Saturday, 28 February 2009

A box in the post!

The postman left me a package this morning. I didn't think much of it. I hadn't ordered anything so when I opened it and found this inside I was a little shocked!

All it came with was a note saying ENJOY! B XXX

I'm sure I will and thanks B who ever you are!

In fact with nothing to do this afternoon I might end up enjoying sooner that you think! Robin :-x

My date with Si!

My date with Simon lived up to all my expectations and more. He was at my front door for 9pm and we were off. He treated me to a fantastic meal at one of the best restaurants in town. Paying me compliments all the way through the meal (cheesy but very smooth, learn a lesson guys).

With the red wine kicking in I slide round next to Simon and slid my hand down his trousers. His cock was nice and hard and I gave it a couple of tugs and it stiffened in my hand. Simon did well when the waiter came over just asking for the bill despite me giving his cock a big tug. I guess it was obvious what I was up to but as always I didn't care. I felt Simon's cock tense and tighten and then he coated my hand in his sticky cum. It was a bit of a surprise as I was only teasing him but I guess it was all to much. I pulled my sticky hand from his pants and licked the cum from my fingers (mmm nice desert).

He paid and we left. Heading back here to my place. I waisted no time in getting Simon up to my room and I crawled across the bed. He saw for the first time that I'd not been wearing any knickers. He grabbed my hips and sunk his tongue into my pussy. His nose pressing hard to my ass. I buried my head in the pillow. Si tongue was really hitting the spot and I guess that he was keen to return the restaurant wank! MMM... my legs weekend and I screamed into my pillow as his tongue jabbed against my bum hole for the first time. There aren't many guys that are into doing that and I love it and it wasn't long before a huge orgasm ripped through me.

Si waisted not time in dropping his trousers and pushing his hard cock deep into my pussy. I came again much hard than the first time and Simon really had to hang on as I thrashed around on the bed. He pulled me back hard against his cock thrusting it into my tight wetness. I'll have to give more guys at the office a blow job if they are going to do this to me! Simon hadn't finished though and he pulled his cock out of my pussy and pressed it into my ass.

A pulse of electricity pushed through me and I collapsed onto the bed Si kept going until he grunted hard and filled my tight little bum with his hot spunk. Groaning as he jetted wad after wad in my tight back passage before collapsing on top of me. I rolled him over and kissed my way down to his limp cock. Pulling back his foreskin and licking it all clean. Si cock was still throbbing and I could taste my tangy bum and my pussy juices along with Si spunk. Meanwhile his hot seed was leaking at pace from my bum hole down the back of my thys and onto my heels. MMMMM.

Si pulled me up to his face and jabbed at my pussy with his tongue. He too could taste the mix of flavours and he seemed to be loving it. His tongue stabbed and jabbed until I came again collapsing in a heap on top of him. Amazing!

Si had to be up early to go and play football so I made sure that I woke him up with a hot bj. I'm sure he'll play better knowing that he's arranged to come to a party with me tonight and I've promised him it's going to be night to remember! I've just got to work out how to top last night now! Robin :-x

Friday, 27 February 2009

Simon's late! Here's what he's missing!

Here's a little treat for my blog regulars! I'm sat in my kitchen waiting for Simon to pick me up. I'm ready for 8.30pm when he rings and says he won't be here till 9! His loss is your gain. This is what's in store for Simon tonight! If I were him I'd get her quick!

I'm hoping that I'll get my pussy filled by Simon's fat cock. He wants to take me to dinner but will he get me past the first course?

I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how this evening goes! I'm ready, is Simon? Robin XXX

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Being busy sucks.... but then so do I :-)

Things have been flat out at work this week. We've had a reshuffle and I've had to move everything around in the office yesterday to accommodate Simon. He's only been with the firm a month he is 22 and not bad looking. He's funny and he's always up for a laugh. He has an on and off girl friend and loves to flirt! So much so that the other day when I was under my desk plugging in a printer he joked "while your down there". Well I hadn't had a sniff of cock of at least a day so I told him to sit on my chair. I pulled him in and unzipped his fly.... He was slightly shocked but went with it.

