Saturday, 27 November 2010

This week...

Well where do I start. It's been crazy. Sasha has now moved into my place and we are spending far too much time together but I'm loving it.

I'd love to bring you some more gossip but to be honest Sasha and I have been having so much fun that I haven't had time to do much else. I'll keep you posted. Robin :-)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Things on my desk!?!

When I got to work this morning there was a small bag on my desk, inside was a pair of brand new socks and a note. "Robin, I heard you were in need of some new socks" this pair were white and ankle length pretty standard socks. But I wonder who gave them to me? Who reads my blog in the office and who would be sweet enough to buy me some new socks :-).

Well as you read my blog thank you! If you'd like to buy me more than socks then I wouldn't mind a.... Ha! Anyhow I'll wear your socks at lunch so if you can get a glance under the table or of me when I'm wandering around the office you'll see you little whiteys covering my sexy naughty little toes! Who knows I may even be a little bit wet at the thought of you looking for you socks! Robin :-X

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The theif in the night!

Now is it just me or do I have an uncanny lack of luck when it comes to having things stolen when I go to the gym. This time I managed to hang onto my undies but someone has run off with my socks!

I took a shower after a particularly sweaty Spinning session and came back to find my trainers empty! Yet again it adds an extra dimension to going to the gym. Who is the guy or girl with a foot fetish that wanted MY socks! It's a bit of a turn on to know that I've become a turn on. I'd love to know what's happened to my socks, who has and what sordid little fantasy they have helped them to live out! Roll on Thursday! Robin XXX

A late update.... from the weekend!

Just as I get back into the swing of things on my blog life takes over again! Sorry.

Anyhow things between Sasha and I have stepped up a gear! You might think that for someone with a sexual appetite like mine LOVE is the last thing I'm after or expecting when I go into a relationship. However one of the biggest challenges when you are addicted to sex is falling for someone! In Sasha's case I had a feeling from our first time together that she was going to give me more than a challenge! I fell for everything about her, her look, her voice, her skin, her smell. Yes I had it bad.

Luckily I have a feeling that she feels the same. We spent a very messy weekend between the sheets and I couldn't keep my hands off her and her the same! Even a trip to Tesco's to get some essentials turned into a weird bit of foreplay! She's away for the rest of the week and I already miss her. Luckily I have a  few 'souveniers' at home to keep me wet and to remind me off her when I'm back to filling my big double bed on my own. So sex and love have their perils... Robin XXX

Friday, 12 November 2010


Now it's not often that I break one of my rules but for Sasha I'll make and exception! First rule don't date anyone more than 10yrs younger... Sasha is 21. Ok I still get told I don't look 36 but. well!

Second rule - don't be the teacher! Always be the one being taught. Maybe that's my submissive side coming out but when it comes to sex first times or even if you've done it a few times it isn't pretty! So if you want to enjoy it make sure they know what they are doing.

So why did I break two of my rules? Isn't already obvious? Sasha is 21yr old lesbian virgin with a body to die for and a sense of adventure that would give Indiana Jones a run for his money! I won't bore you with the details on how we meet as I can tell that you already want to know more about what we got up too!

I invited Sasha round to mine and within five minutes of her arriving we were both naked on my bed. We'll I opened the door in my dressing gown and nothing else. Her soft skin and her near perfect curves stretched out on my bed, her arms thrashing around as I tonged her tight young, juicy pussy. I could her her whimper as I sucked her clit between my teeth rapping her legs round my head pulling me tight against her pussy. "Oh robin that feels so good!" she moaned as I wedged three fingers inside her squeezing her juices out over my tongue.

She was soaking from the moment I'd pulled her trousers off and now she was dripping all over my duvet. I lapped up her juices and sucked her clit between my teeth again. Looking up her through her neatly trimmed pubes I could see her eyes closed tight and her mouth slightly open. I kissed my was across her stomach and then back to her pussy lapping away I could feel the duvet tighten as she clenched her fists and her first orgasm started to rise. I jabbed my tongue at her shinny little clit and she moaned loudly as floods of juices poured out over my tongue and chin. Flowing down onto the duvet and creating a big wet patch.

I sat up and watch her raise and lower her hips as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. I lied next to her and reached under the pillow. Pulling one of my toys from under it. I wanted Sasha to experiance more and switching it on I pressed it hard against her clit. She came again and again. Begging me to stop so she could catch her breath. I pushed the vibe up inside her and upped the vibration. She was lifting her bum off the bed and screaming as she orgasmed intensely. I was loving it and had my spare hand playing with my clit. I thought Sasha was going to orgasm for a week when she started to come down.

I pulled the vibe from her pussy and feed it straight into mine. Mixing our juices I was so fucking horny. I straddled Sasha and sat with my pussy inches from her face. Pushing the vibe in and out of my hot pussy. It wasn't long before my own juices were running out over the toy and down my thighs. Sasha pulled out the toy and gripped my bum cheeks trying to pull me onto her face. "MMM come on Robin I've never tasted pussy before" she begged.

