Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Two's company - Seven's a crowd

So I was chatting at work the other day with a friend of mine and we came on to the subject of Ex's now obviously I could fill a phone book with mine (such a slut) but it did remind me of the wilder days of my youth. When I was in my twenties it wasn't unusual for me to be seeing more than one guy and at one time. At one time I was dating seven! Yes I know when I look bak now I can see how bad it was but at the time it was more about managing a very busy diary and remembering names!

The most memorable day was a Friday I'd stayed at one of the guys houses on Thursday night. He was a really big boy and he loved anal so I was sore as you like. Then I drove home early for a training session with another. He was really into oral sex which helped. I just hope he had no idea what he was licking. Then it was out for a drive and some lay-by sex with another guy. Quick and dirty the way I love it. Three cocks by lunchtimes nod full of spunk!

Then home for a snooze before out on the town with another a quickie the loo and then back to my place to meet another guy who stayed the night. Luckily he really knew how to get me off so I didn't have the chance to fall asleep. You can see why I had trouble keeping up. To think that I carried on like that for month is crazy you can see why I was diagnosed with sex addition! Robin XxX

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