He cock hardened in my hand so I wrapped my lips round his fat cock. He picked up the phone and pretended to make a call while I took his cock to the back of my throat. He stuttered and grabbed the back of my head. I gagged slightly but went with it. Slurping away on Simon's cock I felt his balls tighten and his cock pump a load of hot jizz to the back of the my throat. I tried to hold as much of his hot spunk in my mouth as I could but he was filling my cheeks and a little dribbled out and down over my chin. I swallowed it all down and climbed out from under the desk giving my chin a quick wipe.

Simon returned to his desk too and we both got back to work. Simon still hasn't really said anything about it but I did get a text last night "Cheeky, do you fancy dinner on Friday? S." So I'll keep him hanging on that one! Right back to work it's a late one! Robin XXX

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

So do you really want too....?

I get lots of e-mails asking about my first time/s. I thought I'd share a few of my first time experiences with you all. Of course some I would rather forget about and others I have to pinch myself to believe I was there and that it happened to me!

My first, first time memories today will be about my first sex toy! I now have a big collection (at least 20+) but how did I get started?

One of my best friends at school was Alison, Ali lived around the corner from me just a couple of minutes walk. I'd been at school with here since we were 8 and I guess we were around 14 when one day she called me up and told me that I had to get straight round to hers. Her parents were away and Alison had been at home for a few days with her older brother James. James had had a bit of a party and Alison was cleaning up. I headed round wondering what was wrong Alison sounded a little flustered on the phone.

When I got to her place she opened the door and grabbed me by the hand leading me upstairs to her parents room. She pushed the door open and led me in. She pointed to something lying on the bed. I stepped forward and saw the toy lying on the covers. It was a big dildo well when I say big it was a lot bigger than the cocks I had seen at that time. "It's a sex toy" I stammered. "I know what it is" said Alison. "What the fuck should I do with it" Alison continued. "What do you mean" I replied. "Well my parents come home tomorrow I can hardly leave it here can I". She had a point. I made a few suggestions and we settled on the fact that I should take it home with me. The thinking being that if we put it back in the wrong place her mum would be suspicious where as if it went missing she was hardly going to ask "have you seen my dildo" at dinner. I helped Ali clean up the rest of her house and headed home with the dildo in a carrier bag.

Thankfully my parents were out when I got home so I headed up to my room to find a hiding place. I was sat on the edge of my bed thinking of where I could stash it when I started to think about what was in the bag. Ali's Mum was only young when she her so she wasn't your usual Mum type infact she was pretty hot and we got on well. She was always up for a laugh and I'd never really thought about her as anything else other than Ali's mum. Why was I beginning to think about her playing with the sex toy in my hand? I took it out of the bag and couldn't resist the urge to sniff it.

MMMM the smell that hit my nostrils really got my pussy buzzing. I lied back on the bed and ran the toy up my leg and under my skirt. I pushed it against my crotch. I didn't realise how horny I was and my juices dampened the material of my knickers. I pushed a little harder teasing the tip into my pussy and against the material. I moaned out loud and it was too late to stop. I took the toy to my mouth and sucked on the tip. Rubbing my pussy with my free hand. I don't know if I could but I was imagining that I could taste Ali's mum's pussy on the toy. I pulled my knicks to one side and pushed the toy against my folds.

It slide easily into my pussy and I couldn't stop myself. I was biting my lip hard and bucking my hips against the toy as I orgasmed. I had a few orgasms before (or should I say I thought I had) the big toy had really hit the spot and I lied there for ages with wave after wave of pleasure following over me. I pulled the toy from my pussy and it was now covered in my juices. I slide it back in the bag straightened myself up. A few weeks later Ali asked if I still had her mums toy. I told her that I thrown it away as it freaked me out! I always wondered if her mum had brought a new one and I never really saw Ali's mum in the same light again. That toy always hit the spot.. and there are few in my collection with such fond memories. Robin XXX

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right.

Thanks Paolo... So I know you guys all want to know how last night went. Did those sexy shoes work their magic? I won't tease you. They most certainly did! I had guys flocking round me from the moment I walked in the pub (although some were a little shorter than I remember, lol) A few glasses of wine to many and I was off to the club and I ended my evening at a house party on all fours. What a night!

Although my feet might have something to say about those shoes as they are killing me today. It's a toss up between which is aching more. The arches of my feet or my well sexed pussy! :-) Ok the feet take it but that was a night to remember! Offers to massage either are always welcome! If I get a mo I'll bring you all the juicy details. I'm just off down the pub for an evening with the girls. Robin XXX

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday !

