Sunday, 29 March 2009


I've had some great e-mails on my last pic. It's great to know that people like checking out my blog and love checking out my pussy... I was SO horny I just had to share it with you and I'm SO glad I did! The thought of you wanting to shove fingers, tongues, cocks in fact a range of things in there has kept me horny all day! Last night was CRAZY too...

I made a real effort and went out to the pub. I had planned on heading on to a club but I ended up chatting to Gail. She'd been stood up (or at least that was her story) anyhow if she had been stood up then his loss was my gain. Gail and I were going to head into town but we ended up back at my place. She was dressed in a white blouse and black mini dress. She looked amazing and I was buzzing with excitment.

She'd obviously been with another woman before but I don't think she was that experienced. So I took the lead... Stripping off and sitting next to her on the arm of my couch. I opened my legs and placed her hand on my thy. Of course it didn't take her long to run her fingers down to my bald pussy. I was practically dripping and once she dipped her finger in my pussy and then pressed it to her lips.

That was it. I slid off the arm of the couch and onto her lap. Kissing her lips and her neck. Licking down to her cleavage and pulling her tits from her top and going to town on her hardening nipples. Gail was moaning and her fingers were pressed deep in my pussy her thumb going crazy on my clit. I pulled at the buttons on her blouse and then lifted her skirt. I could see a damp stain on the crotch of her thong. I ran my tongue down across her stomach grabbing her legs and pulling them wide.

Jabbing my tongue at her dripping pussy... MMMMM she was so wet and she tasted amazing. Lapping away at her little clit and her pussy. She slid to the edge of the couch pulling her knees up to her shoulders. I could lick all the way round now and she loved it. Letting out little squeals of delight.

"Wait right there" I said. Sprinting up to my room and pulling my toy box from under my bed. I grabbed my red vibe and my double ender. I ran back down the stairs. There was Gail on her knees in the middle of my lounge. What a site! I crawled up behind her and slapped her bum. Dribbling onto her pussy I pressed the tip of the double ender against her pussy. I slide easily between her wet lips. I straddled her pushing the other end into my own wet pussy. and began to slide back and forth. We were both screaming and it wasn't long before we both orgasmed hard I kept working the dildo deeper and deeper and then Gail orgasmed again collapsing and pulling the dildo from her. I grabbed her end and licked it clean before feeding Gail my end. What a pair of sluts.

As Gail got her breath back on the floor I sat on the edge of the sofa and stuffed the end of the dildo back into my pussy. My pussy throbbed round it and I scooped a couple of fingers full of juice pressing them into my ass. I then fed the other end of the double ender into my bum. Gail soon sat up taking over working both my holes was really turning her on. It was driving me wild and as Gail rubbed my clit I orgasmed hard my juices flooding from my pussy and the power of my orgasm squeezing the dildo out of my ass. Electric!

Gail and I spent the rest of the evening playing in my bed of course she found my toy box and wanted to experiment with everything. I woke Gail up on Saturday by treating her to a little tongue/pussy action!!! She loved it and didn't leave my place till lunch! Or was that she had me for lunch. Robin XXX

Saturday, 28 March 2009


I thought I'd give you a a little treat.... Want to see how wet updating my blog and reading your's gets me? Of course you do... Here you go! Enjoy! Robin X :-x

Friday, 27 March 2009

Another week gone!

Time is flying by right now... It's been a strange week. Can you ever have too much sex?

Ok that's a stupid question but I sometimes wonder and things are flying along in my life again. There are times when I end up getting comfortable and seeing one guy or girl for too long where as right now I seem to be on a run on one night stands and quick sex with random strangers. I was chatting with a friend the other night and she's always warning me about the randoms.

For me it's the electricity that comes from hardly knowing someone but opening up yourself to them (literally in some cases). The bonus is that most of the times it ends up being a bit of fantasy sex so they'll go that little bit further. First time anal or the chance to blow your load over my tits and face or even in my hair. I find it a thrill getting guys off on what they've always wanted to do but never had chance. Of course the guys come back with "wow your my dream girl" or "why aren't more girls like you" and it can be embarrassing bumping into them again especially if they are with their gf, partner or wife!

The other thing that amazes me and that I'm often asked is if I premeditate the sex that I have. I know I don't but the other day I was thinking about it (yes I was turned on at the time) and I thought that maybe I do.... I must go out looking for sex? Or does sex find me? I wouldn't say that I was overly attractive but I do have an amazing sex drive, is it that which is always getting me in trouble?

