Friday, 31 July 2009


As regulars know I hate it when I get behind on all things blog.

I like keeping you guys up to speed and it's much easier to bring you the news as it happens rather than trying to remember what happened and when.

The big news is that Jess has been staying at mine for most of this week. The closest I have come to a regular relationship for a while. Not that I'm complaining. We can't keep our hands off each other.

Rachel has been texting all week asking if she can come over tonight. Of course I've said yes and I hope that Jess won't mind. I'm sure she won't and I'm secretly hoping that Caz will come with Rach it would be great to have another foursome! Of course I'll keep you posted. Robin XXX

Poll Results.....

Does finding out someone isn't wearing any underwear turn you on?

75 (94%)
4 (5%)

Votes so far: 79
Poll closed

Glad to hear that everyone is pretty much in agreement on that one! I guess those that don't must like underwear. I always try and go commando when I can. It certainly turns me on! Robin X

Sorry... Updates are coming!

Wow... What a week... I've got some updates coming for you. Time has been tight this week. I've been busy looking after my boss while his PA is on her hols. It's not as exciting as it sounds and I've been run off my feet. I can't wait to tell you all about my weekend and what I've been up to this week. Hopefully it will be worth waiting for. Robin :-)x

Monday, 27 July 2009

Crazy in love?

First up... I'm glad you all enjoyed the last post. Sorry it was a bit of a monster but I wanted to give you as much detail as I could.

I had arranged to go out on Friday but by the time I got home from work all I could do clean up the house was slip into a nice warm bath and then curl up in bed.

I woke up early Saturday morning and decided to call up my friend Jo and go shopping. We hit the shops hard (don't you just love pay day!). I treated myself to some new underwear (pics to come) and a new pair of shoes along with a few bits of makeup and of course we had made the most of a Pizza Hut's salad bar at lunchtime. By mid afternoon I was well and truly shopped out and headed home.

I'd arranged to meet up with Jo to head into town at 9pm. I was in the bath when the door bell rang. I jumped out of the bath and rapped a towel round me. I opened the door and Jess was stood there. "Hi Robin, I couldn't wait for you to call, can I come in" she said. "Of course" I replied" Showing her into the lounge. She was wearing a very short skirt that showed her legs of perfectly, knee high black boots and a pink boob tube with SEXY written in bubble letters. That pretty much summed up Jess's look. She was hot!

"Sorry Jess, I was just in the bath! Do you mind if I rinse this conditioner out of my hair" I asked. Of course Jess didn't mind and ran back up stairs threw the towel on my bed and jumped in the shower. I was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair with my eyes closed when I heard the shower door open and felt a hand on my bum. A finger traced down my little bum crack and between my legs. I opened them and the finger parted my pussy and started to tease my rapidly juicing pussy.

Of course, I'd hoped Jess would join me in the shower and I braced myself against the wall as she fingered me. Then her fingers left my pussy and she kissed her way down my back. God she was good.... The she kissed my bottom pushing me forward as her tongue licked me from behind. I handed her the shower head. Spraying the shower head against my pussy and tracing her tongue across my wetness licking round to just below my bum hole. I wriggled hips and she did it again, and again, and again. God I thought my legs were going to give way. I moaned loudly as my orgasm pushed through me. Jess didn't stop though, I turned round leaning my back against the wall of the shower. Jess kissed down over my belly and licked at my pussy. My legs were melting beneath me. God I was in ecstasy.

After I'd got my breath back from yet another massive orgasm I kissed my way down Jess's neck to her stomach and then buried my face in her pussy. Her juices oozed out over my tongue and I lapped away at her clit sucking it between me teeth every now and again. I knew it wouldn't be long before she was on another planet and she pushed her hips forward and grabbed the back of my head sliding down the wall of the shower as screamed her way through a frantic orgasm. Needless to say I sent Jo a text saying I couldn't make it and spent the rest of the night in with Jess. I've sneaked a few pics so when I get them off my phone I'll post them up for you. Robin XXX

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.....

Sorry.... I know you guys hate waiting for updates. I've just got home! Why? Well it's been a crazy couple of days. So make sure your sitting comfortably because this is worth reading but it might take me a while to bring you up to speed......

