Saturday, 2 August 2008

Holiday Update Pt 2

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been and I’m desperate to bring you all the juicy stories from my hols… It’s been so long that remembering all the details is becoming harder by the day. You’ll see why when you read on..

I had a load typed up but as usual my shitty work computer decided to loose the lot… So I’ve decided to give you a very quick blow-by-blow account of my week. Here’s some more of my adventures to keep you going.

Sue and I went out on the pull after our afternoon session. I gave a guy called Steve a messy bj down an alley out the back of the bar we were in while his mates thought we were off getting drinks. I ended up back at Steve’s hotel and Sue and I ended up in a very messy five in a bed orgy. Sue ass got far more attention than it should of done after I pointed out to the boys how perfect it was. Sue and I made our excuses and caught a cab home at 5am she spent the night with me although we slept through till one the following afternoon and both woke up very sore.

Sue hadn’t lost her appetite for sex though and after a quick sesh in the shower we’re back on the beach. Our topless antics got plenty of attention from the guys and I ended up giving a guy called Gary with a massive cock a wank under his towel. After covering my hand and my leg, basically everything in wads of spunk he headed off for a swim, while I headed off to the hotel bar to make my escape, as he wasn’t much of a looker leaving Sue to make my excuses.

Meet up with Sue at dinner only to find out that she’d spent the afternoon making the most of Gary’s monster (no wonder she had a smile on her face). She said that she owed me one. We decided to spend the night at our hotel, as there was a big group of guys that had just arrived. We were both more than in the mood when they finally made it down to the bar. They didn’t know what had hit them after a couple of drinks. Sue ended up with two back at her room while I’ll had Pete, Dave and Sam back at mine.

I treated the guys to a bit of a floor show before getting out my big toy! I had hoped that I find someone else to give me a show but this was a perfect opportunity to be a proper slut and get the guys going! The guys loved it and where cheering away so loud that reception called up to make sure everything was ok! Anyhow the big toy was soon replaced by a big cock and they guys made it more than a night to remember. The highlight as I remember was having all three holes filled on more than one occasion before I think it was Pete unloaded in my ass setting off Sam or Dave in my pussy with the other covered my face and hair in warm sticky spunk. I was an oozing sticky mess but I loved it! An amazing night and another highlight of my holiday.

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