Ok, ok maybe my blog is getting a little philosophical but lets take Thursday. I woke up and ended up having a play in the shower. I headed into the office and then out for coffee. I bumped into a guy called Dave, 20mins later Dave and I are back at my place. I treated him to a very messy bj and he fucked me doggy style till I screamed into my pillow. Back to the office and then out with Rach and Sal. I met a guy called Steve in a bar and spent the rest of the evening back at his.

He had some fantasy's that he wanted to live out and who was I to argue... I was in the zone and I've never had a problem playing nurse. The PVC playsuit was a nice touch and I made sure that I dribbled plenty of his hot spunk over my PVC clad tits. It did the trick and after blowing his load it didn't take him long to get hard again and fuck me silly for the second time that day.

Did I go looking. I don't think so. Did sex find me? Of course.

Let me know your thoughts and as it's been a while since I found out what you guys would like to do to me or any burning questions you might have ask away in the comments... Robin :-X

Saturday, 21 March 2009

First time fun... Anal

When I was 18 I went on a college trip to the South of France. We were camping for the week and I'd left my boyfriend of the time at home. There was a guy called Shaun on the trip he was older than me and was there to be a chaperon for the guys whilst it was my job to make sure the girls didn't get into trouble. The boys were a right rowdy bunch and he really had his work cut out. I was lucky and had a very well behaved group of girls. We'd spend days do activities and then the evenings we light up a big fire and burn our way through a packet of marsh mellows or three before bunking down for the night.

After one particularly tiring day I decided to go for a walk down the river before dinner. It was a lovely evening and I can still remember the sunset to this day. I rounded a bend in the river and it opened up into a mini lake with a boat house and everything. It was so idyllic. I sat down on the bank of the lake and took in the peace and quite. Shutting my eyes I heard footsteps and Shaun jogged by. I smiled and waved and he stopped. Coming over to speak to me.

He commented on the sunset and asked if this was the first time I'd made it down the river. All the time I could see that he couldn't keep his eyes to himself. I patted the ground next to me and asked him to sit down and watch the sun go down. To my surprise he did. I put my hand on his hot sweaty thy and slid it up toward his crotch. He reached around me and kissed me while my hand found it's way into his shorts. The were soon down round his knees as I treated him to a nice slow handjob. His sweat was soon replaced with precum.

Meanwhile his hand had slid up under my top and was pulling my tit from my bra. He pinched my nipple and it hardened between his fingers. He reached down and pulled my top over my head and unclasped my bra. I pulled his t-shirt off as he started to unbuckle my jeans.

I jumped up and stepped out of them and pulled off my undies. It was still warm so I jumped into the river and swam off from the shore. Shaun dived in and swam out to me. We were skinny dipping!!! I was loving it. We kissed again and Shaun's fingers explored the folds of my pussy I was shuddering with pleasure but it was getting late and the water was freezing. So I swam back to the shore. I pulled on my top scooped up Shaun's clothes and ran towards the boat house.

Shaun chased me over and no sooner had he opened the door to the boat house than I jumped him. Grabbing his cock from behind and kissing his neck. He turned around and pushed me against an old boat. His cock thrusting it's way towards my dripping pussy. He pushed it in and I shivered again he was big.

He quickly built up a rhythm and I was screaming my heart out. Then just as I thought he was going to cum he pulled his cock out of me. He turned me over and started to finger my ass. Pushing my juices around my tight ring. I'd never had anal sex before and I was keen to see what it was going to feel like. Shaun pushed his cock against me slowly, slowly pushing it into my tight bum.

I bit on my lip as it really hurt but once he'd pushed it in and loosened me up it felt amazing. It must have felt good for Shaun too as he didn't last long pumping my bum full of warm spunk.

The rest of the trip was a little awkward. Shaun and I had to try and keep our hands to ourselves and it wasn't until the last night that we made it down to the boat house for a repeat. Yes I let Shaun cum in my bum for a second time...

When I got home I split up with my bf as he was doing my head in. I decided that it wasn't fair to tell him about my holiday romance as he might ask to many questions. There was no way I was going to let my secret out of the bag.