My first text from Rachel arrived at 11am on Thursday. "You still on for tonight babe? Coming for lunch?" Grrr... I wasn't in the office and there was no way of getting back in time for lunch from my morning meeting. "Sorry babe! Won't make lunch come round mine for 7pm my address is....". Rachel text back "I have to work is 9pm too late?" Bonus chance to get the gym and back before she comes I thought. "Yes 9pm is fine see you then sexy. Rx".

Luckily I was only in my afternoon meeting for an hour as the person that we needed to see had gone down with Swine Flu. That meant I was home for 5pm. I took a quick shower and shaved my legs, pits and pussy. Threw on my tracky bottoms and a t-shirt and headed for the gym. I was really pumped for my workout. After I headed to the changing rooms stripped off and went for a shower. All the time my mind was filled of thoughts of Rachel and what we might get up too later. My pussy had been wet all day and I had to remember where I was and stop myself from rubbing myself silly. I decided I'd better go and get dressed looking through my kit bag I realised that the pantie thief had struck again!

GOD! My mind had been so preoccupied I hadn't even given it a thought I checked round the changing room. It was quite busy and it could have been anyone. There was a cute blond that I thought might have a secret fetish (maybe just wishful thinking).

With nothing else to do I pulled on my tracky bottoms and realised that my bra had gone too... Was the pantie thief getting braver? Two souvenirs! Cheeky.. So I pulled on my t-shirt, it was obvious I had no bra on but there was nothing I could do. Luckily my tits are still pretty perky but gravity has taken it's toll and they are like they were in my late 20's!

Time was pressing on. I did think about reporting my loss but all I'd have to do is fill out a load of forms and it's unlikely they'd be as interested in catching the pantie thief as I am. On the way home I remembered that I need to to stop and get some wine. The young guy in the off licence thought all his birthdays had come at once when I walked in. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. I brought a couple of bottles of white. I couldn't resist bending over in front of him to make sure that I had no knickers on either. He was so flustered when I came to pay that I felt quite sorry for him.

All that flirting! I got home and stripped off. Just pulling on my dressing gown. Pouring a glass of wine and laying back on my couch. My pussy was throbbing and I couldn't resist rubbing it now. God I was sooo wet. It was ten to nine. I hoped Rachel wouldn't be late!

My door bell snapped me back into reality. I ran to the door opened it and Rachel was there with two of her friends (friends, they were never in my plan). "Robin I hope you don't mind but invited Jess and Caz". What could I say? I asked them all in, excused my state of dress and asked if anyone wanted a drink. I'd only brought two glasses into the lounge, "I'll just go and get a couple more glasses" I said heading into the kitchen.

Rachel followed me into the kitchen. "Robin, are you cool with the girls coming?" She asked. Of course I wasn't going to throw them out but my body language said it all. "Babe" said Rachel walking up behind me putting her hands round me and kissing my neck. I could have melted.

Rachel opened my dressing gown and run her hands down over my stomach. "mmmm Robin how fucking smooth and wet are you!" She whispered in my ear, I always think my pussy feels wetter when I don't have any pubes. Rachel was nibbling my neck as a finger eased between my wet folds. My heart was beating out of my chest as I leaned back against Rachel god she'd better not stop now! Thankfully Rachel wasn't planning on stopping as we kissed. My pussy leaked over her hand.

"Where are those drinks" came a shout from the lounge. "There coming!" shouted Rachel. "Me too" I moaned. "I know" said Rachel as she teased my clit and went back to sucking on my neck. My back arched and an orgasm exploded through me over and over making me push my hips back and fourth. I had to bite my lip hard not scream the house down and give the game away to Jess and Caz in my front room. Flushed and breathless I finally got round to pouring the drinks.

Rach carried them into the lounge while I pulled some kitchen towel and mopped up my juices. I went in and sat down next to Caz opposite to Rach and Jess. Soon the conversation was flowing, and of course horny Rach soon brought it round to my fav subject, SEX. We were quickly onto our second bottle of wine. Caz had swung her legs up onto the couch and I could resist rubbing her feet. Rach was doing the same to Jess and the conversation was flowing.

"So what's under your dressing gown" asked Rach.... "Ha" I laughed "Jess and Cass don't really don't want to know" I semi-protested. "We do, we do" they chanted. I stood up and dropped my dressing gown. Caz sat up and slapped my bottom. "Like that do you?" she teased. I smiled down at her as she slapped me again. This time her hand stayed on my bum, her fingers kneaded my reddening check and eased round between my legs. I parted them so that Caz could get right between them.

