Friday, 30 April 2010

Oh my blog!!!

It's been a manic week or so I just haven't had time to keep up my blog! I've been enjoying a little romance! Yes I said ROMANCE, I don't think I'm in LOVE but I've been enjoying being spoilt. So who is the lucky girl or guy????

Tracie is 23 and sooooo cute. So cute in fact that she moved in with me! I don't have time to go into all the details now. Needless to say that we've been spending far to much time with each other of late and most of it between the sheets, well on top of the sheets.

I'll try and sneak some time out to bring you all the (very) juicy details!!!

Night, night Robin :-) X


cali1972 said...

Happy for you, but since an image is worth a thousand words... How about sending us a couple of thousand words of you two together ?....

J said...

Hmmmm...You never know where things will take you.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to hear more! :)