Monday, 30 August 2010

What a weekend!

I'm back to work tomorrow. But it's not all bad I've had a wet and wild weekend!

I went to stay with Kate for the weekend. I met here when I was away with work and she's been bugging me about going to stay for ages. I wish I'd gone earlier. If I'd know we were going to have so much fun I'd have gone sooner!

We went to the pub on Friday night. It was a fun evening! Kate's local was buzzing. I ended up getting friendly with a guy called Paul although he turned me down when I invited him back to Kate's his loss! Kate and I ended up in her bed! I couldn't keep my hands to myself and despite Kate putting up a little resistance it wasn't long before my tongue was buried in her pussy! I swung round and teased my pussy above her face. Her tongue jabbed against my pussy my juices running down into her mouth! I was so horny it wasn't long before I was orgasming hard on her face!

The following morning Kate flat mate Steph joined us. She had no reservations when it came to getting naked and jumped into bed with us! Gotta love her. Especially when her fingers started creeping up my thy and settled on my pussy. I think I surprised her how wet I was and the three of us spent the morning in bed!

The three of us headed into town for the afternoon for some serious retail therapy! I brought a little outfit for an evening out on the town! I treated Kate to a pair of shoes and Steph to a very skimpy bra and knicks. She promised me a show when we got home. Yes, we had to carry on shopping after that! We stopped at the pub for some dinner and back to Kate's to get ready!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Karls text!

LOL my phone's just leaped into life! "Hi Robin, Thanks for the bj maybe I can see you again sometime soon I'd love to return the favour! Maybe I can get to see a bit more of you? Thanks again! Karl" I bet he wants more! I can feel a little teasing coming on! This could be fun! Robin :-)

Karl gets a bj!

Just walked in after being given a lift home from Karl. We pulled up outside my place and I insisted on saying thanks for my lift home. I unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Sucking it hard it wasn't long before he was filling my mouth with hot cum!

I can still taste his juice on my lips... Just think of that guys.. It was only a 10min ride! But it was raining so I felt I should say thank you. Karl had been giving me the eye all night but the small tan line on his ring finger may have given him away! I wonder how he will explain being home late to his misses! God I love feeling that dirty. I'm off to bed but I don't plan on going to sleep! Robin XXX

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Will you forgive me...... I've been busy!

I know I haven't been keeping my promise to post more. Hopefully you'll forgive me as I've been playing with my camera today. I thought this pic really summed up my mood! Horny :-)x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ohhh Simon!

So last night was my follow up date with Simon. He arrived at mine at 8pm and yes he stayed the night. I'm now hobbling around my flat. Simon's massive meat has been well and truly beaten but I think it's beaten me!

I got home from work and jumped in the bath. Quick shave and my juices were already following my pussy had only just recovered from our encounter earlier in the week but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready for round 2 with the monster.

I threw on a pair of joggers and had a quick tidy round. I didn't plan on showing Simon anywhere else other than my hall, bedroom and maybe the bathroom! The door bell rang at 8pm on the dot. Keen I like that. I showed Simon in took his bottle of wine and took him by the hand to take him up to my room. I sat him on the end of my bed and started taking off his clothes.

When Simon was sat in just his boxers I began to pull my clothes off. Turning around and dropping my joggers. Stepping out of them and pushing my bum into Simon's face. His tongue traced it's way up my thy and I heard him mutter something as it hit my wetness. His fingers sank into my hole as his tongue lapped away at my pussy jabbing it hard against my tight bum....

I pushed back so that Simon was on his back on my bed with my bum squashing down against his face. I pulled his boxers down and I unleashed the monster. It looked even bigger in my bedroom and as I rapped my fingers round the base and took the tip in my mouth I was salivating at the thought of the evening's sex we were about to have. Simon tongue was starting to hit the spot and my juices were pouring over his face.... I wasn't the only one juiced up Simon's cock was pouring with pre-cum.