I spent hours shopping today and picked these little beauties up. Before someone cocky says these are not my feet your right. But these are the shoe's I'll be wearing for the first time tonight! Wish me luck these heels are high. Maybe to high so high in fact that I wonder if I will suffer from vertigo!

Those that know me well will know that shoe shopping is one of my favorite things and the assistant was very cute. She really took her time to make sure I got what I wanted. Well on the shoe front anyhow.

They are beautiful though and they make all those hours in the gym worth it and really show off my calf muscles!

I'm just waiting for the cab to show up and then we are out on the town! So watch out it's been a while and I'm horny, horny, horny (as hell). I have a feeling things are going to get dirty tonight so I've got on one of my shortest of short skirts and I've gone commando (yes boys COMMANDO). All in all and even though I say it myself I feel a million dollars! Look out boys & girls. Robin XXX

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Calling it a day!

It's no biggy but I had a text from Pete yesterday saying that he wanted to call it a day before things got to far. I'm not bothered really as I haven't been able to see him as much as I'd have liked to although our last meeting was pretty steamy I need a little more.

The last time I saw Pete the dirty bastard had anal sex with Gemma for the first time before coming round to see me. I could taste that familiar tang on his fat cock from the moment I pulled it out of his jeans. He didn't tell me until he'd cum in my mouth and all over my face but I didn't need to be told. Of course I just made me hornier than ever so I made him fuck my tight little asshole too. I told him to make sure he went home and made Gemma blow his cock!!!

That might have been too much for Pete or maybe Gemma was sus to the taste of my ass on his cock. I couldn't get the thought of Pete's cock with my own bum tang hitting Gemma's tonsils out of my head that night and I managed to get myself all excited and orgasm a couple of times before I went to sleep.

So maybe I will miss him? Maybe I won't? Maybe he'll think about what he's done and drop me a text and we'll have some more hot sex? Who knows? But I don't care. I've already got a date set up for Friday! Robin XXX

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sweating down the Gym!

I had a very sweaty encounter last night at the gym. After my lunchtime shag on Wednesday I was really feeling horny and should probably have spent the evening 'working out' at home!

Anyhow I found myself sitting in one of the sauna's on my own. It was hot, really hot I don't know who had been in before me but they had really overdone it. Sweat was poring off me and I was sitting there dying when a girl in her late teens walked in.

"Phew it's bloody hot in here" she said as she sat down opposite me. "Yeah it was this hot when I came in" I said. It wasn't long before the sweat was pouring off her too. We got chatting and I found out that she'd only been coming to the gym for three weeks.

Her last gym like mine last one had single sex sauna's where you could sit naked if you wanted too. She explained that it she had to keep on reminding herself that she couldn't just strip off. I was thinking to myself that I wished she'd forgotten tonight.

I giggled and said that when I'd first started coming I'd actually made that mistake. She laughed and went on about her boyfriend and how they'd been caught out sunbathing nude on holiday. There apartment was overlooked and they thought it wasn't or something like that.

To be honest the heat was really starting to get to me at that stage. "Right time for a shower" I said. "I'll hold out for a couple more minutes here nice to meet you. "Sorry I missed you name" she said. "Robin I replied, and yours?" Cloe she replied.

By the time I got home I couldn't get Cloe off my mind and I had a mind blowing orgasm fantasising about what the two of us could have got up to in the Sauna. Hopefully I'll see her again, maybe next time? Robin XXX

In here!

So there I am locked in a cubicle. I unzipped the guys fly he didn't even have an erection. I guess he was still a little shocked. After all it's not everyday you just say hi to someone in the pub and they drag you off to the ladies.

I grabbed his cock in my hand and it started to harden. I wanted to taste it so I pushed him back against the loo and dropped to my knees. Slurping his cock into my mouth. It was a fair size and it continued to grow as I slid it between my lips. It wasn't long before I could taste his precum leaking from his swollen cock. I took his cock as deep as I could gagging a little. He thrust to make me gag more and to push his cock deep so his pubes were tickling my chin.

I slurped back off leaving two long strings of spit. I spat on his cock and cupped his balls before sucking down on it again. This time I made it to the base and a his hips thrust I heard him swear. "Oh fuck" with that his balls tightened and he unloaded at the back of my throat. I let a little dribble from my mouth down over my chin and had to suck it back in. I showed him my hot mouthful and then swallowed it down.

