Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Gym sessions....

I know you guys love it when I bring you the latest... I can still taste the spunk on my lips and my pussy is buzzing!

I decided to run down to the gym tonight... I couldn't get in the class I wanted as I'd left it too late to book. So a quick run and a workout was on the cards.

By the time I'd finished in the gym I was knackered and more than happy to except a lift home when Pete offered. Of course I had to say thanks..... and I did that in the best way that any nympho can with a hot bj... I could see Pete's hard on straining against his joggers and he nearly blew over my face when I pulled it out of his hot boxers and sucked on his helmet... MMMM so much pre-cum I knew it wouldn't be long before I was tasting his hot spunk!

I wasn't wrong... After sucking him to the back of my throat I felt his cock tighten and he moaned as he pumped a hot wad of cum over my tonsils.... I swallowed it all down and kissed him on the cheek and ran inside. I've literally loaded up my comp and here I am... I can still taste Pete's hot jizz on my tongue! Time for a shower and a little play time me thinks! Rx


Florida Dom said...

I bet you don't have any trouble finding a ride. Enjoyed the post. Kind of sexy thinking of you typical with his cum still on your tongue.


Advizor said...

Now that is the kind of gym membership I need. A good workout plus stress relief.

Just post more pictures!! And keep posting, it's great!

dark snow said...

every man now wanna give u a ride

Daniella said...

You sound...juicy! =)