Saturday, 3 July 2010

Jenny tries anal!

As regulars will know I love getting your e-mail ( or dm's. Jenny and I have been mailing each other for a month or so. She's been brave (or stupid) and asking for my advice on anal sex with her new boyfriend. I've been getting her ready for her 'big' night and I've just read a seriously sexy e-mail with all the juicy details!

From her mail it sounds like it was everything she and her bf had wanted it to be and she's suggested I take an new career in sex therapy. To be honest her e-mails had me so horny that I'd never get any work done. I'd be too buys playing with myself to get through the pile of e-mails I'd like to think I'd get... lol. However if you'd like some advice feel free to leave a message or to drop me an e-mail. Robin :-)


Black Pearl said...

Love anal and totally agree it takes some prepping first! Lucky Jenny!!

Advizor said...

I want you to share the advice you gave her, and share her e-mail with the rest of us, sounds like she had a wonderful time.