Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Time flys when your having fun. Right. Well I must have been having a ball, how did it get to February already. Don't get me wrong I hate the winter all wrapped up with no where to go. The good news it won't be long until summer will be here and I'll be running around half naked. Well by running around I mean in public, I've been doing plenty of that in the bedroom!

I'm always a little worried when I blog about my exploits and the number of people going through my bedroom is into the high 20's. Who cares if that makes me a slut? I've been addicted to sex for years but it's just that an addiction, it's hard to explain. I lost count of my sexual conquests a long, long time ago funnily enough around the same time I lost sight of where the boundaries lie when it comes to sex.

I've known for a long time that I've been an addict and in some ways over the years my blog has been the therapy. Maybe my lack of blogging is what's let things get so intense again! I don't know one things for sure Steve at the gym and Gary in the office won't forget today's bj's in a hurry!

I'm off to bed with a new vibe and a packet of batteries, curtesy of a trip to Anne Summers on the way home from work! See you soon blog fans lets hope it's not March next time I check in hey! Wet dreams... X Robin


Ed said...

Let's hope not!

Ryan Boyles said...

I definitely agree with you! Time passes by so fast.

-Ryan| sex toys Philippines

Wannabe Rapist said...

Robin - we're all addicted to sex, it's just that most of us dudes don't get to indulge ourselves as often.. hope you're having fun out there!