Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I've titled this blog after the noise this summer has made as it's flown by. It's been ages since my last post, sorry blogger fans I've been busy. I'd love to say that I've spent the summer sunning myself on a beach and living the life of a movie star but it's been no where near as glamorous. It's been work, work and more work.

However I 'd did take some time out to enjoy the Olympics and despite my best efforts one drunken night in the local I didn't emulate their performances in anyway! I did think about going to the gym, does that count. Don't worry I've not let myself go but the time for the gym is in the winter. I'd much rather get out for a walk and get some fresh air!

So for the bit you've all been waiting for! What has been happening in my sex life? Well a bit of everything the good news for those that are interested is that I'm still single. Highlights? Well last Friday I ended up covered in cum as four guys emptied their cocks over my face and in my hair. For blog regulars that will be nothing new for those new to my blog your probably wondering how I needed up in that mess?

A friend of mine mentioned to her ex that I was a right slut so when they split he pinged me a txt asking if I was up for some fun. I txt back with "of course" and set the date.

The door bell rang and Dave and four of his mates strolled in. I was in joggers and a t-shirt, Dave didn't waste any time. "Lads this is Robin she's a right slut so let's have some fun" for me e sight of four budging cocks was more than enough for me to be dribbling with anticipation.

The guys wasted no time in pulling my joggers off and pulling my t-shirt up ov my tits. The guys took it in turns to tease me with their toungs and fingers and I was loving all the attention! My pussy was soaked and I needed cock! Dave was first to press his fat helmet against my face. Then I had four cocks to choose from! God I was in heaven. I could tell that the cocks were close to cuming and as I sucked on each the first exploded deep in my throat. That set of the second over my check and the third blowing over my hair and tita. Dave was holding fast and he wanted to fuck me in front of his mates.

He stood me up and bent me over the couch rubbing his cock up and down my pussy and then pushing it balls deep. I growned and then Dave pounded me hard almost to hard in an effort to impress his mates. My pussy climaxed around his cock and he came hard deep inside my pussy! Amazing! Dave and the guys enjoyed the rest of the evening taking it in turns to fuck and finger me and enjoy a blowy or two. By the end of the evening we were all exhausted and agreed to do it again soon! I can't wait :-) Robin xXx

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Anonymous said...

well Robin, what a hot, erotic and sexy story...we love to read this straight forward stories.....and you were a real slut that evening. and sure you got the best from Dave and his lads.....

looking forward to your next advanture, love mike & eva xx