Saturday, 26 July 2008

Holiday Cont...

Sorry I knew it would take me a while to bring you up to speed on my hols.

Here’s part two of my holiday update.

I left Paul and his mates at the airport and headed to my hotel in a taxi still flushed after my toilet encounter. I checked in and even managed to twist the receptionist arm and get an upgrade. With a welcome briefing in the main dinning room in twenty mins I had just enough time to shower (the bathroom in this place was twice the size of my lounge at home) and change before heading down stairs to see who else would I’d be spending a week with a my rather luxurious hotel.

There were around 30 guests waiting for the rep to come and tell us what was in store. I’ve heard the chat before but holiday experience tells me that if you’re gona meet someone for a bit of fun this is the place to start.

Darren our rather lively rep ran through the does and don’t and then the options for the week. I’d sat between a couple in their early twenties (who were obviously on their honeymoon) and a rather petite blond in her late twenties early thirties with amazing legs if she’d been taller they have been “the” most amazing.

Darren was running through his well-rehearsed guest welcome routine and it was time for the icebreakers. A quick name, where your from, who your with and if you’ve been before. I was sat next to Susan with the legs, who was holidaying on her own! Ben and Faye were sat on my other side and I’d guessed right they were on their honeymoon.

Anyway the rest of the guests seemed pretty cool a few stand out but more on those later! Sue and I got chatting and I agreed to meet her for a drink at the pool bar in ten. I wasn’t sure I could make it back to my room in ten let alone get to my room change and get back to the bar.

Anyway, after a lot of rushing around I’d made it back and Sue had a couple of glasses of wine sat on the bar (mind reader, I knew we were going to get on). She’d also changed in her bikini (a bright white one) and it left nothing to the imagination. I could even make out the neatest of trimmed pubes. I hoped that mine was having the same effect (not the pubes as they’d gone but the bikini).

We nabbed a couple of sun loungers and after helping each over cover our white bits in suntan lotion we laid back to soak up the rays. after my earlier encounter with Paul I was still feeling horny. Sue was just chatting away and thankfully she didn’t clock onto the fact that I was getting even more turned on. In fact I was so turned on that I thought I’d better dive (more of a belly flop but you get the idea) in the pool and cool off.

It had the desired effect. I sat on the side of the pool chatting to Sue for hours as the sun, the drink and some rather suggestive comments worked their magic. Just as I thought Sue wasn’t going to take the bait she invited me back to her room. I can’t remember why we were heading to her room but I do remember that we were there pretty fast and no sooner was the door shut behind us than Sue pushed me back on her bed and dived on top of me. My bikini put up little resistance and hers didn’t either so we were rolling around on her best completely naked, hands everywhere and I loved it.

Sue was licking me all over and she seemed to be as horny if not hornier than me and as she came up for air she explained that she had had sex for three months (god only knows why) and that I’d been driving her mad all afternoon. So not wanting to disappoint I swung round into a 69 position and went to work with my tongue on her dripping folds.

The next three hours are just a blur. Sue put her amazing body through its paces and I did my best to keep up and keep her happy. She was paying special attention to my bum (more so my tight little bum hole as she so caringly put it) and almost demanded that I sat on her face so she could taste my pussy and ass together. I held out for as long as I could but it I couldn’t just sit there and had to repay the compliment as she drove me to orgasm after orgasm with her tongue.

Now without photo’s your just have to take my word for it. If Sue’s legs were amazing her little bum hole has to been seen to be believed. If you’re not into that then sorry for going into detail but for me it was a real gem, perfect in fact and a highlight of my trip (if that sounds odd sorry.. but I’m sure for some of you it will be a turn on). The fact that teasing it, fingering it and licking it all made Sue scream so loud and orgasm so hard was just a bonus.

In the end we were both just a throbbing orgasming mess and after a shower to cool off (well we had to some time) and clean up we headed down to dinner. This holiday was going well. Robin XXX

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