Rach and Jess were sat mouths open looking on. Caz's finger finally found my pussy pressing into my wetness. "She's bloody soaking" Said Caz. "I know" said Rach pressing a finger to Jess's face. "God that's smells of pussy" commented Jess. "Yes" Robin's pussy said Rach.

Caz pulled me back onto the couch and spread my legs wide. Here fingers parted my pussy. "Who's first" she asked Rach and Jess. I was so giddy and didn't care. Jess leaped of the couch and licked her way up from my foot down my leg. By the time her tongue hit my pussy I thought I was going to explode.

Meanwhile Rachel had stripped off and a was pulling down Caz's skinny jeans. I reached over and ran a finger down over her stomach. It met Rachel's tongue just as it jabbed it's way into Caz's pussy. Jess was in her element between my legs. So much for Rach's friends being a problem.

As she sucked my clit between her teeth my orgasm hit me hard... god. Then it just turned into a blurr of flesh. I ran up to my room and brought down my toy box. Rachel was still going down on Caz, her bum was high in the air and her pussy was just begging to be licked and toyed.

Giving it a cheeky slap I started licking her tight ring and then down to her juicy pussy. I pressed the head of the toy against her open pussy and started working it in and out. Caz was screaming (I think my neighbours are used to it by now) as her orgasm took hold. Rachel's body was arching and I could feel her pussy tightening round my toy. I pressed the button to the setting that always gets me off. Rachel was doing her best to hold on but her hips bucked and she sat up a little to moan as her orgsam took hold.

Jess was sat on the edge of my couch with one of my skinny vibes pressed deep into her wet pussy. I crawled over and took it from her. She laid back on the couch and opened her legs wide. Her pussy was dripping and I had to replace the toy with my tounge. Spreading her juices across her her pussy and pubes and watching as they dribbled out onto the couch (luckily it's leather).

She moaned and pulled my head hard against her wetness. Then I felt her pussy tighten and she let her orgasm go! God she was so wet, I thought she was going to drown me. Rachel was now between my legs. Holding my bum cheeks apart so Caz could squirt some lube round my tight bum hole. I held my breath as the toy pressed against my ring. It eased in and then Caz and Rachel took it in turns to push the toy in and out and finger my hot pussy. Jess was enjoying a second orgasm when mine hit and I just buried my face in her hot wetness....

For the rest of the evening we took it in turns to pleasure each other with our tongues, fingers and all of my toys. We ended up in a sweaty pussy soaked mess up in my bedroom. While Caz and Rach headed to the shower I played with Jess on my bed. She climbed on top of me and slide up the bed till her pussy was inches from my face. Pulling her pussy open she lowered herself on to my face. That's where she stayed until she'd orgasmed at least three times. I was in my element and covered in Jess's sticky juices as they ran down my tongue and out over my cheeks and face..

By now we were well into the early hours of Friday morning. So I suggested that they all stayed over. I woke up with Rachel on one side and Caz on the other. Jess was already up getting dressed. "I've got to get to work Robin" she whispered. I climbed over Caz and went down to see her off. Sharing a snog at the door Jess pressed a piece of paper into my hand and left. On it was written.. "No body has ever made me feel the way you do! Call me! Jess X X X"

I headed back to my room. I could hear moaning as I reached the top of the stairs. Caz was on top of Rach and they were enjoying a juicy 69'er. I went over to Rach and watched her tongue Caz's hot pussy. Licking round to her tight bum hole I pushed my tongue into her tight ring like the slut I am. It wasn't long before her body shock and she shuddered into climax over Rach. Her pussy and bum both pulsing hard on our tongues. This set Rach off too and I watched her face tighten while she wiggled around under Caz. While I shared a soapy shower with Rach, Caz dressed and left. It won't surprise you to know I was late for work yesterday! Robin XXX

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

YES! My sexy's back!

I decided to head to the pub again for lunch today. Rachel had made my day yesterday and as I'm out of the office tomorrow and Friday I figured I'd have to wait till Monday to see her again.

I sat down at the bar and Rachel came right over. She took my order and complimented me on my hair... nice. She was back in two with my cutlery and we got chatting as the pub was quiet. Mostly small talk but then she asked me if I was single. Of course I seized the chance to change the topic and said that I was as I like to keep my options open.... with a smile.