I shuffled up the bed and let the tip of her tongue taste me. "Like it?" I asked. Sasha's face said it all. Pulling me so that I was sat right on her hot and horny tongue. She licked me like a pro. She was really hitting the spot and for her first time she seemed hell bent on giving me a good time! I could feel my orgasm building. "MMM lick my pussy again, while I lick yours" she begged. I spun round into the 69 position and lapped away at her pussy. What it didn't bank on was Sasha having a thing for my tight little bum. She was licking from my clit round to my bum hole. Stopping only to jab my now soaking pussy and spit what she licked from that into my bum.

I felt a finger press against my tight ring and it slide easily inside. Sasha licked my pussy and fingered my ass. Of course I returned the favour although I don't think Sasha's little bum has seen as much action as mine not only was she tight but she let out a little squeal as my finger pressed into her.

By now I was well on my way to orgasming hard in Sasha's face. She knew it to. "Cum for me Robin, you fucking bitch" she shouted. Who was I to disappoint this 21yr old lesbian virgin had me with all my years of experience on my knees. Eating out of her hands. (well her pussy and ass). My orgasm burst through me nearly drowning Sasha (poor girl) she didn't know quite what had happened when I opened my flood gates in her face. She didn't disappoint though opening her mouth wide and then licking me clean!

Our fun continued with more toys and more orgasms until Sasha got a call from her mate saying that he was waiting for her at work and didn't she need a lift home. She dressed and left quickly leaving me her skimpy undies as a souvenir and a promise that she'll come and stay the nigh on Friday. I can't wait! Robin :-X

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Sorry it's taken me so long to get my last post online. I hope you like it. It's a biggy but it's worth reading all of it! :-)

Meeting Stu and Tony has kick started my sex life. It's back and I'm loving it. Last night I had a date with a girl called Sasha. I'll bring you the full lowdown later. Right now I need to get a tissue as finishing of my last post has my pussy dripping! Robin :-X

Here comes the rain!

Here was I thinking that there must be something wrong with me. Two weeks is the longest I'd gone without sex in ages! Just when thought things couldn't get much worse, yesterday I came home to find my toilet blocked. I tried everything I even asked my neighbour to see if there was something wrong with the drains. In the end there was nothing else I could do but call a plumber. Ok on the grand scale of things going without sex and blocked loo aren't the end of the world but they are both pretty important to me.

Anyhow I rang round and most of the people I spoke to wanted a £60 call out charge and then £40 an hour on top! £120 for a blocked loo! Before I become a consumer affairs program I eventually found someone that would come out and fix it for £50. Bargain the only site downside was that he wasn't sure when he could get to mine. Not a problem I thought and arranged for him to call me when he was on his way.

Anyhow at about 9.30pm I began to think that he wasn't going to make it. I tried his mobile and it went straight through to his answer phone. I left a quick message and decided to head upstairs for a quick bath. Without the loo I was busting for a pee so I decided to go in the bath wash it down. Disinfect and then have a bath (to much detail?). Just as I squatted over the plug hole my mobile rang! Typical, in trying to reach my mobile I peed all over my socks (ok I've realised now I should have taken them off).

It was Tony the plumber he was very apologetic and explained that he was on his way and would be at mine in 30mins. Great I thought plenty of time to have a bath and clean up! Of course a warm bath and no sex it's a lethal combination and I was soon away in a world of my own.

I was brought back to earth by my doorbell. Shit! I'd really got carried away. I jumped out of the bath through on my dressing gown and ran down to answer the front door. Tony introduced himself with Stu, both of them looked and smelt like they'd come straight from the pub. I showed them in and took them upstairs. Forgetting that with my dressing gown on and nothing else I was giving them a grandstand view of my bum and dripping pussy as they followed me up the stairs!

Although my bathroom is a fair size the the three of us squeezed in didn't leave a lot of room. Add to that the steam from my bath and it was more than a little cosy!

"Right lets get this off and have a poke about" smiled Tony as he took the lid off my loo. I pulled the plug on the bath and asked the guys if they wanted a tea of coffee. "Two teas please" said Stu.

I headed downstairs and put the kettle on. I could hear the guys chatting away in the bathroom and it was only as I neared the top of the stairs that I could actually hear what they were chatting about. "She's fucking gorgeous. What I do to share a bath with her". I hear one of them say.
"Did you see that ass and pussy on the way up the stairs. fucking gorgeous!" said the other. I stood at the top of the stair and listened as they described in detail what they'd do to me! If I hadn't been horny enough I could really feel my clit buzzing.

