Monday, 31 January 2011

OMG No time for updates!

Working to hard rather than fucking hard has been the order of the last few weeks since my last update. So much for one of my new years resolution.

It's been the busiest month at work and I have been on the road more than I have been in the office. Can't complain because business is good and I've had my fair share of advenutures on the road. Brian and Pam were by far the highlight of my last road trip!

They ran a small B&B just outside Newbury where I stayed for three nights. On the second night I was chatting with Pam when she mentioned they were swingers (don't ask me how I do it or pick them). Well that night I joined Pam and we gave Bri a show to remember before letting him join in and cover us in reams of sticky warm spunk!

I culd hardly concentrate the following day and couldn't wait to get back to the B&B. Bri was waiting for me and this time we fucked with Pam watching. Bri was a big lad and Pam loved it when he fucked my tight little ass. She'd had enough and couldn't wait to join in. Licking my
Pussy as Bri shot his hot load up my bottom. We spent the rest of the evening in all sorts of positions trying everything. Pam woke me up the following morning between my legs slurping at my pussy. We showered together and I packed and left. Can't wait to get back down there. Should be there in 3 weeks! Robin Xxx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

More to cum!

I just thought i'd let you know that I'm buzzing this morning. I have to go to a meeting now but hopefully later I'll have time to tell you why! It's to do with returning a certain pair of undies! :-) more soon Robin

Monday, 17 January 2011


Have i been lucky? I'll let you decide!

I've had s bit of a lazy weekend so I thought I would go down to the gym tonight. Sundays are always quiet but there were a few people down the gym and there was an aqua aerobics class in the pool.

I had a sweaty session in the gym to blow off a few calories showered dressed and left. When I got home I realised my mistake. I've brought home someone elese bag! Now I'm no thief but I was one of the last to leave and I had the bag I thought I was picking up in the back of my car. But now I have a bag and i have some panties and socks!

I was only looking for ID but the undies smell lush and what made my search all the better was that found some ID. I've called the owner and she sounds very cute. I've arrange to drop her bag off on my way to work tomorrow morning. In the meantime I've been making the most of the musk in her undies and her sexy little socks... I'm so wrong! Or am I? :-) Robin X

Friday, 14 January 2011

New Poll - Get voting

If you have a mo don't forget to vote on my new Poll.

If you've ticked thie other post use the comments on this page to tell me what you'd want to do to me and me to do you ;)

I forgot to add foot job on there! Anything goes so get kinky! Robin XXX

Good Mornin!

To my surprise I'm in a very cheery mood this morning despite the lack of sleep. The couple in the room next to me eventually fell quite, but by then I'd had more than my fair share of my own orgasms. Thinking about I maybe should have knocked on the door and asked if I could have joined in. But the combination of the noises they were making and her climaxing hard to crys of "Oh god I'm cuming" and plenty of grunting on his side really did it for me!

I had a good look round at breakfast but couldn't make my mind up who the couple were. It din't really matter but it would have helped with my own fantasy to see who i was listening too. Right that's enough chatter from me. I've got work to do and my second appointment is waiting! I'll try and get online latter to bring you some more goss! Robin XXX.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

scream if you want to faster!

As regulars of my blog will know I'm often away with work. Tonight I'm in Bristol staying in the Premier Inn. I just got in and got to bed when the couple next door started shagging. JHe was obviously hitting the spot and she was screaming LOUD! So loud that I'm lying here wondering how long they will be going for. Lol

Anyhow I've got and early start tomorrow so I hope they finish soon! I've got a juicy little update for you. I'll write that up soon. Till then I'll be lying here with a pillow over my head! Robin XXX

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quick catch up!

I'm going to get an early night but I thought I would give you a quick catch up on the last 24hrs. I hit the town hard again last night and ended up having a great time. I love being fingered on the dance floor. Hot sweaty and very public! When it's another girl with her fingers in your pussy it's just a tad more exciting! Of course I had to return the favour although I waited until we were in the ladies. Locked in the cubicle I wanted to do more than just finger Rochel. Hitching her skirt up and pulling her panties to one side I pushed my tounge into her hot wetness. Her knees buckled and she Leant back against the wall of the cubicle. It wasn't long before her juices were pouring out over my tounge! Rochel orgasmed hard on my face I was swallowing her juices as fast as I could!