I stood up and turned round lifting my skirt up my back and pulling down my thong. His hands reached round between my legs and a finger pushed inside my pussy. MMMMM I was dripping so I pushed my hips back and my hot wetness onto his waiting tongue. He hungrily lapped away at my wet hole, occasionally licking his way round to my hot little ring which sent pulses of electricity up my spin. I was spinning as a big orgasm started ripping through me. He grabbed hold of my hips to hold me up as his tongue licked away at my juices. I kissed him and grabbed his hardening cock. Wanking it back to full hardness pushing him back on the loo seat and squatting down on his cock.

It slid easily into my hot wetness and I worked my hips and pounded away at his hot cock. He was grunting away and I was moaning loudly. His paced quickened and he stood up nearly throwing me against the loo door. He started to really pound me as I pulled of my thong and rapped my legs round his back. I was so close to my second orgasm and as his cock bulged we orgasmed together. I straightened myself up gave him a kiss and left him in the loo. Leaving the pub and heading back to the office. MMMM what a way to spend my lunch hour! Robin

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I had one of those days today... I just had to get some SEX! I couldn't concentrate and I thought I was going to explode. I text Pete but he's away with work so I headed down the pub at lunch time with sex on my mind.

The pub was pretty busy for a Wednesday and there were plenty of guys down there. Builders and business types alike. I good looking guy gave me a glance when as I made it to the bar. I could see him checking out my hand to see if there was a ring. A great start. I ordered a glass of wine and did my best to look like I was on my own. I've perfected the come and chat to me look over the years and it didn't take long. He wandered over and made some small talk.

I didn't care what he was chatting about I was already thinking of what I would do when I got him in the ladies. It sounds crazy but this happens from time to time and today was this guys lucky day. Of course he told me his name and explained that he was in town for a couple of days but I still wasn't listening. I lent forward to give him a good view down my top. "Ha caught ya!" he blushed. "No, don't apologise just come with me" I took his hand and led him through the pub to the loos.

Pushing him in the ladies he looked a little embarrassed as two came out. "Ignore them" I ordered. "In here"! Robin XXX

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Things are starting to get back to normall this week and that went for down at the gym too. Tonight I was waiting ages to use the machines. Bring back the snow I say! The car park was full and everyone was working out hard making up for a week of doing nothing!

Pete was down there with Gemma, After Saturday's sesh I couldn't resist making a comment when I was running on a treadmill next to Pete with Gemma on his right. "Hi Pete are you training for a marathon sesh?" Pete smilled and Gemma joked back "You've got to be joking, Pete couldn't run to the end of the road". Little does she know. Robin XXX

Saturday, 7 February 2009


It was great to get back on the net last night. I spent the evening catching up on my e-mails and checking out my fav sites. I went to bed in the early hours of this morning having broken my record for the second day in a row. Just for the record that 7 times in one day. Never leave me at home alone hey! I should now be telling you about how sore my pussy I think it;s used to it. My friends never believe me when I tell them how often I masturbate. Some of them are lucky if it's once a month though. They don't know what they are missing!

So after heading to bed late I wasn't best pleased to be woken up someone beating down my door and ringing my phone. You'd have thought my house was on fire! I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs. I opened the door and it was Pete.

Before I could say "what are you doing here" he'd pushed me back into my house and had his hands in my PJ's. We didn't even make it up the stairs Pete's cock sprung from his trackie bottoms and I gave him a sloppy bj before turned me round and fucked me at the bottom of the stairs. Pete was in no mood to be gentle and he pulled out his cock as he came spraying my bum and back up to my hair line with his hot spunk. I loved it.

I eventually pulled him up the stairs and pushed him on my bed. I licked his hard cock clean it tasted of the two of us and he was soon nice and hard again. I squatted over his cock rubbing my clit with it's head before I lowered myself down onto it. MMMM fucking fantastic! Grinding my hips hard I reached down and cupped Pete's balls giving them a gentle squeeze. Pete growned and I rubbed my clit to make sure I got the most out of being filled by a real cock for the first time in a couple of days.

It must have done the trick as Pete's cock pumped a second load of hot semen deep inside me. I lied back soaking up the pleasure and cumming hard on Pete's cock myself. Pete treated me to the most amazing tongue action as he licked my pussy and enjoyed watching his cum ooze from my pussy in a juicy cream pie.