Rachel took my flirting in her stride and just as things were hotting up the bell rang to say my food was ready. Rachel ran back to the bar her cute little bum wiggling in her hot pants. She came back with my food and asked if she could get me anything else. "Your mobile number would be nice?" She smiled and scribbled it down on her order pad. Under her number she wrote "call me soon".

As regulars know I'm never been on to be backwards in coming forwards. I sent Rachel a text... "See me in the toilet in 5! Robin X" I saw Rachel check her phone and she smiled over at me. Peep peep... "Make it ten - I'm all yours! Rx". My pulse quickened and I could feel my pussy starting to juice up a little. I tried to eat my food but my heart was pounding. I finished my salad rap and walked calmly over to the loos.

I couldn't see Rachel in the bar but I thought I'd wait for her in the ladies. I didn't need to wait no sooner I had pushed the door open that Rachel rapped her arms round me. I kissed her slipping my tongue between her lips. My hands running down her back and down into her hot pants. She had a smooth bum and she kissed me hard as I cupped her cheeks. Her hands were no on her way down my back. Pulling my blouse from my skirt she kissed her way down my neck and to my stomach pushing me back against the sinks.

I unbuttoned my skirt sliding it down round my ankles sitting up on the sink top with my legs spread. Rachel fingered the material of my undies into my wet pussy... She purred and kissed her way up between my legs. Licking the top of my thy I could feel her breath on my hot pussy. God I wanted her. I didn't have to wait as she pulled my undies to one side and her tongue hit my clit. Jabbing it at first and then a long lick up my pussy before sucking it into her mouth. Rachel was no novice.

She pulled my pussy open and lapped away. My turn to purr, she was really hitting the spot. Her finger probed the depths of my pussy I arched my back and she added another working up a pace. I was in heaven. Although it's only been days I was so glad to have somebody else touching my pussy and it wasn't long before my first orgasm pulsed through me. That didn't stop Rachel she sucked and slapped my pussy, driving me wild then a second hit me. Much harder than the first my hips bucking up off the sink top much to Rachel's delight.

I was left breathless but I was desperate to get into Rachel's hot pants.... I pulled them down to her knees. No knickers, my kinda girl. Her pussy was soaked and I licked my way up her thy and went to work on her pussy. Her pubes were neatly trimmed which showed off her pussy beautifully my tongue explored her folds and her juices dribbled over my tongue... She leaned back against the sink top and spread her legs wider and pulled my head into her pussy.

I pressed a finger to her clit and dipped my tongue into her hot pussy. Working up a rhythm she was moaning loudly and then her orgasm pulsed through her. "MMMM Robin... Keep going" I didn't want to stop and after all she'd given me a second orgasm. I sucked her clit between her teeth and jabbed at her hole. It was pouring with her juices and they ran out over my chin. Then she orgasmed again. Just like mine the second was bigger and her juices poured out down over her thys and I did as much as I could to catch them with my tongue.

I kissed my way back up her body.... kissing her I let her taste her juices on my lips as I tasted mine. MMMM she pulled up her shorts and gave me a kiss... "Call me later, I'm busy tonight but maybe we could do this again tomorrow?" said Rachel. "Of course" I replied. She left the loo and I left the pub to head back to work. I spent the rest of the afternoon in a daze I decided to go for a run when I got in... then I had a bath... I can't get Rachel out of my head. Roll on tomorrow! Robin :-)x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back to it....

Just as I'd started to think that I was loosing my touch I headed to the pub for lunch. I ordered a bar meal and got chatting to the bar maid Rachel while I was waiting. I found out that Rachel is home from Uni and working over the lunch period through the summer. She was cute and very chatty. She got quite flirty too... I'll have to head to the pub for lunch more often.

Another quite night for me. I dropped the gym and decided to clean the house. Before running a bath and dreaming of what I could get up to with Rachel the bar maid. Needles to say the virtual Rachel did a great job of bringing me off.

Aside from that my life's gone all boring (I blame those that asked if my blog was for real!). I've not seen any action for days and I'm starting to get grumpy. I'm terrible when I don't get any sex. Here's hoping... Robin XXX

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Poll Results.....

If I catch the pantie theif when I'm at the gym should I....