I pushed open the bathroom door and they guys feel silent and blushed. "Don't stop chatting on my behalf" I smiled. "Which one of you would like to fuck me first". Tony nearly dropped his cup of tea and Stu stood there mouth open wide. "Pardon" the pair both said at once. "Well I want you" poking Tony in the chest. "and you" poking Stu "to put you money where your mouths are". As I teased them I rubbed my dressing gown up my thighs giving them a glimpse of my pussy.

I pulled on the waist band and let it fall open. Cupping my tits as I sat on the edge of the bath. "So who's first". Tony's trousers and boxers came down like a shot. His cock was still soft but was hardening fast! As he walked towards me and I guided it into my mouth it was rock hard. A few minutes banging away at my tonsils and it was straining and throbbing. I reached out and help Stu out of his trousers and boxers. His cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. I slurped of Tony's cock and replaced it with Stu's. He growned loudly and started thrusting his cock in my mouth and his balls against my chin.

It was obvious that he was about to unload in my mouth and it wasn't long before he grunted and wad after wad of hot spunk coated my tonsils and dribbled out of my mouth and down over my chin. As his cock softened I sucked it clean and slurped off. "Come on Stu get wanking I haven't finished yet!"
I left Stu to play with his soft cock and started wanking Tony's. His swollen cock head was dripping with precum. "Want to fuck me Tony" I purred.

thighs! I was screaming and on the edge of my first orgasm when he stood up and slid his cock into me. Straight up the hilt, not that I'm complaining I was that wet.

Tony thrust away as I started to feel my orgasm build. My pussy clenched around his cock as my orgasm ripped through me. Tony held his load and I did my best to stop myself falling into the bath he pulled his cock out and rubbed it around my ring. "Watch this Stu" he jeered as he pushed his cock into my tight bum. Slowly and gently but it still felt a little uncomfortable at first! Then as he started to build a rhythm my bum started to relax and the feeling that is unique to being fucked in the bum took over.

I looked back between my legs and could see Stu standing next to Tony watching his mate fuck my little bottom. I pushed back against Tony and spun him round so he was sat on the side of the bath with his cock in my bum. I spread my legs "come on Stu there's room for two". I said. He knelt between my legs and pressed his cock into my pussy. "Right let me control the pace boys I don't want you falling out!"

I started rocking on their thick cocks feeling every inch of the boys filling me. I was just a sweaty little mess pressed between these hunks and I was in ecstasy. I'll go three months without sex if I get to make up for it like this every time! I could feel Tony's cock throbbing hard in my bum as Stu triggered another orgasm. That was it! Tony's cock erupted in my bum as he pumped me full of his hot spunk. Stu pulled out and sat back to watch his mate unload in my ass. Breathless I got to my feet only for Stu to spin me round again so I was leaning against the bath.

Tony was sat there with his semi hard cock in his hand wondering if he was dreaming. I was in a world of my own too until I felt Stu's cock sliding into my bum. He cock was a little bit bigger than Tony's but with all that spunk in there he was sliding in and out easily. Then boom my bum orgasmed. It was all to much for Stu who's cock exploded as it was forced from my ass spraying spunk everywhere and covering my back and Tony's face and chest. I did what all good girls should and licked up every last drop.

Flicking on the shower I climbed in and was joined by the boys. It wasn't long before their hands and cocks were all over me again. I could feel a cock pressing against my pussy and one rubbing my ass. I pushed the one deep into my pussy and it wasn't long before yet another orgasm ripped through me sending yet another load of hot spunk deep in my pussy. Of course this had to stop somewhere and as both guys cocks went limp I washed myself and them down and stepped out of the shower. Throwing the boys a towel each I went to my room and through on my PJ's.

When I got back the boys were packing up their tools. "All sorted Robin... No charge on this occasion and remember our work comes with a lifetime warranty. So when it goes wrong you know who to call!" Smiled Tony. I showed the guys out and flopped on my sofa. MMMM the drought is well and truley over! Robin :-X

Monday, 1 November 2010

Another week.....

OMG!!!! Another week has flown by! Guess what? I've still not had any sex! Yes that's right despite all those offers online in the real world my pussy has had nothing but a bit of rapidly vibrating plastic to keep it pleasured for yet another week.

I did think about dragging in a couple of the Mum's and Dad's looking out for their kids that knocked at my door last night. I was home alone but that didn't stop me dressing up. I chose a nice little Witches costume (ok I really liked the corset). I've never had so many people knock at my front door! I'd just sit down from one and another would be there. With so many callers and the fact that I've always had a sweet tooth I thought I was going to run out of treats! (and put on 10lbs) As I said I'm sure I could have come up with an alternative for the Mum's and Dads though... Shame I don't have a spell for that!

My friend Cloe called in with her kids and found it odd that I'd dressed up and carved all the pumpkins. I love Halloween it's just a shame that I didn't get to perform any magic. :-)

I'm heading the gym after work to sweat out some frustration! Look out guys I'm always horny when I'm sweating and tonight might just be your lucky night! Robin XXX