Monday, 27 September 2010

Weekend Update

Well I know if you read my blog on Friday you'll be waiting to see if I ended up in a messy threesome on Friday night with Steve and Anna. Well.... I'm going to have to disappoint you on this occasion. Yes we had a lovely meal. Yes we did talk about sex for most of the evening. Yes I did fall asleep on the couch before getting to third base after drinking far to much red wine!

Never mind! I didn't get any sex and I got to spend Saturday morning with a banging hang over does the weekend get off to a worse start? I went out on Saturday night to try and put the disaster that was Friday behind me. I was home at 10pm and decided I'd get online for a chat with a few of my online friends. Plenty of fun and it's been a while since that many people have watched me playing with my fav toy online. I orgasmed twice just for good measure and to keep the guys and girls watching happy.

Yesterday was a classic duvet day. I woke up at 3pm did a little work and then went to the pub for the evening. Again I was back home at 10pm and decided to head to bed. I'd been asleep about an hour when my phone rang.

Sophie calling to tell me her boyfriend was having an affair! Who am I to comment! But I gave her some advice and promised to give her a big hug next time we catch up. Watched a little tv and then fell asleep. Back to work today! Steve and Anna telling tales of my drunken dribbling and semi nakedness to my colleagues at work! Oh joy! If only they knew! Robin X

Friday, 24 September 2010

Cookie Monster

Well I'm pretty shore my Brownies hit the spot today as they were gone in seconds. Gobbled up by my hungry boss and the accounts and marketing team.

I have to hope that tonight's meal goes as well. I'm torn I don't know whether to chase my boss Steve or go for his PA Anna. Lol choices, choices. I've no idea if either of them share an interest in me but that didn't stop me flirting like crazy when we broke for lunch to celebrate Steve's birthday.

I'll let you know how it goes later. Robin X

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sticky mess....

I've been busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm. They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I'm hoping my Chocolate Brownies hit the spot tomorrow. It's our company directors birthday so for a treat I'm baking a tray of my personal fav's.

If they taste as good as they smell then I should be in line for a pay rise!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Highlight of my weekend!

Just thought I share this one with you quickly...

On Saturday we went out for my friend Faye's Hen night. We all got together at my house for 5pm to start getting ready. At one time I counted 6 girls in my bedroom in states of semi nakedness with Clare in shower and Carol in the bath I didn't know quite where to look or what to do.... Well I did but you'll know what I mean. I've been sat here for five minutes thinking about what I would have liked to happen... But that was just the start. When I get five I'll bring you all the juicy gossip right now I'll try and focus on righting this report with the morning horn! Robin XXX

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Duvet day.... With a touch of Robin X

I spent the day in bed today. Not that I couldn't be bothered to get up it was that I had a naughty friend to wake me up under the covers.... Shelly and I got chatting in the pub last night and I invited her back to mine. She trains at the same gym as me but I'd not really seen her before I bumped into her at the bar (or did she bump into me). Anyhow we ended up back at mine and before the front door has shut Shelly was ripping at my clothes and we were both naked by the time we got to the top of the stairs.

I pushed her into my room and on to her back on my bed. Kissing my way down over her near perfect body. Flat toned stomach and the tidiest line of pubes that I've seen in a while were hiding a very wet tight pussy. My tongue teased it's way through her folds he juices dribbling onto my tongue. She was gripping the back of my head and pulling me hard against her pussy as she groaned hard against my tongue ring.

I pressed a finger against her tight bum hole and licked down to it. Dribbling around the finger I pushed it into her tight little bum. She let out a little yelp and rapped her legs around me tight. I could feel her body tensing then she let go a huge orgasm right in my face! God it was amazing.

Shelly wasted no time, she quickly got her breath back and pulled me up onto the bed. Her fingers wedged hard into my pussy, I was so wet. We kissed and she could taste her pussy on my lips and tongue. She pushed me onto the bed and turned me over so I was on all fours. Groping my tits she slammed her wet pussy against mine. I was screaming into my pillow when she rammed her tongue into my wet hole. Licking my pussy and tonguing my tight little bum hole too. I was in ecstasy and my juices were dripping down my thys. Then I started cumming spraying more juices out over Shelly's face.

She loved it banging my clit with her fingers and driving me wild before lapping up my juices. She couldn't get them all though and there was a massive wet patch on my covers. I pulled Shelly into my on suite and turned on the shower. Soaping her up led to a very rough finger play session before I pulled out of the shower and dried her off. (well most of her, her pussy was dripping). I spent an age between her legs giving her orgasm after orgasm. We snuggled up and fell asleep.

I work up with Shelly between my legs, my pussy dripping. There was no way I was going to get up for work and after making Shelly and I breakfast in bed that's where I been for the rest of the day. Shelly left this evening and I've been playing with myself thinking about what we got up too... I told you... it's and addiction! Robin XXX

Monday, 13 September 2010

My first time..... Threesome

I was toying with the idea to go with my first.... sex toy but due to popular demand I've gone with my first threesome.