Pete told me he had better get going... He'd told Gemma he was going out for a 'quick run' lol we'll he'd certainly worked up a sweat! I gave Pete a big kiss goodbye saw him out and then spent the next 20mins enjoying our dirty little encounter in the shower. Robin XXX

Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow Way!

I've been stuck at home for the past two days and it's driving me crazy. I stupidly left my lap top at work and I haven't even had Internet access to keep me busy. So what have I been doing?

We'll I've given all of my fav toys (and my not so fav's) a great work out. I've beaten my daily record and my house has never looked so clean!

I've also spent more time than I should of done on the phone to Pete. There were times where I nearly thought fuck it I'm going to go and see him. Gemma has been stuck in London the whole time and although it's fun phone sex just doesn't cut it for me (I'm sure that's why they invented the Internet).

I managed to convince my friend with a 4X4 that he should call by my office on his way home today and pick up my laptop from on of the 5 people that have made it in. He owes me a few favours and it's nice to call one in and finally have access to the Internet and to be able to catch up with my blog! I'm just sorry that there's no big news. Let just say it's a good job I've got a good supply of batteries! Robin XXX

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Quiet at the Gym

My regular Tuesday night training session was a little lonely last night. Obviously the snow was still keeping people at home. In my class the regular 20 was down to 5 although we got an extra hard workout. It was harder to hide my interest in our super fit instructor too but I've worked out that they don't mind. It might even be a bit of a turn on. Something to work on there.

Although not as good as keeping your wife in town while you fuck at home another bonus of the snow was that I could wiz round the gym with no waiting to get on the equipment.

I hit the changing rooms and they were deserted too so I thought I run the risk of getting caught and take a shower naked in the communal shower. Of course this got me all excited and I was soon leaning against the wall fingering myself to a shuddering, leg weakening orgasm. I took my time getting dressed but still no one came in. Just as I was leaving a guy in his early 20's walked in isn't that just sods law and he missed out on the fuck of his life... lol. Well that's what I like to think.

I headed home and climbed into bed. Just as I was snoozing my phone jumped into life. It was a message from Pete. "missing you babe, can you come over tomorrow night @7, Gemma will be at her mum's for an hour" I text back "yes see you then babe, i hope you have some hard cock for me!".

So now I'm all to excited to focus on my work. Hence the rather boring blog.. I'll let you know what we get up to tonight later. Robin XXX

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snowballs at Pete's

I slipped through the snow and made my way round to Pete's. Glad that I didn't have to sit in the car with the ques of people filing their way home. Pete opened the door and he was on the phone he waved me in and I went into the lounge. Pete headed off to the kitchen and came back with what looked like a vodka on the rocks. He put it on the table and gave me a wink. "Yes darling, I'll be ok on my own. You can stay at Claire's tonight" Pete smiled again and I slipped along his couch. Hooking my fingers into the top of his jeans. My fingers were freezing and Pete jumped a little as they touched his stomach. I unbuttoned his jeans and zipped down his fly letting his cock spring out of his pants.

He was hard as a rock and had obviously been waiting for me. I licked the head of his cock as a dribble of precum leaked from the tip between my lips. Sweet, I took a swig of my Vodka and sucked an ice cube between my lips. Pete was still reassuring Gemma when I slipped his cock into my mouth and he felt the ice cube for the first time. He stuttered and groaned. It was obvious that Gemma had asked what was wrong. "Er I just stubbed my toe" He said. I sucked hard again on his cock. There was nothing he could do he had to sigh again. "Look love I've got to go, I've broken my nail and it's bleeding here, no, not on the carpet. Love you, Bye" With that Pete threw the phone on the couch and pulled my head hard into his crotch forcing his cock down my throat and melting the last of the ice cube that had nearly got him into trouble.

Just as his cock bounced of my tonsils he started cumming grunting as he fired jet after jet of warm spunk into my cold mouth. I opened wide and let him see his seed at the back of my throat before swallowing it all down in front of him. Pete pushed me back into the couch pulling my skirt up and licking his way up my thy. He took a mouth full of my drink and then ran an ice cube all the way up my thy to the crotch of my undies. I was already wet and the ice cube melted quickly as it touched my hot wetness sending trickles of water down over my pussy and thys and pulses of electricity through my body.

