Monday, 10 November 2008

Off with a bang!

Where on earth does time go? Seems like just days ago I was off my face on pumpkin punch and then things went with a bang for fireworks night.

I got invited to a couple of cracking firework parties and Saturdays was crazy... I went wildly under dressed but my plan worked and there were plenty of guys offering to keep me warm and help me wave a sparkler! I could tell that wasn't all Steve wanted me to wave as his cock was wedged hard against my back.

Fortunately none of the fireworks went of in Stella and Dave our fantastic hosts faces but Steve's cock went off in mine. Coating my face hair and dress in wads of spunk luckily the garden shed was far enough away from the watching crowd for them not to hear us moaning. I don't think Steve's GF would have been to happy :-) I made a point of standing next to her when I went back to grab a hot dog. Although she didn't notice the suspect stains as it was too dark (is that a good or a bad thing). Steve text me today saying he'd like to meet I'll have a think on that one... any suggestions guys?

As always there's lots more news to tell and I'm worried that I'm loosing control of my nymphet side but hey it won't be the first or last time and I'm having fun... Benny you can credit crunch my ass anytime! Robin XXX

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