Of course now I have to be in the right mood but I'm easy with anal. Some guys love it other guys don't. I'll always remember my first time skinny dipping and anal and I hope you enjoyed finding out about it? Robin :-x


I've just got back from a busy day doing some serious retail therapy with my Mum. With it being Mothers day tomorrow I offered to take her shopping and boy can she shop!

Anyway enough of my day I've been dying to type up my adventures of a few weeks ago down in Newquay. Things did get very messy I think I might have dragged a few of the girls astray. We ended up drinking far too much and as always where there were guys there and a sniff of cock I was off!

Although I'd been kinda seeing Si for a while I decided to let my hair down properly. I ended up kicking Jo out of our shared hotel room and making room for Paul and Gary. I did offer Jo the chance to stay and join the fun. She had know idea what she missed out on.

The guys really took advantage of me and it's been a while since I had quite so much fun. Once the guys got over the whole naked in front of each other thing they couldn't wait to fill every one of my holes. While I treated Si to a blow job to remember Gary was giving my soaking pussy a serious fucking. He was a really rough shag which I don't mind but I was glad when they swapped ends and Si gave me a much genteeler pounding.

Of course I'd lost count of the orgasms by the end of the evening. The girls gave me a right ribbing in the morning! But at the end of the day I didn't care although thanks to Gary I was walking a little funny!

Of course when I told Si what I'd got up too I had some serious making up to do. Because my pussy was so sore I treated him to what he called BJ heaven. I've never sucked anyone cock as much as I sucked Si's. I treated him to a messy bj every time we hooked up, not that I'm one to complain and the Bj fest soon smoothed things over with Si.

Here's a quick pic I got of the girls when they stopped for the loo! Dirty birds! Robin :-X

Thursday, 19 March 2009


I know you guys love these pics... I feel like I've neglected you over the past couple of weeks so I thought I'd make up for that too!

Apologises for the quality but Si snapped this one last night when I was waiting for our cab. One of the perils of going commando!!! Si loved it so I thought I would share it with you guys....

Si just called me and he's coming to pick me up. MMMM should be a good evening. I'll keep you guys posted. Robin :-x

Catch up!!!

Wow... Sorry for not posting for so long! I've been mega busy with work and just haven't had time to keep up with my blog. I've been here there and everywhere with work. As always I've got tons to update you on and I don't really know where to start!

Lets just say there's been plenty of sex with lots of different people (does that sounds as slutty to you as it does to me?) and I'm sitting here now wondering what to do and who to see this weekend!!!

Hopefully now you get an idea of why I've not been updating my blog! I've been too busy with my legs in the air with my pussy being given a good seeing too! Robin :-x

Monday, 9 March 2009

Sweat, Sex and Samatha...

Sorry I haven't brought you the juice from last week that I promised! I bumped into a friend of mine down at the gym on Friday and I ended up in Newquay for the weekend on a Hen weekend! Nothing like leaving it to the last minute... Although for obvious seasonal reasons party season wasn't in full swing we had a laugh and I'd like to think that Newquay didn't know what had hit. Well at least for a few hours on Saturday night!

Last week was manic as I said but I managed to see Simon on Tuesday and Thursday. His flat is about 2min walk from the gym so on both night's I went for my usual workout before heading round to Si's for another work out. He's really into me which is great and as he's growing in experience the sex is getting pretty intense too. I love it on top and Si's not one to argue! He's pretty keen to make sure I get what I want and he's very submissive.

With all that energy it's great to be with a guy that can keep up for a change. Last Thursday he joined me in the shower and then carried me to his bed. We were both dripping wet and the sex was so intense. Si went down on me and was there for what felt like and age making sure my pussy and ass were getting plenty of attention. Of course one good turn deserves another so I gave him a blow job to remember (0r at least that's what he called it). That's when he begged me... and it's going to cost him to take this pic and have me post it on my blog! It's here so hopefully he'll let me off what I got up to on Saturday night!!!

I'll bring you the lowdown on the weekend later.. I'd better wait till I've spoken to Si first! Robin :-x

Friday, 6 March 2009

Wow.. Busy week

It's been mental at work this week. I've been here there and everywhere in meetings and I've not had time to keep my blog up to speed! I've just popped into the office to pick up some things. Now I'm off to the gym for a swim and and sauna. I'm not sure if I'm going out tonight. If I'm not I'll bring you all the juicy gossip on my week and what Simon and I have been up too! Robin :-x