Swapping places I hitched my skirt up... My shaved juicy pussy was pulsing as Rochel pushed her tounge hard between my pussy lips. I pulled her head in tight and moaned loudly as she lapped away. I don't know if she did or if it was just her technique but she felt like she had the longest tounge that has ever licked my pussy! As you might expect the orgasm was a biggy, a real screamer! Made all the better by Rochel pushing her index finger into my bum! Dirty girl!

We spen the rest of the evening on the dance floor and I even managed to get a smog from couple of random guys. I wonder if they could taste Rochel on my lips? I was denied a nitty of passion as Rochel had to get a minibus back to Luton. We've swapped numbers and hopefully I'll see her soon! I had a real duvet day today dreaming about what Rochel and i can get up to the next time we meet. Needless to say my fav toy needs some new batteries! Robin :-)x

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Friday Night!

So back out on the pull! how did it go tonight?

First up don't let my early return deceive you! I decided that it had been far to long to go without sex so I dressed super sexy tonight (ok I froze my tits off but dam did I look sexy). I headed down to the pub and caught up with some friends. They were pleased to see me back and it wasn't long before owe were drinking our way through the alcho pops!

There were a couple of guys at the bar giving us the eye. I went over and started chatting to Steve and Darren. Two guys in their 20's both single (yay!). We got chatting and it was obvious that Darren couldn't keep his eyes to himself. I slid my skirt a little further up my thigh it was obvious that I had no undies on and his eyes nearly popped out of his head!

He was getting closer and closer to me and there was a lot of accidental on purpose touching going on. I could see his cock straining against his jeans. I meant forward and whispered in his ear "do you need a hand with that erection" he paused and then smiled at me.

"pardon" he shouted in my ear after all it was pretty loud in there!

I shouted "I asked you if you wanted a blow job?"

"fuck yeah, your place or mine" he smiled.

We made our excuses and jumped in his car. It's not to far to my house but he was in no hurry, as he drove his hand sneaked up inside my skirt and fingered me hard. I'd hardly got the key in the door when Darren's hard cock was sliding up my leg....

The door clicked shut behind us and we were fucking on the stairs! A sweaty mess of flesh I standing with my hands on the stairs and Darren sliding he hard cock into me from behind. One of my fav positions My juices were running down my thighs. It wasn't long before I could feel my orgasm building in my belly and before I had chance to savour the feeling my pussy exploded over Darren's cock which set him off blowing load after load of hot spunk inside my pussy.

Whilst I got my breath back I dragged Darren up to my bedroom stripping off his clothes on the way up the stairs. He had a pretty buff body and his cock was already hard again. I wanted to taste his spunk and my pussy so I sat him on e edge of my bed and treated him to one of my bj's. Caressing his balls I could feel that he was readying to cum again. I souled away and deep throated his cock and just as he started cumin I slurped off leaving a big bootlegs of spit as the first few jets of spunk splattered across my face and dribbled down onto my tits.

Darren was keen to return the favour pushing me back on the bed and fingering me hard before going down on me licking my pussy and slurping on my juices. I clamped his head between my thighs there was no escaping my pussy! He was going to have to eat his way out! Darren was more than up for the challenge and at time I was sure I had two tongues in my mouth.

Anyhow it wasn't long before I was screaming the place down! Darren held on tight and did his best to swallow down the juices :-). We fucked and sucked each other for the next few hours. I invited Darren to stay but he had to be up at 5am tomorrow do drive somewhere and his loss is your win as you get me typing up my exploits with a taste of hot cock on my lips and a throbbing wet well fucked pussy! Enjoy Robin :)x

Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

It's been a crazy Christmas! I went to stay with my parents as I usually do and got struck down with a mystery virus. It really knocked me for six so I glad that my Folks were around to look after me. The good news is that I'm feeling a lot better now.

The downside is that I iwas in bed on New Years and missed out on some great parties :-( So I guess I have some catching up to do! I'm not quite back to full strengh but I'm hoping to get out tonight!

While I was away Sasha decided that she wanted to move out and has moved to Birmingham. She gone to live with her brother, I'm not to bothered, yes I'll miss her and the sex was amazing but I've never been a relationship person and whilst Sasha was a very special person to me I don't think there was a real longterm future. So I'm officially free and single!

Finally, if you've e-mailed me thanks for your messages. I've had issues with my e-mails and I've just got my account working again! So thanks for all the pictures and messages! I loved catching up on them all. Feel free to e-mail me again! You might even get. Reply this time!

I'll let you know how it goes tonight! Robin X :-)