Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Addiction

I've often wondered whether my addiction to sex would pass with time. Looking back over my blog and even further through my e-mails made me realise just how much my life revolves around having SEX! It doesn't matter where, when or with who! I'll take it and I'll try anything! God what a buzz! Now who wants a fuck? :-)


Andy said...

It never passes!

It's not worth fighting either ;-)

fuckwetpussy said...

No offence but it never leaves anyone! So still needing that fuck? =)

JoJo said...

There are far worse addictions to struggle with, then the constant pursuit of physical pleasure and orgasm. I say be who you were born to be, stop fighting it or questioning it, instead embrace it fully and completely! Free your inner slut of any shame or guilt or fear, and enjoy the never ending journey. Life is too short to not be happy and experience everything you want to explore :)