Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Poll Results......

I voted Yes I would you be up for a group sex session with you and I'm...

A straight make
74 (74%)
A bi male
12 (12%)
A gay male
0 (0%)
Straight female (just wanting sex with guys with other females there)
3 (3%)
Straight Female (willing to experiment)
2 (2%)
Female (anything goes)
8 (8%)

Votes so far: 99
Poll closed

Looks like we could have some real fun... Still can't imagine 74 guys all waiting in line... Yum Yum... All that hot cock just for me! Ladies at least there's a few of you out there up for some fun. Let's get together in the New Year... As they say! Watch this space! Robin :-)

Monday, 28 December 2009

Relax..... Ahh... that's better! ;-)

I often ask my self why I do it... that's the problem with addiction it drives you, stops you from asking why and just craving the next fix. For me it's always been sex and when I'm horny well if you're a regular you'll know... I gota have it!

I'd been partying hard in the run up to Christmas so it was nice to chill and relax at my folks over Christmas. I literally did nothing! Well apart from open a few presents and eat to much. I didn't even go to the pub for a Christmas drink for fear of ending up in the ladies with my undies round my ankles. I feel a millions times better and I'm ready for a few more days rest before it all goes of on new years.

I always like to keep my options open when it comes to New Years and this year I have a few parties to choose from. I'll have to see how the mood takes me. I'm off to bed to scratch an itch I've had for the last few days! Robin X

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas.....

It's my last post before Christmas. I'm off to spend a few days at my Mum and Dad's and will probably be a bit limited on the Internet access.

Thanks for following my blog this year it's great to know that so many of you are enjoying my exploits..... Hopefully I'll get a few of you involved in 2010!

Have a good one!

Love Robin XXX

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Stuffed like a turkey....

I'm just getting ready to head out to yet another party. That will be my 10th and I'm looking forward to this one the most. It's a very posh do at a big manor house (I just hope the Marquee is nice and warm as there's a lot of snow here).

I'm being picked up by a Taxi at 8.30 for a short ride and then it's Limo time! No idea what we are travelling in but I've been told not to be late! I've got my posh dress on and the most expensive underwear I own! Although what I was thinking when I brought these skimpy sexy little things I have no idea! I'll let you know if they work their magic.

I've been making good on my promise. On Thursday I party hard at one of our suppliers Christmas parties. Yes the old photocopier got a treat and then Fran from accounts did too when I tonged her to orgasm as she straddled the photo copier! I don't know what it is with giving me a lift home but this time it was Stu's lucky night. He'd been flirting all night so when we pulled up at mine I invited him in for a coffee. No sooner had my front door closed than we were up the stairs and on my bed. Stu wasted no time in getting my clothes off and I frantically unbuttoned his trousers to free his rapidly hardening cock. After licking from balls to tip I lied back and rapped my legs round his back.

I was so wet his cock slide easily inside me and Stu's pounding took me closer to an orgasm with every thrust. Boom my orgasm took hold and Stu kept pounding. Orgasm number two and then just as I thought Stu wasn't going to cum he exploded deep inside me setting me off for orgasm number three. He was hard as soon as I had my breath back and he spun me onto all fours. Pressing a thumb against my tight ring he soon replaced that with his cock and started to pound my ass I was screaming the place down and buried my face in my pillow as Stu buried his cock and started cuming.

He couldn't stay as he had to get home for an appointment in the morning but what a night! Robin X

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Party Update... Full Swwwing!

The days just roll into one... It's been a non stop party this week. I'm getting worried as if you are what you eat then I'm going to become a penis! I've lost count (ok that makes me sound like a real slut) of the number of BJ's I've given this year already. Surprisingly things haven't progressed much further I'll have to work on that over the next few days so I can bring you some really juicy gossip.

I've just rolled in from another party with a messy ending. I know you all love it when you get it live. I can still taste the spunk on my lips! Paul a 22yr old office junior at another of my big clients has just dropped me home. His boss asked if he'd do it as a favour and he was so lovely on the way back and one thing led to another.

I kissed him and his hand slid straight up my skirt when we stopped and you can imagine his delight when he found I wasn't wearing any undies and was dripping wet. He slipped a couple of fingers into me while I unbuttoned his trousers and wanked his rapidly hardening cock. I treated him to a real sloppy BJ and swallowed down his hot spunk as a treat. Kissed him goodbye gave him a cheeky flash and walked into my house. Fired up the computer and brought you the latest. I bet I'll be the talk of his office tomorrow. I'm heading to bed with a wet pussy that's moments from orgasm.