Thanks for voting.... I'm pretty sure that's what will happen when and if I catch the theif... I'll be trying to catch them again this week.... Keep it posted. Robin XXX

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Things have really been quiet of late.... I hope it's because everyone is off on their hols. I went to the gym on Thursday evening with a little surprise for my pantie thief. Inspired by one of the comments on a previous post I spent an hour before heading to the gym playing with myself in one of my fav black thongs.... By the time I took them off they were dripping wet.

I think it was the thought of what might happen if I caught the thief (don't forget to vote on what I should do to them!). Anyhow I placed them on top of my bag and went off to the shower. The smell of them should attract the thief, I could smell the musk coming from them and I was feeling super horny.

Just as I was about to leave the changing room a group girls in their late teens/early twenties came in from the pool. They we all in the same swimming costumes so I guess they were practicing for a gala. I bottled it and decided that I'd push my undies back to the bottom of my bag. Maybe next time!

I showered changed and headed home. Another evening on my own.... If it carries on like this I'm going to need some new batteries! Robin xxx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Don't worry I'm not going all deep and meaningful on you... One of the questions I always get asked about my blog is "is your blog for real?"

Well as I think you'll have seen I always answer that the truth is easier to remember. So aside from changing a few names and locations everything you read is pretty much as it happens.

Now obviously it's tough to prove that, hence this post. Nothing has happened over the past few days. Of course I've been out over the weekend, and I made my usual trip to the gym last night and I'd be lying if I tried to deny having plenty of fun at home with myself, but for a change I don't have any exciting stories to bring you and I guess that's just life! Robin X

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Poll Results.....

Your staying at my place and find me passed out naked on my bed do you...

Pull my covers over me so I don't get cold
25 (16%)
Take a photo and publish it on the Internet
2 (1%)
Push a finger into my pussy and get me wet
95 (61%)
Masturbate next to me on the bed and cover me in your cum/juices
32 (20%)

Votes so far: 154

MMMM that really makes me horny.... I'm off to a party tonight maybe I should drink till I pass out! Although how would I know what had happened to me. I usually wake up horny and wet! Thanks to those of you that don't want me to get cold, very kind. Robin XXX

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Back from the gym....

Thursday nights gym session was a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong I had a great workout and I'm now pretty knackered but nothing happened. How disappointing is that!

I had hoped the pantie thief would strike again and I even left them on top of my bag when I went for a shower. I was kinda disappointed when they were still there when I got back. I still haven't heard from Claire. Maybe they've gone off the idea of a threesome. I should be down the pub tomorrow night and I'm hoping I'll bump into them. You will of course be the first to hear! Robin X


Thanks for the questions... Please keep them coming.

As you'll read they've provoked a few memories. I'll write up a few of the tales that I've touched on. If you read anything and want to know more please let me know. Robin :-)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions.... Part 1

Questions... Here goes... Some of you have asked more than three.... Naughty but nice!


RIV asked...

What are the things you haven't had a chance to do in which you're dying to try?

Ha.. I've been lucky... I love group sex and I'd like to try a bit more dogging! Last time I did that I found it a real turn on. I'll try anything once though. Bring it on!

Advisor 54 asked...

What % of your blog is true? exaggerated? complete fiction?

There's a little bit of exaggeration.... but why lie when the truth is easier to remember!

How did you lose your virginity to men? to toys? to women? anally? orally? (i guess these are "1st time" stories

Read through my posts... There are lots of first time stories in there!

Have you ever shagged someone famous?

No, I wish! Shagged a few lookalikes!

Who was the prettiest woman you have ever known? What made her special?

God... That's a tough question ask me another!

Have you ever thought about settling down?

LOL... common question..... What do you think!

Have you ever been in love?

Of course... Everyone has a first love! Right now I'm in love with a plastic sex toy that came in a box from a stranger! Sorry Suzi, you're great but I'm not in love with you yet!

Do you worry that your sexual side has move from fascination to addiction?

No I try not to worry about anything. Being as risque as I'm if I worried I'd stop doing what I'm doing. I look at it that as long as I'm having fun.... I'm not surprised that I'm addicted to sex! Who wouldn't be if they had the choice?

What is the scariest sexual experience you have ever had?

First time I had group sex! I love cock but there were far to many horny guys for me I felt a little intimidated. A friend of mine had told me about her first experiance and I was paranoid that the cocks were going to spunk all over me without doing anything. Once I'd had a couple of sessions and got into it I couldn't believe what I'd been missing! I might write up a post on this one

What is the highest number of orgasms have you had in a single session, day, week?

