Saturday, 3 July 2010

My bottoms been burnt!

Ha I've been sunbathing in the garden after a certain friend who will remain nameless (for now at least) commented on my white bottom. Taking the criticism to heart as I so often do I decided I'd better get an all over tan. I'm sure that a tanning salon is the place to go but feeling like a bit of a cheep skate and with the heat trap that is my back year in full sunshine mode I decided to do a little naked bathing in my back yard.

It's not massively overlooked and hey I was going for a tanned bum! It wasn't until a while ago that I realised I might have overdone things. My bum's been burnt so I'm sat in my lounge on a damp towel trying to cool it down! I'm just hoping it's not too serious! There's a big night on the cards and the last thing I need is a burnt bottom! Anyone up for rubbing in some after sun! Robin :-)


Red said...

If it's too sore you may have to go commando.

Ooohh, the very thought....!

~Tom~ said...

Awww but tan lines are sexy!

Robin said...

Thanks Tom that's what I thought. Do you think I'm to easily influenced or quick to please? lol :-)