Pete pulled my thong to one side and lapped away at my swollen lips. Then he took another drink this time he pressed the ice cube into my folds. Again it melted quickly making me wetter than ever and Pete lapped away. Then he lifted my legs swinging my bum to the edge of the couch. He then licked round from my pussy to my tight little bum hole. His tongue stabbing at my tight ring and the icy water running down over it. Pete then pushed the glass to my lips I took a big swig and gave Pete a kiss pushing an ice cube into his mouth. He then went back to licking my pussy pushing the ice cube against my throbbing pussy. Then he licked down and pushed the ice cube into my ass. I yelped as it pushed into me and melted quickly in my tight bum the water running down onto the couch and down onto the carpet.

Pete really had me going and after what seemed like an eternity he jabbed at my clit with his tongue pushing me over the edge as my orgasm ripped through me. Pete looked up and his chin was shining with my juices and he had a huge grin. Slapping me on the bum he said "Lets go to bed Robin". He took me by the hand and led me upstairs. I was stripping off as I made my way from the lounge to the bedroom. By the time Pete threw me on his bed I was naked. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders and pulled me onto his throbbing cock.

It slid straight in and his balls bashed against my ass. Slapping away he thrust harder and harder I was nearly screaming my head off. He pulled out and flipped me over pulling me to edge of the bed on all fours he started pounding me again. His cock filling my pussy and sending electric ripples through my body as he slapped my bum. Then he pulled out his cock and pressed it hard against my ring. It slipped in. As you know I'm not a super fan of anal but Pete's cock felt great and he was grunting away as every stroke filled my bum. Pushing my face into the pillow I reached under and rubbed my clit. As I orgsamed again Pete started to tighten and grunt as I felt the first jet of spunk fire into my tight passage. Pete grunted again and again as he unloaded in my ass.

Then as he pulled out the spunk dribbled out onto the bed and I slumped with my bum in the air on his bed. Pete pulled my cheeks apart so he could watch the rest of his spunk dribble from my bum and finger my pussy with it before pressing it to my lips. I was in ecstasy.

Pete and I then took a shower together and fucked again as we did this morning before I left for work. I even gave him another bj when Gemma called him up to let him know that the snow was clearing and that she'd be home this evening. As soon as Gemma hung up Pete flooded my mouth with spunk. This time I let his cock slip from my lips and cover my lips and run down over my tits Pete had jetted so much. I liked up every little drop and then took a shower before heading to work leaving Pete to clean up his house.

So many people were stranded last night that no one has even asked why I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Well that is aside from yesterday thong as it was just too crusty! It's a shame that the snow's clearing. I'd love another night with Pete. He seems game and there's a few things I'd like to get up to with my married man. Robin XXX

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow joke!

There are a lot of pluses to being snowed in the following is one of them. "Hi Robin, Gemma is stuck in London. Fancy a fuck? Pete." Why you may ask (a side from another hot fuck with Pete - of course)? Well until I received the text I thought I was going to be stuck in the snow too. As I was also snowed in or well should I say 'I was' as Pete's text turns a 30min plus drive in to a 10min plus walk. Hurray for the snow day!

Now all I have to do is log off rap up and get walking! How long Gemma will be trapped in London is any one's guess but you can be assured that I'll bring you the latest when I can get near a PC. I loved the comments on last nights adventures and they left me determined to get dirtier so Pete better be ready!

After yesterday's quicky I'm hoping I get to spend a bit of time with Pete. It would be nice to make it to his bed. I love fucking a married man in his bed. Although there are emotional scars for him that might take a while to heal, for me there's too much of a turn on knowing that I'm supplying the electric dirty sex he craves that's been lost from their marriage. Anyhow... Enough of the chit chat, time to go and get some serious SEX! Robin XXX

Alohaguy's Q's

While I sit here and wonder how I'm going to get home tonight with all this snow here's some questions from alohaguy and some answers from me.

1. Are you on the pill? i know you prob are with all the sex you enjoy

Yes, have been on the pill for years. Why run the risk!

2. Do you tell guys your on the pill..

When they ask. I only go bare back when there's no choice, I always carry a packet of condoms and don't mind stopping to roll one on! I sometimes wonder if that's why I have so much sex with other women as there's no issues around penetration. There is a bit of me that thinks about the risks (for a second) but I get regular check ups and I've been ok. I've heard some real horror stories from friends and I've seen how things can go wrong if you're not protected, but when I've got the horn it's game on most of the time.