I'd like to say I'd lost count! It has to be 6 or more! Some days I just have too orgasm! The most I have had when I've been at work is 4.

What is the most unusual place you have had an orgasm, through masturbation or sex?

Ha.. Lots of strange places I would have to say in my friends wardrobe. It's happened twice once when I watched her take her best friends fem to fem cherry. The second time she had 8 guys cum over her and in her face.

The first time I was loving it the second time I was hiding in sheer terror (that willy thing again I think). At the time the most cocks I'd taken on had been one on one. I sometimes wish I could go back now I'd burst out ready for action. Both times made me very horny but I had to orgasm quietly!

What is your favorite sexual memory?

My first times... The first of many but still nothing beats the first time you do something!

Have you ever cried during sex, tears of joy, pleasure, sadness, or despair?

All of the above! I laughed till I cried once too!

What is the longest time you have gone without an orgasm? without sex?

Lost my virginity at 14 so I guess that was the longest!

What is the farthest you have traveled (intentionally) for a fuck?

Ha... If they'll paying I'll travel as far as they like if they're worth it.

Jus asked...

1. Would you ever fuck any of your blog followers?

Of course... I met a some people when my blog was on Heaven Blogs. I've not met anyone from this blog!

2. If i visit you in UK, can we get a drink together?

Always up for a drink! I think we'd have more than that if you came all this way!

3. Would you every get married in a monogamous relationship?

I've thought about getting married. But monogamy... Lol I don't think I could!

Thanks..... for following!

152 followers... Wow thanks guys... Hopefully you're enjoying following my blog!

It's been a while since I handed things over to you guys. You all have a chance to ask me 3 questions. Or if you like give my pussy a rub and take 3 wishes!! Yes I spent hours coming up with that one!

You can either post them as comments or e-mail them to me @ robin_2398(at) (don't forget to change the word at to @!)

I'll do my best to answer you're questions as quick as I can...! Oooh I hope this is as much fun as it was last time. Be kind! I'm getting quite excited and can't wait. Robin :-)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Ha! That got you thinking hey. Although I do have some fun news for you. Guess what? Yes the pantie thief has struck again. I came back from the shower my panties were gone and there was no one around. That will teach me to leave them lying on top of my bag. I'm wondering whether the same person took them? When I was getting changed there were only other women in the changing room so guys maybe you'll get your dream. If I ever catch them!

God right now I'm feeling very horny I had the choice of coming home in my gym shorts or my very short skirt. You guys already know which one I went for. Oh and how could I resist bending over to pick up something in front of the reception desk. The poor guy on receptions eyes nearly popped out of his head. My cute little bum and pussy giving him a wink god I'm feeling so cheeky!

Time for bed now... Well time for me to lie on my bed... I don't think I'll be sleeping for a while I'm already dripping! It's toy time! No news from Claire or Stu yet. I've sent a few but nothing back! Hopefully I'll hear from them tomorrow! Robin :-) x

Monday, 6 July 2009

Claire... Oh yeah!

After Friday's session down the pub and updating you guy's I went to bed but was in no mood for sleeping. I didn't realise how turned on I was until I touched my dripping pussy of course I had to bring myself off to a real leg trembling orgasm with my fav dildo.

I'd planned a shopping trip with my friends on Saturday. Plenty of talent out in town and after spending far to much I made it home and slumped down on my sofa just before 5pm exhausted.

My phone beebed into life a text! It was from Claire the girl I kissed and who ran, after Stuart's bj. "Hi Robin, Feeling naughty tonight? What are u up too babe? Cx" I texted her straight back "Just at home babe, always naughty. Fancy coming round? Rx" My pulse quickened and it seemed like an eternity before my phone beebed into life again. "Sounds fun, your address?" I text back my address now my heart was really beating.

I tidied my lounge threw on my joggers and a big baggy "what a babe" t'shirt. No bra or knickers, and poured a two big glasses of wine. I downed my first glass and poured another. My phone rang... It was Claire, she was in my street but couldn't find my house. Dizzy cow she was parked opposite!

I opened the front door and showed her into the lounge. She was babbling away nervously chatting about her day. I couldn't get a word in!