I climbed off Simon's tongue and sunk down on his cock. Despite it's size it slid easily into my pussy. I started working a up a rhythm. Simon was groaning his face screwed up as I pounded his whole cock into my pussy. It was like sliding on a pole but it was really hitting the spot. It wasn't long before I felt the orgasm pushing up through my body.... I screamed out loud as I started orgasming on Simon's cock. My pussy spasming on his meat set him off and he unloaded a hot load of spunk deep inside me.

The rest of the night was much of the same. We tried out every position and time and time again Simon's beast worked it's magic. I think we eventually fell asleep around 4pm. I woke up this morning with Simon's cock pressing into my back.... Morning sex always does it for me so I reached down and wanked his cock to full stiffness before he took me from behind again. We showered dress and Simon left. I'm sat here with my clit buzzing and my pussy throbbing.... Thanks Simon. See you next week! Robin XXX

Advizors Q's

You ask... I answer... Here goes!

1 - Have you ever considered going in to the sex trades for a living?

Yes. I've been along to watch them filming. But I chickened out on that occasion. It might be something I do in the future. If the money in my current job wasn't so good I'd love to do it!

2 - When alone, where is your favorite place to masturbate?

In my bed with all of my toys!

3 - What was your latest sexy purchase (clothes, toys, movie)?

I'm always buying underwear... But I brought some shoes last week that are oh so sexy!

4 - What sexual position is the most pleasurable for you and, if different, in what position can you cum the strongest.

I'm really into being on all four's doggy style seems to get me every time. I've cum the hardest when fucked in reverse cowgirl frigging my clit.

5 - If you were not allowed to climax during the encounter, what would you do to get your partner off? What if your partner was a woman?

I'd give him a deep throat bj... I've never had any complaints and I can guarantee that I'll get them off.... If my partner was a woman then it would have to be more oral or a toe job...

6 - Who is your current celebrity crush (male and female)?

Steve Jones and Cheryl Cole...

7 - Who, in your real life, would you most like to have sex with that you haven't already?

My 19 year of neighbour Karly... She's always watching me out of her window and I'm always watching her.... One day!

8 - Pick a team,
Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston
Werewolves (Jacob) or Vampires (Edward)

Angelina and Jennifer

9 - What is your least favorite sexual activity?

Ha... Cant think of one. I just love it! I could never do anything with poo though!

10 - Why don't you post more picture? This isn't just a plea for more, but a real question since you've posted a few, why not more?

I'll see what I can do. It's a time thing. I do have more I just don't have that long to update my blog!

10 questions is a lot, but since you asked..... No worries... Ask away!

Thursday, 12 August 2010


God I need a secretary to keep up with everything going on. I'm trying my best but it's been busy! Hopefully you'll like my latest post! Let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything you'd really like me to write a post on.... You make my site blog worth writing and I love to give you something back... Thanks Robin XXXX

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Now I'd like to think I'm a women of the world! Come on I've seen my fair share of cocks. Short one's, fat one's, long one's, skinny one's but today, well today I saw the biggest fattest cock I've ever seen!?! It was a monster!

I went to lunch with some of our most important clients. The idea being that I'd be taking on a couple of new accounts. All very good. Carol my boss dug me in the ribs, that's Simon. The guy I told you about with the monster in his pants. That blew my mind.... Carol was limping round the office one day. I just assumed that she'd been pushing things in the gym. When I caught up with her over lunch she told me about Simon. She'd spent the weekend with him and well she was struggling to walk because his massive cock had spent the weekend in her pussy! The thought of a cock that big had me horny as hell and I'd had to sneak off to the ladies for a quick play.

Now I could look the owner of that monster in the eyes! It wasn't his eye's I was interested in looking into though! I wanted to see his meet! Was it as big as Carol had told me. Would it make me walk with a limp for two days. My mind snapped back into the room when Simon called "Robin, Robin - can I get you another drink?"

I just about stammered out of my fantasy "another glass of wine please Simon, can you make it a large one".

Carol's head nearly snapped of her shoulders - "Robin" she said in full on boss mode.

"What" said Simon. Can't a girl let herself go in her lunch hour. "I know you like a large one Carol" he said with a wink. Carol went a bright shade of pink and struggled to change the subject.

"I've heard that" I giggled.

