Saturday, 14 July 2012


I have to post about the terrible weather of late. I've got friends all over the UK dealing with flooding in July! The worst thing that happened to me though was on Friday. I decided to walk down the road to get a sandwich. There just been a heavy shower there were puddles everywhere. As I hurried down the street a lorry splashed through a big puddle sending a bow wave of water over my head! I was drenched! Of course the choice of white blouse and black undies meant that I instantly became a contestant in a wet t-shirt completion! Much to the enjoyment of the passing drivers. I aborted my sandwich mission opting to head back to the office to dry out! Thanks Mr Lorry driver! Boys I hope you enjoyed the show? Robin XxxX


Advizor54 said...

You really need to add some visuals to a post like this....

I'm sure you were the best thing that came out of the storm...

jim said...

pictures please......

glosterdave said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the comment about lack of email access.

I wonder if you could give me your opinions on sex toy shape which will shape some of the details in my next work of erotic fiction?

In this story, the heroine discovers a sex toy which she rides (cowgirl position). It's like a saddle with a uniquely shaped dildo sticking up. So I'd like to ask you your preferences on sex toy shape and size when you are on top (if you ever use a toy in that position):

1. When on top do you prefer a longer or shorter toy / penis?
a. Very long (8"+)
b. Quite long (7-8")
c. About average (5-6")
d. Shorter please

2. In a sex toy would you prefer
a. A bulbous tip (like the head of a cock)
b. Larger than a normal cock head
c. A smooth rounded tip
d. a tapered pointed tip

3. Would you prefer a toy with a textured shaft or a smooth one?

4. Would you like the shaft to be:
a. the same girth all the way down
b. thicker near the head
c. thicker near the base

5. How important would stimulation to your clitoris and outer lips be if you were riding this toy?
a. Vital - as important as internal
b. Quite important
c. Not too important if the penetration is right.


Anonymous said...

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