Saturday, 11 January 2014

I'm back - Isn't CBB great this year!

I can't believe that the last post I made was back in October! It only feels like yesterday. Since them we've had Christmas and New Years. Thankfully for me they weren't quite as eventful/embarrassing as previous years but that's properly as I decided not to drink and we only had a few friends over as apposed to going out for the evening.

That didn't mean I didn't see the New Year in with a bang though! Let's just say that I wasn't going out for a run on New Years Day after seeing the new year in in doggy style (amongst over positions sorry couldn't resist). 

Has anyone else been engrossed with this year Celebrity Big Brother? I think Ryland summed it up on CBBOTS when he said he's been watching the show with a semi on. I've just found the whole thing a huge turn on. Louisa's a diagnosed sex addict like me, and although she says she in remission, I'm not so sure? I think she'd have it with Lionel if he was game. For any sex addict going as long as she has is a real struggle (I should know) especially when you have to watch and hear other people in the house having a fumble, or Lee and Jas having sex with the tap running! Like they are the first people to do that!  

I'm looking forward to another week of sucking and fucking turning me on anyhow! I'd love to know what you think and I promise I won't leave it so long next time! R XxX

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