"Little do you know" smiled Simon.

"I don't think little does it justice!" I laughed.

My flirting with Simon was going well although I needn't of worried. Simon handed me my drink leaning forward and whispered in my ear. 10 mins in the Gent's I know you're up for it!

10mins later I made my way to the Gent's pushed open the door... Simon was stood by the sink washing his hands. He held open a cubicle and guided me in. "I knew you'd come" he smiled.

"How?" I asked

Simon smiled... "Because you've been talking to Carol".

"Well I wanted to see if what she told me was true" I pulled on Simon's belt and unbuckled it. Popping open the button on his trosers and teasing down the zip. I pulled his trousers down round his knees. His cock pressed against the material of his boxers. It was big but not the biggest. I rubbed my hand against it. The damp circle on his boxers from the tip of his cock grew as his cock hardened. I tugged at the waste band of his boxers pulling them down. His cock sprung up hard and ready. I slowly wanked it, now it was big. No sorry it was massive!

All I had running through my mind was would this monster fit in my mouth? (yes it was that big). I spat on the tip and started working my hand faster and harder down it's length. Pre-cum was dribbling from the tip now so I pressed my lips against it. Stretching my mouth as wide as I could I slid his cock into my mouth. God this was big!

Simon moaned grabbing the back of my head and pushing his cock in my throat. Working his cock into my mouth I took him as deep as I could. Gagging slightly I was in a world of wonder. What would his cock feel like up me? I turned around lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees. Simon position his cock between my legs. Rubbing it against my dripping pussy. The fact I was so wet meant that despite it's girth Simon's cock slid right up my pussy.

Simon was in no mood to take things slow. Slamming me hard I was screaming away. He pulled my blouse up and unclasped my bra so he could play with my nipples. I didn't need any more encouragement as I unleashed a massive leg trembling orgasm on his cock. This set Simon off hammering a hot load deep in my pussy. I licked Simon's cock clean and even post cumming it was still massive! I dropped him a text and tried to straighten up. I say tried because after taking his cock I was more than a bit of a mess!

I headed back to the table. Carol winked. I see Simon got you a large on Robin, she said with a wink. I just smiled back as Simon came back to the table. I've arranged to meet him on Friday night. He's coming to mine!!! Robin :-)

Saturday, 7 August 2010


I can't wait to tell you all about my holiday. I don't know what it is about the sun, sea and sex but I've found myself just letting go. I'm not quite sure where to start but what I do know is that there are so many great stories that I'll have fun telling you all about them....

We had a fantastic villa about 5mins drive from town and 2min walk from the beach. The four of us were more than up for a party. Our first challenge was the 'first to fuck' challenge. I've been on holiday with two of the girls before. Holly and Jo but this was the first time I'd been on holiday with Kate. I'd heard all about her though and according the Holy she was going to give me a run for my money! Well I had other ideas as you'll find out!

We just settled into the Villa when our rep Sam called round. He was in his early 20's pretty muscular and confident too. He wanted to check that we had everything we needed. Obviously Kate was serious about the first to fuck challenge and Sam ended up in her room making sure she had 'everything' she needed including his cock. More on Sam's cock later!

Of course with one challenge down I was more determined not to loose the next one. 'BJ the DJ' now back in the day when we used to frequent the big clubs this was pretty easy. However where we were staying only had to clubs. Not one to be put off and wanting to even the score I spent the evening hanging out at the DJ booth and ended up round the back of the club with the DJ's hot fat cock in my mouth. As always it wasn't long before he was pumping wads of his hot spunk over my tonsils. The girls knew what I'd been up to as soon as I walked back into the club licking my lips. One all... I'll leave it there for now as I'm ready for bed... More tomorrow. Robin :-)

Back from my hols....

I'm back... I had hoped to be able to log on and update my blog while I was away but with limited access to the Internet and spending a most of my days asleep and my nights having way to much fun I just haven't had time to bring you any updates!

There's lots to bring you now though! I've had a wild time on holiday and I'm sure that you're all going to love some of the stories of the things that I've been getting up to. Robin XXX