4. Do you like rubbers?

Yes. See number 2.

5. how often do you masturbate?

God. To much if that's not the wrong answer. Most days between 2 to 4 times a day sometimes more. My friends a work think I've got a bladder problem! Little do they know :-)

6. IF your on the pill have you ever told a guy you wasn't on the pill.. then fucked him and made him cum in you?

No. How cruel is that! I have had guys call me up to check though. I've been tempted but I've always said that it's sorted. One morning after a particularly messy group session I had three guys ring me to check.... lol. That was one hell of a night though. God knows where they all got my mobile number from as they were all RS's. But that's another story. Robin XXX

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Who Me? Never?

Sorry about leaving you wondering what else I got up to yesterday earlier. I got a call from Pete a guy that I meet at the Gym last Thursday. He'd promised he'd give me a call over the weekend and he called just as I was finishing typing up yesterday mornings adventures. Unfortunately for you things were just about to get exciting but instead they got exciting for me.

Now I'm desperate to tell you more about the rest of Caz and I on our shopping trip but I know you'll love hearing what I've just got up too with Pete.

Let me tell you a little bit more about him first, oh and how I met him. He's 47 and one of the fittest guys I've ever met, tall dark and very good looking, a big six pack and from his shorts and even bigger cock! What's the snag I hear you asking?

Well he's married and I bumped into him when he was working out with his wife Gemma. You'd never have imagined that they are a couple. Lets just say she's a little on the chubby side and could do with a trip to a stylist, she also looked a lot older than Pete. I thought that maybe Pete was a late bloomer, but anyhow, I got chatting with him over a glass of water.

He was eyeing me up as I bent over to pour mine and he didn't stop the whole time I was chatting with him. I didn't care as my mind was wandering on to what he was hiding in his shorts. When Gemma came over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Who's your friend Pete" she asked. Pete said "Gemma this is....". "Robin" I smiled. "And you are" I asked. "Pete" he replied. Gemma kissed him again glared at me and returned to her work out.

Pete apologised and we got chatting. It was obvious that Gemma knew his eye's were wandering as she kept on glaring at us. Pete made his apologies and headed back to help Gemma. I bumped into him again outside the changing rooms and slipped my mobile number into his hand. I'd written on the piece of paper "Call me lets fuck!" along with my mobile number.

No sooner had a I put my key in the door than I had a text from Pete. I'll call you at the weekend when Gemma goes to her Mum's!

That was the last I'd thought of it until this afternoon when Pete's text came through. "Gemma's gone we have a least an hour. I've got something long and hard waiting for you!" oh and his address. Ten minutes later I was stood at Pete's front door. He opened the door and no sooner was it shut behind me than Pete and I were snogging each others faces off. He just had a towel rapped round him which feel to the floor and let his hard fat cock press against me.

His cock was already leaking precum which smeared on my joggers as I grabbed hold of the base of his throbbing cock. I sunk to my knees and hungrily stuffed it in my mouth. It was like I hadn't tasted a cock in months rather than hours. Pete was groaning as I deep throated his hot meat, spitting on his cock and wanking it, rubbing it over my face. I stood up and pulled down my joggers and thong in one. Pulling Pete into me. I was so wet that his fat cock slid in easily filling me totally, god it felt good so good it was making me groan in his ear. He thrust into me hard before pulling out and turning me round. He pushed into me again as I bent over his kitchen table.

He started thrusting harder and harder and his balls were slapping against me. Then I heard him draw his breath as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and showered my bum and back in hot spunk jet after hot jet letting it splash up onto my t-shirt. He reached under and fingered my clit nibbling on my ear as he fingered and rubbed me to a leg weakening orgasm. I turned round and licked his cock clean as his warm spunk dribbled down over my bum and thys.

He was hard again in no time so I sat up on the table and spread my pussy as he wanked his cock over me. Growning as he came again spraying three heavy jets of cum over my pussy and pubes. I fingered it up and sucked my fingers clean. Pete kissed me and whispered in my ear "that's our hour up... babe. I'll call you again!"

I pulled up my joggers said my goodbyes and drove home. I'm sat here now with the taste of hard cock on my lips and a dripping, spunky pussy. Oh and a couple of juicy spunk stains on my t-shirt and joggers. I can't wait until Pete calls me again! I just hope that Gemma doesn't have a good sense of smell her kitchen stank of SEX when I left! Robin XXX

Shopped out!