I'd been dating Steve for about a month when we went to a sleep over. It was at my mate Cloe's we were in her parents room making the most of Cloe's parents double bed. I was sat on Steve's cock when I noticed there was a gap in the door I was sure I could see someone watching. Even then I was a real nympho and the thought of someone watching me grind my hot pussy against Steve's cock really got me horny.

It wasn't long before an orgasm ripped through me. I started to scream the place down. I closed my eyes and lied back on Steve's chest. When I opened my eye's Cloe was stood by the side of the bed with her pj's round her ankles and her fingers in her pussy! Now I might have just orgasmed over Steve's cock but Cloe watching Steve's spunk leaking from my pussy had me going again.

She reached out her slippery fingers and touched my spunk soaked pubes. Rubbing Steve's spunk into my pussy and dipping a finger into my wet hole. Steve's cock slid from my pussy and Cloe gently wanked the last drops of spunk from it. Climbing onto the bed she licked her way up my thy's. Stopping as she got to Steve's cock slowly sucking his spunky helmet into her mouth. She tasted the mix of cock and pussy and looked up at me. I slide back so my pussy was dangling in Steve's face and joined Cloe tonging Steve's cock. We snogged from time to time to share the juices.

Steve was groaning it was his first threesome too and to have two horny girls licking and sucking at his cock and balls was driving him wild. He was getting hard too... He was fingering my spunky hole and I was moaning. Cloe pulled a condom from her parents draw and slid it onto Steve's cock before sliding his cock into her juicy pussy. Her cock filled pussy was inches from my face so I lapped away with my tongue on her clit. She was loving it and he juices were pouring out over my face!

Unsurprisingly it wasn't long before Steve was filling the condom deep in Cloe's wet pussy. His tongue had found it's way onto my clit and a mix of my juices and his own cum were filling his mouth. He didn't seem to care as I gushed away orgasming again over his face much to Cloe's delight. We collapsed in a hot sweaty heap but it wasn't long before I was getting Steve hard again so that Cloe could tongue away at my hot pussy with his cock buried deep! Ok it might not have been the most exciting first time but it was enough to get me hooked. Surprisingly it wasn't the last time that Steve, Cloe and I got together either.... Robin :-)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Busy busy

It's been manic.... Lots going on and as always I've be struggling to find time to post. Sorry. I don't even have a pic to make up for it this time.

So much has been happening too and I'm trying to find five to write up my next "first time" for you. Thinking of going for the first threesome!

Right now I'm far too tired! It was a big night last night and I need some beauty sleep to make up for it. Work early tomorrow! I'll be in bed watching a little Willy! Smith on Men in Black, then Bad Boys! - Robin XXX :-)

Monday, 6 September 2010

My First Time..... Blowjob

Just because I have a few minutes to kill and I'm in a naughty mood I thought I thought I'd follow up and e-mail I was sent a few weeks back with a suggestion for my site. A series of my firsts!

I'll start with the Blowjob.... after all every guy loves a good bj right?

Age: Ha that would be telling.....
Place: My best friend Clare's brothers (Pete or Paul) bedroom

What happened: I was at a sleepover at Clare's and we were playing around in her brothers room. She got tired and went off to bed. I was playing around with her brother with my hand down his pants and his hand in my pj bottoms. I pulled his trousers and pants down and started wanking his cock. I'd heard some -friends talking about oral sex and thought it sounded fun so I started licking the tip of his cock. He got up and put a towel on the bed lying back down so I could continue to suck his cock.

Of course it wasn't long before his pre-cum was running into my mouth. It tasted ok so I carried on sucking his cock between my lips. I slurped away and could feel his body tensing and he was obviously nearing his climax. Then he grunted and the first load of cum fired into my mouth. It was warm and salty, and followed by a couple more jets that sprayed across my tongue.

I wasn't quite sure what to do so I swallowed it down and laid back down next to him. We said nothing so I wiped my mouth on his towel and headed back to Clare's room. Clare asked if I was ok, I just asked her for a glass of water!

Nothing was said and it was the next time I went round to her's that she ribbed me for not telling her that I'd given her brother a blowjob, she'd found out in school as it was the following days playground gossip. I was learning about kiss and tell the hard way! I did end up back in his room but that's another story... If you'd like to hear more of my firsts let me know! Any firsts that you'd like to hear let me know those too. Horny Robin :-)


Well you probably worked out that my weekend was a alcahole fed orgy of sex and parties from my lack of updates. Sorry... What I can tell you is that I ended up getting well and truely seen too on Friday by friends Simon and Dave.

Threesomes are always fun but these guys were prepared to go the extra mile and who was I to deny them. I ended up in a moaning slippery mess in the back of Simon's car in a dark car park before going back to Dave's.

Back at Dave's the boys treated me like a sex slave. Filling all my holes and even trying to double penetrate my tight little bum! I did tell that it wasn't going to work but that didn't stop them trying! With a little help from a girls best friend Mr Viagra the session went on and on. I limped round the shops on Saturday and headed back to Dave's for another night of hot sweaty sex on Saturday. I spent the day in bed yesterday feeling a little sore! Robin :-)

Friday, 3 September 2010

The weekend starts here!

I've just popped home to get changed and grab some dinner. I'm meeting a group of guys tonight that I met this afternoon in the pub! I can't wait. Robin :-)