Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Blown away....

Isn't life strange? I know how you guys love to hear about things just as they happen well almost just as they happen I haven't tried having sex and typing yet... (would you like that?)

Last night was just amazing. Steve kept on bugging me with text saying that he had to meet me. He must have sent at least 20 by lunch time. It was one of those rare days when I was working from our head office which is 10mins walk from my place and in the middle of town so I said I'd meet him for a coffee in Starbucks at 1.30pm. I pencilled in an afternoon appointment slapped on some lippy and headed down the road.

Steve was already there dressed smart in his work suit looking very buff. The conversation very quickly turned to sex and Steve said that he'd love to see more of me. I guess that my foot rubbing up the inside of his leg wasn't doing any harm in setting the mood. Steve's flat it turned out, is even closer than mine and minutes later we were back at his place ripping each others clothes off. Steve pushed me through his flat and into his room. Pushing me back on his bed and pulling my thong to one side he wasted no time in giving my pussy a good licking. I rapped my legs around his head and laid back on his bed. It wasn't long before my first orgasm ripped through me and nearly screamed the place down. Steve looked shocked (as shocked as you can look with your face coated in fresh pussy cream) he stood up and pulled down his trousers his cock springing to attention.

Again he waisted no time filling me to the hilt. I was so wet it slid in easy and I rapped my legs round his back as he pushed my bra down and stuffed a hard nipple into his mouth. I was in ecstasy I'm not one mess about and Steve was really pressing my buttons. I could feel his buttocks tighten as he built up a rhythm pulling me to the edge of the bed. As he pulled back I slid back too his cock flying out of my pussy splashing my belly with our juices. I quickly spun onto all fours so he could fuck me dogy style his cock pushed hard into my pussy as his balls slapped against me. He pulled out again running the head of his cock round my ring before pushing it into my ass. It was tight as first but I was in no mood to stop and it soon eased up. I was burying my head in the pillows as Steve grunted filling my ass with load after load of cum.

My knees gave way and I collapsed face first into the pillows my pussy and ass throbbing as Steve's warm cum dribbled out of my tight bum. What happend next still has me in semi shock. I rolled over expecting to see Steve laying next to me. Instead it was Steve's girl friend! I wasn't sure what to do. Should I run, stay and be ready to fight?

She obviously had other ideas.... "haven't you been a dirty girl?" she asked. I just smiled I'm not sure that if I'd tried to speak I could. "My Steve's cum in that tight little bum of yours" OMG! how long has she been there? Her finger traced it's way down over my belly and to my pussy rubbing my clit. She pressed it hard against my pussy so it was covered in my juices and Steve's cum and then pressed it to her lips. "MMMM nice" she said. At least I knew I wasn't going to have to fight. She moved forward and kissed me on the lips. "would you like to taste my pussy?" well, I don't need asking twice!

She straddled my face and lowered her crotch onto my mouth. I could taste how wet she was through the material of her soft cotton undies. My tongue stabbed at her pussy through them making them nice and wet before pulling them to one side. Looking up I could see that she was loving the attention. Steve had come back and was standing next to her. "Having fun down there Robin?" asked Steve. Meet Vicky. I think you sort of met at the party? Yes I thought, when I was covered in your cum. Vicky was moaning softly and had started to wank Steve's cock back into life. She lent forward nearly suffocating me to take his cock in her mouth.

I had a fantastic view and was away in my own world with Vicky's juices dripping down my tongue. She was so wet and as I pressed my tongue hard against her clit she arched her back and orgasmed all over my face. As she did she let out little screams of pleasure and Steve unloaded in her face splashing more hot come down over my face and in my hair. What a pair of sluts!

Vicky swung her leg back and kissed me dripping a hot blob of spunk into my mouth. I opened wide so Steve could see me swallow it down as Vicky licked her way down my stomach to my pussy. Her tongue stabbed away at my pussy and then licked down over my spunk filled bum. It was a close call on who was moaning louder Vicky hovering up her bf's hot spunk from my bum or me nearing another orgasm? It ripped through me as I thrashed around on the bed. Steve was down at the business end watching Vicky lick up every last drop of his spunk and give me the orgasm of the day. Robin XXX

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