She had on a blue vest top and a short white skirt with white knee high boots. I couldn't keep my eyes off her long sexy legs framed by her boots and that little skirt. Of course I wasn't really listening, more dreaming about pushing my tongue between her thys. "Another drink?" I asked Claire had downed her first and I was now on my third and getting tipsy.

I sat down next to her on the couch. Before I could make my move... "You know when you kissed me yesterday Robin?" asked Claire. "Yes" I replied. Well you told me to taste Stuart's cock" she said. "Yes" I nodded. "Well I've been dating Stuart for 3 weeks and that's not the first time I've tasted his cock" she said with a giggle. WOW you could have pushed me over with a feather. "Sorry I had no idea" I stammered. "Of course you didn't, no one knew apart from the two of us and we both found it horny as fuck!" She smiled.

Then she leaned forward and kissed me. "How about you taste Stuarts cock on my lips? We've been fucking all day thanks to you!" I snogged her and my tongue licked round her lips savouring the taste of Stuarts cock again.

My hand slid up her thy and a finger pushed against her pussy (mmmm no undies). "Stuarts cock has been busy in there too Robin, do you want to taste it!" I could feel how wet Claire was and I guessed that it wasn't just her juices that were matting her pubes. I spread her thys and slid her back on the couch pushing her skirt up around her waist.

I took a long look at her pussy as I spread her lips and dipped a finger into her wetness. She was moaning loudly. When I pushed my tongue between her lips she bucked her hips off the couch. I was in ecstasy too and I wanted her to feel the full force of my hot tongue and lapped away jabbing at her clit and between her lips with my tongue. She grabbed me round the back of my head and pulled me tight against her hot pussy orgasming hard against my hot tongue.

My face was dripping with a mix of her pussy and Stuarts spunk when I finally came up for air, licking my lips...mmmmm juicy. Claire was just lying back on my couch breathless with her pussy exposed, what a slut, I just wish I'd had my camera. That picture would have done it for all of you!

Claire sat up and grabbed my joggers. Pulling them down round my knees. "MMMM Robin I've never tasted pussy! Are you ready for me?" Well I didn't need asking twice. I sat back on the couch and pulled my legs up to my shoulders. Pulling my pussy open so Claire could see just how horny I was. If her first touch was tentative then her second showed no nerves. Pressing her tongue just above my tight bum hole and licking round to my clit. Sucking my little clit into her mouth and working it into a frenzy!

I was orgasming. really orgasming! Claire was good, very good! For her first time she'd hit me spot on and I was loving it. Screaming as I pushed my pussy and pumped my juices into her face. MMMM She looked up at me coated in my pussy juices. Smiled and went back down on me. Good girl! My second orgasm was even more intense than the first and I called Claire all the names under the sun.

Now it was my turn to lie back on the couch breathless. I'm glad Claire didn't have a camera although you guys are gutted. I was just getting my breath back when her phone rang.

"Yes Stuart I'm just finishing up her come meet me in five" said Claire.

I pulled up my joggers and straighten myself up "Stuarts coming?" Yes but we have to go tonight. We can't stay tonight Robin but we'd like too. Talk about gutted. Stuart walked up to my front door. I answered, "she just cum" I said with a wink! Giving Stuart a kiss on the lips. "I hear you'll be cumming too next time!" Stuart smiled and Claire came out and kissed me and then kissed Stuart. "See you soon Robin".

I'm still waiting for that text message. Hopefully I'll get it sometime this week. All I have to decide is whether to bring my Suzie. Robin X :-x

Friday, 3 July 2009

A mouth full of cum and £50 in 3 minutes... Easy money!

I'm home early but I'm not complaining.... I headed down my local this evening we were all drinking in the garden and it was getting pretty rowdy. I was on the breezers and the girls started teasing one of the guys Stuart as he's been single for months.

Poor guy how could he defend himself, of course he'd been wanking himself silly for weeks. I love the thought of that. While I was away in the clouds thinking of him wanking Dave suggested (well shouted) that I'd give him head for £50. I laughed that off saying that I wasn't short on sex. But they all threw in some cash counted it up and there was £50 notes. I jokingly said buy me another Breezer and I'll do it. No sooner had I said that than two landed on the table!

