. Her place was on the second floor of a pretty posh complex. Well furnished I knew accounts earned good money but there was a real touch of class about the place. Gemma even had her own coffee machine and she made me a cup so good I could have sworn it came from Italy!

We got chatting and of course it wasn't long before the subject swung round to guys and dating. Gemma has been single for 3 months. Her last relationship ended in a bit of a mess. I was telling her how I struggle for 3 hours and how I could never go 3 months without a shag. She laughed and said "well I haven't gone without sex Robin"

"Oh" I smiled. "What have you been up to then?" I enquired.

"Plenty of one night stands. God I think I'm addicted" she said with a smile.

Exchanging stories I started to feel that familiar tingle between my legs. I was starting to get turned on by the conversation and my mind was wandering at the possibilities. Gemma continued "I just love it when a guy cums in my hand, its the power I have over him. When they cum in me they have the power, when I make the cum then it's on my terms and I'm in control"

Gemma's dom side was really starting to press my buttons. I asked her is she preferred giving hand jobs to bjs and she went into all sorts of detail about the guys she'd been with of late and how she'd goten into the habit of giving them a good wank before letting them touch her.

I began to feel a little uneasy on her leather couch. Where had all this cum gone! The guys I've been with have never been a very good shot I thought.

Gemma's phone rang and she apologised and headed off into the kitchen. My pussy was throbbing and I wondered if Gemma wanted to see what it felt like to have a girl under her control. Gemma brought me crashing out of fantasy land. That was Craig "the office is open today and as he knows where I live we'd better get going." She said.

Talk about back to earth with a bump. "Is it alright if I use the loo before I go" I thought I'd make the most of her posh pad before I left and headed off to 'use the loo'. I hardly touched my clit when my first orgasm pushed through me. I got my breath back straighten up and walked back into the lounge. "We will have to do this again. I'd love to hear more of your stories" Gemma gushed as waited for the lift. Back in the office it was hardly worth being there. I did get to make a few calls and catch up on a few of those niggly little jobs while it was quiet though.

My walk home was a lot easier. The paths were clear and there wasn't much traffic so I didn't have to wait at the junctions which was nice. I couldn't wait to get in though and I sunk straight into a nice warm bath.... mmmm I've got Gemma's number maybe next time I'll get to see her in her bed rather than be on my own in her lavy! Robin :-)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Years....

First up apologies for the lack of updates over the past few days. It's been a crazy time.

New Years was great. I decided to let the night take it's own course and go with the flow. Well the wine flowed and things start getting hazy at around 8pm which is a record even for me.

I have flashes of a wild evening. I know that I lost count of the guys (and girls) that I snogged at midnight, which has become a bit of a tradition for me.

I work up in my neighbours lounge half naked. At least I didn't have a long walk of shame! Plus I wasn't the only one making the walk there were at least 15 people that slept over and headed home in the clothes they'd been partying the night before. From all accounts my neighbours party went off. I found a text on my phone "Hey Robin where are you? You'd love it here!" that came through at 10.30 so I guess I headed round then.

As to what happened (apart from the snogging) I have had a few friends recount tales of me getting them out for the lads and midnight and disappearing for a good half hour with a couple of guys. Which probably explains the familiar taste of spunk that I had in my mouth the following morning. Oh why can't I remember?

How I ended up on the couch and what happened to me i have no idea. I just hope whoever put me there had a good time.

Back to work this week... It's been busy and I've been suffering with a head cold. My diary is looking a little empty for the next week or so. I better get down the gym and catch up with some of the newbies on their new year resolution. Mines the same as always. I must have more sex! Robin :-)

Poll Results....

It's nearly New Years Eve should I....

Party hard in town?
3 (5%)
Go see my next door neighbours? (They are having a party too)
6 (10%)
Go to my friends 'swinging' party?
30 (50%)
Invite a few friends to mine and have a party of my own?
20 (33%)

Votes so far: 59
Poll closed

Thanks for the votes... Check out my latest for where I ended up! Robin :-)