Thursday, 20 May 2010


Channel hoping the other night I found Teeth on Horror! What a bizarre film it was about a girl who had teeth in her pussy. She'd taken an oath of abstinence and that motivated a range of guys to try and get in her pants! Funny thing was they had no idea that they were about to meet a grizzly end with their cocks bitten off inside her pussy!

That lead to the strangest dream I'd had in a long time... I was going down on one of my ex's when her pussy started to try and eat my tongue. Weird! Put me off watching these wacky porn films before bed!

What's up with the weather today... I wore a shore summer dress to work today and its freezing! I don't think to many people minded though as my nipples were rock hard when I got to the office this morning and this dress shows them off a treat! Rx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Gym sessions....

I know you guys love it when I bring you the latest... I can still taste the spunk on my lips and my pussy is buzzing!

I decided to run down to the gym tonight... I couldn't get in the class I wanted as I'd left it too late to book. So a quick run and a workout was on the cards.

By the time I'd finished in the gym I was knackered and more than happy to except a lift home when Pete offered. Of course I had to say thanks..... and I did that in the best way that any nympho can with a hot bj... I could see Pete's hard on straining against his joggers and he nearly blew over my face when I pulled it out of his hot boxers and sucked on his helmet... MMMM so much pre-cum I knew it wouldn't be long before I was tasting his hot spunk!

I wasn't wrong... After sucking him to the back of my throat I felt his cock tighten and he moaned as he pumped a hot wad of cum over my tonsils.... I swallowed it all down and kissed him on the cheek and ran inside. I've literally loaded up my comp and here I am... I can still taste Pete's hot jizz on my tongue! Time for a shower and a little play time me thinks! Rx

Monday, 17 May 2010


Ok... As I haven't posted for so long I thought I'd treat you to a little pic of my pussy! Yes this is how wet I get updating you guys.... Enjoy Rx

OMG.... Busy, busy, busy

I've been soooo busy between the sheets that I haven't had time to bring you guys all the goss!

Since I first had sex I've always had an addiction, I'm always horny and always looking for my next 'fix' it's such a release, I just have to have it! There have been times when I've wondered what the hell it is I'm doing and for the past few weeks I have been having the time of my life!

I've been seeking sex everywhere and I've never had so much in my 35 years! My old friends think I've lost the plot but my new friends think that I'm the best thing since sliced sex!

It's scary though as even writing my blog my mind begins to wonder at how much of a slut you guys might think I am if I brought you all the details. The weekend was wild! I went to a party on Friday and ended up having sex with two couples in the hot tub! It was their first time swinging and I swear I had nothing to do with instigating the whole thing! It always a turn on to be fucked by two guys but watching their wives eat each other out on the side of the hot tube made it all the more special. The guys treated the three of us to a very spunky shower. Snowballs all round!

I stayed in bed until 1pm on Saturday. I was woken by a text - "shopping today??? Are you up? I'll be there in five! Jx" I'm sure I only rolled over for a second but then there was a bang at my front door. I stumbled down the stairs and Julie burst in... "Come on Robin... the shops are waiting!" I followed her upstairs and she was pulling out clothes and throwing them on the bed. I pulled my t-shirt off to put on my bra and Jules practically jumped on me! "Fucking hell Robin I can see why the guys can't put you down"

Of course I was just stood there in my undies and Jules hands were all over my body. I pushed her back on my bed.... Crawled up her and pressed the wet crotch of my panties against her face. "Guess what I did last night?" I giggled.... "MMMMM her tongue pressed the material of my panties into my pussy" That was it.... Three hours later Jules headed home well and truly fucked! Never jump on me in my bedroom unless your ready to take on my toy box!

Saturday night was just as messy..... I hooked up with a friend in town and ended up back in his hotel room. More rough sex and a massive anal climax left me face down groaning into his pillow. A few hours later I was woken with his hard on pressing in my back... A quick bj to make sure he was nice and hard and more hard sex! I caught a cab home and slept through to this morning a quick play and then back to work and more phone fun with G in accounts..... Shower this evening and then a quick run... Just deciding what to do before I go to bed!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Free and single!!!

For those of you that have been following my blog for a while you'll know I don't really do the relationship thing very well. Yet another has bitten the dust! I'm not bothered and I'm sure my regulars will have a little cheer! I won't go into why now, needless to say it was all my fault!

I've been busy making up for lost sex and spent most of the Bank Holiday doing the filthiest things in Bournemouth.... Which I renamed 'Spunkmouth' after I spent most of my day with a cock in my mouth! Yes I'm back to my slutty self and loving it! I met a group of guys on a stag weekend that was in the final throws of it's messyness. I ended up back at their hotel judging a wanking contest of all things... I had to judge who's spunk flew the furthest. Of course I sat at what I thought was a safe distance watching the guys tug away. The first couple dribbled but the next guy shot a long shoe lace right over my foot! Before I could move back another splatter on my shin and then one splashed on to my thy and my shorts. Spunk is such a nightmare to wash out too!

Of course the guys coaxed me into giving the winner a sloppy bj to clean up and you can guess where that ended. I saved the groom till last, getting married this weekend it might be a while before he had his load swallowed! He left the best man to make sure it was an afternoon to remember. Hopefully they'll text me some pics if they do I'll be sure to share them with you!

My weeks all over the place I fell asleep in the sauna at the gym last night! Luckily a guy let someone on the desk know that I was in there otherwise I might have been locked in. Of course my mind wandered to who else may have come into the sauna while I was catching some Z'sss and had to have a particularly soapy shower before heading home to sleep in my bed! I forgot how exhausting my addiction to sex can be! More soon I promise!!! Robin XXX