Saturday, 23 June 2012

I love football ;)

I've just logged in to see if anyone commented on the clip that I posted. I'm still in shock! Anyhow it's been a while but I thought you like to know that I'm blogging with a freshly fucked pussy and a the taste of cock and spunk in my mouth. As always the footy brings out the fans and it makes getting a drink easy and I found my self chatting up a guy called Steve from Derby. He was in town with work, stocky with some nice tattoos he came up and offered to by me a drink and spent the next hour chatting me up. A few drinks later I grabbed him by the hand and led him into the ladies. I pushed him into the cubicle and unzipped and unbuckled his jeans. A huge veiny cock sprang free dribbling with precum. Nice! I licked the length of his cocak and then sucked it deep to the back of my throat. Steve grunted and pulled my head into his crotch as I touched his pubes with my nose as I deep throated his cock. I was slurping away building up a rhythm with shoelaces of spit running out over my chin. Steve was frusting his hips in my face when I heard him grunt and cum hard at the back of my throat. I struggled to swallow it all down but I did. Looking up at Steve.. With a cheeky smile. He pulled me up and pushed me over the loo. Pulling my skirt up and my panties to one side his fingers wedged deep into my dripping pussy. He comeented on how wet I was as he finger fucked my hole pressing his thumb against my little bum hole. I growned "I knew you'd like tht your dirty little bitch" he whispered in my ear. My legs were trembling as I felt his cock nudge against my wet lips and slide inside me. I was moaning and growing, "mmm fuck me harder" this seemed to give Steve the nod (or turn him on) and he started thrusting deeper, harder and faster. My pussy exploded and tightened round his cock. Steve grunted and came again... Filling my pussy with his hot jizz. My legs were buckinling and I relied on Steve to hold me up. Steve gave my bum a cheeky slap and pulled up his trousers and left the cubicle. I straighten my self up and followed him back into the bar. I caught up with Steve he has my number and he's down for the weekend. He had to get back early tonight and he's promised to give me a call tomorrow. Dinner on Steve and spunk on me. Can't wait Robin xXXx


Vader said...

Do you cam ever?

Advizor54 said...

Now this is the kind of post I like to read. Kind of cleans the palette from the last post...

I hope he calls back, for my reading's sake.