Monday, 8 February 2010

Where did January go?

As always I seem to be the only one in the office who actually does any work! January was no exception. I hate it when I look at my blog and see that a week has passed since my last post. I'm on my own for an hour this morning (woohoo) so I thought I'd write a quick update!

The good news for blog regulars is that nothing too exciting has happened in the last week. Saturday night was a real disappointment too. I met too guys down on business from Manchester they seemed up for a party but come closing time they were no where to be seen. There loss, I guess they must have just got cold feet or maybe it was something I said? Anyhow I caught a cab home and made the most of a relatively early night!

Last night I met Simon for a drink. He's been texting me for weeks after we were introduced by a mutual friend. I don't often date the shy types but there was something about Simon. He's a triathlete too so he pretty buff, but he spends far too long working out for me. After a great evening of chat a quick fumble and a kiss was all I got! Despite me making it more than apparent that he was welcome in for a quicky! Simon's a real gent though and I'm sure I'll be seeing (more of) him soon!

I've got another date lined up tomorrow evening and with a gym session pencilled in for the evening it's lining up to be another buys week. Robin X


Dave said...

Hun - on behalf of those of us in Manchester, I apologise for the utter twatness of the two guys you met. I am embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated that their northern red-bloodedness clearly didn't maximise on their potential. I hope that doesn't put you off the rest of us ;-)

Robin said...

Nah... I haven't taken it to heart.