Talking of juicy Rachel I ended up at Rachel's house on Friday. Things started off ok and then everything went a little to far. I'd love to tell you more but I'm still trying to get over it myself and I'm not quite ready to relive what happened. Needless to say that I don't think I'll be seeing her again for a while. She's been texting me all week asking what's wrong, how do you tell someone they are? Robin :-)

Poll Results....

Would you be up for a group sex session with me....?

142 (94%)
8 (5%)
I know someone that would
1 (0%)

Votes so far: 151
Poll closed

Wow... That's one of my most popular polls todate. It's great to know that so many of you would be up for sharing me! I can't imagine what a mess I would be in if all 142 of you had your wicked way with me but when I try it certainly makes me horny. My new poll helps me work out how to take this forward. I'd love to do something and it would be great to meet and have sex with some of my readers! Robin :-)

Friday, 11 December 2009

Party Season

WOW... I knew it was going to be difficult to keep up now the party season is in full swing! I've had two this week already with another one this evening.

On Tuesday I started as I meant to go on. One of my biggest clients had hired a big country house for their do. After a lovely meal the band kicked off the proceedings and everyone was in a party mood. I took five to go with Jo to have a fag and got chatting to a guy called Steve who was an invited guest too. We were chatting about the gym and it was obvious that he liked working out one thing led to another and I found myself with his cock in my mouth with it blowing a load of cum over my tonsils. MMMM. When he'd finished I hitched up my skirt and he returned the favour he was really into jabbing my pussy and bum with his tongue and I treated him to flood of juices as I braced myself against a tree and orgasmed hard.

Phil offered me a lift home as he said my house was on his way anyhow (I'm still not sure how he knew where I lived). I'd obviously had far to much wine and I thanked Phil with another sloppy BJ while he fingered me to my second orgasm of the evening in the car on the road outside my house. Then I stumbled in with a big smile on my face thoroughly cleaned my teeth and went to bed...

The second party was on Thursday. A much smaller affair at the local Witherspoons. With a tab behind the bar everyone was soon very much in the Christmas spirit. I stumbled off to the ladies and walked in on one of the accounts girls giving the MD a very noisy slurpy BJ. They hadn't even made it as far at the cubicle there she was on her knees sucking his fat cock between her lips. I did think about helping out but she was obviously desperate for a pay rise. The MD didn't seem to mind either and it was as I was washing my hands that he pulled his cock out of her mouth and showered a hot load over her face and hair. It was all a little to much for me watching in the mirror.

The funny thing was I saw her later and she had blobs of dried spunk on her blouse. She was either drunk or stupid or both... She left with the head of accounts so I'm sure she'll have her own office come the new year.

I didn't have quite as much fun at that party. The practice is a lot older and so where the staff and I wasn't as desperate as the accounts girl. I headed on into town with Cloe who's account I manage we ended up dancing the night away in a couple of clubs and she crashed at my place (no nothing happened). I woke up to one of the tastiest cooked breakfasts I've had in a while this morning and stumbled into work at 10am.

My head is just about clearing which is a good thing as Rachel is better and coming round to mine this evening. I have a meal with a smaller client of mine. When I've finished there I'll drop her a text and she'll be over! If the level of smut in the text's is anything to go by I'm in for a right treat! Robin :-)

Saturday, 5 December 2009


I had hoped to bring you a Friday Rachel update... She's gone down with the old flu of the swine!

She sounded rough when she called me... Get better soon babe! Hopefully I'll catch up with you next week when she's better. I've been fantasising about what I want to do to her next time I see her and you should read the filth in her text's. MMMM Robin :-)x

P.A.R.T.Y it's Christmas!

I'm glad you liked the pic. As always I loved the comments!

There must be something wrong with me... I seem to be loosing track of time and with the Christmas season upon us it's time to P.A.R.T.Y those of you that have been following my blog for a while will know that I love Christmas. No not for the presents but for the parties.

My diary is rammed for the next few weeks with meals, parties and drinks. Everyone at work gets pissed off with me as I get invited to everything going. As it's so good for business (well that's what I tell the boss) I spend most of December in a wine and mince pie induced coma. Of course for a sex addict like me all of these parties are perfect for letting my pants (sorry that should have been hair) down in the run up to Christmas!

The first of the Christmas do's is next Tuesday... I'm counting the days. Robin :-)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

In the mood....

I'm glad you guys enjoyed reading yesterday's post as much as I did writing it!

I took this little pic as a treat for you all.... I always love the reaction I get from a pic so hopefully this one I took last night on my phone will press the right buttons for you. BTW that's my new fav toy... more on that later if I have time. Robin :-)