Monday, 27 June 2011


This weekend was one of the maddest I've ever had. Saturday I woke up early and headed down to the cost to catch up with my friends on a Hen do. As you'll know if you live in the UK the weather was rubbish on Saturday not that I minded but dashing from shop to shoo dodging showers made for entertaining viewing and one of the girls Tannia's White blouse went completely see through. Of course I wasn't the only one looking. Tannia's gourgous tits were getting plenty of comments from the guys and I didn't mind stepping in to protect her!

After a good spend we headed back to the hotel, the wine was flowing and I was on a mission as were the others. We were still yet to be joined by the bride and by the time that Caz arrived we were a little worse for wear. That didn't stop us bowling out of the hotel and into the nearest bar.


InnocentKinda said...

And how did the nearest bar treat you?

Mistress L said...

Mother Nature's own wet t-shirt contest =)