Monday, 28 March 2011

Waking up with strangers is never easy!

I'm sat a work nursing a massive hangover. Whilst I might be here in body my soul is broken. I'm sure that time and coffee will pull me back together but that feels like it's a while off yet. Why am I so broken you might be asking? Well!

Every year me and my girls friends arrange a weekend away, in the past we have been to some very exotic locations but this year we chosse the Brecon Beacons. A friend of a friend owned a beautiful converted barn in the middle of no where. What an excuse for a party. I headed over straight after work and by 7pm on Friday I was on one. Saturday we started drinking at 11am and by 3pm the place was full of people. Friends of friends had decided to come for the weekend so it was buzzing!

I know what these do's can be like and things were getting pretty wild. I just have flash backs of the evening, I do know that my usual shitness at poker meant yet again I was sat in my bra and undies!

So my night was a bit of a blurr. So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday morning I woke up naked wrapped in the arms of a gorgouse blonde. (I know I couldn't believe it either) She was naked too and I just lay there hoping the memory of just what I'd done and how I'd got there would come back to me.

When she wile up she looked just as awkward..... After a long pause she said "eerrrm high I'm Clare and you are? I'm not really sure how I got here?" I was just pleased that she had as little recollection of the previous evening as I did. Neither of us could remember how we'd ended up in bed together. I kinda hoped that Clare would want to remind me of what I'd forgotten but she jumped out of bed to go to the bathroom. When she came back she sat on the edge of the bed looking around the room for her clothes. Passing me my things... "is this yours? Is this yours? As a pile of my things grew on the bed she slowly found her own clothes and dressed.

"Fancy some breakfast?" asked Clare as she headed downstairs. My friend Cloe poked her head round the door. "have fun?" she asked with a knowing smile. "I can't remember a thing" I replied. Cloe laughed "I'm not surprised you two were so out of it we just put you to bed in here last night with Clare as she was the same. I hope you didn't mind"

So nothing had happend...? Gutted. I learnt a valuable lesson. If you wake up in the arms of a hot, naked, good looking girl. Don't ask questions! Of course I made up for that yesterday but that's another story.... More soon Robin X


Advizor54 said...

yes, kiss first, ask questions later.

Brandon said...

sounds steammy, Robin. When are we gonna see a fresh picture of you (prefferably covered with spunk?)