Yesterdays shopping trip was eventful to say the least. Caz picked me up and we headed up the road for an hour or so to try out the Bluewater Shopping Centre. Caz had been told by a friend of hers that it was worth a trip and with the longest month ever over and some money in our bank accounts we made an early start to bag some bargains at the end of the sales.

Getting there so early we nearly had the place to ourselves. I needed to get some new shoes and Caz had a massive list of things to pick up. In Top Shop the funniest thing happened. Caz was trying on some new clothes and I was just wandering round the store checking out a few things and a particular cute brunette that worked there. I realised I'd lost Caz and that she'd be trying on some clothes. There were two changing rooms in use and I had to pull back the curtain and burst into the wrong one.

Poor girl she did her best to cover up but I'd caught her trying on some new jeans and there she was in just a black thong. Of course I apologised and left. Not much of a turn on but nice to cop an eye full of flesh. Then I went into the other one where Caz was changing. She was trying on a new dress which looked great and luckily she didn't pick up on how flushed I was.

She brought the dress and we headed on. New Look was next. Caz took some clothes into the changing room while I hung around outside. Then a thought crossed my mind could I get away with bursting in on another random stranger?

I waited until a girl in her early 20's went into the cubicle opposite Caz. Picking up a t-shirt I pulled back the curtain and burst in again. "Why don't you try this..." I blurted to the half naked stranger. Stood there in just her bra. "Oh sorry wrong changing room" I blushed and went back to waiting for Caz. She came out with another arm full of clothes. I'm sure she commented on me being bored! Me never... Little did she know that I was getting some cheep thrills! Did I start the day as I meant to continue? I'll let you know more later. Robin XXX

Even more questions....

Here are Vronsky questions..... And my answers! Enjoy Robin XXX

Have you had sex with a bisexual man? If you have in your experience do straight or bisexual men make better lovers?

Yes, I have had sex with a bisexual man on a number of occasions. I have had great straight and bisexual lovers. I think it really comes down to what they are doing and where. I have to admit that giving a guy a bj while his lover fucked his ass has to rate as one of my strangest sexual experiences to date (a great turn on though). Although you can never have to many cocks around I did turn his lover down when he asked if I'd like to suck him clean.

Are your fingers in your pussy right now as you read this question?

Ha... You are new to my blog my fingers are never far from my pussy!

Have you had sex with a man who had taken Viagra (or similar)? If so, is it less of a turn on when you know he's chemically enhanced?

Yes on a number of occasions. When is really works it's a real turn on I don't care if they are chemically enhanced when I'm orgasmining my head off time and again.

Do your wildest times happen when drunk or sober?

Keep reading you soon get the picture! I can be wild when I'm both. But if you give me too much red wine then you'd better be ready because that's when I get really horny!

Do you ever use ordinary household objects (which weren't designed as sex toys) when you masturbate? If so which made you cum hardest?

These days I have enough sex toys so I don't need to. I did used to when I was younger and I had a brush that had a great handle. An ex of mine also dared me to use a cucumber that look more like a cock than a vegetable. He loved it although the pics he put on the Internet were a little embarrassing. Before you ask he kindly took them down when I pointed out that I had some rather embarising photo's of him.

Does it turn you on when we ask you dirty questions like this? I guess this is a similar question as Ed's "I'm enjoying this ...", but he's just a touch more subtle about it.

Yes! I love answering your questions and it turns me on to know it's turning you on! As I said anything goes on the questions front I'll soon say no if I don't like it!

You have the opportunity to watch two people have sex - it's through a glass wall so unfortunately you can't join in. You have the choice of watching 2 guys, 2 girls, or a guy and a girl. Which do you choose?

God! That's not easy. I'd like to watch the guy and girl. I hope it's a two way glass wall so that they can see me too. I make sure they fucked real close to the glass so I got to see everything! I have to get the girl to wank the guy so he cum's on the glass over my face. But of course the glass would stop it! Then I'd make her lick it all up!

What is the most public place where you have had sex?

In a bus stop late at night, on a packed train, in a park on a warm summers evening, in an alley, against a one way window (they could see us I couldn't see them), in a cab, on the top deck of a bus, in a hotel lift, next to a hotel swimming pool during the day. There's more but these are probably the most public.