Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Saturday Night.. ta da da de did de did de did da!

Just enough time to bring you a very quick update and pic that my friend Sara took on her phone and text me…. I went to a party on Saturday night and apparently she snapped me on Sunday morning calling down for a glass of orange juice and a slice of toast!

As always we had a wild time. Again my memory of the night gets a bit shakey after far too much red wine. Needless to say there were people sleeping everywhere come Sunday morning and I woke up between two very good looking lads Gary and Paul.

I wasn’t going to ask what we’d got up to the night before but the way my pussy was feeling and with 'that' taste in my mouth I had a good idea. I woke them up by slowly wanking their cocks under the covers and then let the boys do what boys do best. Gary liked to take charge but Paul didn’t mind as he seemed to be able to control things a lot better holding off cuming inside me and spraying my face and hair with spunk (you know I love that). They both seemed to enjoy watching me suck Paul’s sticky load off my fingers and thought I was one of the dirtiest girls they’d ever meet (I guess that’s a compliment). Paul even likened me to a pornstar, which is never a bad thing in my book.

Anyway enjoy the pic! Don’t forget as always comments and e-mails are more that welcome! RobinXXX


XxX LuchoPonx XxX said...
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XxX LuchoPonx XxX said...
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Advizor said...

What a lovely picture, I love that shade of blue....

You should post more like this.