"Ok drop em" Stuart blushed... "No it's OK" then everyone started chanting bj, bj, bj. Poor Stuart was stuck. I didn't really care either way but he didn't stop me unzipping his fly, pulling out his cock and when I put it in my mouth he certainly wasn't saying no! The guys had crowded round us cheering us on. I was slurping away like a right slut and the guys were encouraging me. I could tell that Stuart was doing his best to hold on as long as he could. The guys were all wooooo he's gona!!! Then I deep throated him. Much to the crowds delight. As I sucked off his cock gagging slightly the crowd cheered as Stuart unloaded over my face.

Hot blobs of spunk showered down over me. For someone that had apparently spent the last month wanking there was a lot of hot spunk! In fact there was so much that it ran down over my face an onto my top. I was soaked in sweat (yes I'd worked up a real sweat, it's warm out there) and cum. I scooped up what I could licking it of my fingers and with everyone cheering I darted off into the pub straight to the ladies. One of my friends (who's told me she's straight) Claire followed me in. "Fuck me Robin that was horny" Claire looked flushed. "Did you really swallow all of that spunk?" she asked.

"Of course" I replied showing her my empty mouth. "Dirty bitch" she said with a sly smile. I moved forward and kissed her... "Can you taste that cock?" She backed off... "Robin!"

I hoped she'd come back for seconds but she walked out of the ladies (well she sort of ran). I finished cleaning up and decided to head home rather than back to the garden and here I am telling you all about it! Enjoy Robin x :-)

Poll Results....

If you could put your tounge in one of my holes which one would it be?

My mouth
15 (13%)
My pussy
61 (53%)
My bum
37 (32%)

Votes so far: 113
Poll closed

MMMM ok... My sexy pussy honey pot it is! Thanks for voting! I'm soaking wet just thinking of 61 tounges all lining up to go in my pussy.

Hey I'm back....

Where do I start! It's been a busy week, very busy.

I've been so busy that I just haven't had the time to update my blog which has been a nightmare. This weeks been hot, hot, hot hasn't it. I've loved the heatwave. I've been wearing next to nothing (no undies for the last three days!) and walking to work and back everyday. I'd love to say I've caused a few accidents but all I've heard is toot toot... alright darling! As an attention seeking bitch I've loved it!

Even though I wanted to 'sniff out' the pantie thief I skipped the gym on Tuesday and Thursday. Far to hot to be sweating! Well in the gym anyway! I'm glad you guys loved the pantie story and thanks for all the comments! You know how much I love the comments and there were some great ones there!

Silky's comment really reminded me of my college days and a guy called Simon. I found out that he had been sneaking into my room and taking my dirty undies. One day I caught him wedging them down his pants. He tried to run so I dragged him into my room and sat him on the end of me bed. Grabbing at the pantie material sticking out the top of his trousers I shouted. "What are these doing here!" tugging at the undies I pulled them out from his trousers". Are these what I think they are?" He stuttered and stammered, before he could get the words out I started pushing my panties into his mouth. Which soon shut him up!

I pushed him back on the bed and his hard cock was standing proud. Pushing hard against his jeans, after all it had just been rapped in my panties. I prodded it with my finger "so you dirty little pantie thief my undies turn you on do they?" He nodded. I unbuckled my jeans and pulled them off. "Back on that bed!" he'd tried to sit up to see me. He dropped his head. I climbed onto the bed and straddled him. With my pantie clad crotch inches from his face I began rubbing my pussy. My juices spread across the black material. I kept on rubbing, tweaking my clit. Obviously my panties were working like a gag in Simon's mouth but his eyes said it all and he was moaning loudly.

My juices were pouring through the material and running down my thys. I touched my finger on the end of his nose. Not that he couldn't already smell my pussy trothing up in his face. I always get wet but there was something about what I was doing to Simon and what it was doing to me. Then it hit me. My orgasm sent me into ecstasy thrusting my juicy crotch against Simon's face as I orgasmed again and again and again. Screaming the joint down.

I climbed off Simon and slide my hand down his pants to find he'd filled them with his cum, and his limp cock was still throbbing. Naughty boy!

With my pussy still pulsing I lied on the bed next to Simon exhausted. He pulled the panties from his mouth and shoved them down his pants "they'll soak that up" then he pulled off my panties and went down on me. His technique was a little rough but it wasn't long before another orgasm ripped through me. I just lied there screaming pouring more juices over Simon's tongue. While I got my breath back he pocketed my panties and left my room. Robin :-)